A.N. I hope you like the story, just a quick authors note, I'm aware that in Legilimency one cannot read a mind, but see memories and feelings. I have however taken creative license to allow one to be able to hear thoughts also, although the normal rules of Legilimency apply (i.e. eye contact). Thanks!

Unconscious Confessions

Harry Potter ~ Legilimens

Harry sat on the couch in the quiet apartment looking out of the window. Just beyond the pane he saw a tiny blue bird humming a merry tune. Giving a smile he inched closer to the small creature and to his astonishment instead of flying away it hopped forward on the window sill and tilted its head slightly, regarding the dark-haired man curiously. Reaching out with his right hand Harry was pleasantly surprised with the bird came closer still and took a small, tickling peck at his fingertips.


The animal's head popped up and it swiftly flew away. As its wings spread and it soared towards the heavens Harry had one thought.

'Here we go again.'

"Bloody hell Hermione! You almost took my bleedin' head of with that thing!!" Ron bellowed from the once quiet kitchen.

"Yeah, well it would have been an improvement, believe me!" She shouted in response.

"Oh yeah, classy, reeeeal classy!"

"Please Ronald, like you even know what class is! You wouldn't know class if it hopped up and bit you one on the bum!"

"Ha! I know what a lot of things are Hermione! Class is one, another is common bloody sense!"

"And just what is that supposed to mean," Hermione responded, taking her voice down a couple of decibels, but some how managing to come off just as threatening.

When her tone got like that, you just knew it was time to back off.

"That's supposed to mean you should know better than to mix beet juice with artichokes," Ron replied just as softly.

Harry rolled his eyes, okay so maybe he knew to back off.

"Excuse me, but I know what to mix and how to mix it perfectly fine, Mr. 'P' in potions!"

"Yeah, well you may have a 'O' in potions, but you have a 'T' in cooking. You couldn't bake your way out of a cauldron!"

"I could too!" was the indignant response.

Harry winced as he heard another crash.

"Could not!"

"I'm not going to argue with you about this like some moronic little first year Ronald. I can too cook. You can ask Harry, since I did make him those delectable pumpkin cookies for his first day of Auror training!"

Harry groaned, please, please don't let them come out here and pull him into the middle of this. He closed his eyes and rubbed the bridge of his nose. Why did Ginny have to leave him alone? Sure she was only gone to France for a couple of months of additional Healer training, but with these two around it felt like a lifetime.

"I don't have to ask him, we still use the sodding things to play shot putt!" Ron responded a moment later.

"You are the most insufferable person on the face of the earth! You want to be a git, fine! Then make your own blasted dinner!" After that Harry heard a distinct 'pop', indicating that she had Disapparated.

A few minutes later a grumbling Ron entered the living room, throwing him a disgruntled look he flung himself into the plush armchair.

"You know, you could have helped me out in there," he said after a minute, still fuming.

"And jump in front of the firing squad?" Harry asked arching a dark brow, "Not without my blindfold I don't," he finished with a smirk.

"Has anyone ever told you, you suck as a best mate?"

"Nope," he responded with a cheeky grin and refusing to rise to the bait.

Ron glared at him for a moment longer before turning his brooding gaze towards the fire.

'Wait,' Harry thought, his eyes widening 'this is the perfect opportunity.'

He had been and Auror for the last three years had just been entering the more advanced stages of Auror training, when Minister Shacklebolt had approached him and asked him if he would like to study to become a Legilimens. The Minister had figured that since Harry had already been trained in Occlumency when he was in Hogwarts, he would be the perfect person to learn Legilimency for his specialized Auror task force. Of course he had readily agreed and from that moment on he had begun his very difficult training. He had been working on it for a couple of months now, with a master Legilimens in the special Auror task force who was, coincidently, the one that he would be replacing when he retired in several months. So far everything had been going great and he had even found himself starting to be able to pick up on things a lot easier than he use to.

Harry gave a speculative glance to his best mate, sitting across from him. Since his Legilimency training was for Auror business the Minister had asked that he not tell anyone about it, that included is two best mates which he was beginning to think that may not have been such a bad thing after all.

'Just because I can't tell them doesn't mean I can't have them help me out a bit,' he thought suppressing a smile.

"Ron," he said aloud leaning forward on the couch and resting his elbows on his knees.

The red-haired man didn't comment, but did look at him.

"You know I have an idea on how you can relax," he continued with a nonchalant look.

Ron regarded him curiously but still didn't say anything.

"I was reading this book on muggle behavior and it said that there's this relaxation technique that most muggles swear by," Harry commented giving Ron his most empathetic look.

The statement seemed to grab the other man's attention. "Really," he asked coming forward a bit and facing Harry. "What is it?"

"It's called…er, intense eye coordination. In it two people start by making eye contact, then the one that's in a better mood thinks happy thoughts and tries to send the good vibes to their partner. What do you think?"

At his friend's dubious expression he hurriedly continued.

"Personally I think it's worth a try, I mean, the worse that can happen is that it won't work. If that occurs then it'll just leave you in the exact same state as now- so it'll be no big deal."

Ron looked away from him and at the fire. Able to tell his mate was wavering, Harry decided it was best to just let him process what had been said. After all, everyone knew that if you tried to convince Ron to do something, he would almost always end up doing the exact opposite. After several lengthy minutes of silence, the other man finally looked back at him.

"Okay, let's give it a go. What do I do?"

"Nothing," answered Harry stifling a smile, "just stare at me."

Ron gave a shrug and a conceding nod before focusing his eyes on him. Concentrating, Harry did his best to penetrate his mate's mind; however all he could get was a feeling of anger and a couple of flashes of Quidditch matches. Taking a couple of deep breaths he focused harder, after a while a steady image slowly began to form. First a sweater came into focus, followed by a long neck and hair that looked to be…

"For cryin out loud!" Ron exclaimed breaking eye contact and turning back towards the fire. "This crap isn't working worth a damn! Look, let's just do something actually helpful, like going and getting foxed."

Harry gave a frustrated groan; he was so close.

"Just give it a chance Ron," he said frowning. "I think it was starting to work."

"Well I don't," Ron retorted giving him an annoyed look, "and I also don't fancy sitting here and staring into your eyes like you're by bloody fucking girlfriend either. My girlfriend is probably off somewhere cursing my name right now and sitting here playing footsie with you isn't helping."

Harry sighed, well there went that chance.

"Look mate, do you want me to talk to Hermione for you?" he asked getting up and sitting on the edge of the coffee table in front of his friend.

Ron gave him an odd look, but before Harry could decipher it he turned away.

"If you want to, I don't care." The other man responded, then stood from his seat and walked to the closet grabbing his cloak. "Look I'm going to go have a drink; you let me know what she says, yeah?"

With that he disapparated, leaving Harry alone in the apartment, with the sinking feeling that there was more to the situation than Ron was stating. Giving a sigh and a small shake of the head he stood and looked at his watch. Ginny was supposed to be flooing him in the next twenty minutes, so he should probably head home.

'Besides,' he mind stated. 'If I couldn't get inside of Ron's head I don't have a prayer with Hermione.'

With that thought and a small 'pop' Harry disappeared from his spot, leaving the only sounds in the room the crackling of the fire and Cookshanks annoyed 'meow'.

~Six and a Half Weeks Later~

Harry sat across from Hermione and suppressed a groan as she and Ron began, yet another fight.

"Ron, you can't do that, it's an illegal move," the brown-haired witch stated picking up the game piece and placing it back in its original point. "You need to roll a one to get out."

"That doesn't make any sense," Ron responded, moving his piece back to the previous spot. "If I roll a six, it should count for something."

"Well it would if you were out of the start position, but you're not and you won't be until you roll a one." She replied in an annoyed tone grabbing the piece and placing it back at start.

Knowing that this was going to take a while Harry leaned back against the couch and sipped his drink, watching the argument as though it were a ping-pong match.

"This is stupid," Ron declared standing from the table. "I'm not playing anymore."

"Why, because things aren't going your way?" Hermione demanded, also rising.

"No because it's a bloody dumb game, and it doesn't make any sense!"

"I'll have you know that I use to play this game with my mum and dad all the time when I was a kid and we loved it!" she replied glowering at him.

"Yeah, well you don't make any sense either!"

Harry groaned and shook his head, 'Idiot.'

"I don't make any sense!" Hermione yelled in an affronted tone. "I don't make any sense! Ha! What a load of beetle dung! I'll tell you who doesn't make any sense!" she took a step forward and shoved Ron's shoulder with a single finger. "You don't make any sense!" He opened his mouth to comment but she cut him off. "What are you? Twenty-four, Twenty-five?"

"Twenty-four!" Harry called out helpfully from the sidelines. When Ron threw him a glare, he gave a shrug and a grin. "What? I want to hear where this is going."

"You dodgy wanke-" Ron was cut of as Hermione spoke again.

"Twenty-four years old, that means you should be a grown man. Yet here you are, running around like some ponce, still believing in fairy tales," she continued with a smirk.

"Fairy tales? What the hell are you talking about?" Ron asked, voicing Harry's thoughts.

"I just figured that at your age, you would realize a lost cause when you saw one. I mean, seriously, the Chudley Cannons have about as much a chance of winning a game, as Harry does of walking into Hogwarts and not being recognized," she finished smiling smugly.

'Oh! Right to the jugular,' Harry thought wincing and suppressing a laugh.

Ron's face turned a dull red and he took several deep breaths before responding. "Yeah, well they have a better chance of winning than spew has of ever becoming more than a pipe dream."

Harry winced again. 'Burn!'

Hermione's nostrils flared and she took a step towards Ron. "The name is S.P.E.W. not spew."

"Yeah, well S.P.E.W. spells spew and it's appropriate, since that's what I want to do every time you bring it up."

"Why you moronic, inconsiderate, obtuse plebian! How dare you insult a noble cause like S.P.E.W. yet idolize something as infantile as Quidditch!"

Ron and Harry shared a look before the red head looked back at Hermione "What does that even mean, seriously?" Hermione gave a huff. "How about using words I can actually understand?"

"Okay fine. Ron bad, mean man who no act nice. Ron like big things that go high, but no care for little things with no rights. Ron need to take class on how to treat others, so he can grow into person with whole brain instead of just half," she replied in a placating tone.

Ron looked at her blankly for a second before grinning. "Why didn't you just say so?"

Hermione stared at him for a moment before giving a frustrated scream. Leveling him with a hard glare she turned and stormed into the bedroom, slamming the door shut behind her.

"You shouldn't have done that, you know," Harry stated standing. "She was just trying to share a game she used to like growing up. You should have given it a chance."

Ron glared at him, 'Smarmy prat.'

Harry's brows furrowed, "Wha-" he stopped as he realized that Ron had not actually spoken.

"Gee thanks Harry, I'll try to keep that in mind next time," the other man said aloud, turning to pick the pillows up off the floor.

"I was just trying to help." Harry commented giving him a hand.

"Like I said, thanks," Ron responded in a sarcastic tone once again looking at Harry.

'Bloody wanker, Mr. Perfect thinks he knows every bleedin' thing. 'I was just trying to help!'-' Ron mimicked mentally "Go choke on a toadstool.'

Harry stood abruptly giving his mate a surprised look.

"What?" the red-haired man asked aloud.

"Nothing," he commented and the other man looked away. "Look if you want, I can talk to her for you," he offered, coming around the table and standing next to Ron.

The redhead turned and looked at him, his face unreadable but his thoughts coming in loud and clear.

'Oh abso-fuckin-lutley! That would be just bloody brilliant!' was the sarcastic miffed response. 'Go in there and play the hero as usual, you dodgy tosser. And leave me to be the bad guy.'

Harry's mouth opened and he looked as his friend with a bewildered expression. Where the hell was all of this coming from?

"Look Ron, if you don't wan-"

"If you want to, I don't care," was the strangely familiar response before his mate disappeared with a soft 'pop'.

Still feeling hopelessly confused Harry looked around the now empty area trying to gather his thoughts. After a few moments he slowly made his way to the room that Hermione had closeted herself into. Pausing he took a deep breath before giving the door a light hesitant tap.

"Go away Ronald!" was the bellowed response.

"Uh, actually it's me, Harry."

"Oh," there was a pause, then shuffling. The door opened with a soft click and Hermione's face appeared in the slim opening. She gave Harry a wary look, "Is he with you?"

He shook his head no, and she opened the door a bit more. After doing a quick sweep and seeing that he was in fact alone, she opened the door all the way and allowed him access to the bedroom.

"Hermione is everything okay?" Harry asked as she closed the door.

"Yes- no," she sighed, sitting, "I don't know."

Harry pulled the chair from the desk over to the bed and took a seat across from her.

"Talk to me, what's going on? I mean you guys have always fought, but lately… well it seems to be getting a bit…"

"-ridiculous?" Hermione interjected, giving him a wry smile.

"Well," he blushed, "a bit, yeah."

"I know. I've noticed too but I don't know what to do about it. I mean yesterday we even fought over the last time we had fought," she said with a watery grin.

Harry chuckled, "Yeah does seem a bit much."

"It's just- I don't know. It seems like sometimes he starts fights because he wants to leave." She said softly, looking down she fiddled with the charm bracelet on her wrist that Harry had given her for her birthday.

"What makes you think that?" he gently probed, "I mean has he said anything or done anything else to indicate that that was his intention?"

She gave a dainty shrug. "No, not really, it just seems like it, that's all." Hermione sighed, "You know the worst part is… well, it's that I don't mind."

He gave her a startled look. "What?"

She gazed back up at him and he could feel confusion and fatigue emanating from her.

"I don't- it's just- well, that sometimes I just want him to leave me alone. I mean we're not teenagers anymore Harry, we're adults," she frowned; he nodded. "We should be able to have adult conversations. When we were younger the arguing wasn't so bad because the making up came later. But now the arguing isn't necessarily followed by making up, but instead it's usually followed by bouts of silence and then general acceptance until it's time for the next one."

"Do you know what changed?" He asked frowning.

"That's just it," she said looking at him sadly, "nothing, nothing has changed. We're the same bickering couple that we were first year. Our relationship hasn't grown in anyway except for physical."

They sat quietly for a few minutes each contemplating what had been said.

"So what do you think is going to happen?" he asked softly, breaking the comfortable silence.

"I don't know," she responded almost inaudibly.

Feeling how upset she was, Harry came forward and pulled her into a gentle hug. She sighed and rested her head on his shoulder and they continued to hold one another for a while. Finally after a few minutes, Hermione pulled back and looked at him, a small smile playing her lips.

"Thanks Harry."

"You're welcome," he said returning the smile.

As he continued to look into her soft brown eyes, a feeling of intense physical attraction suddenly flooded over him. His mouth parted slightly as he released a surprised breath, when he did he saw Hermione's gaze flick to his lips and Harry suddenly knew where the feeling was coming from, her eyes snapped back to his.

'So gorgeous,' she thought 'I wish I could-'

The thought abruptly cut off as she quickly looked away a light flush coloring her cheeks.

'She wishes she could what?!' his mind screamed. However an answer didn't seem to be forthcoming as she directed her gaze on everything in the room but him.

"Uh," she said a moment later, her voice coming out a bit shaky. "Perhaps you should go Harry, I'm feeling kind of tired."

"Are you alright?" he asked hoping that she would look at him once more.

"Oh yes, of course -I'm fine," she replied, standing from the bed and making her way over to the wardrobe.

He moved back a bit so that she could pass him.

"I'm just going to take a quick shower and get some sleep," she commented finally looking at him again.

However instead of hearing her thoughts, he got a mental image… a very vivid mental image. In his minds eye he was looking down at a wet, soapy and distinctively female body. Harry recognized Hermione's hand by the charm bracelet, as it slid over her flat stomach and up towards her-

He snapped his eyes shut quickly looking away.

"Harry?" Hermione questioned, her voice laced with worry. "Are you alright?"

When she took a few steps forward he hopped up from his chair and hurriedly made his way to the door, tripping slightly over the leg and making sure to avoid eye contact.

"Who? Me? I'm fine, perfectly fine… uh, Ginny's supposed to be flooing soon so I'll-I should head home anyway. See you later!" He called out, delivering his entire speech to the ceiling before quickly rushing out of the room and Apparating home.

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