A PitxZelda(ish) Oneshot, inspired by a Brawl snapshot on dA by LilScreamer29




Contestants...Pit, Zelda, Peach and Pikachu.

Stock...Three lives.


Peach smiled happily. A brawl with both Pit and Zelda involved was always an exciting thing. The two of them seemed to have an unspoken connection everyone but them knew about, and it entertained Peach so much to watch them in a brawl together. Even better this time around, she was one of the fighters. Pikachu and the Mushroom Princess nodded to one another as soon as they heard "GO!" and dashed for the pair at the other side of the flat stage.

It wasn't a team match. But the smashers knew how to entertain. In a Battle Royal, especially on the Final Destination, you don't pick a fight with the one who was closest to you. That would be so boring! No, you seek your opponent out on the far side of the stage and then you give them a solid wack to initiate the brawl.

And that's exactly what Peach did. She chose to land her standard wack on Zelda. Unfortunately, the other princess had something else planned. A fireball was headed Peach's way. The sunny blond quickly pulled out Toad, who shielded the princess with spores.

"PIKAA!!" Pikachu's cry filled the air and Pit was zapped by a lightning bolt summoned from the sky. He retaliated by shooting the electric rodent with his bow.

The brawl went on. Eventually, Pikachu was defeated, making Peach's excitement peak even more. She didn't have psychic powers, nor could she read the future, but she had a feeling inside her that told her something was going to happen that would involve Pit looking at Zelda in a different way.

"Hi-ya!!" she yelled, smacking Zelda away with her frying pan. Due to the amount of damage Zelda had, she flew quite far, her whole body flailing for something to stop her.

However, Peach didn't know Pit was behind her. Not until she felt herself shoved to the ground. "Pit, what the hell?!"

"Go away Peach, I see panties!!" Pit hollered. Peach flushed red and quickly looked up to see what he meant: Zelda's panties were in clear sight while she was flailing. The Hylian Princess wasn't exactly happy with the situation either.


Pit would later tell Doctor Mario that the black eye he received AFTER the match was a result of a scuffle with Ganondorf...

...and Peach's sudden new interest in wearing pants during matches was because of fashion.



Am I losing my touch for writing PitxZelda? Because I think I am. o.o;

I personally blame playing too much Fire Emblem. It's so addictive. And no, I'm not talking about the DS version. I don't have that yet. I'm talking about Roy's FE, Sword of Seals. (I HEART THIS GAME MORE THAN ANY OTHER FE GAME!!! PIMP, ROY IS A PIMP!! HE CAN MARRY SIX DIFFERENT GIRLS, MORE THAN ANY OTHER FE LORD IN FE HISTORY!!)

(ahem) Yeah, aside from my fangirling over Fuuin No Tsurugi, I bring this to you. It was inspired by a Brawl snapshot, titled "Do you see what Pit sees?" on deviantart. The owner of the picture has become a good friend of mine and she let me write this. To see the snapshot, you can find it under my Pit x Zelda collection in my DA favourites, or just look it up in the search bar if you don't feel like clicking on random links.

Yes, it is short. Shaddup, I did not feel like putting too much detail into it.

-Moonlit Assassin, fanatic of PitxZelda