An ordinary human aged seventeen

A girl who appears to be not special at all

She will be barely more then a teenager but she

Will be the One to ensure the Dark one's fall.

Her human life will not be easy

Her childhood will be stolen away

By night she will cry her suffering

And put up her pretense by day.

She will suffer from heartbreak

But she will hide her pain

For she is the Starlight

And her goodness will remain.

But in the War her death will be called

Her people will mourn the loss

For she will sacrifice her young and pure life

To save the world, she must pay the cost.

Her death will break the hearts of both

A werewolf and a vampire

Both who truly loved her but

Never knew of her true power.

So, hail the Starlight!

For she is our defender

In the War, between good and evil

She will be our savior.

The vampire Celina came out of her trance, and looked down at the paper. She read the prophecy that she had written, and smiled sadly.

"Good luck, Starlight." She breathed. "Your life will not be easy,"

And she wrote at the very top of the paper in her elegant script,

"Isabella Swan, the Fifth."


300 years before...

The fourth Starlight, Alyssa Night, smiled weakly before releasing what energy she had left in a blast of light, and collapsed to the ground.

Her best friend, Emily ran over. "Alyssa? ALYSSA!" she cried before sobbing into her best friend's motionless body.

James, the ancient vampire, shook his head sadly. "No, Emily. Alyssa had fulfilled her purpose in the world. The War is over. She will not return. The Starlight lives, and then she dies." He told her gently.

He looked down at the Starlight. Alyssa was a beautiful nineteen-year-old girl. So young, he thought, to be facing so much.

But that was the way life was. Life pushed you to the limit, and then death claimed you.

Silently wishing the next Starlight luck, he lifted the girl up and handed her to her distraught friends and family.

"Alyssa was a wonderful person." He said, quietly, before leaving the battlegrounds.