Chapter 1: Life is Good

Look at that, here I am in the Punisher category. A couple notes, firstly this story is based off the New War Zone movie rather than the comics (third time's a charm I guess). I am not familiar with New York City's layout so if I say, for example, something about a church on First and there is no church on First I apologize. Last thing is the first chapter is more of a prologue and despite the main character's gender I am not planning any "intimate" scenes for this story.

And lastly, this is a very anti-religion story; if anybody has a problem with that I do not recommend reading it.

On with it.

Samantha Parker was the average eighteen year old girl, she had a very healthy and involved relationship with her mother and father, not having many fights with them or her younger brother of sixteen and sister of twelve. The quiet suburbs of New York City were tranquil, at least her neighborhood, kids could go outside and play, even after nightfall and the parents had little to worry about.

They were not wealthy but got by just fine, her father, American Airlines station manager at Kennedy Airport, was a respectable man, he was fair about everything, at least in his personal life, his professional life was always "fine" but he had every right to not enjoy the way his company treated him with the airlines being as cheap as they were, twenty-two years with the company and they hadn't even offered him a company car for his long commute, so the majority of his route in and out of work were on New York City's vast subway system.

Most of the family's local travels took place on the subway, Friday night eat-outs and Sunday morning trips to church were adhered to on a strict schedule using the subway.

Her mother was for the first fifteen years of Samantha's life a stay-at-home mom, and a very good one at that. She always kept her children happy and in turn they caused her little trouble, that's not to say accidents didn't happen from time to time, of course there would be a broken lamp here and there but her mother never punished them for it, simply telling them "accidents happen, the important thing is we don't repeat them".

Her brother was slightly more withdrawn but still a close family member, he spent quite a bit of time in his room playing video games, watching movies, surfing the internet and who knew what else. But he contributed to family moments, often being the life of the party.

Her twelve year old sister was much more like Samantha, trying her hardest to be like her older sister with classic mimicry, it was comical. However unlike Samantha, who had platinum blond hair and green eyes which she got from her mother, her sister had black hair and blue eyes, favoring her father.

Breakfast had been served, a tall stack of pancakes with maple syrup and whipped cream for toppings and bacon and toast on the side. It was a Sunday, a quiet day for the Parker's, breakfast woke everybody up for the trip to church. "Morning honey" Samantha's father said as he walked into the kitchen giving his wife a peck on the cheek. "Morning guys" he said to his three children.

"Morning dad" they all said back. He took a seat at the table followed shortly but their mother, they all took each other's hands and bowed their heads.

"Dear Lord we thank you for blessing us with this food and the life you've given us, we are eternally grateful and pray for more good fortune, amen" Their father said.

"Amen" said the rest of the family.

Samantha's family took the subway to fifth and thirteenth station to go to their church. Samantha held a high faith in God, believing that he truly did control everything. She didn't believe so much in a "divine plan" but rather that God rewarded the good, and punished the evil. Which is why she believed her family had such a good life, none of them had ever committed a crime, they all worshipped God to the fullest extent and by all accounts should have no problems at the gates to heaven.

That was also why she believed God had sent those terrorists on September eleventh, the bombers in Madrid, the A-bomb on Hiroshima, the Chernobyl catastrophe, caused the Titanic to sink, the flesh-eating viruses that plagued parts of Africa, and all the other terrible afflictions that have claimed lives in the past, in her mind, God was simply punishing those people for their sins.

The Preacher was doing a sermon on Frank Castle, saying that he was sent by the Lord to pass judgment on the criminals who flooded New York City's streets. Samantha's opinion wasn't much different, she believed Frank Castle to be an extension of the Lord himself, an enforcer, the Lord's one-man police force. She admired him as something more than human; she felt he was a literal God send, she didn't know Castle's history.

The Preacher finished his speech, and the people began to file out of the church, the Parker's heading back to fifth and thirteenth station. It was just past noon as they found a bench to sit on to wait for the train. Samantha sat to the far left, closest to the entrance to the station; there were unusually few people at the station on this particular day and time, it being Sunday there usually weren't too many people but more than what there was right now.

Samantha didn't notice the smaller number of people, she was slightly lost in her thoughts about the Preacher's words about Frank Castle, how he was good for doing what he did but bad at the same time, it created a slight conflict inside her mind that she couldn't shake right away.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw a dark figure descend the stairs and make a left turn, the figure walked out from behind a billboard and she saw it was a male, a heavily armed male. He looked over at her, making eye contact but no other gestures, he turned left again and walked down the service stairway to the subway tracks and began to sprint down the tunnel.

Samantha's jaw was agape and her eyes wide; as soon as she had made eye contact with him she realized who it was, Frank Castle, the Punisher. She was beyond star struck, she almost felt as if God had just walked by her, and that's when her train arrived.

"Samantha, honey?" Her mother asked, snapping Samantha out of her deep trance.

"Huh? What?" She asked.

Her mother chuckled. "You okay honey? You looked like you just witnessed the second coming of Jesus".

In her mind she did in a sense, but she decided against telling her mother she just saw the Punisher because apparently she missed him along with the rest of the family. "No, I… Ah it's nothing; let's get on before the train pulls away".

The remainder of the day was uneventful, Samantha had calmed herself from her little experience and was now heading to bed, per usual being the last one to do so. She knelt at her bedside and said a short prayer… "Dear Lord, please protect me as I sleep, please also watch over my mother, father, brother and sister, amen".

"Yo Carl you got that strap?" One man said to one of the other two men in the car.

"Course I got my strap fool, you think I stupid-nuff to come without my nine?" Carl replied. "I's worried 'bout Victor, he the new guy".

"Yo fuck you nigga I got my cannon right here, we almost there Dwayne?"

"We is there nigga, now com'on the Bloods gonna score some paper…"

The three men got out of the car, each of them had a handgun of various makes, each of them equipped with silencers. They put their hoods over their heads and walked up to the Parker's door…

This chapter is a little shorter than I usually write but it sets the story up. How was it?