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edward lost bella while she gave birth to nessie, nessie died too, now edward is filled with pain and suffering to the point where he wont talk to anyone. he is only alive because he promised bella he would stay alive. 100 years later alex potter is a witch (sister of the boy wizard we love) she just lost the love of her life cedric. she goes to forks and who does she find? will they help each other rebuild their worlds or will they keep themselves in their own pain?

Starting over

"Melody?" I heard cedric's voice calling I instantly turned at the sound of his voice. I was in a forest surrounded by trees the sky was a bloody red color it seemed like it was on fire the woods looked…sad. Though everything was quiet, in my eyes-in my world- there was chaos all around.

There he was at the edge of that forest nothing was behind him but darkness. He was just like I remembered him. My everything.

He began walking towards me. His walk was painfully slow. It seemed that with every step he took a million years passed by. I began to run towards him. I had only taken a few steps when I fell over something. My heart turned cold as I took in what I saw. I had tripped over a body. Cedric was laying there on the forest floor. Pale, cold….unmoving…lifeless…

I saw a pair of feet standing right in front of cedric's body I looked up and saw cedric looking down at his body his face unreadable

"Cedric?" I whispered. His eyes turned cold as he looked at me.

"Why did you kill me?" he said his eyes full of hatred for me.

I woke up screaming and crying.

It changed.

The dream changed it wasn't the same as every night. No longer did I find myself in that horrible graveyard were I kept seeing that night cedric get killed. I can't say I was thankful though because this nightmare was much worse. I knew how true his words were. I couldn't blame him for what he said. He spoke the truth and I deserved what he said and the pain that was accompanied with it. He was dead… dead… because of me…

I remembered that night only too well. I remembered everything, the maze, the graveyard. I remembered asking him to take the cup with me and my brother. One request was all it took to take him to his death. If I hadn't asked him for that he would be alive….

"Melody?" My brother, harry, called from the doors before he opened it. He, Hermione and Ron hurried inside. Harry leaped onto the bed and took me in his arms as I cried. It was routine now this happened everytime I went to sleep now.

"Shhh shhh melody it's alright. It's just a dream. Its over" said harry soothingly as he hugged me. I hid my face in his chest and sobbed. Hermione patted my back

"It changed" I whispered


"He asked me why I killed him" I cried harder

"You didn't kill him melody" said Hermione gently

"I did too. If I hadn't asked him to take the cup with me he would still be alive."

"Must we go over this everyday" I heard Ron saying followed by a slap and an "ow"

They weren't going to leave me alone. That much I knew. So that's were acting comes in.

"Im sorry guys…I was scared, I just…" I was lost for words. I noticed it was noon. I hadn't had much sleep the night before so I had taken a nap

"It's alright mels we understand" said harry still holding me.

It was all quiet for a while. There was only the sound of my quiet sobs. After some time I sighed and broke away from my brothers grasp

"What time is it?" I asked

"Its one o'clock" replied harry he looked thoughtful, his brilliant green eyes troubled. "Are you hungry?" he asked

"Yes" I lied. I do that a lot nowadays. I got better at lying over the summer. It's not something im proud of but its something that comes in handy sometimes. I feel like it's required of me in order to not make those around me worry about me.

"You woke up just in time for lunch" said Ron "which is good because I was not willing to wait for you to wake up" I managed a small smile when he said.

"We'll leave you to get dressed" said Hermione they all got up from the bed and left

I quickly grabbed my clothes and went to the bathroom to change out of my p.j's

I looked at my reflection in the mirror. The face staring at me from the mirror was a face I had gotten used to over the summer. it was the new Alexandra melody potter

I am a metamorphmagus (I can change appearance at will), a witch, half vampire, and an idiot, a monster a bastard, etc.

Harry is my fraternal twin. We had lost our parents when we were one year old. They were murdered by a dark wizard named lord voldemort. He perished when he attempted to kill us but failed. Many think he died. Mental people if you tell me because he sure as hell was not dead. He came back to power a couple of months ago, now he wants to kill my brother and I. heaven knows why.

Two months ago to be exact. He came back two months ago. Harry and I witnessed it. We almost didn't make it out of that graveyard alive.

But I know one person who didn't make it out alive. In that same year I fell in love…his name was Cedric diggory he was seventeen. In his seventh year in Hogwarts. That year there was a tournament in school, into which harry and I were forced to participate. Cedric and these two other students from different schools participated as well, unlike harry and I they volunteered for this. We all got through the first two tasks all right. It was the third task that shattered my life. Harry Cedric and I fell into a trap that took us away from Hogwarts to a graveyard. Cedric was murdered there. It was the night that voldemort came back.

Why was it my fault? It's simple. I asked him to take the cup that would take us to the graveyard with me and harry. Of course I couldn't have known that was what was going to happen. I thought that by touching that dammned cup the third task would have ended. Just as professor Dumbledore had said. At that time though, somehow I knew that it would not be that easy. I had that strange feeling that we weren't going somewhere safe. That feeling scared me; I didn't want to take that cup all alone. So I asked harry and cedric to take it with me. Had I not asked him to take it with me he would still be alive…

It was easy to see in my face that I haven't been right since that day

My blood red hair was no longer red. Instead it was a deep black. It wasn't set in to a spiky disarray (imagine it like Alice's only more unruly) Instead it was long and straight. My eyes weren't that strange shade of green anymore they were coal black and lifeless. I was paler than I usually was. I was very skinny almost unhealthy like. Ive always been small and skinny, though. There were dark circles around my eyes, due to the lack of sleep. Looking at myself in the mirror I saw that I was nowhere near resembling what I used to look like. There were no traces of my mother or my father in me. I used to look a lot like my mom and I had inherited my dad's unruly hair or the strands of black hair on my head. No longer did I look like myself. I was a stranger. I wasn't the happy girl I used to be anymore. Now I kept to myself a lot and when I didn't it was only for the sake of the others.

What pained me the most was to know that I would have to live without cedric for along time. I am a half vampire; I was attacked last year by one. It was more of a surprise to me rather than to be horrified. Wizards believe that vampires became extinct, that our kind had killed them all. No wizard has seen one for centuries and if they have they don't know how to tell them apart for no one knows what they look like. Not even I remember the face of my attacker. Which is truly odd because I gained some of their abilities. First of all I was stuck at 14. I became gifted with memories. Anything that had to do with memories I could do it. So it was odd because you'd think that having that ability I would be able to remember what happened that night. But I don't all I remember is waking up at the hospital wing. No one knew of what I was only Harry and Dumbledore. I liked it that way.

I looked at myself for another second then began changing my clothes. It was time to put on a happy face for everyone that was downstairs. I knew I wouldn't fool them though. But it was still nice when they played along.

I walked down the staircase of grimmauld place, my godfather's home. Though I got to say that the man despises the house. This is where I was spending the rest of the summer.

I walked into the kitchen and walked towards the long table and took a seat next to harry and Sirius, my godfather.

"How did you sleep?" asked Sirius brightly

"With my eyes closed" everyone laughed and then I shrugged "fine I guess" I told him I managed a small smile at him.

I took a look at everyone else. The weasleys were there along with some members form the order; Tonks, frank parker, and mad eye moody. Hermione was there too.

"Here you go" said Mrs. Weasley to all of us, while placing a large dish with sandwiches in the middle of the table. We all took one and in Ron's case three.

"How are you feeling dear?" asked Mrs. Weasley

"I'm good Mrs. Weasley, thank you" I said politely

With that we all went back to eating in silence. After a few minutes I looked up from my barely touched sandwich and noticed everyone staring at me.

"What'd I do?" I asked frowning. I don't think ive done anything bad lately.

"Nothing you should be worried about Mel" said harry smiling

"Then why is everyone staring"

"Alex we have a… proposition for you…" said Sirius.

"All right" I said signaling for him to go on, but Frankie was the one that talked

"We've been thinking –and Dumbledore agreed- that it would be good for you if you came to stay at my house this year" he talked slowly, allowing me to take it all in and even like that I reacted too slow.

"Huh?" I said

"We thought maybe you'd like to get away from Hogwarts you know…because of…." He didn't need to finish that sentence for me to understand what he was talking about.


"Forks Washington" he replied calmly

"What about my studies" I couldn't afford to stop studying at the moment.

"I'll help you keep up with your studies over at forks and you will be going to forks to keep your mind busy. I thought you would like that

This is exactly what I had wanted, an escape from Hogwarts and its students. If I went back I wouldn't have been able to bear it. There were too may memories if him there. I was grateful for this option I was being offered.

"I would really like that Frankie" his name is frank but it is a nickname I had given him when I met him. He was young, id say about twenty-three.

"Were leaving Sunday before harry and the rest leave for Hogwarts. Keep in mind that you might have to go to Hogwarts a couple of times and will have to go to take your O.W.L's" he paused for a second "and you will be going to high school Monday" he added

"High school?"

"Yes… I think we could put you in 11th grade. That wouldn't be bad"

"What's the story for the muggles?" asked harry

"She's my little sister, melody parker" he said simply

I was speechless. I couldn't believe it. It all seemed like a cruel joke. I half expected them to start laughing and saying "gotcha".

Also, a long time ago I would have never dreamed of leaving Hogwarts it had been like my home. But now it wasn't home anymore not without him no it was merely a stranger's home to me. Nothing seemed right without him

"Well then...with that said I have to leave" said Frankie getting up "It seems I have a room to prepare. Your leaving on Sunday, alright Alex?" he looked at me everyone had a different name for me. Alex, melody, Mel.


"Yes" I answered. I seriously didn't deserve this much.

"Thank you for lunch molly" said Frankie

"Nice having you around frank" she answered

He said goodbye to everyone then headed to the fireplace. He took out a small bag from his cloak. He took out some white powder from the bag and tossed it into the fireplace, emerald flames burst in the fireplace. He was about to walk in when I spoke

"Frankie?" he turned when I called him I got up then walked towards him and hugged him. "Thanks" I whispered.

"My pleasure Alex" he said patting my back. I released him and he leaned down to kiss my cheek, then he walked into the emerald flames, and yelled "forks!" and like that in a blink of an eye he was gone. I wouldn't be seeing him till Sunday.

"Are you happy Mel?" harry asked me that night. He Ron and Hermione and I were in Hermione's and my room.

"Do you want the truth or the lie?" I said looking out the window at the sky.

"Truth would be better in this case" he replied. I took a deep breath. Truth it is then.

"No…. relieved yes….but I don't think I'll ever really be happy again. It's difficult to explain." My tone ended the conversation. Harry didn't press for more, I think he understood me the best…he knew me the best.

"I think we should all go to sleep now" said Hermione. The boys got up said goodnight to us and departed for their bedroom

As we got into ours beds Hermione told me from her bed "I'll miss you melody."

"I will too Hermione, all of you"

"Hogwarts won't be the same without you"

"Hogwarts isn't the same without him" I whispered just loud enough for her to hear. She didn't respond

I faced the window and wondered whether if by some miracle I would find a way to die in forks….no I promised myself that I would wait. That I would wait until I avenged cedric's death. I can't leave this place before that…. Not yet….

Sunday came by fast. I was the first to be up that day seeing as how I couldn't sleep the previous night.

There was a lot of commotion that morning resulting in a couple of accidents. For example Fred accidentally tripped me and I fell down the stairs.

I would be leaving first. I was going to travel through the floo network. Then harry, Hermione, Ron, Fred, George, and Ginny, would be escorted to kings cross station to take the Hogwarts express

Sirius was in a pretty bad mood. It didn't take a genius to figure that out. I understood that he didn't want to be alone in this house of hell with only Kreacher the house elf for company. Heck I would be in a bad mood too if I was in his place. Kreacher isn't the best type of company, unless you enjoyed being insulted.

All of my stuff had already been taken to Frankie's place, the only thing left was me.

Everyone gathered around the fireplace to say goodbye to me.

I had never been so far away from my brother, harry, I would miss him alot, along with the rest. I hugged everyone goodbye and stopped right in front of harry. He smiled sadly and hugged him tightly

"Ive never been so far away from you" I whispered

"I wouldn't let you go if I knew it wouldn't be good for you Mel. I hope this does help you" he said

Don't get your hopes up

"I'll write to you" I said

"You better" he smiled and i rolled my eyes at him

I turned and walked into the green flames in the fireplace I took one last look at them all before yelling "Forks!" the flames instantly engulfed me. I was spinning very fast as I spinned I caught glimpses of other wizarding rooms. They were out of sight before I could look properly. After some minutes I began to slow down. I must be close. Then I came to a stop in the fireplace of a living room I had never seen. I stumbled out of the fireplace, my head still spinning.

"Dizzy?" said a voice and I turned to the sound of it. Frankie was coming out from a door to the left side of the living room.

"Maybe" I said, he chuckled, then he walked towards me and gave me a hug

"Welcome to your new home, Alex" he let go of me allowing me to take a good look at the room we were in.

It was spacious. The walls were white and the couches were a light beige color. Behind me there was a flat screen on top of the fireplace. To the left side of the room there was a door and then to the other side of the room there was a staircase.

"Come on I'll show you around" he said and I followed him in to the door at the left

"So this is the kitchen and I must say I spend a lot of time here" he said and I laughed with some effort.

The kitchen was pretty big. The top of the counters was white granite. The walls were white as well the table was big enough for five. There was a silver brand new stove. Behind the table there were French doors that opened up to the garden. It was big and full of trees and bushes. Like a mini forest. there were no gates or fences instead the garden opened up to the forest. there was perfect view of the forest.

"Wow" was all I could say. I loved the garden. We went out to the living room again and headed to the second floor

"You have good taste" I commented and he chuckled. What is it with people and laughing at me?

"Thanks, I try" he said. We walked through the hall and he showed me the bathroom then told me that I didn't want to see the mess in his room. He showed where the laundry room was. Then he led me to my room.

"I wasn't sure on what you liked but I tried" he said to me apologetically

"Its alright as long as it has a bed" I answered. He smiled and opened the door. It was pretty big. The walls were painted blue and green. The bed was big…that wasn't good I would get lost in that bed. I'm not the biggest person around; I was 5'0. The comforter was light blue. There was a light green carpet covering the floor. A white desk sat next to two French doors that opened to a balcony and had a view of the garden. The desk held a laptop, a lamp and some notebooks including my Hogwarts schoolbooks were there. At the foot of the bed was my bag of clothes. To the other side of the room was a close full length mirrors. I had my own bathroom. On a corner of the room sat an acoustic guitar.

"Thank you" I whispered to Frankie. This was more than I deserved

"So you like it?" he asked and I nodded. There was an awkward silence after, and then he broke it. "I am glad, I'll leave you alone then" he said guessing what I wanted. I was grateful to him for having said that. He quietly left the room. I then silently collapsed to the floor and hugged myself as the tears began to run down my cheeks and I drowned in my pain again. All was silent.

This was it. I wasn't going back to Hogwarts. It was a new beginning…well almost…

Surely I wouldn't find anything interesting in this town. But I wasn't expecting that. Nor did I care for I was dead set on only one future, one path, one road… the only road I wanted was the one with cedric at the end of it.

I kept crying for the rest of the day I didn't even go down for dinner. I apologized to Frankie for that. Well I tried because he wouldn't let me apologize. I remember falling asleep around two in the morning, only to fall into that same dream where cedric asked me why I killed him. I woke up at five in the morning then decided I wouldn't be able to get any more sleep. So I got up to get ready to school, though it was still too early. Once I was dressed I decided that it would be nice to look the way I used to. It took me some time to get it right but I finally got it. Once I came out of the bathroom my hair was very close to that deep shocking red color it had once been. My eyes, too, were close to the same shade of green they used to be. It was the best I could do. Still try as I may I looked nothing like the girl I had once been. Still I guess I tried. When it was an acceptable time to go downstairs I headed for the kitchen. Frankie was having breakfast.

The story for the muggles would be that he was my older brother and he owned a store in Port Angeles. In reality he worked at the ministry of magic.

"Morning" I said when I walked into the kitchen.

"How did you sleep?" he asked. Ah the question of the day. As if he hadn't heard my screaming last night. I gotta say he is a good actor.

"Good" I lied unnecessarily; we both knew that I was lying.

"Excited?" he asked

Pshh as if

"More like indifferent"

"Well that's good to hear" he said and I smiled

"You look nice" he commented "I have to go… you should get some breakfast. Oh and we will have to talk about your ride for school. Do you mind walking today?"

"Nah walking is healthy" I shrugged he smiled and then headed to the living room. I heard him shout "ministry of magic" and then there was silence. I just sat there looking out the window without thinking. Just looking....

Once it was acceptable for me to leave I headed out for school. I was lucky that it wasn't raining.

It didn't take me long to find the school… naturally… in a town this small…

I don't know much about high school seeing as how ive never really been in high school but, surely it wouldn't look like this…

In my opinion it didn't look like a highschool, it was more like many red brick buildings joined together.

I was pretty early. Not many cars were n the parking lot. Without further ado I headed to the main office.

In there was a middle aged woman she looked up from what she was doing her eyes widened slightly and she cleared her throat.

"How may I help you?" she said sweetly

"Uhm I'm melody po- parker" I quickly corrected myself. "I'm new here"

"Oh, of course." She said, and then started looking through some files.

"Uhm Alexandra?" she asked looking at a form in her hand

"Oh right that's my first name." hmmm Frankie must have registered me with my first name…great.

She then gave me my schedule and a map of the school. She started to explain some thing to which I pretended to listen to.

When she was done I got out and saw that more people had now arrived. It was cold as hell outside.

I walked to my first class trying to figure out were it was first of all. Then out of nowhere was by my side. He long shaggy brown hair and black eyes. He was all smiles and I nodded in acknowledgement to him. Oh but he didn't let it go

"You're the new girl, Alexandra right?" how did these people know my name. This was a freaky town so far,

"Alex" I muttered

"I'm Jason, how you doing so far in forks high school?" were people so overly friendly here? I didn't mind it's just that I didn't like to talk much to new people anymore. In another time maybe, but that old me was long gone.

"uhm I wouldn't mind some help to my Spanish class" I said I figured it would be much easier to get there like this

"You came to the right person" he said then motioned for me to follow

He tried to make some conversation but I always ended it woth my answers.

We finally arrived my Spanish class and I went to introduce myself to the teacher and get the slip of paper signed.

And the day pretty much went like that. In every class there was always someone who volunteered to lead me to the next classroom. Some teachers made me introduce myself to the class. Which was not interesting. It didn't take a genius to know that my muggles life was boring.

At lunch time a girl asked me to sit with her friends and I said yes without thinking. I later regretted it when I found out she was gifted with talking nonstop. He name was Erika. I wasn't hungry so I only bought a water bottle.

"Aren't you going to eat anything" asked Erika. I glanced at her tray of food and my stomach churned. I shook my head.

"Nah" I responded and we headed to her table

"Hey everyone this is Alex parker the new girl" she introduced me. How lovely I'm labeled as the new girl

"Hey" I muttered and instantly the girls began bombarding me with questions.

"You guys maybe we shouldn't as too many questions at once" said Erika

I looked away trying to make them stop their attempts to make conversation with me. I focused on the cracks running through the plaster in the far corner of the cafeteria. I began imagining patterns in them that were not there. I sighed.

Then something caught my eye. I looked at the closes table to the place that I had been watching. A group of kids were just sitting down. There were five of them.

Surely these kids (if you could even call them kids) couldn't be muggles or maybe not even human. They were all painfully beautiful no description would do them justice.

There were two girls. A tall blond with a beautiful figure, that's as much as could be said there were no more words that could be said. Her beauty was beyond words.

The other girl was short. We looked to be around the same height. Her hair was black, and cropped short it pointed in every direction in a halo of disarray. It framed her small face nicely. Her features were all small and delicate…pixie like. She was very thin. She somehow resembled me. I think it had something to do with the hair and height.

There were three boys. One of them seemed too big for his own good. He was very muscular and had short curly hair nevertheless there was something that didn't seem so menacing. But not much ever seemed menacing to me so maybe that was the reason.

The other one was tall too and lean. Muscular but not as much as the first. His hair was honey blonde. He frowned but I could not imagine why.

The last was lanky he seemed to be the youngest one. He wasn't as bulky as the other nor as muscular. He had untidy bronze hair and he looked miserable if you ask me. And I couldn't blame him high school wasn't interesting at all.

But what they all had in common was that they were all too beautiful to be real. They all had very dark eyes and where pale in the extreme. I thought it didn't get any paler than me but apparently I was wrong. They were all quiet but I noticed that now and then the small girl tried to make small conversation with the bronze haired one but he would answer and the conversation ended.

"Oh so you noticed the Cullen's" said a girl that was sitting across from me. She had curly black hair and a round face.

"Who are you?" was the first thing that I could think of saying

She looked offended but then let it go "my name is Samantha" she said in a voice full of authority.

"Oh… the Cullen's you said" I was a bit curious for this family. This surprised me. I had not had curiosity for anything in so long. It was a big change for me because I was awfully curious and that usually got me into a lot of trouble along with harry.

"Yes" she rolled her eyes at me"the family over there" she motioned with her head towards them and then began telling me all the gossip on them.

I learned that they had moved here a couple of months ago from god knows where. I didn't pay attention to that part. They were all juniors. The two blondes were twins. And all of them were adopted by Dr. Cullen and his wife. After all that I stopped listening. I couldn't pay attention anymore so I just stared at her and nodded like an idiot pretending to listen. Instead I drowned in my own thoughts.

Like I said before they looked anything but muggles. You have to admit they weren't your average muggles. The girls actually reminded me of the veela we had seen in the quidditch world cup the previous summer. The only difference was that the two girls in this cafeteria were more beautiful.

The lunch bell rung and I jumped at the sound of it. I heard some girls giggle. I headed to my history class accompanied by this girl name Penelope. She was really quiet for which I was grateful. The Cullen's were out of my mind. I wasn't interested enough apparently.

After the history I got this boy to show me to my biology and he did so gladly. I ignored him all of the way. Once I was in the room I went to introduce to my new teacher and get the slip signed. He showed me my seat and I sat down the seat beside me was empty. I decided I should probably start writing a letter to harry or he would worry so I decided to do that until class started I heard when the seat next to me was silently pulled back but no one ever sat down. Confused I looked up and my eyes met a pair of cold black eyes.

It was one of the Cullen's. The one with the bronze hair, Edward was his name I think. He looked down at me and his expression showed many emotions at once. There was horror, anger, confusion, hate and pain in his features. It seemed as if many things were running through his head all at the same time. Then he glided away hurriedly out of the classroom just as the bell rang signaling the beginning of class. I stared at the door were he had walked out very curious now. That was all I thought about throughout the rest of the class.

Once the bell rung I was the first one out of the classroom and ran to the main office. I was desperate to go back to frankies house. I walked into the office placed the slip on the front desk and ran out without giving the receptionist an opportunity to talk.

It still wasn't raining so it was a pretty lucky weather for me. I ran out to the parking lot and stopped abruptly when I saw a car heading towards me. It stopped abruptly and I looked at the driver that almost ran me over. Once again I looked into the cold black eyes of Edward Cullen. His brothers were inside the car and they were staring from Edward to me with worried glances. Edward looked like he had become stone completely immobile. I looked back at him curiously. I tilted my head to the side like a curious child.

I began hearing the honking of the cars that were behind Edward's car.

"Shit" I muttered as I began running again.

I ran nonstop. I didn't know why I was running but it made me feel free. For once in a long time I felt careless and light. I reached the house in ten minutes and I collapsed on the front porch. Now that I had stopped running I felt all the weight crashing down on me and I felt like I was suffocating, Drowning in pain again. Tears began to spill from my eyes….

How much longer would I go on like this?...

I've never felt so alone in my entire life…

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