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The Fallen Lotus

Chapter 6: The Pain in a Broken Heart of the Lonely Samurai




'telepathy between Kanda, Kotarou, Mugen, Roshin, Yoru, Seiryu, and Kiba'


Kanda still struggled with the numbing of his upper body and the big cut on his back which caused a great deal of blood loss and exhaustion after releasing Mugen's third illusion. To make it worse, he was standing on a train that was going to fall into the cliff in just a matter of time while he fought a Level 6 Akuma who was left. However, to his relief, both his speed and power didn't increase that drastically.

He narrowed his eyes in a high alert, watching every move of the Level 6. Suddenly, a voice spoke to him through his mind.

'Nii-sama! Daijoubu ka?!' the voice asked worriedly.

He knew this voice too well. It was Kotarou. The raven-haired samurai rolled his eyes.

'Maybe, but not when I'm standing on this damned soon-to-fall train. Right now, I'm trying to find a way to kill this fucking Akuma!' he groaned, holding back the pain on his back. 'Did you see Yoru transforming into its real size when I summoned it?' he asked.

'Yes, I did,' Kotarou answered.


'I saw it transforming while I'm holding a secret meeting in Bookman's library.'

Those sapphire eyes widened at his answer as the Level 6 rushed to the samurai and attacked him. Kanda dodged the attack quite easily then jumped backwards.

'What kind of meeting are you holding now!!' the raven-haired exorcist, still in high alert.

'A little yet important one, nii-sama. I held the meeting to discuss our heirlooms...'

The Level 6 reached out its gun hands and shot him very fast. Seeing the shots, Kanda lowered his body a bit and walked in a fast zigzag, creating numberless shadows of him while dodging every shot.

'...and you.'


Too shocked with that, the samurai swung Mugen very hard, creating a great powerful blow. Surprisingly, the blow hit the Level 6 right on its eyes. The Akuma screamed in agony.


The teen turned his head and saw a giant black eagle which flew towards him with incredible speed.

"Yoru! Evacuate all passengers inside this train and let them climb onto your back!" Kanda ordered loudly.

"Hai!" Then the eagle flew to the destroyed compartment to evacuate the passengers.

After that, Kanda averted his gaze to the Level 6, only to be shocked with the result of his blow. He blinked. "Did I do that blow to that fucking Akuma? Oh well, then I just finish killing it in seconds." He got up and smirked, gripping Mugen very hard. He returned to his previous fight stance. Casting some Japanese words silently, he transferred his own energy to his Innocence. And then, he ran towards the Level 6. At the moment he passed the Akuma, it felt nothing at all. But when it stopped running....


Suddenly, there were slices in its entire body and blood spurted everywhere. Seconds later, it turned into dust. The next thing he saw, it was flown by the cold wind and disappeared from his sight.

After a while, the samurai teen let out a small yet heavy sigh.

'That was really amazing, Kanda-kun,' Mugen said, astonished.

'Aa, arigatou,' the said samurai replied, panting in an unsteady rhythm. 'Geez, this cut on my back is getting annoying....'


All attendants in the library were stunned. They had never seen such a quick exorcism in their life, let alone being done by such a badly injured exorcist.

"Sugoi...." Allen was the first person who commented Kanda's impetuous move.

"I never knew that Mugen can release such a countless, powerful cut like that...." Klaud rejoined.

"But if you say that it's the power of Mugen, you're very wrong," Hinagiku said calmly.

"What do you mean by that?" Cross asked.

"Onii-sama has never used Mugen's power since the annihilation of our clan in Edo. All attacks you've seen from him during his battles are only a very, very little of Mugen's semblance," she continued.

"WHAT!!?" the others exclaimed, appalled.

"Moreover, nii-sama hasn't used its power at all. He only uses his own energy to release his attacks. Believe it or not, he doesn't even use one forth of his power during his stay in the HQ, just like what you've watched recently. Even I had to use all of my strength to keep up with him during our training in the past," Kotarou said, continuing Hinagiku's explanation as if it was a common thing about their eldest brother.

However, it only increased their shock. They couldn't believe that Kanda was that powerful! He was very powerful that he disguised it too perfectly!!

But something disturbed Bookman that the ancient man couldn't shrug it off. "But if it's the reason why we can't feel his power, then it means his synchronization with his Innocence must surpass the General's. But why did Hevlaska say that his synchronization rate was below 50%?"

"Now you mention it, Panda-jiijii. I was there with you, General Tiedoll, Komui, and Reever when Hevlaska examined Yuu-chan. And she said that his synchronization rate was 47%, Renjou-sama," Lavi retorted.

The other occupants realized it.

"Then why don't you ask her yourselves? Actually at that time, she didn't tell you the truth. You can get someone to go to her place and ask about it. Tell her that I'm the one who gives the order so she won't dare to lie," Kotarou answered.

"Then I'll go to Hevlaska," Bookman offered.

"Alright, Bookman-san. Wenham-san, please accompany him to her," Kotarou ordered the Australian.

"Hai, Renjou-sama," Reever replied.

After that, Bookman and Reever left the library. When all eyes looked at the closed door, Tiedoll turned his head to the vision of Kanda and his eyes widened suddenly. "There's something wrong with Yuu-kun. The train gets lowered by a meter but he doesn't move or jump to another compartment."

"What!?" the others exclaimed, turning their head to the same direction as Tiedoll.

"Don't tell me..." Kotarou muttered worriedly.



Kanda felt the train under his feet lowering abruptly. "Kuso!! Yoru! Take the passengers to the nearest station now!!" he shouted, looking at his eagle which was above him.

"But how about you!? I don't want to leave you behind!!" Yoru insisted.

The teen groaned. "Just go! I can take care of myself right now! I'll catch up with you later!!"

The black eagle gave him a worried look before it turned its body and flew to another side, bringing the passengers. The samurai sighed in relief.

'Now there is only one problem left. How in the Hell's name can I get out from here while I can't move my body at all!!?'

Much to his dismay, the numbness slowly overtook his body except his legs. He walked one step and he would fall into the cliff along with the train. He could see the steep cliff under the rail, thanks to the ocean which didn't flow pass the dry cliff. If only there was water, he would have a chance to get out of there and reduce the risk he had to suffer if he fell into the cliff. But it would be better if his upper body was not numb.

'Kanda-kun!! I've told you before that you can't use Sangenshiki as you like! Your body is paralyzed now!!' Mugen groaned.

'Urusei, Mugen! I've known already about it but it's not like I have any choices left,' the raven-haired teen sigh in annoyance.

'Nii-sama!! What's wrong with you!?" Kotarou asked out of the blue.

'Geez! I forgot that I'm in the middle of a conversation with this baka otouto,' Kanda mentally kicked himself because of it.

'Don't be surprised if you hear this......' (Kanda)

'WHAT!! NO WAY!! Nii-sama! Don't tell me that you......' (Kotarou)

'Then what will you do if I say yes?' (Kanda)


'Don't scream at me like that, baka otouto!' (Kanda)

Out of the blue, the train got lowered and other compartments started to join the destroyed one.

'This is not good,' both Kanda and Mugen said.


"What's happening to Yuu-kun?" Yuki asked when she saw anxiety painted his second son's face, great worry filling her voice.

Kotarou looked at his mother, almost crying. "Nii-sama has released Sangenshiki. His lifespan is getting shorter than before."

All occupants gasped, eyes widened.

"But what makes me worried is that he can't move his body at all. Even though he is able to move his legs, he'll fall into the cliff along with the train."

"Sonna..." Yuki brought her hands over her mouth, sobbing. Kotarou and Hinagiku walked closer to her immediately and hugged her.

"Oh My God!! The train is falling down!" Miranda blurted out.

"What!!?" Kotarou and Hinagiku shouted.

A certain pair of silver eyes widened in horror. "YUU!!!"


'Did I just hear someone call me by my first name?!' (Kanda)

'I guess it's not the right time for you to find out now, Kanda-kun.' (Mugen)

'You're right.' (Kanda)

As Kanda and Mugen had feared, they fell down with the train, as well. Just in seconds, bones were going to be broken and all of them would die.

"Kuso!!!" the samurai roared. He felt the train being pulled towards the cliff with an invisible power. But something caught his hearing. Even though it was vague, he could hear it. It was the sound of...

'Masaka...' the samurai couldn't believe his hearing.

'Kanda-kun! In front of you!' the black sword pointed out.

Then, the teen looked straight in front of him, his eyes widening. Right in front of him, there was water moving towards him very fast. A very big wave. "What the..."

But soon, he smirked. "Che, not bad at all. I can use the wave to get out of here and catch up with Yoru." Immediately, he took his position and jumped very high to catch his communicating golem when it was in the same level as his hand with incredible hard effort. Gripping his golem and Mugen very hard, he landed on the same train and jumped off, but this time towards the moving water.


"Is he crazy!!? Does he want to commit suicide!?" Sokaro bolted in incredulity.

"What is Kanda thinking!?" Bak catechized, even after he saw a strangely calm expression on the Renjou's face.

"You'll find out about it soon. Just watch him carefully. You'll regret it if you miss it," Kotarou enunciated seriously.

The others still didn't understand. What did he mean by 'just watch him carefully' words? They couldn't help but wonder about it. In the end, they had no choice. They could only watched Kanda through the golem and waited for him to do something extraordinary.

They watched Kanda straightening out his legs towards the wave, his hands were in both his sides. The smirk on his face (which looked so sexy to Allen that made him blush like Hell) got bigger as his feet almost touched the wave and his sapphire eyes shone luminously.

"WHAT IS THAT?!! DOES HE DO IT FOR REAL!!?" all Generals and Lavi yowled in great disbelief.

The wave which the samurai exorcist touched... just turned into ice!! But he was not done yet. He jumped and did somersault twice on the air with great flexibility they had never seen in their life. He moved on the air like the lightest feather. Without knowing it, his bandanna loosened and freed his silky long hair which was tied up with the red ribbon of the whitehead. His blue hair was shining prettily, too.

The cursed teen gasped, flattered. 'He... he's wearing my ribbon!! Now I know why I couldn't find it anywhere...'

But the action hadn't ended... yet. The samurai teen reached the highest spot of the wave which wasn't frozen.

'I can't believe myself that I used one of those freaky moves of a group of clowns in Athens!'

'But thanks to it, we could escape from falling down to the cliff, right?'

The swordsman rolled his eyes. 'Che. As long as no one sees it. We better catch up with Yoru. I bet that he's already reached the nearest station. Damn he's really fast.'

'Remind me who has given him that kind of power and trained him and his two friends like a madman before you found me, Kanda-kun,' Mugen teased.

'Shut up, Mugen. The sooner we leave here, the sooner we'll get to the station.'

'As you wish, Dai-gensui.'

'Dai gensui ja nai!!**'


As soon as Kanda's feet touched the highest wave, it froze like the previous one which was lower. To add their shock, the swordsman moved with gliding action very fast. His speed even surpassed his eagle.

The blue-haired samurai grinned. 'Now I can go and catch up with Yoru.'

However, it didn't last long. He felt his left shoulder get shot and his feet was getting paralyzed, to make it worse. He turned his head, only to see 6 Level 7 flying on the air and smiling wickedly at him. The next thing he knew, one of them shot his other shoulder with great amount of deathly poison.

'SHIT!!!' (Kanda)

Slowly, unconsciousness overtook his mind and he drowned into the ocean. 'Yoru... Seiryu... Kiba....'

'Kanda-kun!!' (Mugen)

"YUU!!!" Allen roared uncontrollably.

Suddenly, a bright light shone under the ocean. And something appeared into the air from the sea.

"It's the holy water dragon, Seiryu!!" Lavi exclaimed, increasing their shock for several times.

"And there's Yuu-kun and Mugen on its head!" Tiedoll called out in shock.

They saw a dark expression on the dragon which looked at the Level 6s. They couldn't believe to what the dragon said. "How dare you hurt my master like that. You must be punished for it."

Then, the said dragon opened its mouth and big wave slide from it towards the Akumas. They became frightened and tried to escape, only to have the wave get them. It burned their bodies then disappeared into the air.

After that, its expression turned into the worried one. It moved its body carefully so Kanda's body would slide without falling into the sea. The dragon eyed the samurai, tears filling its gray eyes. "Goshujin-sama..."

'Seiryu, we must get Kanda-kun to the nearest seashore in Denpasar now. We must cure your master. Yoru and Kiba will catch up with us,' Mugen ordered, not being able to hold his worry for his heir any longer. All wounds Kanda had got were really bad and he lost his blood too much.

"Hai, Genai-sama." (Seiryu)

Seiryu took its usual position and launched with the same great speed as Yoru.

The whitehead General couldn't take it anymore. His silver eyes burned with the brightness of the tears that had gathered. Using every ounce of his control, he willed the tears not to fall but a drop of them... escaped it. A lone crystal tear trickled down, surprising the other occupants of the room. They had never seen the youngest General in such a state like now.

His knuckles were clenched tightly until both turned white. His small shoulders shook silently as they fought to control the urge to rush out to rescue his love. As Lavi touched his shoulder, he was shocked to feel the tension there. The silver eyes turned and caught his gaze.



And... never-ending love.

The redhead could see them too clearly. They were swimming in the silver orbs and hard to ignore. A silent apology was screaming from Allen as more tears spilled over as he looked at Lavi before training his gaze on Kanda again. His body lurched forward before he caught himself. Allen whimpered silently as he hugged his precious snow globe from his beloved...

"Yuu...." he sobbed, more tears spilling over his soft cheeks. Timcanpy landed on his head and nuzzled into his white hair.

He had been about to rush forward to hug the older and apologize with his knees on the ground. He wouldn't care if Kanda called him an idiot because of his acts. He only wanted his samurai to know that he had forgiven him for his cruel words before he decided to leave for the Asian Branch. He also wanted the older teen to know that he was really sorry for what he had said to him. He couldn't convey his feelings into words how stupid and remorseful he was for not realizing it earlier.

The samurai exorcist had gone through danger since he was very young to protect him. The samurai exorcist had faced painful events in his life in order to save him. The samurai exorcist even let the whitehead say those cruel words willingly without him knowing his real purpose because he cared for his salvation, not his own.

The younger teen became more anxious after knowing that he didn't have his memories of the samurai taking care of him. He wanted to remember them so badly. He took a glance on Kanda's family, who were also crying and worrying the samurai.

Kotarou asked Komui to turn off his golem, which was done by the supervisor quickly. Not long after that, Bookman and Reever entered the library with pale faces. Everyone raised their eyebrows in question.

"Bookman? Reever? Is there something wrong?" Klaud asked.

Both of them fell silent for a while before Bookman spoke, "We've done what Grand General Renjou said and asked Hevlaska again. She became horrified when we asked Kanda's real synchronization rate. She said that Kanda has warned her not to tell about it to anyone when she was about to announce it to us several years ago. But after I said that the Grand General was the one who ordered us, she told us the truth. What she told made us very shocked when we heard it."

"What did she tell you?" Komui asked.

"She said that his real synchronization rate was... 320%."

A silence overtook the situation for seconds then…


"His synchronization rate surpasses even the Generals!!" Cross bolted.

"I know. But what makes me can't believe about something is that Kanda has the synchronization rate for each his Innocence fragments," Bookman continued.

"What did you just say!?"

"H-how many Innocence does Kanda h-have?" Miranda asked.

"Six. More specifically, two equipment-typed and four parasitic-typed fragments," Reever replied.

"But... what are his other Innocence besides Mugen then?" Marie asked.

"You've already seen or met three of his parasitic-typed Innocence," Kotarou said out of the blue, causing the others looked at him.

"What are they then?" Sokaro asked.

"They are..... Seiryu, the holy water dragon that just saved nii-sama, Kiba, the white Japanese wolf, and............. Yoru, the eagle which just grew ten times bigger then left here..."

All jaws hit the floor at the newest information about Kanda they had just got.

However, it didn't make Allen forget about the injured swordsman as the tears made its way on his cheeks for the second time. Kotarou took a glance at Link, Lavi and Lenalee who were looking at him and whispered, "Take General Walker to his room now." Both of them nodded and helped the silver-eyed General to stand up and go to his room. He had to calm himself down after watching Kanda in a very bad condition. The said General could only let his two friends and the blonde German help him off.

After they left the library, Kotarou dismissed the other occupants. When he was in the doorway, he turned to face everyone. "Tell about nii-sama's Innocence fragments to the Vatican, okaa-sama, Hinagiku, and I will kill you with our own hands. So, don't you ever think to do it," he threatened them dangerously then left with his mother and sister.


After all passengers moved down from its back, Yoru flew fast to catch up with his friend, Seiryu. Yoru was worrying about its owner to death.

Right when Yoru was about to fly higher, the eagle heard a loud voice calling it not too far from the island. "Yoru!"

The black eagle knew the owner of the voice. It was Kiba's voice.

Kiba was a white Japanese wolf, which was the rarest type in the world. Many people hunted the white wolves to sell it to the rich people or to show off their strength. They were the most dangerous wolves among all types of the wolves. But there were advantages of having white wolves. Once they bowed their head to someone, it meant that they recognized that person as their owner and they would put their life into danger just to protect their owner. They were very faithful creatures.

"Kiba!!" Yoru shouted.

The white wolf ran with high velocity towards the cliff and jumped to the eagle. It landed on the back of Yoru. "How is Goshujin-sama?" the wolf asked. "A number of Level 7 Akumas attacked him and shot him until he lost his consciousness then he drowned into the ocean. Seiryu saved him and killed the Akumas," the eagle said.

The wolf groaned angrily. "If only I could go there and save him!"

"We can't waste our time here. We have to catch up with Seiryu. Goshujin-sama's going to lose too much blood if we don't hurry up," Yoru pointed out. "Wakatta, let's go," Kiba said.

Yoru increased its speed and they flew to their master.


Link, Lavi and Lenalee had brought Allen to his room, which was new since he was the General now. The room was bigger than his previous one. Allen asked them to leave him alone. Hesitated a bit, they nodded then left.

Locking his door, the snow-haired General leaned on the door, sliding down to the floor. He stared at his snow globe helplessly. His body shook, still crying and sobbing. Regret filled his entire heart, body, and soul.


Allen curled into the source of pleasant warmth beside him. After what seemed like a year last to him, the sun rays hit his face. He opened his eyes, only to stun at the sight before him, blushing.

Kanda's face was an inch away from his, allowing the boy to examine it. He never saw his face in such a close distance like now, let alone seeing his face when he was sleeping (of course Kanda wouldn't let it happen ^^a). Calmness painted it and his chest raised in a steady rhythm as he breathed. He looked so peaceful that it radiated more of his handsomeness that he'd never seen in his life.

He was captivated by the never-been-seen resplendent beauty. He had tanned skin with not-so-long-but-not-so-short eyelashes, pointed nose, perfectly-shaped lips, and strong jaw line framing his appearance. He had never known that such an attractive creature could exist in this world, let alone seeing the undeniably muscular body. However, it was covered with his rude attitude. He chuckled a little. He tore his gaze to his six-packed abdomen, then to his calloused hands. One hand wrapped around his slim waist while the other was on the top of his human hand. He lifted his hand from under the calloused one and caressed it. Wielding sword for years made his hands rough, but not for Allen. The younger teen found them warm and comforting. He even felt relieved and protected just by seeing them. It was really weird, but the boy didn't mind. He even enjoyed it.

After that, he looked at his upper body. During his missions with the stoic exorcist, he was always impressed and enamored with his effortless movements and his accuracy when he saw him fighting the Akumas. At first, he hated to admit it. But now, he couldn't deny it because it was true. When he saw him fighting, he felt like he was seeing a fight expert –no, God of War. He did look forward witnessing it with his own eyes again. He smiled before observing his muscular chest for while and then his right shoulder.

Kanda had taken his Exorcist coat off his body all night without Allen noticing, thanks to the stab he got in Brazil. The younger of the two slowly reached out his hand and touched the bandaged shoulder. After a while, he cried. He was the cause of the wound. If Lavi and Allen were just a second late, Kanda would...

His sobs were getting louder that it woke the samurai up from his sleep. At the moment the older teen saw him crying, he got pissed off. "Oi moyashi! Why the fuck are you crying-" Suddenly, the whitehead hugged him tightly.

'What the Hell!!' Kanda screamed mentally. "What the-"

"Kanda... I don't know what I would have done if Lavi and I were too late to bring you here... I don't even want to think about it..." Allen looked up to see the cobalt-eyed samurai with teary eyes.

Kanda's jaws almost dropped because of it. "...Why?..." the samurai asked, wanting a reason.

I don't know how to put this into words. But..." He released Kanda from his hug and placed his black hand on the bandaged shoulder and caressed it gently. "I don't want something bad to happen to you. If it does, I will be so depressed about it that I can't cool my head off. I'm really worried whether you're hurt or not," he sobbed harder. "Moreover, you said that you wouldn't help me during our missions. However, you keep saving me and getting injured badly to protect me like last week. You wouldn't get this stab if you didn't save me back then. But, why did you save me, Kanda? Why!?" he begged as he sat up, followed by Kanda.

Sapphire eyes widened before he snapped, "So do you wish that you're dead now, baka moyashi?"

The whitehead boy shook his head quickly. "No! That's not what I mean! I don't want you to die!" That was true. He didn't want to lose the swordsman for unknown reasons. He held him firmly for the second time.

The older exorcist was caught guard off at it. "Che," he retorted, pulling the younger one closer to his body. Slowly, he hesitantly caressed his back and soft white hair. He whispered something that people in the Black Order would've beeen shocked just by hearing it. "I got injured not because of you. Don't blame yourself like an idiot. You'll look like one more than you're already now, bean sprout," he smirked then.

The said bean sprout blushed in irritation at that. "It's Allen, BaKanda!! How many times do I have to tell you that?!" The smirk grew wider. "As long as you remain short and thin like now." "BaKanda! You-"

The navy-haired samurai pulled back and pushed the younger teen backward to the bed and got up. He took his Exorcist coat which was on the back of the chair beside the bed then put it on his body. Without turning to the younger one, he said, "Just sleep again. You still need it. You just got back from your mission last night." Then, he walked towards the door, only to have his coat being latched by the snow-haired teen.

"Where are you going?" the boy asked, an anxious expression plastered on his angelic face.

The samurai stunned but answered casually anyway, "Training."

"What!! You've just regained conscious last night!" the whitehead exclaimed.

Trying to pry off the mismatched hands from his coat, the samurai said, "I. Don't. Care. Get off me and go to sleep now, bean sprout!"

"No. I'm coming with you, Kanda."

"What the fuck!! No! Like Hell I'll let you follow me like a stalker!" the grumpy exorcist bolted, trying to get off his surprisingly hard grip.

"Kanda, please! Let me be with you just for today. Please..." Allen pleaded with his puppy eyes.

'Glek!' Kanda was almost choked at the very cute sight in front of him. 'Kami.. I should have left him before he woke up. Damn it!' He sighed heavily. "Che, fine. But don't you ever dare to interfere in my training and meditation. I'll get rid of you right away with Mugen. Got it?"

The silver-eyed boy smiled in joy. "Hai! Thank you very much, Kanda!" he exclaimed happily as he hugged his right arm in a clingy way.

The swordsman would rather escape as quick as he could than have the moyashi hug him like now. He was going to explode anytime because he felt his face warmed up very fast. "Now you understand, so get off my hand. My shoulder's starting to feel hurt," Kanda lied, keeping his cool expression on his face.

"Oh! I'm really sorry, Kanda! I really didn't mean to hurt you," Allen apologized, embarrassed. He released his hug yet his hand didn't stop caressing the injured shoulder gently as if he was trying to ease the pain away. He blushed, his lips forming a shy smile as he still stared at the pretty blue eyes above him.

'Geez!' Kanda cursed inside his messed-up mind. "Stop staring at me like that, baka moyashi. We're going to the training hall," the dark-haired teen uttered. Allen nodded in agreement after he pulled back his hands from the shoulder. Soon after that, the samurai walked over to the door and stepped out his room, followed by the silver-eyed boy.

When they passed some of the Finders on their way, they felt as if there was a calm before the storm. You couldn't blame them when you see both of them walked side by side without trying to kill each other. But, what freaked them out the most was the lovely smile forming on the whitehead's lips, which was a pure and sincere one unlike before, and his human hand holding one of the Japanese exorcist's strong arms. They had never Allen smile like that, not even for a jerk like Kanda. It shocked to death, as did the said samurai.

They made their way to the training hall as Kanda had said before. Before Allen could follow him further, he was stopped by the tip of Mugen in front of his nose. "As I've said before, don't interfere with my training and meditation. If you do, I'll make sure that you won't alive the next morning. So, stay there," the grumpy exorcist threatened, his dark eyes glaring with annoyance. The cursed teen gulped, nervous. He could do nothing but obey, "Uh... okay."

"Che," the older of the two growled then walked to his usual mediation spot while the younger one only sat down on the spot where he stood, watching every move Kanda made. His moves were graceful and.. effortless. The samurai took his exorcist coat and sat down cross-legged then closed his eyes, starting his meditation. Mugen was hung on his waist.

An hour had passed yet a blank expression painting Kanda's face didn't change at all. He still breathed in a steady rhythm. The younger teen didn't know what he was thinking about, but he looked so.. calm and peaceful.. just like when he was asleep.

'He should remained calm like that more often because.. I never knew that he is very... tempting..'

The young exorcist shook his head immediately. 'No! There's no way it'll happen! We're both boys and we always bicker with each other almost everyday! And-'

Out of the blue, Kanda switched his position into seiza, putting his blindfold. Without the whitehead knowing it, Mugen had been unsheathed and the swordsman stood abruptly. Then, he started his training.

Right now, Allen could feel the real passion of Kanda had by seeing him. In spite of the blindfold covering his eyes, it didn't mean that much to the grumpy swordsman since he had been used to it. Under a quite faint shadow and sun rays, the sword wielder swung his sword to every direction in a perfect accuracy and moved his body in such a graceful way as if he was dancing sumptuously under the moonlight. Thirty minutes later, he added his move with splits, somersaults, and other moves that needed great flexibility like Allen had, much to the boy's surprise. He was shocked because his older comrade could do some moves that he was still learning to master it in years without difficulty at all. Without realizing it, he became captivated even more and his reverence towards the older teen increased more than he ever knew.

After another thirty minutes, Kanda finished his training completely. He took his blindfold off. Sweat made its way through his jaws, neck, chest then his absolutely well-toned abdomen. They made him uncomfortable that he wanted to get a shower right now. However, the way he drying the sweat off of his body made him looked sexy in the boy's eyes. Minutes later, he put his coat on and walked towards the door. The boy just returned from his little fantasy when his older comrade almost disappeared from his sight.

"Kanda! Where are you going?" the snow-haired teen asked, running to catch up with the samurai.

Kanda rolled his eyes. "To the bathroom, what else?"

Allen didn't answer. Instead, he kept walking beside the dark-haired teen and held his hand. It was sweaty yet he didn't care about it. The stoic exorcist could only wished to God that this would be over as soon as possible.

Then there they were now. In front of the bathroom. Both of them stepped into the room towards the warm bath. Kanda ordered the whitehead not to follow him to the dressing room as the said teen nodded, blushing. The swordsman put his coat and clothes off his body and wrapped a slight big towel around his waist, not even bothering to take off his old bandage before he stepped out of the room.

Right when he was about to stepped into the bath, the younger teen stopped him, "Kanda! You must take your bandages off first!"

The blue-eyed teen was startled by it for a while. "Che. I can't reach it. Besides, it's too hurt if I even move my shoulder."

"Then let me help you."

"There's no new bandage here, baka moyashi."

"Yes, there is. And it's Allen, BaKanda!" the snow-haired exorcist insisted as he explored the entire room in order to find something that could be used as a substitute for the bandages. Fortunately, he found a first aid box not too far from the bath. He pointed his finger at it, grinning in victory. Following the direction of that pale finger, the sapphire eyes landed on the box then cursed in his native language. 'How in the Hell's name could that damn box be here!?'

Without noticing it, Allen stood beside him, the first aid box in his hands. "Kanda, just let me take off the bandage for you before you go into the bath."


"Don't worry. I will also help washing your back since you can't move your hands that much. Just sit down and let me help you," he smiled sweetly. "After all, I also want to take a bath, too."

Kanda's jaws dropped, not expecting it. "Please," the boy pleaded, staring at him with his wide eyes. The samurai couldn't take it anymore. He wanted to stop hearing his voice filled with that cute supplicating tone like that. "Mattaku.." he groaned before sitting down on the edge of the bath. He finally gave in. Allen perked up at it. "Then wait for me. I'm gonna take my clothes off, too," he stated. "Make it fast. I'm not waiting here forever."

"Hai!" the younger exorcist chirped as he went to the dressing room in less than a minute. The boy approached the older teen, sitting down behind to put the white bandage on his back. When he finished doing it, he stared at it in awe and moped at the same time. Years of tremendous training had made his back well-built and got perfect muscles on it that you wouldn't get tired looking at. He touched it, caressing gently before his eyes landed on the stab. It had ruined the perfectness the broad back. Noticing this, Kanda snapped, "Oi. Quit staring at my wound and wash my back, baka moyashi. The itchiness on my back is starting to piss me off." He said as he plunged himself into the warm water.

The snow-haired boy didn't reply like usual as he imitated what Kanda just did and started rubbing that broad back. He did it as gentle as possible so he wouldn't hurt him. Feeling him relaxed because of the rubbing made a smile worm its way on his lips. Fifteen minutes later, they finished their bath and Allen wrapped a new bandage around Kanda's injured shoulder. They put their clothes on and walked for the dining hall.

At the moment they entered the hall, other Finders and exorcist including Lenalee and Lavi, who saw them walking without dark aura around them, were very shocked. But they felt more shocked when Allen allowed Kanda to order his soba first. It was rare.

'Is this a sign of an apocalypse!?' everyone in the cafeteria thought in horror.

After ordering for his big appetite, Allen strolled to the table where Kanda ate his already half-empty soba. Seeing that, the 15-years-old exorcist finished his breakfast as quick as he could which caused some crumbs to remain around his mouth. Shaking his head in annoyance, the samurai took a napkin and wipe the crumbs off his mouth with unbelievable gentleness.

The whitehead felt his heartbeat increasing when Kanda did it. He blushed a crimson red. He felt like world stopped spinning, so did the time. He could see those blue eyes, which he started to admire them, staring at his silver ones with hidden affection. And the short gap allowed him to see his handsome face closer, much to his liking.

"Mattaku.. don't eat so fast, moyashi. It's disgusting," the sword wielder sneered. To his and everyone's surprise, the silver-eyed boy didn't snapped back like usual but looked at him with adorable gaze. He withdrew his hands immediately and stood up. Saying no word, he left briskly. 'There is no way I feel this way because of this brat!'

Realizing what had happened, Allen chased him, "Kanda, wait!!" The said teen hastened his speed, not answering his call. "Kanda!! Wait for me!!" The younger teen grabbed his wrist when he was able to catch up with the older. The stoic exorcist stopped and turned to the boy.

"What the Hell do you want now, moyashi!?"

"Where are you going this time, Kanda?"

"My room. You can go back to your own room now, bean sprout."

"My name is Allen. No, Bakanda. I'm going with you."

"No. This is not your business anymore," the samurai said sharply as he snatched his hand from the boy. He turned around and walked again.

"Kanda!!" Allen called again, whining this time.

"Ignore the brat. Ignore the brat," the older teen murmured to himself repeatedly. Then he was stopped by the boy who hugged him from behind. He froze on the spot. "Oi-"

"Please, let me be with you. Don't leave me, Kanda," the boy begged, burying his head into his well-built shoulder.

His blue eyes widened before disappeared behind his eyelids. He shook his head. 'This is getting worse.' He only stood there, doing nothing but letting the boy hold him like this. This was more than enough for him though, to be able to feel him from a close distance. After what it seemed like a million years, he pulled back from the hug and ruffled the silky silver that belonged to the boy. He drew his hand from it then turned around. Without looking at the boy, he muttered, "Go to your room now. You still need your sleep," then he walked, leaving the boy alone in the hall.

Allen felt sad. Now he realized why he always wanted to be by Kanda's side as long as he could. He didn't the man to disappear from his sight for even just a second. When he was with him, he felt... nostalgic. Somehow, he felt... familiar. His tender touches... His earthy, musky scent... The comfort he felt when he hugged him... His breathtaking body... And, the last but not least, his stunning sapphire eyes that sent great comfort and protection through his veins... Even though they were hidden by his cruel words and violent nature, he could feel them when the samurai was with him. He had realized his feelings towards the samurai.

Six days passed. He hadn't seen Kanda since that day. The samurai hadn't stepped out of his room. It started to make Allen very worried. When he tried to open the bedroom door, it was locked.

--The next day, on the night--

Allen was having dinner in the dinning hall with his comrades. Out of the blue, the door opened, revealing Kanda Yuu with Mugen hanging on his waist. Accidentally, he heard a Finder gossiping to his friends in a low voice.

"I met a mysterious man during my mission with Marie-dono in Venesia. He had a unique scar shaped like a stalk of rice plant on his right hand. He told me a story about the most dangerous demon in the world, The Ice Demon. They are feared by humans because of their dangerous powers and very evil natures. They can turn humans into one of them with illusions they create. But what makes them feared the most is that they can kill humans just by seeing their eyes. They are also feared by Innocence because they hunt the Innocence fragments with their power and destroy them. Gods also fear them because they have the same strength as them –even The Ice Demons overpower Them!" the Finder told.

"That's very horrible," his friends shuddered in horror.

"But what he said next has made shocked yet I'm not really surprised about it."

"What is it?"

"He said that one of The Ice Demons was Kanda-dono's father."

"What!!? What did you just say!? That's impossible!"

Allen, hearing it, became very shocked.

'So he has made his first move, huh?' Kanda thought seriously.

"You say it's not possible? Oh, come on! Come to think about it. Kanda-dono always acts like one and he has a demonic aura around him. I bet that his father is such an asshole that he have a bad son like Kanda-dono. He was killed years ago, and he deserved it." He laughed.

That was it. Kanda launched himself and gave the damn Finder a hard punch, sending him to the wall. The samurai landed on his feet, unsheathing Mugen. He made his way to the poor Finder who was trembling and Kanda was going to kill him if Allen didn't stop the mad samurai with his Crown Clown.

"Kanda! Stop! You're going to kill him!"

"Get lost, moyashi! It's none of your business!"

"It is! He's one of our comrades! Don't hurt him further, Bakanda!"

"Che. I just give this stupid Finder a good 'lesson' that he should keep his mouth."

"You bastard!" Allen jumped towards the samurai and attacked him but failed. Just with a single blow, he threw Allen to another side of the dinning hall and said coldly, "You're such a naïve person! And also a weak person, even though you can hide it behind your perfect mask. How can you be called a savior while you even can't save your only family??!! You're cursed, moyashi. That's why your parents abandoned you long ago and your foster dad died. You deserve no love. You should be vanished from my sight right now and forever!!!"

Allen felt his heart were stabbed greatly hearing those cruel words. And then, for the first time in his life, Allen with the most cruel attitude, said, "Fine, then. I'll go from here and I don't want to see your face ever again!" He walked passing Kanda, he picked a glimpse of him whose eyes were sparkled with invisible tears and gaze was filled with such deep sadness with his hands clenched in hard fists. He didn't care about it right now. After that, Allen rushed to his room and packed his things. Then he left HQ with Link and Timcanpy and went to the Asian Branch.

Now it explained why there was a crack on the snow globe. When he arrived at his room in the Asian Branch, he threw the snow globe very hard to the floor as he was still angry at Kanda. The snow globe rolled under his bed. He really wanted to forget everything about the sword wielder.

Allen went to his bed and laid his back on it, not bothering to take his coat off. He hugged the crystal globe firmly as he curled up into a ball, willing the guilt and sadness to overtake his mind.


Hours had passed before Yoru and Kiba were able to catch up with Seiryu. The eagle transformed into its previous size so both of them would landed on the back of the dragon, for exactly right before their master. Their eyes widened in horror when they landed on Kanda's wounds. Fortunately, the wounds had got healed yet a pained expression still painted his face.

After a while, his eyelids moved slightly, revealing the blue eyes slowly. Yoru and Kiba launched themselves into the samurai immediately. "Goshujin-sama!!" they called out. The said Goshujin-sama, who had just got conscious, became pissed off. "Oi! Don't bump into me like that next time!" the blue-haired exorcist groaned, hissing in irritation.

"Sumimasen, Goshujin-sama. We can't help it," Yoru apologized.

"We were so worried when you summoned all of us like that. You've been targeted by his armies since you left the HQ and let them sense your presence. He has increased the power of his armies, and so has his own. He has done it just for an aim: killing you." Seiryu said without turning its head to its owner and friends.

"Seiryu is right. Just hours ago, you've been attacked by Level 5, Level 6, and Level 7 Akumas in a row and you almost died if Seiryu didn't bring you to the surface quickly. So, from now on, we'll never leave your side again like 11 years ago when you were caught and forced to be one of the guinea pigs of 'The Second Exorcist Project'. You ordered Yoru, Seiryu, and me to run away and leave you behind so we wouldn't get caught by the Vatican. And this time, you can't order us that again. If you ever try to do it, we'll make sure that you go nowhere without us," Kiba threatened with a serious yet gentle voice.

Quietly, Kanda feared the white wolf among his parasitic-typed Innocence. It was because once the wolf threatened someone like what was falling upon him right now, the threat would happen for real if you were brave enough to make it mad at you. And... Kiba wouldn't let that person (especially its Accomodator) to escape from its grasp until he/she got the painful punishment from it. Kanda had experienced it several times and the threats were always successful to make him shudder.

The swordsman laughed bitterly inside his mind. 'I fear my own Innocence while I'm going to turn into the Ice Demon who is feared by all creatures –even Innocence, in the world and forbidden by Gods. How ironical my fate is.'

Soon, all eyes of his Innocence widened, knowing what their master just thought. Guilt shot through the white wolf immediately, "Goshujin-sama! G-Gomen nasai-" "It's fine," was the answer coming from the perfect-shaped lips of the samurai before he sat up, winching at the pain in his shoulders. He sounded so gentle and wise as if he had already known all things he had to face and how to do it.

Seeing wounds on his face, Kiba leaned forward and licked them so they wouldn't get worse. Yoru swung its swings to dry him along with his clothes because it didn't want him to catch a cold. Seiryu saw a glimpse of a seashore which was recognized as Kuta Beach. They were almost there. A place where Roshin was going to appear in the world at full moon yet they had to wait for two weeks. Denpasar.

"Minna! We're almost there! Hold onto me and get ready!" the gray dragon shouted as it increased its speed out of the blue, causing the blue-haired exorcist to fall backward if it wasn't for Yoru and Kiba while Mugen was in his hand. He rubbed his temples in annoyance, dizziness shooting him very fast.

Less than five minutes later, they reached the seashore. It was getting dark as the sun disappeared slowly from the sky, causing a picturesque scenery he had never seen in his life. The sun rays hit everything on the beach, dominating them with the color of orange. To make it better, wind blew from nowhere, soothing everything it hit and replacing anxiety inside their heart with calmness. It caused a weird, warm feeling to everyone who saw the scenery, even to the cold-hearted person like Kanda. The said samurai let out a heavy sigh at the warm feeling running through his veins.

'You were right, otou-sama. It is really warm here when I see the sunset,' he thought as he put his hand on his chest, right above his heart.

'I don't know why. But somehow, my heart is trembling... A strange feeling, it is. Indeed, it's really strange. It's only a sunset. A sunset I usually look at. But now, why am I feeling this... peaceful?'

It's beautiful.

'Yes, it IS beautiful even though it's just a sunset. ..Is it also because of... this place?...'

He sighed again. 'Why am I being melancholic all of the sudden?' But then, he realized it. He was being tempted by it. 'I just can't help it, can I?... If only I could show this scenery to the person whom I truly treasure... No, if only I could see this scenery with him... It will be the most wonderful thing I ever experience in my life...'

Right beside him, his parasitic Innocence and Mugen, transformed into his human form, enjoyed the beautiful scenery in front of them like Kanda did.

The ex-Grand General sighed, contented. "Kirei desu ne, Kanda-kun," he cherished as he turned his head to the heir, followed by the others.

"Aa." Kanda, for the first time in his life, let out a small gentle smile. A pure gentle smile. (OMG! He smiles!! *nosebleed*)

Mugen and the other Innocence were stunned. They had never him smiling like that ever because of a scenery, let alone like this one which they saw for the first time. The smile made his Innocence admire him even more. 'He should visit a place like Bali more often. Who knows that he looks more handsome and gorgeous when he smiles like that,' Mugen thought. Suddenly, an idea hit him then he smirked. 'I can use this to show his family and that Walker boy when we returned to the HQ. I bet that they will do everything to get it. But.. Kanda-kun has put his golem into his pocket. I bet that it can record everything around him. So... how can I- Oh! I know!' Quietly, the black heirloom approached Yoru without being noticed by his heir who was too entranced with the scenery of the sunset. He leaned forward to the black eagle and whispered, "Yoru, would you help me? Just record his smile until I tell you to stop and keep it in your memory." The eagle nodded enthusiastically. Luckily, the smile lasted for more than five minutes. It was a new record for Kanda who never smiled more than a second until now!

'How lucky we are for being the witnesses of it. This is going to be very funny if we show it to everyone in HQ. Moreover, I can use this for the most interesting show --blackmailing Kanda-kun,' the Black smiled mischievously after Yoru finished recording and keeping the rarest scene before them. However.. he did know very well how dangerous Kanda's threats were if he noticed it, which he did sooner than he thought.

Suddenly, when the samurai was about to yell at his ancestor, there was a loud scream not too far from them, and it came from a girl. "HELP ME!" And at the same time, he winched in pain as he clutched onto his chest, more precisely on the tattoo, signaling that Akuma were coming. "Mugen. Yoru. Seiryu. Kiba. Get ready," he ordered, eyes narrowed in alert. "Hai," all his Innocence obeyed. Mugen returned into its Innocence form and moved towards Kanda's hand.

Soon after that, a little girl appeared. She was around the age of 14, wearing a white sleeveless dress and skirt. She had her long hair braided into a low ponytail. Her eyes were pure black, filling with fear as a bunch of Level 7 Akuma following her. A black violin case was in her arms. She held it tightly as though her dear life depended on it while she was still running. She looked so innocent and kind. Just in a minute, she would be the victim of the Level 7.

The samurai exorcist groaned in irritation and impatience. "There goes my peace and quiet. Mugen, Yoru, Seiryu, Kiba, hatsudou!" He slid his fingers across the black Innocence which shone brightly soon while the parasitic-typed ones transformed into their true size (which was 10 times bigger than usual that each of them was as big as the HQ building itself!).

Not long after that, his prediction became real. There were good and bad news. For the good news, they weren't the Level 7 Akumas which attacked him during his journey to Thailand. This time, they were from The Earl of Millennium, not him. He could tell it with his unrevealed, hidden power which laid behind his eyes. That was weird though. Yet it would be easier for him to finish them off, much to his relief. However, the bad news was that there were at least 70 Level 7s. He maneuvered himself towards the girl who was going to be caught by one of them. Unfortunately, the girl stepped into a deep hole and sprained her ankle as she didn't look what in front her was. To make it worse, the Akuma had its hand on her shoulder. She screamed loudly, frightened. But, as it was about to stab her shoulder, Kanda came right on time. He sliced the Akuma in seconds with Mugen and brought her towards his other Innocences, escaping from the explosion caused by the slice. At the same time, the other Level 7s surrounded them, leaving them no place to run.

"Fuck!! Such a pain in my ass today!" the young swordsman cursed. He looked at the girl who was scared of his violent manner and harsh words. Poor girl. He gritted his teeth. "Yoru, attack groups of them which are on the air. Seiryu, create a grand water wave for me right now then protect this girl," the exorcist commanded as he lifted the girl and put her on his dragon's head. "Hai!" Yoru and Kiba obeyed. "May I know your name, little girl?" Seiryu asked softly. The girl was hesitated before she answered, "G-Galuh... M-my name i-is.. Galuh.." "Alright, Galuh-chan. Hold onto me," the dragon asked then split up with Yoru to do what their master had ordered. "Kiba, watch my back while I get rid of the rest them," he commanded again as he stood in fight stance. "My pleasure, Goshujin-sama," the wolf bowed its head.

"I'm ready," the Black Heirloom said.

"Mugen. Return of Apocalypse: Kaichuu Ichigen," the samurai teen muttered. A bright light shone behind him before revealed the Hell insects which flew towards their opponents and devoured them. After a minute, a grand wave came. Kanda and Kiba jumped towards the wave, followed by some of the Level 7. As his feet touched the wave, it froze. Then, he skated on it, as many directions as he liked, and destroying his opponents at the same time. Kiba kept killing the Level 7 which were about to kill its master from behind. He sliced one after another while he spun following the curves of the wave.

The exorcism had lasted for two hours until now. But.. even though they kept destroying the Level 7s, it seemed like their number didn't decrease at all. To make it worse, the blood loss Kanda got from his previous encounter with Level 5-7 Akuma in the sea started preventing him to move and dodge attacks at his normal speed. He felt dizzy now because he hadn't recovered fully ever since he left the HQ at that unforgettable night. To make it more complicated, he was really stubborn that he refused to tell his condition when Komui asked him about it in every their communication through the golems. Mugen had tried several ways to make Kanda tell it yet he failed. The ancestor had been worried about it that he couldn't stand it anymore. He would definitely talk about it to the swordsman after the exorcism was over. Right now, the black sword was concentrating on helping its wielder of finishing the Akumas off. However, one of them managed to hit the sword wielder on his already injured back. Right before the Akuma could released its second attack to him, Kiba bit it then devoured it after destroying another one.

"Arigatou, Kiba," he thanked his wolf. "Sumimasen, Goshujin-sama. I'm really sorry that I'm too late to prevent that creature from attacking you," the wolf apologized, ashamed. "Don't apologize right now. The dizziness in my head is getting worse," he said as he fell on his knee, grabbing his head with one hand. "Goshujin-sama!!" Kiba yelled in worry before got attacked by the biggest Level 7 which was as big as the white wolf. It forced the wolf to leave its owner with nothing that could protect him now.

Before he knew it, one of the Level 7 appeared in front of him, grinning evilly at him. His vision blurred that he couldn't see the Level 7 in front of him and numbness took over his body, much to his irritation. He couldn't dodge from its attack this time. "Die now, Renjou Ren~!" the Akuma sang wickedly. 'Shit! Move it, idiot!' he cursed to himself.

"Stop it!!" Out of the blue, he heard the girl he saved shouting before a sound. A sound of a violin being played by someone. At the moment the Akuma heard the music coming from the violin, it went aggravated before turned into dust. Sapphire eyes widened. "S-She is... an Accomodator!!?"

He couldn't believe that he would find an Accomodator in the place Roshin would appear. No wonder the Akuma chased after her. And he had to bring her to HQ, much to his great displeasure. He had to return the HQ bringing the Balinese girl after he retrieved Roshin sooner than he thought, which pissed him off to no end. That was because he had to enter The Door of Flames which would appear there and, to make it worse, Allen was there. Even though Komui didn't tell him on their last communication, he would know it. just by reading his brother's mind and seeing what was happening around him in the HQ since his mother and siblings were also there.

Too preoccupied with his dilemmas, he didn't realize that another Akuma was coming towards him. He just noticed it when there were only thirty centimeters between them. 'Oh shit!' he cursed himself for letting his guard down so easily like that and not being able to lift Mugen to release his attack.

"Die~" the Akuma grinned evilly and lifted its hand to stab him. Suddenly, it screamed in agony as fresh blood splashed from its back. It fell to the ground then turned into ashes, revealing an old man who had saved him. He wore a plain white hakama and waraji, an ordinary katana on his right hand. The old man had an intimidating aura around him though it didn't affect the samurai at all. He spun his body to the rest of the Level 7 Akuma which weren't as many as before. He lifted his sword to the sky and swayed it lightly towards them, creating a single blow yet it destroyed all of them within the radius of 10.000 miles. In minutes, it left no trace of the Akuma in their sight then the man spun his body again so that he stood face-to-face with the teen.

His eyes widened in shock, anger, and agony at the same time. The most unpleasant memory that he would never be able to forget came across his mind. He gritted his teeth and clenched his hands into fists very hard until blood was almost drawn from his palms. His mind went wild, mixing with feelings after realizing who the man was. His mind was screaming painfully that it was unbearable.

His Innocence beasts came over their master. Seiryu lowered its head so the Balinese girl landed on her feet before she ran towards the old man. The trio beasts turned into its normal size. At the time they saw the old man, they let out a dangerous hiss at him. They knew him too. Mugen transformed into his human form then glared at him angrily.

"You...." the samurai teen hissed, extremely furious than he had ever been in his entire life.

The old man looked at him sadly. "Let's go to Galuh's house. It's too dark here."

Once all of them were in Galuh's little house, they went directly to a room for Kanda to gave him some medical help to cure his wounds. Galuh and Mugen did it since the teen didn't want the old man to approach him any closer. Yoru, Seiryu, and Kiba groaned angrily every time he did that, the old man asked Galuh to leave them alone, which she did.

Kanda's prediction was right. Hirohito had appeared in front of him before the retrieval of Roshin. He was the last person Kanda had wanted to meet.


"Don't you ever dare to call my first name after what you've done to otou-sama and me in Edo, Dai gensui-sama," he gritted his teeth, holding himself back from killing his grandfather right there. He put pressure on the 'Dai gensui-sama' words, showing that he was still as he was when he was in Edo. "After all, you despise me because I have blue eyes and hair. You forbid my parents and Kotarou to call me by real name and forced them to call me with that fucking fake name, 'Renjou Ren'. You called me 'a dirty demon' before you took okaa-sama and Kotarou away. It proved that you didn't want to recognize me as your grandson. You also forbid me to call you 'jii-sama'. So... why? Why do you appear in front of me now? Aren't you satisfied with all suffering I've faced since you cursed me?! "

Hirohito seemed so scared hearing his older grandson asking him with such coldness in his tone. Yet, he did deserve it. "I... I'm really sorry...."

"DON'T APOLOGIZE TO ME, DAI GENSUI-SAMA!!" Kanda roared loudly, eyes glinting with great anger.

Hirohito shut his eyes in fear.

"You also forbid me not to receive any apology from anyone. You also despised otou-sama until his death. Now tell me, Dai gensui-sama. Why did you hate him so much? Has he ever done some mistakes to you regardless of being a farmer and not being able to use a sword to fight?"

"... I-It's...."

"Answer me."

".. I-I..."

"Answer me."

"I.... It's..."


Silence overtook the room for a while. Hirohito bowed his head and didn't dare to speak after that, let alone seeing him and his descendent right into their eyes, ashamed.

"You may leave now," the teen said finally. His grandfather looked up at him. "But-" "Didn't you hear what Goshujin-sama just say? Leave. Now," Kiba sizzled. The ex-Grand General left the room hurriedly. The teen let out a heavy sigh then laid his back on the bed. "I'm.. so tired.." he muttered and closed his eyes, willing the tiredness to take over his mind. Mugen pulled the blanket over his heir, caressing his forehead then pulled back. Kiba slipped behind him as his pillow, Seiryu lay on the blanket to warm him, and Yoru landed on the edge of the bed before they slept. Mugen turned into his Innocence form.

'Such a pain in the neck for Kanda-kun tonight,' the Black Heirloom commented before he went asleep.

The next day, Allen stepped out from his room. He had been crying all night, holding his snow globe in his sleep. He managed to calm himself down an hour after he had slept yet tears kept flowing down his pale cheeks. Link was allowed to enter his room at midnight in the end.

He, followed by Link as usual, made his way to the dinning hall and went to Jerry to get his usual breakfast, his snow globe inside his coat. After he finished his 50th plate, Lavi and Lenalee greeted him from another table. "Allen! Good morning!" Then. They approached the General hurriedly. "Um, good morning for you too, Lavi, Lenalee," the whitehead smiled sadly.

"Are you alright?" Lenalee asked him worriedly.

"Yeah.. a bit," Allen answered in a half whisper.

"Are you still worrying Yuu-chan?" Lavi asked, concerned.

"Of course I am. It kills me that I don't know whether he's alright or not right now. He was attacked by three levels Akuma in a row that we even don't know their strength. And I don't know what happened to him after that. But what makes me feel anxious the most is that Yuu has been protecting me even until now. And he had erased my memory about it before he sent me away to London. No wonder I didn't recognize him when he saved me from the wild wolves in London, and when I joined the Black Order for the first time and got attacked by him. Why didn't he tell me about that? Why did he erase my memory about him? I really want to know why he did that..." The young General couldn't hide his sad feelings again, not after watching Kanda get attacked through the golem yesterday. He took his snow globe out of his coat, staring at the crack on it with guilt.

"We had no idea about it, Allen-kun," Lenalee joined sadly. Then, she took a sat beside the General while the redhead sat down on his other side.

After a while, the Renjou family entered the dinning hall. But, something was wrong. Kotarou looked so sick that Hinagiku and Yuki helped him walking towards the nearest table. Finding it, Kotarou sat down and attempted to breathed steadily.

"What happened to you, Kotaru-kun?" Yuki inquired.

Kotarou held his head, still feeling dizzy. "Last night, when I was trying to read nii-sama's mind, there was something that blocked me from it. I decided to get through it then. But, the more I tried to get through, the stronger it pushed me back. And, there was a scream that it almost broke my eardrums. I was shocked that it was nii-sama. Then suddenly, a bright light hit me and I was thrown away from his mind then I woke up from my sleep. Damn! The light punched me that it was strong enough to make me feel dizzy like this. I've never heard him screaming with such an excruciating voice inside his mind like that ever since otou-sama died. Something very bad must have happened to him yesterday. I'm pretty sure about it, okaa-sama," Kotarou told, willing the dizziness to leave his head.

"Sonna... Then can you read his mind now, Kotarou-nii?" Hinagiku asked him.

Kotarou shook his head. "I don't know. I haven't tried it after that. I think I can't do it today. Hinagiku, would you call Supervisor Lee and Wenham-san for me? I want them to come here now."

"Hai," he said as she left for Komui's office.

Allen and the others, who had just eavesdropped the recent conversation, approached Kotarou immediately after he mentioned 'nii-sama', which indicated that he was talking about Kanda.

"Renjou-sama! Is it true that something has happened to Yuu!?" Allen asked directly.

His dizziness soon was replaced with shock expression on Kanda's little brother. His mother was shocked, too. He blinked a few times before answering, "First of all, just call my first name. I'm not the only Renjou here. My mother and little sister are here, too. Okay?"

They felt embarrassed, "Forgive our rudeness, Kotarou-sama, Yuki-sama."

Yuki chuckled. "Don't act so formal in front of us, minna." She smiled softly while his second son sighed heavily.

"Yes," the little brother of the samurai teen said, "I'm really sure that nii-sama found something that made his mind screwed up last night. He blocked me from reading it. I wonder what it was."

After that, Hinagiku returned with Komui and Reever behind her. The Generals, Bookman, Bak and Renee came too.

"Arigatou, Hinagiku. Now, Supervisor Lee, do you bring your golem?"

"Yes, I do," the Chinese supervisor answered.

"Good. Now, let's go to my room and turn it on there. I know that your golem can record his whole activities up until now. Okaa-sama, Hinagiku and I want to see what nii-sama is doing," Kotarou ordered.

All pairs of eyes widened in disbelief. "Are you serious!?"

"Of course I am-"

"Kotarou-sama! Allow us to see it!" all the Exorcists and Finders begged in unity, surprising the Renjou and Komui.

'What the Hell!!' the two siblings exclaimed, feeling shock for real.

"Forgive them for their outburst, Renjou-tachi. But, I also want to see it. I want know if Yuu-kun is alright or not since I'm his adoptive father," Tiedoll pointed out.

Seeing everyone stared at them with pleading look (except Cross, Sokaro, and Bookman), the Renjou looked at each other.

"Should we let them know?" Kotarou asked.

"I'm really certain that onii-sama will be very upset if he ever discover this," the youngest sister of Renjou chimed in.

"Well... since we don't know either, let's give the eye for it together," Yuki disposed.

Kotarou and Hinagiku thought for a while before nodding.

Everyone walked away from the widest wall in the dinning hall, giving better access for Komui to direct his black golem to it. Ensured that it was prepared, the Chinese turned it on. Soon, a vision of a certain exorcist with all his Innocence appeared on the wall.

Hirohito offered himself to get some medicine and new bandages with Galuh for Kanda, which made him protested in the morning. But thanks to it, Kanda was left alone in his room with all his Innocences. The parasitic-typed Innocence were sitting on the floor beside his feet. Mugen, transforming into his human form, stood beside his bed. On the other hand, Kanda's back was leaning on thick pillows. His upper body was wrapped with bandages though it couldn't hide his muscular chest and tattoo which was quite bigger than before. His golem flew on the air near the teen.

"I can't believe it. Dai gensui-sama's been here and lived with that little Balinese girl since the annihilation. And now, he begs my forgiveness!! What on earth has happened to him?!" Kanda asked in irritation.

Mugen sighed. "I guess Roshin has punished him for a long time and it made him realize his mistakes to you and your father, Kanda-kun."

"Che. It's too late for him to apologize to otou-sama. He's dead. Although he apologizes to me, it won't change what has fallen upon me, Mugen."

"I know that, Kanda-kun. And it's true that people, even you and I, are forbidden to hurt your grandfather's feelings since he is the Grand General. But it doesn't mean that he can treat you improperly and violently, his own grandson. He cursed you just because you don't have black eyes like him and your other relatives without knowing who the real you and your father are. As his ancestor, I'm really disappointed of it. And he deserves this kind of punishment."

"Just forget it for a while, Mugen. There's something I want to tell you about."

"What is it?" the eldest asked.

The teen took a long breath then sighed. "I felt complete severe damage in my stomach for real."

"No way!! How could it happen!?" the former Grand General was shocked, and so were Kanda's other Innocence.

At the same time, they didn't know that they were being watched by Kanda's family and people in the HQ through Komui's golem. They were in the dinning hall. When they saw Mugen in its human form for the first time, they were speechless. Mugen really resembled the grumpy exorcist physically except for his eyes and hair. While Kanda had masculine, fierce yet cool look, his Innocence 's face was more feminine with soft, calming expression. He almost looked like Kanda's twin brother. However, it didn't make him look beautiful but handsome, just like his heir. He himself was shorter than the teen.

Hearing Kanda's words, they felt shocked more than before.

"Do you remember the poison that Akuma used to stab me in one of my missions with Moyashi and Baka Usagi in Brazil?"

"Y-Yes, of course I do," the black sword answered, his eyes slowly widening.

Then, Kanda sat up, crossing his hands over his chest. "And the poison itself is created with The Traitor's own poisonous blood. You do know what will happen to an ordinary human and a Noah if just a drop of the poison hit them, don't you?" Kanda asked again, this time his voice was filled with more seriousness.

"Hai. If it's a human, his entire body will melt along with inner organs inside his body. But if it's a Noah, the poison will create a hole on his forehead and chest, and it will eat his brain and heart."

Chill ran through the people's spines just hearing it.

Kanda closed his eyes. "You and I were there when one of the Noah named Road or something like that got stabbed on her arm. That little Noah took The Traitor's threat too lightly. The other Noahs and The Earl of Millenium himself couldn't stand his power and didn't managed to defeat him. Even I, who was in my camouflage, had warned that little Noah (A/N: WHAT THE HELL!! No way!! That's impossible! :E). As far as the Vatican knows, nothing can hurt him the slightest, let alone killing him." Then, he opened his eyes which narrowed seriously. "But if it's me, who inherit The Forbidden Blood, the poison will only destroy my digestive organ. As the result of it, I won't be able to eat anything at all but water, even bean sprouts like I've been used to eat since I came to this world."

Allen gasped, feeling great shock. "W-What did he mean by that?"

"Do you know why nii-sama always calls you 'bean sprout', General Walker?" Kotarou asked out of the blue. The whitehead tensed, "That.... that's... that's because he said that I was very thin and shorter than him... And also because of my white hair. He always said it every time I ask him."

"You're wrong!!" Hinagiku yelled in anger, which made everyone but Yuki and Kotarou jump.

At the same time, Kanda took a glimpse at his communicating golem. 'Did I mishear it or did Hinagiku just yell at someone for real?' But he just shrugged it off.

"Of course he'll say like that if you ask him! He'll never admit his real reason out loud!"

"T-Then... why!? Why does he call me 'bean sprout'?" The young General didn't know why, but he felt that it was very important for both Kanda and him.

"Do you really want to know?" Kotarou asked this time.

"Yes, I do."

"If it will make you satisfied, fine. Let me tell you this only once. Since he was very young, nii-sama hasn't been allowed by jii-sama to eat anything but soba, tempura, mitarashi dango and... bean sprout. He didn't mind about it because he could get those foods on his own. But.... since he ran away from The Traitor, bean sprouts have been his life-saver whenever he felt hungry until now. Of course he won't eat it in front of you. To make it simple, bean sprouts means everything to him. So, if he calls you 'moyashi' – bean sprout in Japanese, it means that he has a special place for you in his heart because it kept him alive and he's able to endure all pain he has gone through, just like the meaning of the black hellebore inside the snow globe which nii-sama gave to you."

"The Black Hellebore?!" the cursed teen exclaimed. Then, he took his snow globe out from his coat quickly and looked at the said flower. The other were trying to get a better look of the flower behind him.

"Wow... is that white flower with palmate leaves the black hellebore?? It's very beautiful," Lenalee uttered.

"Hai. According to flower language, the black hellebore means.... 'relieve my anxiety'. Therefore, every time Yuu-kun is with you, it's more than enough for him to endure his pain," Yuki added.

Allen was stunned. He never knew that he meant a lot to the samurai teen yet he had said those words to him. Slowly, regret washed over his mind but was interrupted by Mugen's next words.

"But the poison will destroy all your nerves sooner or later, and your body will be paralyzed forever. Why did you do such a reckless thing by putting yourself as his shield!?"

Kanda was surprised with his question, his stunning eyes widening. He gasped, and so did Allen. A minute later, his eyes softened with half-closed eyelids. "Because... I didn't want... someone whom I give my life whole-heartedly to... die right before my eyes... like otou-sama 13 years ago..."

The whitehead General felt his throat throttled, not being able to hold his tears any longer. "Yuu..."

"Kanda-kun..." Mugen called out softly.

"I'd rather bear this pain for the rest of my life and die than see him getting hurt. I've had enough of being far from my own family and people I care about, thanks to these curses I'm suffering with."

"You may look like a normal human, Kanda-kun, but you inherit your father's memories so you've already known about human's tricky thoughts and lies from a long time ago, just like the Traitor. People can lie to each other, but they can't fool you at all because you can see right through their lies with those blue eyes of yours," Mugen said, pointing at Kanda's eyes which were opened. " Many people say that they care for each other without giving a damn about differences yet they, including your grandfather, despise you and your father. But... there are some people who love and care for you, Kanda-kun. I know it."

The samurai teen shook his head. "No, there are not. No one will ever care about me, not to mention my parents, my siblings, my Innocence, and you, Mugen. All they've seen and known about me is my real side as the Demon. I always treat all people in the HQ and Moyashi merciless, and I'll never deny it."

"But you do that because you want them to be aware of the fact that this world isn't safe anymore like before!" Mugen argued. "You know about it too well because The Traitor is still alive and he can be anywhere to create more chaos. And you're the only one who survived from the annihilation after leaving him an unforgettable scar on his arms. No one knows how powerful he is but you! And..."

"And what?"

"And..... your mother and siblings want to help you carrying your burden and pain. They will do everything to help you and... to make you happy even though just for once."

The samurai exorcist let out a very heavy sigh. "Mugen, listen to me carefully because I'll tell you this for the last time," he looked at his ancestor with a calm yet sad gaze. "From the bottom of my heart, I can't describe how grateful I am with their love for me. I do really appreciate it."


"However, no matter how hard we try, they'll be far away from me. The curses can't be broken until I die. I can't change my destiny as The Ice Demon nor the first son of my clan. Demo... I can do two things."

"What are they then?"

"First, I'll free our clan from the curse that has fallen upon us. Therefore, our clan can live peacefully as ordinary people. People can say anything about me, but it doesn't mean that they can hurt my family as they like. I won't forgive them, even Dai gensui-sama, if it happens. .." He paused for a while then continued. "And the second is... I'll definitely kill the Traitor so... Moyashi will be safe and far from dangers. In this way, I can protect him like before."

"But Kanda-kun. You still have a chance to get back your happiness before you die."

"I'm already dead, Mugen. I've felt it since Moyashi said that he didn't want to see me ever again. He wants it that way, he will get it even though it means my death. They won't care whether I'm alive or not."

"Kanda-kun. Please don't say it like that."

"You've known this already, Mugen. I won't stop until I kill him. Besides, I'll never think that Moyashi and the others will forgive me, let alone wanting to see me," the swordsman said, holding his left shoulder and closing his eyes in pain.

Yoru, Seiryu, and Kiba climbed onto his lap. "Goshujin-sama..."

Kanda eyed his Innocence sadly as they cuddled under his hands.

"Kanda-kun, you..." Mugen called out, his tears flowed down his cheeks.

Not only Kanda's family, but also the others sobbed (except Cross, Sokaro, and Bookman yet they could sense the samurai teen's pain). They never knew that they had hurt his feelings that badly.

"Yuu!! You're wrong!! I do really want to see you now!!" Allen screamed.

Unfortunately, his voice was loud enough for Kanda, Mugen, and his Innocence to hear. The samurai teen stared at his golem suspiciously. "I knew it. There's something wrong with this new golem. First, I heard Hinagiku yelling, and now I just heard... Moyashi.." the blue eyes widened slightly, "...saying something?!.." He gaped for a second. "I bet that baka kantoku has done something weird."

"Why don't we check it out then? Maybe Supervisor Lee has something important to be told to you?" Mugen suggested.

"Che, fine." Then, he got up and turned on his communicating golem. Mugen soon approached him. A vision appeared seconds later. His jaws dropped at countless pairs of eyes, especially the silver ones, looking at him guiltily. "What... on earth... is going on!!? Baka kantoku!! What have you done this time!? I'm gonna-"

"Calm down, nii-sama. I asked him to show us visions of you," his younger brother cut. "They insisted on finding out if you were okay or not. And... they've watched the whole conversation between you and Mugen until now."

"W-WHAT!!" Kanda and Mugen blurt out. 'Then it means that they've already known all feelings I've just said aloud!' Kanda exclaimed. 'What are we supposed to do now, Kanda-kun?' Mugen asked. A silence was his answer. The vision had made the samurai teen become shocked more than before.

"By the way, nii-sama. What happened to you yesterday? You blocked me that I couldn't read your mind and see what was happening to you," Kotarou interrupted the silence with question. Mugen was the one who answered it. "We found your grandfather yesterday. He begged for Kanda-kun's forgiveness for what he has done to your father and him."

"WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY!!?" Kotarou and the others, including Cross and Bookman, yelled in an extreme shock.

Kanda and Mugen fell backwards from the very loud yell. Kiba immediately set itself as a pillow so its Accomodator's wound wouldn't get worse.

'Damn it!! My ears are hurt! Next time I turned this damn golem on, I should put it for at least 15 meters away from me!' Kanda mentally told himself, returning to his previous position.

"You must tell us what happened, Yuu-kun," Yuki begged, her voice filled with anger and concern after hearing the news about her father.

"Sumimasen, okaa-sama. I can't tell you now. Not yet," his son answered, bowed his head a bit.

"Wakarimashita***. But make sure you'll tell us soon," she demanded softly.

"I promise, okaa-sama. By the way, where's that baka kantoku? I need to tell him something," the swordsman asked in irritation.

"I... I'm here, Kanda," the said baka kantoku answered, gulping.

"Next time you let them stalk me through your stupid golem, you'll be so dead in seconds," the samurai threatened.

"H-ha-ha-hai...." Komui replied, frightened to death.

"Ukh!!" Suddenly, Kanda bent over and held his left shoulder in pain, almost falling to the floor on knees. He gritted his teeth, attempting to hold the pain. ''Damn!" he cursed. Soon, he was followed by shouts from everyone in his room and his golem.







The cobalt eyes opened in an instant and looked for the voice who had just called him by his first name. He knew the owner of the voice far too well. It was the voice which he missed yet avoided for quite a long time. It didn't take him long time for him to spot the voice and freeze on the spot.

Sparkling tears filled those beautiful silver orbs. The silver eyes which he also avoided. He wasn't ready yet to see them. They only reminded him of the last of the most painful feeling in his life. Too shocked, he called out, "Moyashi." Then he realized it and covered his mouth with his hand. 'Damn it!! I shouldn't call him that!' He became shocked more than before when he saw the whitehead General holding the crystal globe he gave.

On the other hand, Allen felt really happiness and joy hearing his beloved call him with his usual nickname, 'Moyashi', unlike before. His face brightened prettily like a diamond shining in the darkness.

A faint red shade tainted the handsome face of the samurai. But he could get rid of it. Putting a cold expression on his face, he asked, "Is there something you want to talk about, Walker-gensui?"

For the first time in his life, the whitehead dropped at the samurai calling him by his last name. He felt hurt because of it.

"If I remember correctly, you said yourself that you didn't want to see my face ever again, right? Then why are you so happy seeing me now? And why do you call me with that first name of mine?"

The younger teen felt ashamed of his cruel words towards him several months ago. Now, there was a chance for him. "I... I want to apologize for my words before I left the HQ. I'm really sorry, Yuu."

"Don't apologize to me, Walker-gensui. A human doesn't apologize to someone who inherits a blood from the forbidden demon like me," the soon-to-be Grand General said sarcastically.

"But I do really mean it! I want to meet you directly now."

"You can't change what has happened nor what you've said in the past. Just let them be. You didn't want to see me, so I left as you wished. Moreover, I don't remember that I allowed you to say my first name," Kanda raised his eyebrow. His expression didn't change, arms crossing over his chest.

"Because I really missed you," the General said, blushing. Yet, a determination could be seen from his eyes.

"You won't miss nor even want to see a demon like me."

Allen was stunned. 'How can he call himself a demon!?' he thought worriedly. Then it hit him. The memory of that night came across his mind. 'So the gossip was true!' However, he pushed it aside. "But I did miss you. I really mean it because I love you."

The sapphire eyes widened slightly before radiated a dark glare. It made anyone who saw it become more scared, even to the Generals. "Forget about that feeling of yours, Walker-gensui. Now, back to my previous question. Is there something you want to talk about to me?"

Tears rolled down those pale cheeks swiftly. The voice that used to sound irritated and be filled with mockery, was now empty but hurt tone could be heard.


"Don't. Ever. Call. Me. That."

"Let me go to Denpasar and get you now.."

The young swordsman petrified on the spot. "..What?..."

"Please let me go to your place now, Yuu. Please..." Allen begged several times, tears on his face. Kanda was shocked for a while. But then, with blank expression on his face, he said, "No." After that, the visual communication disconnected. It disappeared from the wall.


"Kanda-kun, are you sure about not letting Walker-kun to come here?" The Black Heirloom, still in his human form, looked at his Accomodator who sat down on his bed with concern.

"...Aa. It's the best for him not to see me again. It's for his own sake," Kanda responded calmly.

"But he looked so sincere when he said those words. He did want to come here. It seemed like he wanted to hug you," Mugen continued.

"I won't let it happen."


"In the end, I'll always be far... from the one I love... just like the lotus in my room in the HQ. I'll die right on my 20th birthday. I can't waste even a second to fulfill my vow. I won't let anyone, even you, stop me from it. I've made a promise to otou-sama and you that I'd kill him and break the curse."

"...Kanda-kun... I'm really sorry. Because of your father and me, your eyes-"

"Don't apologize, Mugen," the swordsman shook his head. "It's not your fault anyway. We all have a burden in this world. We are the Samurai Exorcists. We must fulfill our tasks until our last breath."

"Goshujin-sama," the trio of his Innocence beasts called mournfully. "Nani?" their owner asked. The black eagle flew and landed on his uninjured shoulder, the gray dragon set itself as a pillow around his waist, the white wolf put its two paws on his lap. "We are your Innocences. And, you are our master so we'll definitely help and protect you with our life," Yoru proclaimed. "We don't care if you punish us because of it. You've taken care if us when we were in Edo. You've trained us strictly therefore we become stronger than before," Seiryu uttered. "We're in your endless debt, Goshujin-sama. We want to pay it."

"You're not in my debt, baka kachiku-tachi****!" The long-haired samurai protested, his face turned as red as a tomato (Oh My God!!). He hated it to death when his pets said those words.

"Have you forgotten the promise we made to you in your tree house? We will always be together no matter what happens to us and nothing can separate us because we are your Innocences," Kiba vented.

"They're right, Kanda-kun. Although I'm your ancestor, I'm also your Innocence. I'll help you, too. That's why we are here for you," Mugen pointed out.

Kanda gritted hi teeth then sighed. "Arigatou, minna..."

The black sword walked to the young exorcist and hugged him. He really cared for his great grandson's salvation. He had treated him as if he was his little brother since his own siblings never loved him like Kanda's did. Moreover, they had faced the same pain of being hated by the one they loved because of a misunderstanding and the biggest secret that lay behind those blue eyes. "We will carry this burden together, Kanda-kun..."

He remembered the day they argued to each other 5 years ago.

Kanda got pissed off at how stubborn The Black Heirloom was. The Black was still not able to forgive The White. Then, the samurai said something that he never expected to come from his mouth.

"Listen to me, Murakata Rokudou!! I don't know what has prevented you from doing it!! Sooner or later, you'll meet him for Heaven's sake!! You'll only make things worse if you keep that thought of yours like now! In the end, you have to cooperate with The White in order to kill The Traitor and The Earl of Millennium. You know it better than I do because you were The Grand General of Exorcist when you were alive!!"

Mugen stunned. Kanda, who got injured and returned from his mission in London, let out a heavy sigh. "Cool off and try to think about it again. I wanna get a shower and sleep. I'm really tired today."

Since then, Mugen realized his mistake and respected the young samurai more than before. Even though doubt still remained a bit in his heart, the blue-haired exorcist supported and encouraged him to forgive Roshin. He had helped him healing his painful feeling for over 10 years. Now, it was his turn to ease the young samurai's pain in his lonely heart.


There was a silence after the disconnected visual communication but sobs and cries coming from the silver-eyed General, his knees on the ground. The mismatched hands were on his face. He couldn't believe that his beloved wouldn't allow him to go to his current place while he was badly injured.

Footsteps were heard and they were getting clearer. "You don't have to worry, Walker-kun. Yuu-kun is with his Innocence right now," Yuki assured, caressing his head gently.

"But I've hurt his feelings, Yuki-sama. I hurt his feelings after what he has done to protect me. I want to save Yuu. I don't want to lose him," he cried out. "But... after I hurt him and he disconnected our visual communication like that, I think he hates me." He bowed his head weakly.

"Hhmmm... Allen-kun?" Komui called out behind Kotarou. Allen lifted his head and turned around to see the supervisor.

"I know... that Kanda will be mad at me if I tell you this," Komui said nervously. "W-What is it?" the cursed teen asked, still sobbing.

"Before leaving for his mission, Kanda asked me to tell you his words after the last petal of the lotus withered, which meant his death."

This news caught his attention completely. "A lotus? His death!?" He now remembered that Kanda had a lotus inside an hour glass in his room. But that was not what concerned him. "What do you mean by that!?"

"It's one of the curses that nii-sama has been suffering with for over 10 years. Jii-sama cursed him with a lotus. He spelled some words on the lotus. Every time his wound heals, a petal will wither. The curse began when he was 16. Nii-sama will die as the last petal falls," Kotarou explained.

The youngest General was shocked in horror. "Where is the lotus?"

"It's in nii-sama's room- no, General Walker! Only Supervisor Lee can bring it here beside nii-sama and me!" the Grand General ordered quickly when he saw him who was about to rush to his brother's room. The whitehead groaned in dismay. "Supervisor Lee, get the lotus and bring it here now," Kotarou ordered again.

"Hai," Komui obeyed and left for where the samurai's room was. Five minutes later, the Chinese Supervisor returned with the hour glass containing the two petals of lotus. Everyone gasped.

"Renjou-sama, d-do you mean that Kanda's lifespan will shorten as the petals wither?" Marie asked.

"Much to our dismay, yes..." the Grand General answered, earning more gasps.

"Yuu..." Allen called out desperately, not being able to hear bad things that happened to the samurai.

"But... it's nothing compared to his other curse. There's something worse than death for him," Kotarou continued.


"Before nii-sama was cursed with the lotus, jii-sama cursed him with another name for him, 'Renjou Ren'. I'd rather say it a fake name. 'Ren' is taken from 'Renge' – 'Lotus' in Japanese. According to the flower language, 'Renge' has the same meaning as 'Yuuri' –'Lily' in our language, which otou-sama and okaa-sama took as his real first name, 'Yuu'. It means 'purity' or 'chastity'. However, the lotus has another meaning which was used by jii-sama to curse him. And, that other meaning is worse than the death itself," his eyes saddened as he told this. His mother and little sister sobbed softly.

"What's the other meaning of 'Renge' then?" Tiedoll asked.

"It is... 'far from the one he loves'..."

Silence. Two minutes later, it was broken by Lavi. "What did you say!?"

"You heard me. 'Far from the one he loves'. No matter what he has done to you, be it kind or bad things, he'll be far away from you. He'll always be alone for the rest of his life. And for the worst of it, the curse last until his death..."

"Sonna... Is there any way the curse can be broken?" Miranda asked worriedly.

The little brother of Kanda's shook his head. "Unfortunately... no," he said sadly, "... we have been searching for a way to save nii-sama. But it's fruitless since no one but nii-sama, Mugen, and otou-sama knows about it, and they won't tell us. That's why nii-sama always keeps a distance from all of you and makes you hate him on purpose so you won't notice it. And also... because he inherits The Forbidden Blood."

"What is it?" Klaud asked.

"It's The Ice Demon's blood. Onii-sama got it after saving Kotarou-nii from The Ice Demon 14 years ago. Because of it, his black hair turned into blue. And slowly but surely, he'll become the demon," Hinagiku explained.

"Seeing him like that, jii-sama made me, who insisted on not wanting to leave nii-sama, faint so he could drag me and okaa-sama to leave Edo. Before that, he disowned otou-sama and nii-sama," Kotarou rejoined.

"That's cruel!!" Lenalee exclaimed, not expecting their previous Grand General to be that cruel to his own grandson and his father.

"Yuki-sama... is it true that Yuu's father is... one of the Ice Demons?..." Allen asked hesitantly. Shock feelings took over the others, not expecting the question about the gossip that put him into a fight with his beloved 9 months ago.

".....Aa. It's true.. But only Yuu-kun inherits the Forbidden Blood while Kotarou-kun and Hinagiku-chan don't," Yuki told calmly. It shocked everyone to death as well as the Generals and Bookman.

Kotarou stepped forward, looking very scary. "Do you think I wouldn't know what happened to nii-sama at that night while I wasn't there? Mattaku.." He shook his head, irritated. "Don't forget that I'll know everything that happens to him through my Innocence. Tell me. Who has spread the gossip of nii-sama being the son of the Ice Demon?"

No one dared to speak.

"ANSWER HIM, YOU IDIOTS!! ARE YOU DEAF!!?" Hinagiku bolted angrily.

Seconds later, the Finder who gossiped it raised his hand then walked to where Kotarou and Hinagiku were. "So, it's you, huh? What's your name?" Kotarou asked coldly.

"I-I'm Peter Johansen, R-Renjou-sama," he answered timidly.

"Now, let me ask you this, Finder Johansen. What will you do if I humiliate your parents who did nothing wrong to us?" Hinagiku inquired with the same cold tone as his second brother, crossing her arms over her chest.

"......" Johansen lowered his head, not daring to face Kanda's siblings.

"Tell me."



He couldn't answer, too scared.

"No child wants their parents to be humiliated like that. It is also valid to us. In spite of being the Ice Demon, that demon is still our father for Heaven's sake!! You should be grateful that onii-sama only gave you a punch after you humiliated our father like that. We wouldn't do same thing as him. Just for your information, he can do more than just giving a punch if he wants. He can't only create but also manipulate illusion inside your mind and trap -even kill you less than a minute. But he didn't do that because he's known already that all of you don't want a demon among you and The Black Order still needs you to fight the Earl of Millennium," Hinagiku informed.

"I can't believe that nii-sama entrusts the Black Order to the people here to serve under God's order. And the worst part of it, there was a stupid Finder like you among of them. Che, you know nothing about our brother and father at all," Kotarou remarked. "And let me tell you this, Finder Johansen. Judging by a scar shaped like a stalk of rice plant on his right hand, the mysterious man whom you met in Paris during your mission with Exorcist Marie is... The Traitor who was disguising himself at that time. All of you have been tricked by him yet he told the truth about our father."

In a second, they could do nothing but froze on the spot. They had been deceived by the most dangerous enemy -even more dangerous than The Earl of Millennium himself. Soon, all of them (excluding the Generals and Bookman) fell on their knees and bowed their heads to the Renjou. "Forgive our mistakes, Renjou-sama! We beg your forgiveness!"

"There's no point for you begging us to forgive. You should apologize to onii-sama instead of us. He's the one who is hurt and suffering until. Too bad he's forbidden to accept apologies from anyone since he's still under jii-sama's curses," the Japanese girl sighed.

"And jii-sama said some cruel words to nii-sama who begged him not to take us away from him..." Kotarou closed his eyes, feeling anxious whenever he remembered the unforgettable words and event 14 years ago. Although he was dizzy a bit after Hirohito made him fainted, he was able to heard them, thanks to his sharp ears.

..."Don't you ever dare to call me 'jii-sama'! You're not my grandson, you little dirty demon! And I don't want to see your face for the rest of my life!"...

Great shock feeling filled the room.

"...The last sentence is exactly the same as yours before you left for the Asian Branch. You've hurt his feelings for the second time, General Walker. And now, Supervisor Lee, tell us nii-sama's last words before he left for his mission," Kotarou demanded.

"Hai. Before he left my office room, Kanda said this, 'There's a glass hour with three petals of lotus inside it in my room. If the last petal falls, it means my death. And if that happens, then tell Moyashi that I love him. Now I'll take my leave.' …." Komui said, feeling concern for the whitehead General.

Those words echoed endlessly inside Allen's mind. 'He loves me... Yuu loves me... He loves me!!' he screamed in his heart in anxiety.

Komui's words increased his guilt towards the samurai. His cries and sobs were getting louder. He clutched his chest tightly and knelt down weakly.

He felt... really hurt.. 'I said mean things to him.. without even knowing what he feels... Moreover, he ACTUALLY treasures me!'

He felt... really bad.. 'Stupid! Idiot! Moron!!'

He felt... disgusted. 'Even he has done everything to protect me.. But I..!!'

He didn't know what to do anymore.. 'What should I do?... What should I say to him?!!... How should I.. apologize to him...? What should I do to make him forgive me?!!'


machi no irodori sae

dokotonaku samishige na fuyu no keshiki

senaka mise kakete itta

anata wo omou

watashi ni mukete furikazashita

surudoi kotoba no yaiba de

kitto jibun jishin ga yori kizutsuite iru

futari no aida ni wa toumei na shikakkei

ima wa kasunderu tameiki no keshou de

mado garasu, mado garasu

kumottete anata ga mienai no

soko ni iru koto wa wakatte iru no ni

waratteru? naiteru no?

shikamettsura de mo iikara misete

sochira no hou kara mo garasu o fuite

mirai eigou wasurerarenai

saiaku datta ano deai

keredo itsushika kokoro ni

anata sundeta

watashi ni muketa suzushii kao

sono kamen wo hazushita nara

tabun onaji kimochi ga aru to shinjite iru

futari no aida ni wa suberaka na shikakkei

ima wa arete iru muboubi sugita serifu de

mado garasu, mado garasu

jama sarete koe ga kikoenai no

soko ni iru koto wa wakatte iru no ni

yonderu no? naiteru no?

nikumareguchi de mo ii kara kikasete

sochiragawa kara kono mado wo akete

mado garasu, mado garasu

tsumetakute nukumori todokanai

soko ni iru koto wa wakatte iru no ni

te wo totte... dakiyosete...

onaji kuuki wo suitai no dakara

sochiragawa kara kono mado wo akete


"Yuu... Forgive me.. Please.. Let me meet you... I want to see you now..." he said desperately as he tightened his embrace around his snow globe. Tears rolled down his cheeks, hitting the ground beneath him.



*Goshujin-sama means 'Master'. Yoru, Seiryu, and Kiba called Kanda that because he is their owner.

** Dai gensui ja nai means 'I'm not Grand General'.

*** Wakarimashita means 'I understand'.

**** Baka kachiku-tachi means 'Stupid pets'


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