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An accident in the Hyuuga household

"I can juggle fire." Ruka Hyuuga told his younger brother.

"Huh? But you don't have the fire alice." Natsume (his younger brother) told him.

"Neither does he," Ruka said gesturing to a man juggling fire on television.

"…" Natsume said nothing. He was shocked that someone without a fire alice could control fire.

Ruka went into the kitchen to get his mother's match box. Mikan had box of matches no one (including Mikan herself) knew why she kept them, everyone just knew that the matches were there… When Ruka came back into the family room he stood next to the television and lit five matches. He wanted to do the whole act by himself to impress his younger brother.

"Ready?" Ruka asked.

Natsume stared with wide-eyed amazement and said "Yes."

Ruka began juggling the matches and was doing quite well. After about half a minute he missed one. It landed on him. The boy screamed as the last four matches lit up his chest as well. Natsume looked on in horror. Ruka was running around the living room crying as the fire on his chest grew. Natsume went to get their father.

"WHAT!!!" Cried Mikan Sakura-Hyuuga. Her husband, Natsume and son, (also) Natsume ran down the stairs to put out the fire. Mikan was confined to bed because she was pregnant and the doctor was worried because her doctor knew her. Everyone who knows Mikan knows what a klutz she is. Dr. Imani, the brother of her best friend would know better than most…

After a few minutes Mikan was finally able to stand up. Just then the door was thrown open again and her two sons, ages 3 and 4, came rushing toward her. They were still crying in fear. "Mommy!" Mikan sat back down on the bed and the boys crawled up on either side of her. She stroked their hair while they cried themselves to sleep.

"How did you put it out?" Mikan asked her husband, Natsume. He was standing at the end of the bed with his head rested on his right hand which was propped on the footboard.

"The fire?" Natsume asked with a slight glint in his eye. "You remember how kindergarten they teach you 'stop, drop, and roll?' That's it." He waited for her to respond.

"Why didn't you let me go, too?" Mikan asked getting slightly frustrated. Natsume smirked and Mikan looked back at Ruka.

"Oi, Polka, you would've been so freaked out that you wouldn't have remembered what to do." He said in a smug voice.

"Tch." She looked at him now. "Whatever, you perverted jerk."

Natsume smiled at her and got onto the bed. His crimson eyes never leaving her brown ones. He got closer and closer to Mikan until his face was mere inches from hers.

His long arms were over their sons' heads. His arms touched the headboard on either side of Mikan's head. In moments their lips were locked. And with that every member of the Hyuuga residence had their eyes shut.

The end.


This story idea came to me today because my mother and I were talking about accidents that have happened to my family. Her brother did that to himself his father put it out.

 ;)