Title: Protecting Fate

Rating: M

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Thump, thump

His palms were sweaty, along with the rest of his golden body that was drenched in that same salty liquid. The bronze skin glistened like rain had fallen contracted around his huge muscles. Bulging biceps, defined six-pack abdominals, protruding pectorals, everything seemed to be pulsating as his head lifted from the shining hardwood. Drowning azure orbs flashed beneath the holy lights from above, desire raging through them as though he would die if his goal was not achieved.

Thump, thump…

His rapidly beating heart slammed against his stone chest with force. It was the only sound in the enormous gym besides his ragged breathing that rattled his ribcage. His hands were shaking as he felt the bumpy surface of the orange sphere turn beneath his fingertips. The illuminated neon clock on the wall paused its ticking. The soundless crowd leapt up and down in their comfortable seats as though it were the Superbowl. Then again, for the East High Wildcats, the state basketball game against their West High Knight rivals was even better.

Thump, thump…

The junior dressed in a scarlet and white uniform, stepped to the black line free throw slowly, still deaf to every screaming fans in the University of Albuquerque Redhawk's arena. His normally light chestnut hair that had been separated into midnight sweat-drenched threads, tossing his shag away from his sticky forehead. He couldn't see the other players in the matching uniforms surround him, an ally to the basket. The true blue and yellow high school basketball team stepped between the spaces between the Wildcat enemies.

The boy with the number fourteen plastered on his back narrowed his dark brow at the rivals. It was time to take it back from the hated Knights. There was a war going on between the Knights and the Wildcats, one that had been going on forever…

Yet, an even deadlier war raged within the walls of East High.

Civil blood made civil hands unclean.

Thump, thump

The stands that held the ecstatic red superfans were divided, straight down the middle. The sea of crimson was separated by a single row of chairs, not even the excitement of the most important game of the year able to bring them together. Not the last game of the season.

The glowing scoreboard read 63 to 57, Wildcats. They were on their way to victory.

The teenager closed his eyes again, still only aware of his flaming heartbeat and the trickles of sweat that grazed down his smooth face. He took a strong inhale of oxygen, just before he heard it. The soft voice that seemed to cut through the rest made his blood rush fluidly through his veins. The honey-sweet tone that canceled every other screeching fan away whispered in his tender ear. The only one that mattered.

"Come on Wildcat! Make this!" The angel screamed. Whether he could really hear it or if it was his imagination didn't matter. He could feel her presence build in his body, flooding his brain and murdering any inch of doubt he had.

East High's junior captain, Troy Bolton, turned his head slowly, sparkling blue lasers in search for the one. His eyes became like tunnels as they zeroed in on that the petite black-haired beauty standing on the first row of the stands that were jam packed. He could see her olive skin radiating off the golden lights from above, like a heavenly figure in a mass of hell. Like a spotlight shone down upon her in perfection, making her eyes glitter with nervousness.

It was like she could feel the same terrified sensations rolling down his spine as he was preparing to take the free throw. "Give me strength." Troy whispered in his velvet voice before turning away from his love.

Thump, thump.

The arena's eyes were on him, judging as he turned the rigid ball in his hands. It was now or never. Adrenaline was surging through his throbbing veins as he pounded the basketball to the ground twice, feeling the earth rubble with each bounce. His stomach was twisting nervously as he gazed up on the basket once again. The sound in the world was still stripped from him, and the only three things he could hear was his heartbeat, breathing, and the beauty's encouraging, yet hidden screams.

Ripping his ceruleans open, Troy Bolton finally felt his rib cage vibrate as he took one deep breath of air and bent his powerful knees. The world suddenly shook as Troy pushed upward, large muscles constricting as the orange sphere left his fingertips. It suspended in the air momentarily, before suddenly swooshing through the white net and the entire gym erupted into screeches of triumph.

Noise rushed through his ear drums as he was no longer deaf to the insane atmosphere of the gym. Cheerleaders chanting, the crowd roaring, his father screaming directions on the sideline all smashed upon his muscular body. The rest of his teammates were leaping up and down in joy, while continuing to scurry into position. Troy felt the defining heat on his back while glancing sideways towards the student section, watching the midnight waves of the goddess bouncing with delight. She slowly lowered her mocha eyes before flashing him a proud smile.

The girl that keep his heart beating and his lungs breathing. Gabriella Marie Montez.

She was also the girl standing on the half of the stands that he was forbidden to touch.

His Juliet.

Thump, thump.

She longed for him.

Her slender body longed for his gentle caress on her olive skin. She craved the feeling of his bulging muscles holding her tightly to his burning flesh. The feeling of his lips dancing down her long neck was like a drug to her. It seemed as though she was going through withdrawals of not being able to listen to his husky voice whisper seductively in her ear. Hives almost broke out on her shoulders and back from lack of stimulation in so long. Her stomach had been writhing like a snake for two straight weeks of not touching him, kissing him, feeling him.

She missed the man she was supposed to hate.

"EAST HIGH KICKED ASS!" The shiny black SUV raced across the interstate, the air of celebration lingering in the packed truck. The pounding music was booming through the silent night, each of the six girls dancing off their high from the victory of the East High Wildcat's over their rival West High Knights. Victory energized each one, to the point that they seemed to be having their party with in the gray leather seats.

The seventeen year old sitting in the middle row of the truck found her heart was slamming against her chest. Her cascading black hair covered the red and white basketball jersey from previous years that she managed to steal. The short denim skirt barely covered her mile long legs. The "battle" marks that rested on her rosy cheeks almost made her dark chocolate brown eyes pop out. She gripped he sleek black phone desperately in her lap as though her life depended on it. Her white and read sneakers tapped impatiently on the dark floor.

The dark skinned best-friend-since-seventh-grade sitting in the same row glared at her. "Patience." Taylor McKessie, the valedictorian of the junior class of Albuquerque East High School, hissed with her black bob swinging classily on her attractive head.

Gabriella Montez HATED being patient. It was so difficult to watch her boyfriend of two years drenched in sweat without being able to make a single comment about it out loud. That had been pure torture. But it was for the best, the school was divided, and Troy Bolton was on the other side of the line. If anyone every discovered that Gabriella and Troy even spoke to each other, it would be both of their heads.

"God, did you see when Cross made that three pointer? He's so underrated." The driver of the car commented while switching her light brown eyes from the road to the rearview mirror to smile at her younger sister. She was gorgeous, with a thin body and midnight hair that fell about three inches below her shoulder, naturally straight. Her skin had the same olive glow to it that Gabriella's had, although her face was much squarer as the junior's was round, with a tiny freckle on the left side of her chin. Though the popular senior at East High looked much like her younger sister, Adrienne and Gabriella Montez were like night and day. Yet, opposites attract, which would explain why they were best friends.

"I know!" One of the freshmen in the very back seat chimed in agreement. Gabriella reeled her head around to see the youngest Montez sister seated next to her friend with excitement plastered on her face. She had curled hair that reached her shoulders and bright brown eyes, much like Adrienne. The trait came from her father, while Gabriella had her mother's mocha color. Her skin matched the other two's Filipino radiance. She also possessed Adrienne's stick straight body in contrast to Gabriella's curvy hips and breasts. The other two were like twigs, and both envied the middle child's sexy figure. Ultimately, Anna Montez looked almost identical to Adrienne.

"He's so cute!" Anna's best friend, Eliza, sighed dreamily while Gabriella and Taylor both rolled their eyes obnoxiously.

"Yeah get in line hun," The platinum blonde in the passenger's seat rolled her sparkling green eyes. Crystal Yale, the popular senior with a pointed nose, high cheek bones, and a reputation for sleeping with anything that had a dick, flipped her phone open and caused a bluish glow on her pale face. "He's the hottest guy on the basketball team, seniors included."

All six of them new she was lying, and Gabriella's hidden heart secretly smiled knowing that her junior captain won that title. But no one would dare to admit it in the dead of the night where there were no witnesses.

The Bolton-Montez War. It was just about as deadly as nuclear weapons and raged like fire daily. Everyone knew of it, for it seemed that every pupil at East High was ordered to pick a side. Even the teachers were aware of the tensions that lingered in certain classes. It seemed as though the closer one got close to either the three Montez beauties or the two Bolton studs, the stronger the hate. The students who didn't talk to either one much didn't seem to have too much of a problem with the opposite side. But then again, everyone wanted to talk to the Boltons or the Montezs.

It seemed impossible that two families could despise each other so much as to setting barriers at an educational institution as East High. Yet, the feud ran thicker than the surface. It surfaced from blood. It started from before Gabriella was born. Hell, the hate bubbled when Jack Bolton and Carlos Montez attended the University Of California Berkeley School Of Law. Both were extremely intelligent and represented themselves within the top ten of the graduating class. However, instead of finding friendship, competition fueled the burning aggression. After marrying his wife, Lucille, Jack moved to sunny Albuquerque where they had their first born shortly after. A year later, the love Gabriella's of life was born as well.

Rumor had it that Jose decided he craved the competition, so when Gabriella was seven they moved to Albuquerque as well, where he was hired as a defense attorney and quickly gained power. That same year Jack was hired to become a step below the District Attorney, ultimately causing the former classmates to appear in rivals to square off once again, only this time, enemies in court. It flooded poisonously into the middle school when Adrienne and the eldest Bolton entered, for it was inevitable that both families would hate each other as well. From then on, the schools were divided. The children of the lawyers despised each other, just as the fathers and mothers did.

All except Troy and Gabriella.

As if on cue, a sudden beaming light exploded in her lap with the vibration that made her heart skip a beat. Her chocolate eyes grew wide excitedly before she flipped the shaking phone open hungrily, her stomach feeling the butterflies that always came when the name "TYLER" popped up on her phone.

It sure as hell was not a boy named Tyler.

Two hours, twenty two minutes and eighteen seconds.

"Who you texting?" Adrienne's teasing voice pressed suggestively. Anyone else would have probably shot their best friend a warily look, but Gabriella just shrugged her thin shoulders fluidly. She had gotten insanely good at lying since she was a freshman.

"It's probably that Tyler boy." Crystal slyly proposed before smirking at her. Gabriella couldn't help but feel a slight shiver run up her boney spine. It wasn't that she didn't like her sister's friend, but her seductive appeal belonged to a prostitute, not a senior in high school.

"Ugh…I swear that girl talks to that kid more than I talk to Justin." Adrienne references her boyfriend of about six months whom she was "madly in love with" as she fluidly switched lanes in the dark night.

"Leave her alone." Taylor rolled her charcoal eyes that seemed to be dancing with delight. Gabriella curled her lips knowingly up. Her best friend knew her to well, and Taylor was well aware of the way Gabriella's eyes radiated like the sun, she could only be talking to the famous Troy Bolton.

The two freshmen giggled in the back seat. "When do I get to meet him anyways? I need approval." The older sister chimed.

Oh hell no she didn't. "It's not a big deal Drien. He's just a guy I met last summer. There's nothing more to it." Gabriella fibbed. Okay, fib was a bad word. This was an earth shattering and life changing lie.

Adrienne's thin hand waved the thought away in the darkness, the moon shining brightly on the boney fingers. "Yeah, yeah, whatever you say. You sure that you and Tay don't want to head to Vince's with us tonight? There's gonna be boo…" she began to say the poisonous drink but then her light eyes flashed up in the rearview mirror at their younger sister. Even though she was fourteen years old, both Adrienne and Gabriella attempted to hide the fact that they enjoyed alcohol from their youngest sister. Why taint her and risk her snitching? "…darts and who ever nail's Bolton's precious eyes gets… erm… a prize."

Gabriella inwardly frowned but other than that showed no emotion. She was a rock, everything that was insulted about her lover's family had to roll off her back. She didn't have a choice. "We're sure. Zeke's having some people over… and it's gonna be there too." Again, deadly lies were shooting from Gabriella's glossed lips.

"Alright. I'll just kick your asses out of the truck when Anna and Liza have their little sleep over." She flashed Gabriella a sparkling white smile in the blackness before gripping the knob for the music and cranking it to highest levels. The entire midnight SUV began to rumble with the base that raged through the night. Gabriella's giggles were silenced as she glanced over to an eager Taylor. Her best fried grinned before continuing to dance obnoxiously, Gabriella following her lead.

Two hours, eighteen minutes until her heart could beat again.

Troy Bolton absolutely HATED this part.

The part where he would stare at the wall and pray for the second hand to tick faster. He despised the feeling of shaking his muscular legs impatiently while tapping his fingers on his exposed knees by his black basketball shorts. If there was one thing he couldn't stand, it was attempting to join a conversation when all he could think about where those slender legs wrapped around his torso. Her drowning brown eyes that he got completely lost in minutely. The curves of her sexy hips beneath his strong hands. Her inviting lips massaging his while fireworks exploded in his vision.

Damn it clock, work faster!

"You look like you're about to have a fucking seizure... calm down." A demanding voice ordered in his ear while she fluidly sat beside him on the couch. Her straight platinum hair fell three quarters down her slim back as she rested her head on Troy's muscular shoulder. Her light brown eyes were like fire as they gazed over the guest talking excitedly around them in the tan colored living room. Her porcelain face was worthy of a model, for her cheek bones were high and her long nose pointed with defiance.

Yeah… sure… he would calm down when Gabriella was in his arms.

"Sorry, I can't help it." Troy murmured back grudgingly while draping his arm lazily around the almost sickly thin beauty.

The blond rolled her stunning eyes obnoxiously while waving her French manicured fingernails before gently letting them linger on his vibrating knee. The sensation did anything but soothe him. Troy felt his hot skin begin to boil just gazing around the "victory parent party" his father was throwing in his house. There were scarlet and white streamers swaying everywhere. The roaring fireplace sitting across from the beige leather couch crackled with a vengeance.

"Ugh… well you're being a shitty boyfriend right now." The model smirked secretly, Troy rolling his ceruleans at her comment. So when could they leave again? Now?

"Shut up Shar." Troy mumbled again.

Sharpay Evans was a legend. Not only was she gorgeous, but she was rich too. Filthy rich. Her father was co-owner of a line of cruise ships that set sail in the Caribbean. She had been to thirty-seven different countries, and had met multiple celebrities. But at East High, she was envied by almost every single female in all four grades. She had managed to steal the basketball captain's heart. She was Troy Bolton's girlfriend.

Well, so everyone but the select few in the junior class thought.

Sharpay smoothed out her sparkling crimson top before glancing around the noisy room with her plucked eyebrows raised. "Damn… your dad had like the whole world come."

Troy glanced across the dimly lit room to take in the man with loose hair that looked the color of the twinkling sky outside. He had the bronze flesh that Troy inherited, including the earth shattering azure irises. The beautiful woman with chestnut shoulder-length hair stood beside him, with a slender body for having two children within a year of each other. Her pale green eyes shifted over to where Troy and Sharpay were lazily sprawled on the couch and winked. Though he spent more time with his passionate father, Lucille and Troy had been extremely close since he first opened his eyes.

"Where's your dickhead of a brother anyways?" Sharpay insulted, letting the edginess of her personality show through.

"You rang?"

The cyan orbs gazed up in the crackling fire to watch the heart throb swagger towards them. His dark chestnut chocolate hair was clearly a mix between the two parents and allowed the bangs to be spiked up. His attractive face was long, with daring eyebrows that made girls swoon. His skin was not pasty, yet it did not have the natural glow as the youngest Bolton did. His muscles on his body were long and defined, a clear result of hours upon hours practicing for the state winning 400 meter freestyle. The captain of the swimming team smirked the crooked smile that made him famous.

Aaron Bolton.

"Ugh… speak of the devil..." Sharpay was not hesitant in dishing out her dislike towards the eldest. This only brought a brighter grin to his star like face.

"Oh fuck off Evans," Aaron's smooth voice rolled like velvet. "If it wasn't for my brother I'd kick you out."

Troy didn't even bother defending her. His best girl friend did not want to be defended by her "boyfriend". Plus, his heart was racing. He couldn't stop thinking about those gorgeous midnight locks. Damn it, come on let him go! "Be nice, I just kicked ass and you know it."

Aaron chuckled heartedly, letting his abs of steel roll beneath his gray "Wildcats" shirt, body still covered in scarlet paint, even if adults were present. Even though they were only one year apart which might cause competition, Troy and Aaron were closer than close. They both hung out with the same type of people at school, and it wasn't uncommon to find the Bolton brothers at some wild party completely smashed. Some may think it's weird, but that's just how they were.

The only problem? Aaron absolutely despised any body who breathed three feet in the Montez's atmosphere.

"Hey… at least your girl didn't look like a whore. Did you see Montez? The bitch and her boyfriend were practically having a porn show." Aaron rolled his sparkling eyes. Sharpay quickly shot a glance at the superstar with caution that he might strike, but Troy was a rock. He couldn't afford to show emotion, even if Aaron was bashing his girlfriend's sister. Showing feeling was deadly in the war.

"Dude, I was playing." Troy reminded before tightening his grip on Sharpay's thin shoulders. The scarlet beater fell slightly off of her smooth skin as she tensed aggressively. Calm down, he attempted to say with his body language, but anyone else in the heated room might see it as a sign of affection. Sharpay's headstrong behavior was not as controlled as Troy's was. Then again, Troy was an expert at lying.

"So you guys are coming with me when dad releases us, right?" Aaron questioned while glancing around the crowded room. After the initial excitement of the game a little over an hour and a half ago, the adults had began to drink cocktails and seemed to forget the MVP's presence.

Fuck no. The old fashioned clock on the intimate colored wall still ticked tauntingly as Troy's strong body began to pulse with anticipation again. So close, so fucking close. He could fell Gabriella's warm breath on his face, her magical fingers trailing down his bare chest as he rocked her steadily. Damn it… he needed to leave!

"Nah, we're gonna head over to Shar's for our own fun." Troy smirked with excitement at the blonde, whose conniving smile curled on her pale lips. Thank God Sharpay Evans was president of the drama club; she was one fucking good actress.

It would explain why he chose her to be his fake girlfriend.

Aaron glared his penetrating gaze at the so-called couple. "You fuck two too much. Johnson's parents are in Vegas for the weekend."

Troy chuckled again before shaking his brunette head. "You don't fuck enough," Troy teased in a smart ass tone. "Shar and I are going to celebrate on our own." Or about forty other juniors and the girl I've been waiting to see for two fucking weeks.

The oldest Bolton shrugged his strong shoulders lazily. "Suit yourself… I'm gonna go see if the prison guard will free us." Troy felt his heart skip a beat at the sound. Leave? Now? Please? His worn body suddenly shook with anticipation again. His ceruleans shut, a ball of light raging in his already adrenaline filled veins. He was so close to her soft body, her gorgeous eyes, that warm, tight…

"Stop being horny… or I'll tell her you're addicted to sex and she'll dump you." Sharpay smacked his bulging arm.

Troy smirked cockily before staring at the taunting clock again. "She'd like it." He replied cockily.

The light brown eyes rolled again. "You need help Bolton."

Troy stared hungrily at the clock again, raw desire crossing his bronze visage as pure need raged through his body. He'd be with her again in just less than an hour at the most. His heart would be complete once again.

Troy Bolton didn't need help; he just needed his forbidden lover, Gabriella Montez.