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Brenda smiled at the silence coming from the bedroom, her confidence returned having gotten in the last word. See if he ever teases me again, she thought cockily. He might not like what else I have to say about his manhood.

The truth was Fritz was amazing in bed, the most incredible lover Brenda had ever been with. He was attentive to every breath, every moan, every movement she made so that what aroused her was figured out quickly and acted upon frequently. It is as if he studied her, her body a sacred text. Fritz was also the only man who had given her multiple orgasms and made her feel like she was in another universe when he put his mouth on her, an intimate act she had balked at with other men, but felt completely comfortable doing with Fritz. She figured the sex was so great because there was true love and respect behind each kiss and caress, a vast difference than in her other relationships. In turn, she felt like she pleased Fritz very much. She had a libido that matched his, she didn't mind acting out his little fetish about having sex in the car, and the way he said her name when they were making love made her feel like she was a goddess, and he was her priest. I'm a lucky woman, she thought, as her mind drifted back to their lovemaking a few days ago, when she came so hard she had tears in her eyes.

She was so lost in sexual revelry that she didn't notice that Fritz was on the prowl again. He wandered of the bedroom and was almost in front of her before she snapped back to reality. "Oh," she said, startled, and then remembered that she was supposed to be punishing him. "You decided to stop sulking and come out there? That's very brave of you." She deftly grabbed the nearest case file and opened it.

Fritz moved behind her and bent down, whispering close to her ear, "I came out to apologize," he said, the moist heat from his breath on her neck made Brenda shutter slightly. "I know you don't like to be teased." Brenda noticed that he didn't sound sorry at all. She decided to say nothing.

"But you know," Fritz said, placing his hands on Brenda's back and slowly running them down her arms until his fingers reached hers, "you really got me turned on, Brenda. More than you know." He still spoke softly and hotly into her ear, and Brenda noticed he was using what she thought of as his "bedroom voice." This is no apology, she thought. She tried to think of something cutting to say, but his chest pressed against her upper back and his arms on hers were distracting.

"Turn you on, how?" she sniffed, glad that her voice was clear and strong. "Does makin' me blush turn you on now?" She suddenly noticed he had put on her favorite cologne. This is definitely a seduction, she thought. The nerve!

He chuckled, low and deep. "No Brenda, it wasn't the blushing that did it." He was so close to her ear his lips brushed against it. "It was the vibrator. It was the idea of you pleasuring yourself, making yourself come, over and over. I can't tell you what that looks like in my imagination, but it is pretty damn sexy." He paused. "And the idea of you reading erotic stories makes me wonder about what you fantasized about when you were bringing yourself to orgasm with that vibrator, and what you fantasize about now." He started breathing a little heavier. "And if there is anything I can do to make those fantasies come true." He took his tongue and ran it along the edges of Brenda's ear.

Brenda was breathing faster too. She felt a pulsating warmth in her lower belly like a drumbeat, faint at first and then growing stronger. If I give in to his seduction I will have lost the power of having the last word, she thought. That definitely cannot happen.

"Fritz, I know what you are tryin' to do. Is this little attempt at seduction a guy thing, a way of proving your manliness in light of what just happened in the bedroom?" She thought she got him.

He paused his licking of her ear, and she could feel him smile. "Yes, it probably is," and the sexy chuckle was back. "But that still doesn't change the fact that my discoveries in your secret bottom drawer are an incredible turn-on, and I am having a hard time thinking of anything but making love to you."

Her panties were growing wet, and the idea of a naked and turned on Fritz Howard quickened her breathing even more, but yet she couldn't give up without a fight. "Fritz, look at all this work I have to do tonight," she whined. "And you keep distracting me." He had started to kiss the back of her neck, and she was, indeed, very distracted.

"Your report isn't due until Monday, so you have Saturday evening and all day Sunday to do it," he answered, his voice muffled by her hair. "Besides, it doesn't look like you are working all that hard at the moment. The case file you are supposedly reading is upside down." Brenda looked quickly. The case file she was supposedly reading was indeed upside down.

Brenda finally admitted defeat. "OK, OK, OK," she said irritably, as if she was acquiescing to some unpleasant task. "Just let me take a shower first, all right?" Fritz moved away from her so she could stand up. "But you better leave me alone the rest of the weekend so I can get my work done." She headed for the bathroom.

"I promise," he said, and she was sure she heard a smirk in his voice.

Brenda emerged from the bathroom into the bedroom 15 minutes later, smelling of vanilla and cinnamon. The lights were out, but several candles were lit around the room. Suddenly she felt someone grab her from behind. She gasped, surprised, but of course it was just Fritz.

She put her hand on her chest. "You scared me!" she said accusingly. "I didn't know you were even in the room."

"Sorry, Brenda, but where else would I be?" He wrapped his arms tightly around her waist and pulled her against him. She could feel the hard muscles in his chest against her back and she relaxed. "I'm eagerly waiting to make love to a beautiful woman," he said, in his best bedroom voice. His hands slipped lower, and started to undo the tie of her robe. "Every second you were in the shower felt like an hour to me." He began to slowly kiss down her neck as he successfully unknotted the tie and allowed the robe to fall open. He placed his hands on her hips and slowly slid them up toward her shoulders. Brenda closed her eyes, saying nothing, just enjoying the sensations of feeling Fritz so close and her body responding.

"Do you know what I was thinking about when I was waiting for you?" Fritz asked, his hands on her shoulders. He slid his fingers underneath the silky fabric of the robe and gently pulled. The robe slid down Brenda's naked body and pooled on the floor around her feet. Brenda gasped when the air hit her slightly damp body, and her nipples hardened.

"I was thinking that tonight," he moved his hands along her bare skin and rested them on her ribcage, "I want to see how many times I can make you come." He kissed her neck with an open mouth at the same time he moved his hands up and brushed his thumbs against her nipples. Brenda moaned as his tongue made small circles against her skin.

"I am going to see how many times I can make you come with my fingers." He began to circle both nipples with the flat of his palms as he moved closer to the most sensitive spot on her neck and continued to draw lazy, wet circles. "And I am going to see how many times I can make you come with my tongue." Brenda gasped and pressed herself closer to him. Fritz began to knead her breasts gently and again moved his area of concentration on her neck. "And," he said, his voice low and gruff, "I am going to make you come when I am buried as deeply inside of you as possible." Brenda let out a low groan as Fritz put his lips to the most sensitive spot on her neck, right below her ear, and suckled it. His hands continued their gentle assault on her breasts, and Brenda arched her back to give him better access.

"You see, Brenda," he said, after he finally lifted his mouth from her soft spot and moved to the other side of her neck, "I love watching you come. I love it more than coming myself. It's amazing. It's the most beautiful thing I have ever seen." Brenda pressed against him even harder, feeling his erection. "I always know when you are getting close, because you spasm around me a little bit, but what is so sexy is that your eyes fly open for a second and you gasp, as if you are surprised." He chuckled. "I don't know why you would be, but that's how you look." He had moved on to slowly nipping and kissing his way against her collarbone. "Then your eyes close, and your neck arches, your beautiful swanlike neck, and you start to breathe really quickly." Brenda felt her breath mimicking his description. "And you start thrashing around as you grab my upper arms, like you need something to hold on to. Sometimes you say my name over and over, other times become really religious and chant 'oh god.'" He smiled into her shoulder, his new area of concentration. "And when you are there…really there…your entire back arches and your mouth is open and you scream my name, or sometimes you seem too breathless so you just moan louder, and you face, well, I can only describe it as having a look of pure ecstasy." Brenda began to moan softly, a steady, soft moan. "And then it's like an earthquake; your spasm around me inside your body, making me want to come, and all your muscles elsewhere spasm too." He slowly ran one finger up and down her spine. Brenda felt like she was on the verge of an orgasm just from his words. "Your legs tighten around me. Your arms pull me closer to you. Your hips grind against mine, and your ass clenches. It's like you come with every single part of your body, Brenda, like every little cell has its own orgasm. It is an unbelievable thing to see. And I can hardly wait to make you come again." Fritz started to kiss her back, pausing at each and every vertebrae to run his tongue over it. When he got low he kneeled behind her, and paid special attention to her lower back, licking each bump and then gently sucking on it. His hands gently massaged her ass. "Oh dear god," escaped from Brenda's lips. She was unbelievably aroused, and if he didn't make her come soon, she thought she going to burst. But she stayed still, absorbing the amazing pleasure he was giving her by kissing her back, and waited for him to make the next move.

Fritz methodically made his way up her back, this time planting light kisses that tickled her. When he was standing again, he leaned in close to her ear and whispered, "I wonder if all that turned you on, Brenda? Made you wet?" Oh, you have no idea, Brenda thought. But she found her voice, and said, with only a slight tremor, said, "why don't you just check for yourself?"

Judging from the sharp intake of air Fritz took, combined with his grinding his erection into her back, Brenda was sure he liked the idea. She expected his hands to snake their way down as he stood behind her, so he was surprised when he moved around to her front and began to push her backwards, toward the bathroom. He shut the door and pressed her against it. She started from the unpleasant coldness of the painted door, but she was too intrigued by what he was doing to complain.

Fritz leaned over and kissed the area between her breasts. She desperately hoped her nipples would get some attention, but he ignored them, choosing to kiss her stomach next instead. He kneeled again in front of her and circled his tongue in her belly button. His next kiss was to her mons, and she felt his hot breath against her cleft. He pressed his face into her and ran his tongue between her swollen lips. Brenda jumped from the combination of surprise and pleasure, and Fritz wrapped his hands around her thighs and pulled her compliant legs farther apart, and then held them there so she couldn't move. She felt his talented tongue explore her folds, and she grasped onto the door frame to hold herself up. She was losing herself in the sensations, and when he flicked his tongue over her clit she leaned her head back and breathed, "oh Fritz, oh, don't stop. Don't stop." She was begging, but the idea of his mouth moving away from her seemed like a travesty. Fritz answered her plea by teasing her clit, then running his tongue to her center, and then back up to her clit again. The sensation was almost overwhelming, and Brenda felt herself start to float out of her body. She was close, she knew, and she desperately wanted to come, but she also didn't want this sweet bliss to end. Just when Brenda thought that things couldn't possibly get any more erotic, Fritz removed a hand from one of her thighs and slowly slid two fingers into her wet core. She bucked her hips and began to moan Fritz's name even louder, losing herself in the sensation of her approaching orgasm, climbing to the top of the cliff. Fritz curled his fingers and massaged her G-spot while taking her clit into his mouth and gently sucking, and she felt herself falling and shattering into a thousand brightly-colored pieces. She knew she was screaming, but her voice sounded far away, like she was listening to herself underwater. All she knew was breath and light and Fritz's tongue and wave after wave of ecstasy. She felt like she came for a millennium, then Fritz removed his mouth and stood up, catching her as her legs began to buckle. He carried her over to the bed and lay down beside her, and Brenda tried to catch her breath, but she felt like she had just run a marathon. And the aftershocks of the orgasm were still there: small bursts of light within her body, behind her eyes, dancing on top of her skin.

"Shhhh," Fritz said soothingly, caressing her face. "Just breathe, honey. Just breathe."

And slowly, she felt herself sink back into her body. She felt the light looseness of the afterglow. She felt her lungs expand and empty, and became aware of Fritz's warm weight next to her. A few moments later, when she felt like she could actually talk, she turned to look at him.

"Fritz Howard," she said, "you are going to kill me."


Three hours later, and the line between reality and fantasy had become blurred so many times Brenda wasn't always sure which side she was on. She no longer smelled of vanilla and cinnamon, but of sweat and arousal. Her hair was a tangled mess, her limbs felt like rubber, and the sheets were in twisted knots around her legs. She felt too tired to open her eyes, and words that rested on her lips were too heavy to deliver.

Fritz rested his head between her breasts, his hair soaked through with sweat. He was trying to catch his breath, and sounded as winded as he did when he came back from a run. He must have some energy left in his body, she thought, because he was lightly stroking the outside of her thigh with his hand. She was amazed he could move after such an athletic performance, followed by an orgasm that seemed to last forever. The man had essentially practiced tantric sex all evening, prolonging his own release time and again so she could have hers, and when she beckoned him and he finally let go, his body shook for moments afterwards. She listened to his labored breathing and mustered the strength to reach up and stroke his cheek. He responded by kissing her wrist, and her touch seemed to slow his breathing down considerably.

After several more minutes of listening to each other breathe, Fritz whispered, "six."

"You really were countin,' weren't you?"

He raised his head slightly to look at her, incredulous. "Of course I was!"

She lifted one eyebrow at him and said, "why? You tryin' to make it into some sexual Guinness Book of World Records or somethin'?"

"Is there one?"

"What, a world record book for sex? Why are you askin' me?"

"Well," Fritz said, lifting his head off her chest and propping himself up on his elbow, staring down at her, "I thought since you have all those erotica books, you must know your way around the 'Smutty ' section pretty well." He grinned, and Brenda felt her face get warm again, but decided to let that comment slide. After all, the man almost killed himself bringing her to new sexual heights; she should cut him some slack.

"Not that I know of, Fritz," she answered, deadpan.

"If there was one, Brenda, would I make it in?" he smiled.

"You fishin'?"

"Wouldn't you be?"

She sighed, hating to pump up his ego, but she couldn't deny the obvious. "Of course you would make it in, Fritz. That was amazin.' I mean, really amazin.'" She rolled onto her side to face him. Seeing his handsome face, and feeling the all over tingle in her body he was responsible for, she felt tears sting her eyes. "Hey you, I'm a lucky women, you know that? And not just because you can make me come a billion times. Because you are good to me." She paused, and her voice got softer. "I love you, Fritzy, I really do. You are gonna be the best husband any woman could ask for."

She leaned over and gave him a gentle kiss, and he grabbed her and rolled her on top of him, holding her tight as he coaxed her mouth open to deepen the kiss. He pulled away and whispered conspiratorially, "you want to go for number seven?"

"Sure," Brenda purred, kissing his chest seductively, then quickly rolling herself off of Fritz and on to her back. "In, like, a week!"

The End

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