Rave Master An Old Enemy (Revisited)

A/N: I decided to rewrite this story. I realized I might have messed up on a few points and all. Anyways I apologize to anyone who likes the story the way it is. Can't imagine it's that many. I'm not doubting myself It'll be the same story just a bit more descriptive. Oh and I don't own Rave Master or anything… Anyways the prologue maybe short I'm still writing it as I'm doing this.


50 Years. That's all that the man remembered, 50 years since Shiba the Rave Master sealed him away in this dark dismal cave with the power of the Rave Stones. 50 years of suffering on his part unable to leave the cave.

He vowed revenge against the world who wished him to be sealed, to the people, and mostly to The Rave a force of good he despised.

He was however graced with the gift of his power that was sealed with him. With it he could see the world as it was now calm, peaceful all the stuff he despised. He even realized this seal which was supposed to last forever was starting to weaken. Mostly due to the Rave being scattered across the world several years ago.

Yes he would be free and free to find and destroy Shiba who was now an old man. He realized that Shiba could no longer wield the Rave Stones which was a blessing and something of the opposite variety.

For he wanted revenge on The Rave Stones as well and the one who created them Resha Valentine.

However his power of sight was limited and an unforeseen power kept him from viewing who the current Rave Owner was.

"It matters not if I don't know who owns this power…for Shiba will certainly tell me…now where to find him?" He asked.

He used his powers of sight and got a vision of a small Island that seemed isolated from the world.

Garage Island…

Yes he would get his revenge if it was the last thing he ever did…

End of Prologue

A/N: Wow guess this was short but don't worry I'll make the other chapters longer.