You know …those rare moments in life …when you stop suddenly,

And you take in the world around you,

And breath in the smell of life,

Just knowing …that everything is good?

That's how you make me feel.

You know when the sky is painted a dull gray,

Heavy with the feeling that everything is going to be let go,

And just wash away with all the bad,

Leaving that clean fresh feeling right down to your soul?

Yeah …that's how you make me feel.

Remember when you were little,

And you would step outside just as the sun kissed the horizon,

Right in the middle of summer.

And the cement, still warm, would touch your feet,

And the wind would caress your bare legs and for that single second …

You'd be free?

That's how you make me feel.

I'd like to tell you how every minute part of my life,

Past and present,

Reminds me of you,

-The taste of the first snowflake of winter and how it settles of my tongue, sweet and uninhibited.

Or the warm smell of cinnamon and how it hugs your sense like arms around a lover.-

But it seems almost …futile.

Sometimes I think I feel who you are settle inside the very center of my being,

Sometimes I think you've become more of a part of my whole being then any limb or feeling I've ever had.

Most days I don't question how I feel about it.

Most days I casually cast it to the side, acting nonchalant and as if it doesn't matter as much as it does.

But the truth is …

It matters.

More then breath.

More then blood.

More then every beat taken by my own heart.

The truth is …

I don't know if I could live without you in my life.

I don't think I ever have.

Right from the start you made an impact on who I am …and who I was.

I remember who I was before you …

And I know who I would become without you but …it's not who I wanted to be.

And it's not who I am.

By no means am I anything amazing,

Despite my constant boasting of my greatness;

I do know that I am just a man.

Just one man.

Nothing more.

Nothing less.

There isn't anything that makes me truly amazing.

There isn't one part of myself that makes me stand out from the crowd and honestly there isn't anything that makes any one stand out.

Except, of course, you.

Now, yes I know I am biased because I love you wholly and completely but every being can see it.

Something makes you stand out.

Sets you apart.

Makes you different.

And I love you for it.

So those songs that claim that they have someone who just makes them feel …extraordinary, they have some truth.

You are my love song.

You are my poem.

My path to light.

You are the sweet smell of cinnamon.

My first snow flake,

And every ounce of innocence that comes with it.

You are my summer wind, that seems to follow me in every season.

You are my warm rain, that washes away all the bad.

And you are my moment in life where everything is good.

So when I say I love you, please remember I mean every syllable…

Every Letter …

Every Word …

Every Time.