Summary: Postgame Neku remembers his friend. Short but sweet.

Warning: Based on Another Day info. Minor spoilers. May not make sense, but bear with me.

Disclaimer: Blu Rose does not own The World Ends With You or any of its characters. She only owns this fic.


It was only when he happened to walk by the alley where CAT's latest artwork could be seen that Neku remember him--his friend.

Their friendship got off to a rocky start at first: he kept pestering Neku to try and do something--go to a music store, play at the video arcade, go walking around Shibuya, any damn thing--while Neku tried his hardest to ignore him. He wanted to know why this kid kept pestering him like that. When he finally gave in and agreed to go out with him, he got his answer:

"Because we have the same eyes."

It was a weird answer, mainly because Neku didn't understand what similarities they had in their eyes. He can't even remember what his eyes look like, anyway. Or maybe he didn't want to remember after that day...

That day when Neku finally began to open up to him, and started to call him "friend"--not out loud, but it was a start--and told him to meet up so he could show his friend CAT's latest work of art in the back of the alley. But he never came. At first, he was pissed off, thought of breaking off all ties as he walked home in a rage, blocking out the noise of Shibuya with his headphones. Then he saw the crowd that formed in the street. He only glanced for a moment when someone had moved, allowing him to see what the hubbub was about.

Someone got hit by an oncoming car while walking the street. Neku could see the young body on the ground, blood pouring from the side of their head from the forceful impact made when the body fell to the ground, the oddly bent angles his arms and legs were in, the blank look in his eyes, his face...his face. It was his friend. His friend was lying on the ground, dead...because he was on his way to meet up with Neku. Sure, the damn driver was to blame, but for some odd reason, Neku could only blame himself for what had happened.

Months later, he forgot about his friend to ease his conscience, and then Armageddon happened in the form of the Reaper's Game for a month. Now it had been a week since he came back to life. It amazed him how long it had been since he last stood in this alleyway, staring up at CAT'S work...perhaps because a small part of him feared that if he set foot in there again, he'd get shot again and wind up playing the Reaper's Game once more.

But instead of focusing on that, Neku began to think about his friend. He forced himself to remember his features with each step he took: his voice, his appearance, his stature, almost everything except his eyes. When he approached the wall and brought his hand across the paint that made up this work of urban art, he wondered:

Did he have to play the Game?

Did he lose something important along with his life?

Did he win?

...That last answer was obvious. He'd lost. He was erased off of the face of the earth, his entry fee going with him...

After he went home, Neku stared at his reflection for a long time trying to find something... And he did. They weren't there before, but now they were...

His eyes, so bright and full of life that he thought they never held before. Now he could see something that would always remind him of his friend...

"We have the same eyes."