Lucas was walking aroun Tazimiliy Villige one day. Everyting was normal agan now that the Dark Dagon wish had happened. But is not right, Claus and Hinaw were still dead. Lucas was strong boy now, but he still love and miss famly.

He went to bed with his dady Flint and dog Bone one night and thinking.


"Who says that it that…"

"Lucas! Come out an play!"

Lucas got rise up out of bed and to his much supriseit was his brother Claus.

"The dragon revived everyone who was affected by Pigmasks! Come on bro, let's go see the Dragos!"

Lucas dropped many tears and followed his brother.

"Is mom?"

"Yes, she is here! Graveyard!"

Lucas ran to the cemetry to where te grave was. Himawa was there and arms were wide.

"My son, come to me!"

Luca ran to her, but pass through like air and fall off cliff as Claus did a bad laugh. He fell onto a large fangn and was stike many times by lightning.

Hw then woke up. He was very much living and it was a sunny day, but no family to wake him…