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The Fallen Lotus

Chapter 1: The Single Damn Long-Period Mission

All activities in the Black Order were happening as they usually did. All exorcists and finders were sent to places where the Innocences made their acts. Many people in the Black Order did their work as if nothing that happened recently meant very much, except for a certain raven-haired exorcist.

Kanda Yuu had just returned from his last mission retrieving the Innocence with Lavi and Toma the Finder. He felt really tired and pissed at the same time after he got injured badly during his mission. He fastened his walk towards his room right after they arrived in the Black Order and quickly unbuttoned his coat and clothes to take a bath. He could feel his injured left shoulder scream in pain as the water made its way flowing passing his wound.

'Why the hell didn't it recover as usual?? There must be a damn reason for this,' thought Kanda holding his pain.

After finished dressing up, Kanda sat on his bed, looking towards a beautiful glass hour on the night stand beside his bed. The glass hour contained several lotus petals as a mark of his lifespan. Now, there were only three petals left. Kanda groaned as he held his left chest tightly where there was a tattoo, a mark of his healing ability and a curse that he got from his ancestors in his family.

'It's a time for me. Now or never.'

Having his decisions rigorously, Kanda got up and made his way towards Komui's office. When he stopped in front of the office, he knocked the door. "Come in," said Komui from inside his office. Kanda opened the door and stepped towards Komui who was very busy with his work. When Kanda stopped, Komui looked up to see who came to his office then smiled. "Oh, Kanda. It's you. Can I help you?" Komui asked as he looked at Kanda with his right eyebrow raised a bit. You couldn't blame Komui for raising his eyebrow. When he looked at Kanda, he saw a very serious look painted on Kanda's face and he never saw Kanda stare at him like that.

With a serious tone, Kanda answered Komui. "Give me a damn long-period mission. Alone. Everywhere. Very very far away from here if you can make it."

Komui's eyes got widen at Kanda's words, shocked. "What??!! What did you just say, Kanda!? Why did you ask that!!?"

Kanda growled and sighed heavily. "Can't you just give me a damn long-period mission for God's sake, Komui!!?"

After calming down from his shock, Komui looked at him seriously. "Can you tell me your reasons why you want me to give this mission to you, Kanda?" The samurai exorcist sighed again, heavier than before. "Fine."

After Kanda told his reasons and the things Komui had to do during his missions, Komui could say nothing but only nodded. "Fine. There's a possibility that an Innocence made its acts in a small town in Veracruz, Mexico. You can go there. And I'll pay for all your train tickets during your journey. You can go to Mexico tomorrow at 6 o'clock."

Nodding in agreement, Kanda then walking towards the door and left Komui.

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Finalizing his things in his suitcase, Kanda went to Komui's office to get his ticket while carrying Mugen. After Komui gave his ticket, Kanda walked away towards the door but then stopped and looked back at Komui. "There's one thing you have to know," Kanda said. "What is it, Kanda?" Komui asked curiously. "There's a glass hour with three petals of lotus inside it in my room. If the last petal falls, it means my death." Komui couldn't help but freeze in his place with his frozen wide-eyes. "And if that happens, then tell Moyashi that I love him. Now I'll make my leave."

After that, Kanda opened the door and took his suitcase then walked through the gate and exited it. He stopped and looked back at the gate for a while. Then he looked away from the gate and kept walking to the cliff. He jumped off the cliff and landed on the moving train successfully.

From now on, he'd be away from the people in Black Order, the happy-and-sad moments in Black Order, the insults from the redhead Bookman, his home, and... his love.