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(Caleb's POV, 11 years later)

"Woah! Okay, this is why we practice," I said as the car came to an abrupt halt and then lurched forward.

"Sorry Caleb," Ivy said yet again.

"Just park here." We had just rounded the corner to First Beach where we were having a big bonfire. "You looking forward to going to prom with Declan?" I asked to help her relax some.

"Yeah, I already know what color dress I want. I'm thinking light blue…" she went on about the dress until we pulled up in front of the house.

"Did she kill you?"

"Did she crash into a tree?"

"Did she end up going off the road?"

Wesley and Rose ran up to the car and took turns asking these questions until Ivy smacked them both in the back of the head. I couldn't help but chuckle as I put down the flowers we had gone to get.

"Ivy, be nice," Aunt Abby said, but she wasn't really paying attention. She was worried about Grandad coming later.

She and Mom were none too happy when he convinced Alice to change him. They were even unhappier after they actually went through with it. In fact, they shunned him, Alice, and Ava, though she had also been opposed to it, for five years. I had to play runner boy between them when it came to other things. Luckily they had sort of patched things up now that they had realized they were the ones who were going to die and that they didn't want to leave things badly, in fact that was the subject of Mom's midlife crisis.

"Hello!" Shelby said as she and Channing pulled up behind us.

"Hiiiiiiiii Shelby!" I said, waving vigorously at her and Channing as they walked through the door.

"Got these for you," Channing said, picking the flowers from where I had left them.

"You picked them up off the table; I bet those are my mom's." Shelby said putting them back.

"No, they're for you; I made your brother go get them. See, there's even a little card."

There indeed was a little card that said. "Shelby, today just seemed like a day for surprises, I love you. --Channing"

"Aww, you're too sweet," she blushed.

As Mom and Dad came over to say hi to them too, Channing cleared his throat.

"Shelby, I need to ask you something."

"What?" She was totally oblivious, still preoccupied with the flowers.

"Do you love me?" He was still standing.


"Do you want to be with me?"

"For as long as possible. What are you getting at?"

You could hardly keep the grin off his face. "I love you too." He finally dropped down to one knee and got out the box. "I figured since we agree on that we should probably get married sometime soon. What do you think?"

Shelby jumped back and screamed. Mom, who happened to be immediately behind her, pushed her right back in front of him.

"Will you marry me?"

"Of course!" she squealed.

"Good, I'm glad you didn't force us all to come up here for nothing," Koda said.

Just about everyone who didn't already live at La Push was up here anyway, so Channing figured it would be a good time to pop the question.

"Get up; I can't kiss you while you're down there!" Shelby said, her smile stretching ear to ear, pulling him back up.

"Eww…" said Wesley.

"It's not ew, it's sweet and romantic," Rose corrected him.

"Something about which you know nothing," Ivy added.

"Ah-ha! Congrats little bro," Koda said, pulling Channing out of Shelby's grip to give him a noogie. Some people only act mature when absolutely necessary.

Speaking of maturity, Lena, who luckily got over her crush on me once she hit high school, was definitely having a face making contest with Koda and Layne's five year old daughter Charleigh. I wondered how the girl even got into med-school.

Britta and Kenley, who was very very pregnant, were over to the side, arguing about who had picked out the ring that Channing had gotten for Shelby.

By the time Britta had come back from college, Koda had met Layne and wanted to give up his wolf form, so he made Britta Alpha. She told me a few weeks ago that she and Hayden were thinking about giving up their wolf forms, and once that happened I would be Alpha.

"Hey baby," Megan said, snaking her arms around me.

"When did you get here?" I asked.

"Just now…Alice had a vision of the humans here being all excited, so Ava and Collin wanted to come up and see what was going on. I just wanted to see you."

Grandad waved. Ava was busy inspecting Shelby's ring.

Megan definitely had not joined the Cullen clan, we were perfectly happy in Alaska with the Denalis, but she and Rosalie Hale got along very well (who would have guessed?) so she did hang out with them sometimes.

"Oh, Caleb you're…oh," Mom said coming over, but when she saw Megan she turned around. Unfortunately Megan was not on Mom's list of people to reconcile with during her mid-life crisis. She was civil to Megan when she came over; she tried not to show her resentment, especially in front of me, but everyone knew they would never get along.

"Come on Kelsey, be nice…" Ava whispered. She was little better though. She could hold a short conversation with Megan, but according to Edward if we stayed for more than a day or two that Ava had several plots in which Megan was "accidentally" injured.

Strangely I was not offended by this. Partially because I knew that they wouldn't actually kill her if only for me, and also because I could understand where they were coming from. If someone tried to kill Shelby I'd likely be making death plots for them too.

"Hey buddy," Grandad said, coming up behind me. Seeing him as a vampire was so weird.

"Hey Grandad."

"Everybody's growing up," he said.

I nodded. "Time doesn't stand still."

"I know, but we do."

I looked out at the beach. We did. We were standing still in the rushing tide of time. As the waves of fate rearrange the grains of sand, people who may have just as likely never met, like Megan and me, or Claire and Abby, or even Mom and Ava, come together and become so close. Yet even the bonds of love are not enough to keep the waves from coming and washing the sand away again. We who normally were invincible were helpless as the waves came and changed things. The love that kept us rooted could also cause us to cut our ties, and if the tide were strong enough, let ourselves be swept away in the moment.

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