It has been a while since I wrote something. This is something short that I wrote to explain Masa's strange desire to shave and wear speedo. Since there was a beautiful relationship between Sanae and Orizuka, I decided to scapegoat Sanae. Still, this doesn't feel like one of my better works. And I disturbed the kind forum people and the admin to add a sub-category for this anime.

Sanae stared at Masa as he carefully shaved non-existent hair from his chest, maneuvering the blade expertly. A pang of guilt flashed through her heart. Juniors of the swim team were always puzzled and amused by Masa's obsessive compulsive desire to shave and his strange taste in speedo. If only they knew the real reason.

"Sanae." A deep yet soft voice whispered.

Sanae snapped her head up, irritated by a long shadow falling over her book. Masa stood in front of her, a hunched silhouette unlike his usual confident self. The reason why he was chosen to be the captain. The irritation disappeared, replaced by puzzlement.

"I… I have something to tell you." Masa continued hesitantly.

Sanae stood up slowly, noticing how Masa was blushing.

"Sanae. I… I love you." Masa said softly.

"Eh?" Sanae exclaimed, dropping her book in surprise.

"I had always loved you, ever since I…" Masa's voice ebbed inaudibly.

Silence filled the air, as water lapped in the pool.

"So… I was wondering if you would accept…" Masa said, breaking the awkward silence. Before he could continue, Sanae bowed down.

"Sorry, Masa." Sanae apologized, shutting her eyes tightly.

"Sanae… Why?" Masa whispered.

Sanae bit her lips guiltily at that bitter voice, then tried to think of a reason. She definitely cannot tell the real reason. That she was already in love with someone. A girl. Orizuka.

"Because… because you don't wear speedo." Sanae replied lamely, as she rack her brain for more excuses.

"Because…" Masa whispered, surprise in his voice.

"And you are too hairy." Sanae continued, then bit her lips.

"I… I see. Sorry, Sanae. Forget about was happened today." Masa replied. Sanae opened her eyes slowly, surprised to see tears on the concrete ground.

"Masa, I…" Sanae hurriedly straighten her back.

"It's getting dark. I am going home first." Masa choked on his words, turning away to hide his eyes. Taking a step back, he ran towards the school gates.

Sanae stared at Masa's trembling back. Looking down again, Sanae closed her eyes.

Had I done wrong?


Sanae stood quietly at Orizuka's gate, listening to her feet thumping the wooden steps. The door opened moments after the final thump, as Orizuka hopped out, smiling gaily.

"Sa-na-e!" Orizuka exclaimed happily, letting her friend in.

"Zuka-chan." Sanae replied softly, following Orizuka as she hopped back to her room. The moment the door closed, Orizuka place her hand on Sanae's face.

"You seemed sad." Orizuka said.

"Masa. He confessed to me today." Sanae replied. Orizuka blinked in surprised.

"I rejected him. And gave excuses that had hurt him." Sanae continued, looking down at the tatami mat.

Orizuka moved to sit next to Sanae.

"I… I have hurt him deeply, haven't I?" Sanae looked up, meeting Orizuka's gaze.

Orizuka smiled softly, placing her arms around Sanae's shoulder .

Sanae sighed, letting her head to fall on Orizuka's shoulder.

"Orizuka. I promise never to hurt you." Sanae whispered.

"I know."

Short, yes. And the story wasn't linked together properly. I must be losing my touch... Hmm...