Harry Potter and his world belong to J. K. Rowling.

Chapter 22, Final chapter:

A meeting of the Hecatema Association, this one held in France. There were five French Hecatemae, not including Justine. Hecatemae didn't seem to have a limitation of their apparation range, and Harry hadn't yet found his, but most of the other Bond-mates had been apparated as passengers by their wives. Trieneke was presiding, as always. "Well, we've done as our younger members wanted, and I agree that it does appear that it has been quite a good thing overall."

Her Soul Mate, Gehry, interrupted, "Treineke, we've exterminated the Dementors! It is not quite a good thing; it is a wonderful thing!"

Trieneke smiled slightly and continued, "What I was about to say was that the matter of the Muggle-born is not so easily solved. Possibly the best that can be done is what we've already done, make it known to women, and hope their influence will reduce the practice."

It was a celebration, that meeting, rather than anything else. Harry and Linley didn't seem to have any more ideas to promote, to Trieneke's profound relief, though Harry did ask whether an experienced Hecatema might be capable of detecting whether two people were closely related. Trieneke had never tried, but said she'd talk to the oldest ones. Maybe they might be able to feel a relationship.

But then afterwards, Harry and Justine joined her parents and sisters for the evening. The little girls were very interested in Justine's pregnancy, and were asking increasingly embarrassing questions, until Antoinette said firmly that they were being rude, and asked if they wanted a story that evening or not. Chantelle's eyes turned to where Harry and Justine sat close, and asked for the Catma story.

Later, in bed, Harry asked Justine, Is it the right thing, to keep them ignorant of what actually happens?

Justine answered, They may be ignorant of the details, yet, basically, we were taught truth - that the Hecatema Magic is very special and will work to give us the best and kindest and wisest man within fifty miles. She could still feel his concern, and caressed his face, And the best looking!

Harry turned to her. What he'd known about Hecatema was true, too, that sex between a Hecatema and her mate was like nothing else on earth. He could not be happier.

Kingsley Shacklebolt also felt he could not be happier. He and Zondra's golden baby had been born at the end of February and was six weeks old. The baby's eyes were already tawny gold, and the soft fuzz on his head extended down his neck to between his shoulder blades. Yusdu. Nearly every first baby of Bijn Yusdu was one of the Golden Ones - something about the magic of a Bonding Conception. Gunther's Golden daughter was a couple of weeks older. Once old enough, the pair would probably play together, until it came time to take their own mates.

Albrecht Vardrier, aged eleven, asked Gunther, "Do you remember Harry Potter? I was thinking that if he has any daughters, I should check them over."

Gunther said carelessly, "He was small. I doubt if any of his children will attain the size we look for."

"The power, though. You said he had a power that no-one else has ever had."

Gunther shrugged, "It was a long time ago." He had Gisela now. He could not be happier.

For Harry and Justine, the months sped quickly. The births of the babies in May made it more difficult for Justine to attend lessons, but she was nevertheless able to qualify for NEWTs for those four subjects she'd done, History, Gardening, Household Management and Construction. Then back to Harry's property, to do some real work on turning it into a home.

Harry applied for his building traineeship, but was not accepted, though Gregory Goyle and Vincent Crabbe were taken on. Harry was almost pleased to be rejected. He was perfectly capable of teaching himself, he felt, he had a large area of land to experiment on, and he was free to spend time with Justine and the babies. When he was ready, he could simply show examples of his work and take on commissions - go into business for himself. Building still seemed such a positive and constructive job to be doing - making comfortable homes for wizard families.


Another August. Harry was nineteen, Justine eighteen. The party had devolved into small groups, and Harry and Snape sat together, a little apart from the others. Harry remarked, "Three years today, Voldemort died."

Snape nodded, "And you nearly died."

Harry chuckled, "Some people still treat me as if I've somehow let everyone down."

"Like when you couldn't get your chosen traineeship."

"He said something snide about how it must be so terrible not to be famous any more."

There was a sudden squeal from the toddlers playing on the floor as a black-haired boy hit a sandy-haired one over the head with a toy car. Three black-haired boys, sons of Snape and Camille, of Fiona and Linley, and of Trevor and Malene. Two chubby, sandy-haired boys, identical twins, the sons of Harry and Justine.

Snape asked, "Have you decided whether to have any more children?"

"Linley tells me there's a Prophecy, Ministry Accredited and all, quite lengthy, indicating that Muggles are going to die out in a series of massive pandemics. It says that wizards will be scarcely affected, except, I presume, by losing all the infrastructure so kindly provided for us. If we choose to take notice of that prophecy, we could have a dozen children and not worry about Muggles seeing Hecatema chases."

"Who made the Prophecy?"

"Granny Abbot."

"I thought you didn't believe in Prophecy."

Harry admitted, "Maybe there's something in them, sometimes."

Snape quoted, "Before the world wheels once, the Marked Child of Light will join the one he cries for."

"And I would have done, only that you refused to allow me."

Snape laughed, "At one stage, I was planning on handing you over to Zondra Vardrier."

Harry looked at him incredulously, and said finally, "I think I would rather have had you!"

Snape looked at Camille, and said, "She tells me this one's to be a girl."

"Good. I'll pair her up to one of my boys."


The end.