Title: Knowing
Rating: K
Character: Shishiwakamaru
Word Count: 381
Disclaimer: Shishiwakamaru belongs to Mr. Togashi Yoshihiro
A/N: Drabble dedicated to a friend of mine. She requested a story for Shishiwakamaru since long and then it was forgotten--sorry!-- but here it is.


Everyone seems to know everything about a certain bishounen youkai. They think they know him and always say all he cared about was his looks, his status and his fans—he didn't care about anything else, it was simply beneath him. Everyone would think those things whenever his name popped up (besides thinking how beautiful he was). Whenever he's near, people would always go up to him, always ask those obnoxious questions or complimenting him over and over again like a broken recorder.

It was always, "Shishi-sama, how do you keep your skin so beautiful and flawless?" or "Shishi-sama your so beautiful!" and the most over played: "You're my idol, Shishi-sama!" It was sickening really; he was getting sick of it increasingly as more women and sometimes even men fawned over him.

Of course this is due to the face he puts on for play. The number one rule that applies to everyone no matter the species is that you can't trust anyone and you can't show weakness so what better way of not revealing yourself than to have a mask?


Yes. Putting up a face gave him the best protection he'll need to save himself any wounds.

No. Putting up a face gave him nothing real to have. Everyone around is a fake—just like himself.

All his life he was known, all over Makai, as the Pretty Boy, the vainest youkai. But do they really know him? He liked it how some people have their own opinion of him. He liked it how those human girls, who had one relation or another with Yuusuke-tachi, didn't immediately swoon over him. Then again it could have been that they don't know about the Shishiwakamaru.

No matter the fact is that no one knew him, maybe not even himself as he was so caught up with fame and beauty, until the day he lost to Genkai. His first ever defeat made him see his flaws and better know himself. And even though he kept that front in place his 'friends' started to see him not as the vain youkai he was (though he still had the 'higher than thou' air about him). Looking back, he was grateful he didn't die; now he can spend some time getting to know himself better...