Title: Battleship Grey

Genre: Angst/Romance/Horror

Rating: M

Warnings: AU. Begins at Stage 16...can't say how closely this story will follow the anime's plot, but it will follow it to an extent. A little MaoxC.C. in this chapter. There is also a little LelouchxC.C. in here as well. Slight Silent Hill crossover. Will probably have many different pairings. SuzakuxLelouch is going to be considered as the main pairing, but there probably won't be a whole lot in the beginning…at least not in this chapter.

Summary: On the day of Nunnally's kidnapping, Suzaku was absent because of military duties. With no one to aid him, Lelouch was forced to face Mao on his own. // He didn't want to see it, but he did and now he couldn't look away.

Disclaimer: I do not own Code Geass nor do I own Silent Hill. Story title inspired by the song Battleship Grey by Kirsty Hawkshaw.

Serena: This story is so AU that I should be ashamed of myself…but I'm not. :D I'm not sure where the idea for this story came from, but it's been haunting my brain for weeks so I decided to turn it into a story. I wonder what you guys will think of it. Hmm…well, guess I'll have to wait and see. I can't say for sure how many chapters this story will have. I'm kinda making this all up as I go…which really isn't the best idea but…meh…I'll go with it. Don't expect this to be updated quickly as, like I said, I'm making this up as I go. Also, as mentioned in the disclaimer, this story's title was inspired by the song Battleship Grey by Kirsty Hawkshaw. It's a lovely song and I recommend that you guys listen to it. I listened to it a lot while I was writing this…so…it's kinda like the theme song of this story. Anyway, I won't hold you guys up any longer. Read on.

Title: Battleship Grey

Chapter 1: Checkmate

By: Serena the Hikari of Love

"Geass. He who uses this inhuman power will find his heart isolated…whether he wants it that way or not. Thus, he plummets into the abyss that lies between good and evil, but if a man can climb out of that abyss into the light, then that man has the soul of a king."

-C.C.; prologue to Stage 16.


Lelouch Lamperouge was filled with bone-chilling terror and soul-shattering hatred as he heard the voice of his predecessor filtering through his cell phone's speaker.

"Hey there, Lulu."


He grit his teeth, eyes narrowing as his voice was filled with pure hatred.

"Where's Nunnally?!" he demanded, eyeing the picture of his bound sister in fear. "What have you done with her?!"

He heard Mao chuckle in amusement.

"I see you've found my gift." Mao said, humming in delight. "Personally, I thought that the cranes were a nice touch."

A gift, he called it. It was more a way of displaying his power over Nunnally than anything else. Binding her arms and covering her mouth was one thing…but her legs? Her ankles? She couldn't walk!

"You bastard!" Lelouch seethed, his grip on his cell phone tightening almost to the point of breaking it. "Tell me where she is right now!! If you've done anything to hurt her, I swear I'll-"

"Oniisama?" a soft and scared voice interrupted. "Oniisama, is that you?!"

"Nunnally?" Lelouch asked, eyes widening and watering a bit at hearing her voice. "Nunnally, are you alright? He hasn't hurt you has he?"

"I'm okay." she answered, sounding relieved at hearing her brother's voice. "He hasn't hurt me. I'm just scared."

"Don't worry, Nunnally, everything will be alright." Lelouch said soothingly. "I'm going to find you. I won't let him hurt you, I promise."

At the other end of the line, Nunnally smiled.

"I know. I trust you." she said. "Please be care-"

"Such loving siblings." Mao interrupted.

"Ah, Nunnally?!"

"As touching as this is, I'm afraid I must cut this short. You have until sundown to find your sister. You may look wherever you like, but no police or any outside help. Break that rule and you'll never see her again."

"Also, keep your phone with you." Mao added. "I'll be calling again."

The line went dead as Mao hung up.

Cursing the other Geass-user, Lelouch dashed out of the dining room, attaching his cell phone to his ear as he ran. He wasted no time and skipped no room or building on campus in his search for Nunnally. He knew Mao and Nunnally were still on campus somewhere as Lelouch had calculated the range of Mao's Geass to be about 500 meters. Mao had to be somewhere close, but where? He ceased his running when he heard Mao's voice call his name over the cell phone attached to his ear.

"I'll extend your time limit if you continue your search while doing a handstand." Mao said, chuckling before hanging up.

'He thinks this is just a game.' Lelouch thought in disgust as he looked at the picture of his sister again. 'What kind of sick mind operates like this? Nunnally hasn't done anything! She's innocent!!'

Lelouch closed his eyes. He took a deep breath and exhaled before opening his eyes once more.

'Think. He's still on campus somewhere. He's somewhere close enough to use his Geass to read my thoughts…but I've looked everywhere! Ah…there must be some place I haven't looked.'

He thought hard and an idea struck him.

'I thought I heard running water in the background when he first called me.' he realized, beginning to run again. 'They must be underground!'

After a minute or so of running, he stopped as he reached his destination. It was an elevator that had a small keypad attached to it. It was a restricted area that students weren't allowed to enter. If Lelouch had been anyone else, this would have been as far as he could have gotten. But Lelouch wasn't just anyone else. He was Lelouch Lamperouge, a secret Imperial Prince of Britannia and the Vice-President of the Student Council with kick-ass hacking skills.

He made quick work of opening the elevator doors and entering them. He punched in a button and the elevator sped downwards.

'If only I thought of this sooner!' he thought, tapping his foot against the floor impatiently.

The elevator stopped and its doors opened as Lelouch stayed hidden. He used the reflective back of his cell phone to survey the hallway.

It was empty.

Lelouch had expected Mao to set a trap for him--he still did--, but it appeared that he hadn't quite reached it yet. He reattached his phone to his ear and cautiously--but quickly--walked down the hallway until he found what he was hoping to find. His eyes flooded with relief upon seeing the sight before him.

"Nunnally!" he called out, rushing towards his little sister.

"Oniisama?!" Nunnally cried, smiling in relief. "Oniisama, you're here."

"Don't worry, Nunnally, I'll get you ou-"

He froze as his eyes caught site of a rectangular box swinging a few feet over Nunnally's head.

It was a bomb.

"Oniisama?" Nunnally questioned. "What's wrong?"

'No…that bastard!'

"It seems you've found your sister." Mao's voice said through the cell phone's speaker. "Congratulations, Lulu! You should be proud!"

"You never planned to just let her go." Lelouch fumed. "Why do all this? She hasn't-"

"Yes, yes. I know what you're going to say. 'She hasn't done anything wrong! She's innocent!'" Mao mocked.


"I don't care what happens to her. I only care about what happens to you." Mao continued. "I knew kidnapping her would get your attention and it did. Now, I'll make a little deal with you. If you beat me in another game of chess, I'll let her go free and you'll never see or hear from me again. I'll even tell you where I am so you don't waste any more time. Deal?"

Lelouch looked at Nunnally. He loved her so much. He would do anything for her. If saving her meant beating a mind-reader at a game of chess, then that's what he would do.


"Good. I'm in the chapel. I'll be waiting, Lulu."

The line went dead again as Mao hung up.

"Nunnally," Lelouch began. "I'm going after him. I don't want to leave you alone down here, but…it's the only way I can save you."

Nunnally's eyebrows knit together and she frowned.

"But…what if he hurts you?" she asked, a few tears falling from her closed eyes. "I don't know what I would do if he hurt you."

"I promise I'll be careful." Lelouch assured her. "You don't have to worry about me. You're the one I'm worrying about. Please don't cry."

Nunnally smiled.

"I'll be fine." she assured him. "I trust you and I love you, Oniisama."

Lelouch returned her smile.

"I love you, too, Nunnally."


Lelouch's hand shook as it hovered above one of his own chess pieces. He nervously stared at the chessboard, trying to decide whether to move the chess piece or not.

Was this the right move? Would moving this piece allow him to win?

He thought through all possible scenarios that could result from him moving this piece while simultaneously thinking of moves to try and throw Mao off.

It wasn't working. Nothing was.

Mao was winning.

His fingertips barely brushed against the chess piece he was about to move when Mao spoke.

"Is that the right move?"

Lelouch's head jerked up and he gazed fearfully at Mao. His hand retracted and he slumped in defeat. There was just no winning against the other Geass-user.

Mao chuckled.

"Giving up?" he questioned in amusement. "What about your little sister? She's counting on you, you know."

"Isn't this enough?" Lelouch asked, his voice shaking as he was on the verge of tears. "Please, just stop."

"I can't do that, Lelouch."

"Why not?" Lelouch asked, his head snapping up to glare frantically at Mao. "Why not?! Please, just let her go!! I'm the one you want!! Not her!! She has nothing to do with this!!"

"'Nothing to do with this?' Isn't she the reason Zero exists?" Mao asked. "Isn't she the reason you're raising an army to destroy the empire your own father rules?"


"I must admit that I'm rather envious of your sister." Mao went on to say. "She has someone who loves and cares for her a great deal. She has someone who will never hurt her or abandon her. She has you…as I had C.C."

From behind his sunglasses, Mao sent Lelouch a hate-filled glare.

"How I used to have her, but you stole that away from me. You stole my precious person…so I stole yours."

Mao's attention snapped to the chessboard.

"Make your move." he snapped impatiently.

Lelouch gulped and eyed his chess pieces in uncertainty. He had to move one of them. He had to. Stalling for time would most likely irritate the already irritated Geass-user further and he would most likely detonate that bomb out of spite.

He took a ragged breathe of air and slowly stretched his shaking arm out. His fingers closed around a chess piece and he moved it forward.

Once he let go of the piece, Mao smirked.

"That's a good move, Lelouch." he commented, raising his hands and clapping. "Impressive as always…but…"

Lelouch's breathe hitched as Mao reached down to casually move a chess piece to capture his own.


"…I'm afraid it's just not good enough." Mao finished, lifting Lelouch's captured chess piece up for the other to see.

Mao watched as Lelouch slowly started to shake his head, a horror stricken expression taking over the youth's features. And for a moment, just a moment, Mao felt guilty. He felt guilty for kidnapping his successor's disabled sister, for placing that bomb over her head, and for using her against Lelouch. He felt guilty for stealing someone's precious person, for inflicting the same hurt he had been given on someone else.

But it was only for just a moment.

And the moment passed as soon as it came.

With no feelings of guilt, no feelings of remorse, with no feeling at all, Mao heartlessly flung Lelouch's chess piece into his side of the scale.

Mao was certain that he and Lelouch weren't the only ones who felt the earthquake-like vibration that the bomb's explosion caused.

Mao took a sadistic liking to the anguished scream that tore its way out of Lelouch's throat as the other fell to his knees shaking, the knowledge of what had just transpired burying its way into his brain. Mao reached into his pocket to pull out a portable video screen and he pressed a few buttons so as to pull up a live video. He frowned as he saw that the camera he had set up was currently swinging from the ceiling at an odd angle, but he decided that it couldn't be helped. The explosion was rather large and had most certainly done a great deal of damage to the underground passageways. He remained silent for a few minutes as he sauntered over to stand beside Lelouch. There was quite a bit of smoke obscuring the camera's vision, but it cleared eventually and allowed Mao to see what he was hoping to see.

"My, my. What a mess." he commented, kneeling down beside an immobilized Lelouch. "That bomb did quite a number on those passageways. I don't think anyone will be using them anytime soon."

His eyes flicked over to look at Lelouch. The boy's mouth was hanging open slightly and his eyes were wide and frightened. He was shaking quite badly.

"You're probably not interested in the passageways, though." Mao continued, as if talking about the weather. "You might be interested in this, I think."

He held the screen in front of Lelouch's face, but the other just lowered his eyes and turned his head away.

This didn't please Mao.

He fisted his free hand in Lelouch's hair and forcefully yanked the boy's head down to make the other look at the video feed. Lelouch's eyes widened even more before narrowing and filling up with tears.

Oh, God, there was blood everywhere.

He shut his eyes and tried to look away, but Mao wouldn't have that.

"Look at it." he ordered, ignoring the small gasp of pain from Lelouch as he yanked his head closer to the screen. "Open your eyes and look at her."

Lelouch's eyes opened halfway as a choked sob passed his lips. He didn't want to see. He didn't want to see the mess the bomb had made. He didn't want to see the small specks of blood that had managed to hit the damaged camera's lens. He didn't want to see the bloody chunks of flesh that had splattered against the walls and stained the water an eerie red color. He didn't want to see the blackened remains of the wheelchair that lay in a mangled heap in the pool of bloody organs and tissue where Nunnally had been moments before.

He didn't want to see it, but he did and now he couldn't look away.

Another sob passed his lips as hot tears rolled down his cheeks. That sob was quickly followed by another and then another until Lelouch's thin frame was shaking with sorrow.

"Poor little heartbroken prince." Mao said, feigning sympathy. "First your mother and now your little sister. What will you do? All your precious people keep dying!"

Lelouch's only response was his continuous sobs and never-ending flow of tears.

"Hmm. I think I know how to fix this." Mao said cheerily, dropping the video screen and releasing Lelouch's hair before standing.

He reached back to pull out a gun he had hidden at the back of his pants and waved it in the air.

"This will fix it." he said emotionlessly as he pressed the barrel of the gun against the side of Lelouch's head. "This will fix everything."

Mao's lips twisted into a malicious grin.

"Rest in peace, Lulu."

Mao's finger squeezed the trigger, but the gun never went off. It didn't have a chance to as it was knocked out of its owner's hand by the bullet of another gun.

"That's enough, Mao." a monotonous voice stated loudly.

Mao's eyes widened in pure joy at the sound of this new voice.

"C.C." he exclaimed, whirling around to see the witch's amber eyes staring at him. "It's you! You're here!"

"Yes, I'm here." she said, walking closer to Mao.

Her eyes flickered over to Lelouch's quivering form for a brief moment before focusing on Mao again.

"I sense that you've done something drastic." she stated, lowering the gun that was equipped with a silencer to her side. "Something wrong."

"It wasn't wrong!" Mao protested, moving closer to C.C. "I did it for us!"

"Us?" C.C. questioned.

"Yes! So we can be together. We couldn't with Lelouch in the way, but now-"

"You murdered his sister." C.C. stated emotionlessly. "An innocent little girl."

"I know but-"

C.C. sighed.

"I should have done this a long time ago." she muttered.

Mao's grin fell a little.


"I did love you, Mao." C.C. admitted, watching as Mao's face lit up.

"C.C." Mao breathed out, closing his eyes. "I knew it. I knew you did."

"So wait for me," she told him, angling the gun at the side of his neck. "in C's World."

Then she pulled the trigger.

As Mao's limp body fell to the floor, C.C. directed her attention to Lelouch. She walked over and kneeled down in front of him. He never once stopped crying, didn't even acknowledge her presence, not even when she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and rested her forehead against the top of his head.

"I'm sorry, Lelouch." C.C. said quietly. "Truly, I am."

Lelouch blinked, his sight blurred by tears.

"C.C.?" he whispered, finally acknowledging her presence. "I-…He-…"

He opened his mouth to try and say something, anything, but couldn't and just continued to weep for his precious Nunnally.

C.C.'s eyes narrowed--in sadness perhaps?--and she held Lelouch closer.

"I'll stay." she said in what she thought was a soothing way. "At least until someone comes. I won't leave you here alone. I owe you that much."

C.C. was true to her words. She stayed and just held Lelouch, allowing the child to cry. They stayed in that position for a long time. How long, C.C. didn't know for sure. Would anyone come? She didn't know, but just to make sure…

She pulled away from Lelouch a bit to grab her gun. She aimed it at the stained-glass of the large window beside them and fired. The window instantly shattered and she could hear a few screams from surprised bystanders outside.

"Someone will come now." she muttered, lowering her gun and turning her head to look at Lelouch.

Lelouch said nothing, didn't even look at her, but C.C. expected as much and that was okay.

Because she knew why.

She knew why Lelouch wouldn't look at her, why he wouldn't say anything when she left, why he probably wouldn't think of her anymore.

But that was okay because she knew the reason why.

She heard the pounding of footsteps as people were rushing the chapel's doors and she couldn't stay.

"Lelouch," she began, unwrapping her other arm from around his shoulders. "I have to go. I hear people coming so don't worry. You won't be alone."

She paused before leaning down to plant a soft kiss on his forehead and placed her gun in his hands.

"They'll say it was self-defense." she said standing. "No one will blame you once they see all this evidence…so don't worry. By the way, I'm taking your Zero outfit and anything linking you to the Black Knights."

She began to walk away, deciding to use the back entrance to leave.

"I won't say goodbye." she called back, continuing to walk. "For I sense that we will meet again, one day."

As C.C. expected, Lelouch hardly took notice when she left. He just continued to sit there, weeping, clutching C.C.'s gun to his chest as if it were a lifeline.

This was how he was found only moments later by two female students named Sophie Wood and Shirley Fenette.


Serena: Ooo, a bit of a cliffy, wasn't it? Well, not really but…meh. So? What'd you guys think? Should I write another chapter? Hmm, well, please write me a review and let me know what you think. By the way, Sophie Wood is an actual Code Geass character. She's Shirley's roommate and, according to Shirley herself in the Sound Episode "The Dream Ticket", Sophie has a thing for yaoi. XD Interesting fact, isn't it? Anyway, please review. Till next time!