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Chapter 8 Musica'sTest

Haru looked over Elie who was still exhausted and had a small fever remaining.

"You care for her deeply," Miriam said, "I can tell young man."

"Yeah she's a close friend of mine," Haru replied, "I'm also helping her out."

"With her memory correct?" Miriam asked.

"How'd you know?" Haru asked looking at Miriam, "no one said anything about it."

"The Spirits told us," Miriam said, "they are wise and all knowing after all."

"Wow not sure if I should be worried about that or not," Haru answered.

Miriam smiled and sat down.

"You remind me of my brother," Miriam said, "he was a lot like you."

"How so?" Haru asked.

"We both lost our parents to a plague and I was taking care of him," Miriam said, "even though he got into his share of trouble."

Haru looked at Elie and smiled.

"You'd get along with my sister," Haru replied, "Cat took care of me since our mother died…"

"What about your father?" Miriam asked.

"He was killed recently…" Haru said.

"I'm sorry," Miriam replied.

"No it's fine…" Haru said , "It's always on my mind but I can't live in the past."

"Very wise," Miriam said, "well I must prepare for the tests."

"Are you sure?" Haru asked, "Elie is still exhausted."

"I'm okay Haru," Elie said getting up, "besides we don't have time for me to recover if we want to rescue Shiba right?"

"Right," Haru replied, "just remember to not overdo it."

"Don't worry," Elie said, "You and Musica are here."

Haru smiled and they headed out seeing Musica waiting for them.

"So who wants to go first?" Musica asked.

"The gods have chosen you to be first," Miriam said to Musica.

"Really?" Musica asked, "why me?"

"Don't worry Musica you'll do fine," Haru replied.

He walked up to the gate and saw two figures appear.

"It can't be…" He started.

"What is it?" Elie asked.

"My parents…" Musica replied.

"But they're dead aren't they?" Elie asked.

"They are," Musica replied.

"Musica," His mother said smiling, "Come with us Musica."

"We'll be a family again," His father said, "quit this dangerous life."

"You want me to go with you?" Musica asked.

Elie was about to say something but Haru looked at her telling her not to interfere.

"But…" She started.

"It's his test," Haru replied.

"He's correct," Miriam said.

"I guess but…" Elie said, 'what if he goes with them?"

"Don't worry about Musica," Haru replied, "he's strong."

They looked back at the test and Musica saw his parents walk over to him.

"What about the world?" Musica asked, "My friends?"

"Please Musica we don't want you to die," His mother said.

"Your friends are strong," His father said.

Musica looked down and closed his eyes.

"Yeah suppose they are strong," he said, "I won't leave them."

"Musica?" His mother asked.

"I know you don't want me to get hurt and I understand that…" Musica said, "but if I don't do something a lot of people will get hurt so I'm sorry but I refuse."

"Musica you have chosen wisely," His mother said, "help your friends."

"Save this world," His father said.

The two vanished and a statue of a bird was in their place.

"Ha I did it," Musica said, "that wasn't so hard I thought these gods were a challenge."

"And you were worried," Haru said sighing.

"Yeah…what was I thinking?" Elie asked as both saw Musica smiling.

End Chapter

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