Author Note: Some parts of stories, and charcters, are based on the Immortals series by alyson Noel. Enjoy! Please R&R!

The rain bites at my skin and the wind yells at me saying "Why are you here? Go! Leave!"

I almost take the winds suggestion and run from this horrid place, but I know there is a reason for me being here. My brain tells me to run away, and to go back to the safety of my car, but my feet don't move.

Then I walk through the gates of the cemetery and look back. I ask myself, "Is this a good idea? It still is early, I can still leave."

Who knows what I will encounter there? Whatever it is I know that what I will meet there will forever change my already twisted life.

I kind of hope that I may even meet death there, but I can't, I have escaped him to many times; his magic is impervious to me. I will never find death, and death will never find me.

The cemetery is completely empty. Then I see a shape in black huddled next to a tombstone.

I am immediately in a trance. My feet start moving toward her, before I can even think about what I am about to do. It is a middle aged lady.

I walk up next to her and for a minute she doesn't even realize that I am right beside her.

Then she looked up at me. I can never forget the agony and despair I saw shining through her eyes. Just looking at her made me want to cry and ask what is wrong with the world.

She saw me and we had instantaneously shared a connection. I don't know what it was, but I swear I knew her, but then I snapped back into reality. I had never met this lady in my entire life. Still I felt obliged to help her feel better.

It took her a while to finally say something; she asked "What are you here for?" Well, I didn't have a really believable answer, because I didn't even know why I was here, so I just said "I don't know, I guess to relish the memory of my ancestor."

She didn't say anything so I decided to ask her the same question.

With tears rolling down her cheek she finally said, "Well, two years ago my family died in car accident. I remember it like it was just yesterday. I can still their final screams. I still feel the pain in my heart which will never go away. Every week I do this, but I guess that today was special. I want to do something special because this is the 2nd anniversary of their death, but I can't do anything. Two years without hearing my family's voice. Two years of pure agonizing pain, I had to go through, and still am going through."

"Oh, I am so sorry for your loss", I say, but I know that no words can amount to the pain that she is feeling inside.

Then she says "You know, no one really ever talks to me, everyone just thinks of me as a sad angry lady who has lost everything that life has to offer. Well, I guess I have lost everything. Everyone looks down on me. You are the first person I have talked to in weeks."

Then I look at the tombstone.

I see a candle burning. It is like life, it is fragile and delicate, but it provides light and hope, but any little imbalance can burn out the light forever. I can see that it has already happened to her soul. Once she laughed, once she was filled with so much happiness, but then everything changed. Now society scorns her, because she has lost everything.

Then I see a picture. I see a seventeen year old girl. All the others in the picture have disappeared, all I see is her.

She was so happy, and I just stare at the picture. There is something about it, that I can't quite put a finger on, but I know her. I know her, but where is she from? Who is she? The questions keep popping up in my mind, and soon I am in a trance, I am the girl.