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Harry Potter Seen With Draco Malfoy at Hogwarts Memorial Party!

Wedding Planned! Potter and Malfoy Proposal Accepted!

Baby on the Way! Malfoy Heir Expecting!

It's a Boy!

Potter Heir Expecting! Interview with Big Sis!

The Prince is Born! Potter Gives Birth to Baby Boy!

Potter Princess Heads to Hogwarts!

8 years later

"Daddy, I can't find my Potions book!" yelled Evangeline across the mansion. Draco looked up from the Daily Prophet in the family room and Harry looked up from helping Winky set the table for breakfast.

"Eva, come here so I'm not shouting through walls," Harry said calmly, setting a plate down. Evangeline ran from the room and joined her father in the dining room. "Now, have you checked your trunk?"

"Yes," said Evangeline.

"You're bookshelf?"


"The Library?"


"Your brother's room?"


"Both of them?"


Harry smiled at his oldest child. "I suggest you look there," he said and Evangeline ran off. "Ask permission first!"

"Lost book," asked Draco walking in after hearing the conversation.

"Those two just love to annoy her," said Harry smiling over at his husband. Draco couldn't help but smile back.

It had been eight years since Harry woke from his locked mind and since both started being together. Draco had finally told Harry that he told the secret of Evangeline to Narcissa and Harry didn't contact him for a month. When he did both agreed to be honest to each other and told their many secrets and shared many memories.

Harry had never reinstated himself as an Auror and devoted his whole time in the St. Lily Orphan Foundation. He did stay on as a consult for the Law Enforcement Department because of his uncanny ability to spot a perpetrator in a crowded room. Draco stayed a Mind-Healer and was even able to slightly open the Longbottoms, making them more attentive to their son's visits.

Less then a year of dating Draco proposed to Harry, who immediately accepted. Six months later they were bonded. Since both were men they couldn't officially marry in the sense that was with a man and a woman. The ceremony was just saying vows in front of family and friends and an exchange of rings. Both didn't change their last names and add their spouse's, one because they didn't want to and because they were the only heirs to a family line. Both planned on continuing the family names however any way they could.

Harry had just finished placing the last fork down when a shriek was heard from upstairs and two boys ran down clutching a book while Evangeline chased them, her grey eyes flashing in anger.

"Come back here, you little midgets!" she yelled as she chased them. The oldest of the boys was seven years old with platinum blonde hair and emerald green eyes. He had the elegant forehead and pointed chin of a Malfoy, but Harry's cheeks and nose. On his nose was a pair of wire framed glasses. The youngest was age five with jet black hair and grey eyes. He was skinny like Harry but was tall for his age.

"Daddy, Father, help!" both cried running their fathers. Harry looked down at his son see him clutching a book title Potions: A Beginners Course for the Young Mind.

"Albus, why do you have your sister's book?" Harry asked his youngest son.

"We were just reading it," said Albus Draconis Potter. He looked to his brother for help.

"We want to go to Hogwarts too," said Severus Harold Malfoy. Both parents smiled and Harry gently took the book away and handed it to Evangeline.

"Thanks, Daddy," she said. "Thanks, Draco." And she smirked devilishly at her brothers after earning the attention of her fathers. Harry and Draco smiled at each other in amusement.

Both were thankful that they never had to tell their situation to anyone. How do you tell a person that Harry Potter's husband was also his daughter's brother? They told the truth to Evangeline on her birthday that May and the girl listened with the attention that came from both her Malfoy and Potter side. When they finished she looked at them in confusion.

"Why are you telling me this," she asked. "Both of you are my daddies and I have Aunt Hermione for a mother, and Harriet for a sister, and there's Uncle Ron, Percy, Bill, George and Charlie, and there's Grandma Narcissa and Grandma and Grandpa Weasley. I have my cousins and my brothers. Doesn't that make a family?"

Both smiled and hugged Evangeline. She never told anyone what Harry and Draco told her, believing the same thing she had for eight years and loved Draco as second father. She was never confused on what to call Albus and Severus and call them childish nicknames more often then their given names, like an older sister.

"You twerps are gonna pay," said Evangeline, still angry abut them taking her book.

"Now, Eva," said Draco, "is that the attitude of a Malfoy?"

Evangeline gave him the famous Malfoy sneer, a perfect mimic to the one Draco uses now whenever he was amused.

"But I'm not a Malfoy, I'm a Potter," she said. The smirk, along with the statement, had been both unexpected and surprising that Harry laughed as Draco looked in surprised shock.

"She got you there, Malfoy," said Harry chuckling.

"She may be a Potter, Potter, but she was born a Malfoy."

"And she just proved it. As for you two." Harry turned to look at his sons who gave him an "innocent" smile. "You both are going to school next week."

"A Muggle school," complained Severus. "They don't even use magic in a Muggle school!"

Harry looked up at Draco's chuckle and a look of understanding passed between the two. When it came time for Evangeline to start school, Harry wanted to send her to a Muggle school while Draco wanted to do proper wizard education and hire a tutor. They fought over it for half the summer till Granger broke it up and suggested a compromise. So Harry got to sign Evangeline up for a Muggle school and on the weekends and summer she was tutored by a witch governess. They used the same method with Severus and planned the same for Albus.

"Come on," said Harry. "It's almost time for breakfast. Ron and Hermione will be here any minute."

No sooner did he say the words did the dining room fire-place flared and Weasley and Granger walked in with their children. A year after Harry's recovery Granger had gotten pregnant again and gave birth to Ronald Bilius Weasley Junior. With brown hair and blue eyes, the eight years old boy refused to be called "Ronnie" and hated "Junior". He preferred to be called R.J. A year after Albus was born they had Ginevra Victoria Weasley. Mrs. Weasley was overjoyed one of her grandchildren was named after her deceased daughter and was even more thrilled when wee Ginny was an exact likeness to her namesake.

"Harriet!" cried Evangeline and ran to great her friend. "I can't wait to join you in Gryffindor!"

"Who says you'll be in Gryffindor," asked Draco. Harry looked over at his husband.

"Why can't she be in Gryffindor?" asked Harry. "My whole family was in Gryffindor."

"And my whole family has been in Slytherin," said Draco.

"Not again," said Weasley, running a hand through his short red hair. It had been an old argument, one that was kept up for the sake of arguing. It was a proven fact that both Harry and Draco could not go through a week without arguing. Granger once asked why they keep it up and they answered it was natural for them. Since she could see that they truly loved each other she let them have their way. Evangeline once said she overheard Harry and Draco argued over who would top that night and asked what they meant. Both came up with a stupid excuse about a game they played and laughed about it afterward.

"Come on, guys," said Granger. "Let's not argue, not when the train leaves in a few hours."

Draco and Harry stopped their argument and sat down. The others joined them. Immediately Sissy, Nobby and Winky appeared with trays of pancakes, waffles, fruit, eggs and other sorts of delicious breakfast item. Excited everyone ate and talked. At ten thirty they Floo-ed to the Leaky Cauldron and filed into the Ministry taxi waiting for them at the entrance. Harriet held onto her cat, Puma, and Evangeline had her snow owl, Angel. With great anticipation they drove to King's Cross Station and walked toward the barrier to Platform 9 ¾.

"All right, two at a time," said Granger. She had a tight hold of Ginny's hand as Weasley lead Harriet to the platform. With Ginny still in hand, Granger lead R.J. onto the platform.

"Okay, Eva, go on," said Harry. Evangeline looked apprehensively at first her father then Draco, who nodded, before she pushed her trolley toward the barrier. Still nervous she ran through and disappeared.

"All right, our turn," said Draco taking Severus' hand. "Let's go."

"Father, I can walk by myself," said Severus, yanking his hand from Draco's grasp and walked toward the barrier with his back straight and shoulders straight, looking so much like Draco that Harry had to laugh. Draco looked over at Harry laughing softly as he watched their son disappear behind the barrier. Severus was as stubborn as any Malfoy-Potter.

"You can hold my hand, Father," said Albus, holding his hand up to Draco. The blonde Mind-Healer smiled and took his youngest child's hand. Harry reached over and took Albus other and all three walked toward the barrier.

And encountered another sibling squabble on the other side.

"I'm just saying it's a possibility."

"Severus, you're such a jerk!"

Severus laughed and ran to join the Weasleys.

"What's going on now," asked Harry, crossing his arms.

"Severus said that if I get into Slytherin you'd disown me, Daddy," said Evangeline tears falling from her eyes.

"He said what?" said Harry looking over at Draco.

"Severus," called Draco walking over to the Malfoy heir. Harry sent Albus to Granger as Draco pulled his son aside. "What did you say to Evangeline, Severus?"

"I was only joking, Father," said Severus.

"You upset your sister, Severus. She's nervous enough about going to Hogwarts and now having you tell her she would be disowned if she's in the wrong House…."

"I'm sorry, Father," said Severus, ashamed and scared.

"Don't apologize to me. Apologize to Evangeline." Draco looked over and saw Harry quietly talking to his daughter. "As soon as your father is finished talking to her."

Severus nodded and stood by his father to wait to give his apology. Harry whispered for a moment to Evangeline, who drew back and said "Really?" before being hushed by her father. They spoke for another moment before embracing and Harry lead Evangeline toward his husband and son.

"All right," said Draco, pushing Severus toward his sister.

"Uh, Eva, I, uh…." stammered Severus as Evangeline glared at him. "I'm sorry, about what I said."

All three stared apprehensively at Evangeline as she glared at her brother, and raised her hand to hit him with her fist. Severus closed his eyes in fright, but opened then in surprise when she lightly tapped him on the forehead.

"You dope," she said with a smile. "Of course I forgive you."

Draco patted his son's back and led Evangeline to where she would store her trunk for the trip. They kept Angel with her. He looked over where he heard someone shout Harry's name and looked to find Bill Weasley walk up tot talk to Harry. Even from where he was Draco could clearly hear what was being said.

"Hey, Bill," said Harry. "How have you been?"

"All right. I still can't believe it is Victiore's last year. Kids grow up so fast." Bill smiled down at Albus and Severus as the two ran around the station with R.J. and Ginny.

"Yeah, hey do," said Harry. Bill gave Harry a look that both Harry and Draco knew well. "I'm fine, Bill. I haven't had a nightmare in years, thanks to Draco." Harry smiled over at Draco, who couldn't help but smile back. "Trust me, Bill, I'm fine."

Bill sighed but nodded and went back to Fleur after a bit more talking to Harry. Draco walked over and stood next to Harry.

"Bill worried again?" he asked.

"Yeah but I understand," said Harry. "I haven't seen him in a while and he wanted to know how I was." He smiled up at Draco. "He is family."

Draco smiled back. "That he is."

The whistle sounded and students began to file into the train.

"Good luck," said Granger kissing Harriet goodbye. "Write every week and give Neville our love."

"Mum! Eew!"

"Just say hi for us," said Harry with a chuckle and looked at Evangeline. "Same with you, and tell Professor Zabini Draco says hi."

"If I wanted to say hello to Blaise, I'd say hello," said Draco. Harry laughed as Draco walked over and hugged Evangeline, then whispered in her ear. "Tell Professor Zabini I said hello."

Evangeline giggle and turned to follow her cousin, but stopped and stared back at her fathers. "Daddy, I'm scared," she said. Harry walked over to his daughter and crouched down to look at her.

"About what, honey?" he asked.

"What if they don't like me? What if they think I'm, you know, weird?"

"What makes you think you're weird?"

"You told me to never tell Muggles I have two daddies," said Evangeline, looking between Draco and Harry. "You said that they didn't understand and would hurt us. What if they're the same? What if they hate me because I have two daddies?"

"Hogwarts is different then the Muggle school you went to," said Draco walking up beside them. "They understand about your father and me. They won't hurt you."

"Really?" asked Evangeline looking up at him.

"Really," said Harry. "And if you get afraid, then just hum our song, okay?"

"Okay, Daddy," said Evangeline and hugged him. "I love you." And she walked up to Draco and hugged him as well. "I love you too, Father."

"And we love you," said Draco. "Now go on before the train leaves without you."

Patting her on the back she pushed Evangeline onto the boarding train. As she entered she noticed a lot of kids were staring at her family with wide eyes and looked over at Harriet.

"What are they looking at," she asked.

"I don't know," said Harriet with a shrug. The train started forward and both girls started waving. "Bye, Mum! Bye, Dad!"

"Bye, Daddy! Bye, Draco!"

"Bye, Harriet! Bye, Eva! See you at Christmas!"

The group watched as the train pulled away and Harry watched till it was distant in the horizon. Draco watched the whole scene. Evangeline had become Harry's caretaker for the past eight years. She looked over him and owled Draco over every minor incident. Draco asked her about it and she said she didn't know why. She just had to take care of her father. Draco suspected she somewhat remembered when Harry was incapacitated and didn't want the same thing to happen again.

Draco walked up and put an arm around Harry's shoulder. "She'll be fine," he said, looking reassuringly at his husband. Harry nodded.

"We'll both be fine," said Harry. Draco brushed back Harry's bangs and kissed the scar. And with his arm still around Harry he led the other back to the barrier without worries or nightmares.

No nightmares for eight years.


I hope you all enjoyed the story. And just remember this is my very first novel length story, so if it's bad just remember, I am trying! I know a lot of what I wrote seems weird, but it was important to the story. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I had writing it.