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Branches whispered past her ears as she traveled the woods as fast as she could. As she ran, desperation evident in her every step, her mind slowly became coherent once again.

She couldn't believe it; what her brother had done. It was beyond her understanding, and just remembering pushed her to run even harder. She had been running for days now, losing track on how many exactly.

Unfortunately, she was running on chakra alone and even that was running dangerously low. There were several broken bones, and blood flowed freely from several wounds. All of her energy was being put to running though; healing could come later.

However, as much as she willed herself to move forward, she was slowing down. She pushed herself to keep moving, even though her limbs screamed for her to stop.

A tree root magically came to life and moved to trip her. That's what she told herself at least, as she came crashing down.

She tried to get up. Her limbs refused. She continued to try. Her limbs refused once again and enforced their claim by giving out on her. Her breathing was heavy and her eyesight was blurring.

"nononononono can't pass out. Have to keep go…"

All faded to black.

'Ohhhhh, what happened? My head won't stop ringing.'

She had just regained consciousness, her eyes still closed. That's when it hit her, all the memories, the pain, and the horror of losing her entire family. The last memory was that of her brother, laughing with glee as he slaughtered them all.

She shot up, eyes wide and in a fighting stance. At that moment was when she was finally able to take notice of her surroundings. She could have sworn she was in the woods when she passed out. Now she was in a well-furnished room.

There were fine Mahogany dressers and closets. There was a full-length mirror in the back corner. To her left was a desk, also made of mahogany and covered in scrolls. To her right was an open door that lead to a bathroom with…'is that a Jacuzzi tub?!?'

Behind her was another door, which looks to lead to a small balcony barely big enough for 2 people. At the foot of the bed directly in the middle of the room was a chest. In a room like this, the chest was clearly out of place. Unlike everything else in the room the chest was fairly plain. The bed was massive. It could easily fit 4 people. It was also incredibly soft. She should know. She was standing on it.

Just then she heard a noise, past the chest to a closed door. She quickly moved to hide, but the pain that had seemingly gone away came back in full force. Her body collapsed right back to where she started. Looking herself over, specifically where the pain was, she noticed bandages covering most of her body.

"I wouldn't move if I were you. You took quite a beating and are probably pretty sore." A voice came from the door. "Also you're in the hokage tower's bed room. Sometimes you just got to spend the night."

She looked up to see a smiling blond. He was wearing white robes and was holding a box. His eyes were a dark blue. She felt herself getting lost in those blue eyes for a moment. She snapped herself out of her trance with a quick shake, an action that she immediately regretted, what with the pain that came from the motion and all.

"Hungry? I brought food." While saying this, he walked towards the bed, holding the box up to show her.

While she was at first a bit weary about eating food from a complete stranger, she was hungry and the man didn't seem threatening. She didn't move because of the pain though and waited for him to come to her. Reaching into the box, he started to pull her meal out. She licked her lips in anticipation.

Okay, she was really hungry.

What he pulled out however changed that really fast; it was a brown bone biscuit that had the words "YUM" on it.

'A DOG BISCUIT!! HE WANTS ME TO EAT A DOG BISCUIT!!' All of a sudden she wasn't so hungry.

He held out the biscuit for her to take. She obligingly took it and spit it out to the side of the bed. It slid along the floor a little ways.

"Ohhh… don't like biscuits, huh?" He said that with amusement all over his face. He pulled another out.

'He better not try to fee…' Her line of thought was cut short as he took a bite. He tilted his head up and closed his eyes; his left hand holding what's left of the dog treat moved up and placed his index finger on his chin. Taking this as his pose for pondering, she decided that he looked almost noble, if it weren't for the half eaten biscuit sticking out of his hand.

"It's not that bad. It's no ramen, but I like it." He stated as he lowered his head to look at her and swallowed.

'Fine, you eat it. Just get me something else, and don't talk with your mouth full.' Inwardly, she was rather annoyed. On the outside, she showed it.

Ignoring this or at least appearing not to notice, he continued speaking.

"It's not everyday I come across a 9 tailed fox on my walks, especially bleeding in the wood's ones. I don't know what happened, but you're safe here. You are as beautiful as the legends say though. Fur is as white as the snow," in an admiring tone, "and your tail slowly changes to a beautiful shade of red."

He said this while moving closer. She was blushing underneath the fur.

'Wait why am I blushing, and what's with his eyes?' Before either question could be answered, a swift knock on the door made their heads snap.

'When did he close the door?' When she nearly got lost in his blue eyes earlier, was the answer that eluded her.

"Hokage-sama, are you in there?" A female voice asked through the door.

Faster then the 9 tails could react, he gently brought the sheets over her as to hide her from sight.

"Yes, you may enter," as the box was shoved under the covers next to her. He sat directly in front of her to hide the lump.

"Hokage-sama what are you doing? You have papers to fill out." He cringed at the word paper.

"I know. I was just taking a break. I'll get back to work in a little bit." Lying through his teeth.

Sighing, "Okay, but don't take too long." With that said she turned around and closed the door.

"She bought it thankfully," he says while wiping sweat from his forehead.

She moved her head from under the blanket. 'Well that was weird.' She looked up at the man still trying to figure him out.

He turned to her and began to scratch her chin with his index finger. It hurt a little, but it was for the most part enjoyable. She closed her eyes in bliss. "Thank you for being quiet. I'm not aloud to have pets after that whole monkey incident." He said smiling. She on the other hand shot her eye open.


"Don't worry; I'm going to take good care of you." Still smiling. Still completely oblivious to the danger he was in.

'Oh hell no….'





She bit his finger fairly hard, and his yell could be heard in Kumo.

"Hokage-sama!" He heard coming from the door. He quickly hid the fox again, finger still securely in her jaws. He moved to hide the lump on the bed and lifted his foot.

"Hokage-sama, are you alright?" As the door few open. The girl from earlier yelled with worry all over her face.

Fighting back the tears, he grabbed his foot with his free hand. "I'm fine, just stubbed my toe getting up…" 'Yes…said that with a straight face.' The hokage mentally patted him-self in the back, thinking that it was all he needed to do.

"Ohh I see, well… WAIT, you pulled that all the time. Where's the animal!?!" Anger quickly moved onto her face.

"What? I don't have…" he tried to cover but was swiftly cut off.

"Where is it? You use that excuse whenever an animal bites you and you're hiding it."

"I have no idea what you're talking about." He calmly stated. Shaking his finger free from out of the fox's mouth, he raised his hands in a gesture of surrender.

"Are those teeth marks and is that a dog biscuit on the floor!?!" She exclaims, pointing to the evidence of his crime.

At that moment some ANBU and the 3rd Hokage were at the door. "What is going on?" Sarutobi demanded. Sarutobi was done being the Hokage, but he still helped around the office. He hated feeling useless and his retirement made him feel just that.

"He has another animal, just look at his finger and the biscuit! Especially that look on his face!"

They all noticed him try and hide his finger behind his back, and him giving the innocent dog biscuit a death glare.

"You know you can't have pets. You remember the monkey, right?"

Sarutobi paled at the word 'monkey'. He turned to at the man. "Minato where is the animal?" He wasn't going to repeat that day of horror, when he brought that monkey to the tower. It was the only time he regretted ever signing the monkey summoning contract.

Minato tried not to panic, but was failing. "I don't ha…"

"Excuse me." A new voice cut in. Every pair of eyes turned the owner of that voice. "The Hokage is very busy at the moment, and no… I am not. A. Pet." The young women said. The last part was pointedly, more towards Minato than anyone else.

She had long white hair and crimson eyes. Her smile is as close to perfect as you can get. The covers were preventing full view from the neck down; she was covered in bandages, but they all clearly thought she was naked.

Sarutobi was proof of that when his nose thoroughly exploded with blood and fell backwards unconscious. The ANBU were clearly baffled on what to do, even with the masks on it was easy to tell. In contrast, the girls face was beat red, lowering her head so she could hide her face behind her hair.

"R-R-R-Right, y-yell if y-you need a-a-anything!" With that she slammed the door as she hurried out of the room. The bite marks and the biscuit completely forgotten.

Minato's mouth was wide open and his eyes were like saucers. He was completely awestruck. Her giggling snapped him out of his trance though. The giggling soon became full blown laughter.

Minato found that he couldn't help but join her. After several minutes they finally calmed down. Both turned to each other, their eyes meeting, nearly losing themselves once more.

"Uzumaki Minato, hokage of Konoha, at your service." He said with a slight bow and a smile from ear to ear.

"Haruhi no Kyuubi, very nice to meet you." She replied with a giggle and a smile that could kill.

The whole situation was just ridiculous and that didn't get by either one of them.

"So mind telling me what happened?" Minato asked tilting his head to the side. Something she found absolutely adorable.

"I could ask the same." She mimicked his motion. "So, what made you think a Kyuubi would let you keep them as a pet?"

"I have never met a Kyuubi. I've heard stories ranging from you all being very smart and powerful creatures, to you being raving animals bent on killing us humans, and to being decedents from Kami himself. I took a shot and missed. How did you change anyway? That's not a henge."

"Obviously, I'm a Kyuubi. The stories of us being powerful are true, and I would like to think I'm smart. We know a lot of things you human have never learned, or lost the knowledge of." She smiled even brighter stating that.

She was enjoying herself so much she lost a little focus and 2 fox ears pop up. They wiggled a bit, catching Minato's attention. Minato quickly covered his nose.

Seeing this, Haruhi wasn't sure what he was doing. That is, until she notice the blood trickling through his fingers. She followed his line of sight, and realized her ears were in plain sight. She instantly knew what he was thinking.

"PERVERT" she yelled covering her ears. The sheets that she had been holding to cover her self were free to fall gracefully off her body. Minato's eyes shot open at the sight at her hourglass figure. An instant later he performed a Sarutobi and fell backwards as his face was covered in blood.

Haruhi looked over to see the most powerful hokage out like a light. A massive grin and a little drool were added to the blood. She couldn't help but laugh at him. 'This man is very… interesting.'

A knock came to avert her attention. "Is everything alright?" It was the same girl from before.

'Does she stalk him?' She wondered to herself until she looked down and saw her state of dress; or rather, lack of. "Could you find me some clothes? He tore the ones I had."

"Y-Y-Yes, m-ma'am!" It was clear that she thought Minato ripped them to get at what's underneath. Haruhi smiled at imagining the girls red face.

"What have I gotten into?" Haruhi asked herself. She looked over at Minato and blushed. 'Why do I feel like this around him? He's only human.'

After a few hours of reflection on what she was going to do, she noticed Minato starting to stir from his sleep.

Minato was finally waking from the fantasy he was having. He wasn't sure if what had happened earlier was a dream or not; until he saw her, that is.

It was night and the moon was in full force. There she was, staring at the moon on the balcony, her eyes glimmering in the light. He quickly noticed the clothes. She was wearing a dark blue cheongsam; other than the sliver trims, it was rather plain. It was the only thing they could find for her. Haruhi still made it look amazing though.

Someone with something close to Tsunada's body type isn't easy to accommodate. Nothing was exposed, but that being said, it left little to the imagination.

Her hair was snow white and it traveled to the crook of her back, though what really stood out was how her hair would slowly change to a dark red. White would turn to yellow, then orange, and finally red. It all blended together, giving it a look no one else in the world could have.

She was leaning on the railing, which, consequently, also gave Minato a nice view of her backside. He was starting to walk over to where she placed herself, when she called out.

"So, finally awake are we?" She could smell him closing the distance. She didn't turn. She just continued to admire the sun.

He stopped moving when he was about 5 feet away from her. Him stopping caused her to turn her head to look at him. This allowed Minato to finally notice the whisker marks on her cheeks. Yet another exotic trait only she has.

He glanced back at her butt. A red tint covered his face and he fought to prevent a nosebleed. Noticing this she stood straight up and turned to face him. The light from the moon gave her a glow. "Don't pass out on me again. I don't think my excuse will work a second time."

"Uhhh… what excuse?" His eyebrows lifted in confusion.

"Well, I had to tell that red face girl something as to why you were out on the floor."

"Which was?"

"We tried something new and I wore you out." She said with a smile. She had enjoyed the look on the girls face when she explained this.

Minato however turned a shade of red not seen by human eyes.

"I hope you don't mind. I need a place to stay and heal. Then I'll be on my way. Sometimes you have to play games to get things done. Would you be so kind as to play along?" She added the last part in a seductive manner.

"I don't think I can do that." Haruhi's eyes widened as the blush on Minato's face was gone in an instant.

The look of pure determination had claimed his face, as if he was on a mission of grave importance. She could feel the charisma surge from the man. Once again, it was the eyes that paralyzed her. Those blue eyes showed something she had never seen before in the man, or any man.

Minato moved towards her with purposeful steps. He stopped right in front of her, less than a foot away. Azul and crimson never left each other. He lifted his right hand to her cheek and lightly traced her whisker marks on her ivory skin. The touch, clearly of affection, was not unwanted, but it snapped her back to reality.

"What are you doing?" Her voice was barely above a whisper. Her body wasn't listening to her commands to back up. 'He is a mere human and he is doing this to me!'

"Why?" She said in a panicked tone. "You don't know me. I'm not even human. You don't know why I'm here. You…"

Her last sentence was cut off as their lips met in a passionate kiss. Her eyes widened for a second and then narrowed. Her hand slowly moved up. Not to force him away, but to embrace him.

After a minute his face pulled back. He watched her to see her reaction. He was smiling at what he saw. "We'll deal with that later. You'll be staying for a while."

"Hai" She whispered. Her eyes glazed looking up at him.

"So, since you're staying, mind telling me why you were injured in the woods?" His hand was still stroking her cheek.

"Hai" She said, almost exactly the same as before. Eyes still glazed.

"Well?" He asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Hai" Still glazed.

"Hello?" A worried look moved onto his face. The hand on her cheek moved in front of her face and waved back and forth across her face.

No reaction other than the "Hai"

"Am I really that good?"


That took him a little off guard, but an idea popped into his head. He jumped back arms spread out. "You fell for me because I'm the strongest and greatest ninja alive."


"Because I'm handsome," he promptly takes a pose.


"Because I'm intelligent," and he took another pose.


"Because nothing is sexier than me," taking upon a pose that would disgrace the name of Hokage.


"Because you couldn't live without my butt, which is nicer than yours," turning around to stick said object out for her.

"You arrogant son of a bitch," came a dangerously low voice.

'Oh shit.' He slowly turned around, trembling.

He was met with a fist to the face and before he even hit the ground, her leg was lifted and slammed down on him repeatedly.

"I remember everything ass." She yelled. After several minutes of Haruhi imitating a jackhammer and Minato rolling around, doing his best to protect his vitals, they finally took a breather and calmed down. Both sat next to each other on the bed.

"You believe in love at first sight?" Minato asked.

"No." was her reply. She was still a little angry with the man.

"Neither did I." He grabbed her hand and intertwined their fingers.

"You're not going to let me say 'no', are you?" She stated more then asked, looking at their hands. Her fingers closed around his.

"No." He whispered moving in to kiss her. "You don't what me to." She tilted her head up to meet his lips.

"Hai," Their lips met. After they broke his free hand stroked her cheek.

"Come on, let's get some sleep. We'll talk tomorrow."

As they moved to get some sleep, she quickly made a decision not to tell him what happened. Especially concerning her brother. Not yet at least. It was still too painful. Not to mention some of it was a family secret. However, she truly did fall for a man she barely knew.

Maybe… she could stay here.

6 months went by.

Minato and Haruhi were almost inseparable during that time. Their love only grew stronger as the days went by. The village wasn't too happy with a complete stranger from nowhere becoming their leader's lover. The fact that Minato was caught in bed with the woman only served to help the rumors explode.

2 weeks after the encounter and the whole village knew of the girl, but little else. Other than a few people, no one knew exactly what she looked like. Questions ranged from what her eyes looked like to where she came from, and when she got here. They weren't even sure if she was from the land of fire.

The civilians, after a couple months, settled down. They wanted to at least see her, but as there relationship progressed, the worrying died down. The people figured they would see her eventually.

The clans, on the other hand, were another story.

Once Minato became hokage, he also became the most eligible bachelor in all of Konoha, if not the whole of Fire Country. All the clans wanted him to marry into their clan. This would serve to indirectly give the clan that 'won his heart', so to speak, more influence and power.

The Uchiha even went as far as to order all women within the clan to seduce him, even the married ones. They didn't care whom, so long as it was from their clan.

Minato easily saw through this and avoided unwanted situations like the plague. Haruhi, being a Kyuubi, easily avoided the clan spies trying to get any information on her.

Danzo was beyond pissed as his personal ninja came back with, "She is about this tall" over and over again. This didn't help things, as it only proved she had the skills to avoid jonin level ninja.

Minato and Haruhi agreed to keep things like this for know. Minato didn't want his enemies to go after Haruhi, and Haruhi didn't want people to know she was a Kyuubi. Not that it would be easy to tell. They doubted anyone would find out, even if she was captured and tortured. They wanted to play it safe.

Only 3 people knew the truth, Sarutobi, Kakashi, and Rin. The conversation didn't go well with Sarutobi when he learned the truth, to say the least. A week of cussing and yelling everywhere helped him come to terms with it. The encounter in the woods was what finally got his approval.

Sarutobi was marching around trying to find Minato. He had already checked every place he could think of. Till he remembered Minato saying something about where he found her.

That was where he was heading towards now. He was going to yell at him again. 'Couldn't that blond idiot see that a demon would put the village in danger?' That's when he saw them and his anger drained.

Minato was sitting against a tree and Haruhi was sitting against him. The sun shined on them as it broke through the trees. Minato was stroking her hair, affection written all over his face.

There was no doubt at all that he loved her.

On Haruhi's lap was an injured fox pup, which had a nasty looking gash on its leg. Haruhi performed some hand seals, and her right hand began to glow green. She quickly placed her hand over the wound, and after a few seconds, the fox stood up and looked up at her, as if to say 'thank you'. The wound was gone as if it was never there. She gently patted it on the head and smiled. With that, the fox left.

Sarutobi just stared.

He had heard that Kyuubis were natural disasters that destroy everything in their path, like a living typhoon. If what they say were true, left unchecked, Haruhi would be a grave threat to everyone, especially the village. However after that display…He wasn't sure what to think.

Then he looked at Minato. The man had saved Konoha several times and asked for nothing in return. He was the hokage. The way his face looked, he was truly happy.

"Dammit, how do you always get everyone to agree with you and not even try?" Sighing, "I'll give them my blessing later."

He whispered all this to himself, as he started to turn away.

"Thank you."

Sarutobi froze. He turned to see Haruhi smiling at him. "How did…" He was cut off with her quick reply.

"Kyuubi" Haruhi said, still smiling. She was pointing at the fox ears clearly sticking out for the world to see. She had kept them hidden before.

Sarutobi let out a sigh, turned, and started walking away. 'Don't remind me.'

"He didn't even say anything to me." Minato said with a frown watching him go.

"He just accepted us. Give him a bit more time." Haruhi went back to leaning on her Minato.

Minato couldn't take it anymore. He started to scratch her fox ears. This caused her to moan. "We could have kept the fox."

"You and your pets. Remember the monkey?" The scratching stopped to Haruhi's dismay.

"Won't anyone let that go?" Minato was pouted and it was adorable.

Haruhi turned and looked him in the eye. "No, you will just have to play with me." She said playfully. She moved closer and kissed him. He embraced her and added more force on his end.

After braking apart, "When he starts talking to me again, I'll ask him to marry us."

"You humans and your ceremonies," Sounding disappointed in the species. Minato knew better; she could hardly wait for that day to come.

"I still have to tell my team. I hope they don't act like Sarutobi," Worry clearly in his voice.

"They won't, those two are nothing like Sarutobi. Besides, they love me." Rin and Kakashi were the closest thing to kids she had at the moment.

Minato laughed lightly. "Yah well, I figured we will be married in 4 weeks."

With that both turned back to the sun and smiled. Both were thinking of the future.

7 Weeks later. Sarutobi took longer to come around than excpected.

They were at their wedding. It was a small wedding, a very, small wedding. Sarutobi, Rin, Kakashi and Jiraiya were the only other people there.

When Minato told his team that Haruhi was a Kyuubi, both Haruhi and Minato were happy to see their reaction.

Rin immediately ran up to Haruhi and started to ask questions, to which Haruhi happily answered what she could, while avoiding any questions that would give away her age like the plague. Kakashi's eye widened a little bit, and then went back to its lazy normal self. He shrugged and that was that.

Jiraiya was the only one not told yet. Minato had his reasons. It wasn't that he didn't trust Jiraiya. He just didn't what to deal with the line of jokes and teasing he would get.

He also didn't want to deal with another Sarutobi. Jiraiya would be pissed if he found out. He would be fine after a while. Still Minato just didn't want to mess with a good thing.

The reason for the small wedding was because an Iwa spy was captured. After some prodding by Ibiki the head of the interrogation department, they learned that he was there to get information on Haruhi. Upon hearing this Minato immediately decided to keep the wedding a secret, so as to protect his wife.

It would be one thing if she was a powerful Konohichi, but she is a 9-tailed fox. That information, should it get out, would bring all the elemental villages, including Fire, down upon her.

He didn't want that risk. A wedding would only increase the amount of spies. He wasn't the strongest Hokage without a price.

When the day was over, Minato and Haruhi lay in each other's arms. Sweating and out of breath. Haruhi was enjoying the feel of the ring on her finger. Minato enjoyed the feel of his wife between his arms.

Haruhi was walking through the woods near area 44.

Minato was dealing with the evil blood sucking, baby-killing, thing he called paper work. He would be at it all day.

Haruhi knew, not many people came by here. She still stayed in human form, just to be safe. She was pregnant and wanted some time to think, mostly on how to spoil the little runt when it gets here.

She was very happy. If you told her she would me married and pregnant several months ago, she would have squealed and asked 'with whom?'…but that was beside the point.

' I can't believe a human makes me feel this way. He so caring and loving and a complete pain in my ass, but I still love him. I wonder what…is some one crying?'

Haruhi pumped some chakra into her ears, and sure enough there was crying. Haruhi followed the sound deeper into the woods. She didn't want to be noticed by whomever it was that was making that noise. Creeping up on the person, she finally saw her.

The girl was not much older than 15. She had purple hair tied up into a weird spiked style and was wearing dark brown shorts, along with a reddish brown shirt. Her face was buried in her hands, Haruhi barely making out what she was saying in between sobs.

"Why do…sob…they hate me…sob…I didn't do anything…he betrayed…me sobbing…too…" What really caught Haruhi's attention was the blood running down her back. Finally, she couldn't take it.

Haruhi moved from the bushes toward the crying girl. However, the noise from such an action alerted the girl to Haruhi's presences. Jumping up and drawing a kunai, she took a defensive stance to defend herself. It didn't even faze Haruhi; she just kept walking to the girl.

"Who are you? What do you want?" The girl with tears still in her eyes demanded.

Haruhi just kept walking.

"Stay back…sniff…I'm a ninja! I know how to kill!" She wasn't going to kill anyone. She was just hoping that it would scare the women away.

Haruhi just kept walking towards her. The girl wasn't sure what to do. She never ran from anyone and she wasn't going to start. The girl looked into Haruhi's eyes however, and froze.

There was something in them that the girl hadn't seen in a long time. It was the look a mother gave to her child that needed comforting. The girl had been glared and hissed at for so long now she had forgotten what that look, well, looked like. The girl was even more confused. 'Why is she giving me that look? Doesn't she hate me like the rest?'

Haruhi took one last step and dropped to her knees right in front of the girl and before the girl could act, she wrapped her arms around her.

The girl was at a loss. She had no idea what to do. On one hand, she wanted to shove the women away and run, yes run. She was willing to forget her pride just this once.

However, something inside her forced her to stay. The hug this woman gave her was comforting and something the girl needed desperately. "It's okay. I'm here now. So long as I'm here you'll never be alone."

Alone, that's exactly how she felt. Ever since Orochimaru left her and the village, she had been unwanted. No one would go near her. She wasn't even wanted in her own clan, her family, and her own mother. They gave her glares and names behind her back.

Snake bitch, Orochimaru's whore, traitorous slut, she heard them all.

Haruhi knew all this. She didn't get out much, but she heard rumors from the tower staff. She knew who the girl was and truly felt sorry for her. It wasn't her fault that her sensei betrayed the village, and from what she heard, the girl was tricked into following.

The girl came back and gave them all the information she could; so why did the village hate her? That was what ran through Haruhi's mind. The girl couldn't take anymore. Dropping the kunai, she embraced the women she hardly knew and cried onto the women's shoulder.

After about 5 minutes, the sobs began to die down, and the girl was calm enough to speak.

"Why? Why would you do this for me?" The girl asked sniffing a few times.

Haruhi just smiled. "I know who you are, Mitarashi Anko. I also know why you are crying out here by yourself."

Anko just looked at her. 'If she knew that, then why?'

"I don't think what the village is doing to you is right and I want to help. If you'll let me." Haruhi wasn't even sure what she was doing. She blamed her pregnancy, but every child she saw she just wanted to run over and hold them. Her mother instincts demanded she take care of Anko if no one else would.

"But, why?" Anko asked again.

Haruhi laughed a little. "I don't know. I guess I always wanted a daughter." This took Anko aback. She wanted her as a daughter. Anko wasn't sure to cry again or scream 'Crazy lady!' and run. A warm fuzzy feeling at the back of her head brought her back to reality.

"How did you get that wound on your head?"

Anko felt it wouldn't hurt to answer. "An asshole threw a rock at me."

Haruhi scowled at that. She honestly couldn't understand. After fixing up Anko's wound the same way she fixed the fox's wound, she stood up and grabbed Anko's hand.

"Come on, my husband will be done with his paper work soon, and we can all have lunch. Also, we should get you showered and changed." Anko simply nodded and followed. Someone was trying to take care of her when everyone else abandoned her. Haruhi just smiled. As long as Anko allowed, she would take care of her as a daughter.

He was running faster than he ever had. After he'd acquired the items, he immediately made for the hokage tower.

Everyone had turned down the S-class mission. Some even threatened to resign if they were force to do said mission. He couldn't say that he blamed them. Minato was up the stairs of the tower in seconds. He opened the bedroom door.

"Hey…I got…" His head dodged to the left, effectively shutting him up. A kunai flew past his head at a speed he could barely keep track of. He was out of breath too. He would've patted himself on the back if he weren't in such a hurry.

"Do you have it? Where is it? Give it to me, NOW!!!"

His loving wife, Haruhi, was putting a massive amount of killer intent on him. Chakra was visibly flowing out of her. He had to put a seal up 6 months ago to prevent the killer intent from reaching the villagers. The last Jonin that tried to help passed out from the intent alone. Minato didn't even want to think what would happen to the civilians.

Minato closed the door and quickly made his way over to where she was situated, sitting up against the headboard. Minato pulled out a scroll and laid it out on the bed. Opening it, he performed a few hand signs and slammed his hand on the paper. There was a puff of smoke.

When it cleared, a steaming bowl of rice and steamed vegetables greeted them. Minato took the bowl in both hands and held it out to his wife. Head bowed, he resembled a man giving a sacrifice to his god. He was sweating, praying he got it right the first time. Haruhi took the bowl and lifted it to her nose. Minato lifted his head enough to see his wife take a few sniffs and smile.

Minato released the air he had been holding and sighed. Closing his eyes in relief he didn't see how everything went so wrong. "IT'S WRONG!!" Haruhi yelled in anger and disgust. Minato looked up in time to see a bowl of steamed vegetables and rice slam into his face.

"GET ME SOMETHING ELSE!" She yelled in the same tone.

She was 7 months pregnant. Her cravings just got worse, and had become way more unpredictable. She had started out irritable. Now she was down right hostile. Minato thanked Kami that she was only like this when she was craving a meal.

Minato wiped the food from his face and repeated the hand seals. A bowl of hot ramen puffed into existence. He visibly cringed. He handed her the food, never taking his eyes off her. Getting hit with hot food was one thing. Getting hit with hot broth was another. Haruhi took the bowl sniffed it a couple times. Finally, she took her chopsticks and began eating. Minato smiled at his wife eating for two, and himself, for not wearing the ramen.

"Got it on the 2nd try. That a record." Haruhi said in between bights.

"If you hadn't scared the help..." Minato stated in a flat tone.

"Don't give me that look. I can't help it if she couldn't take a little anger." Haruhi defended herself.

"Uchiha Makoto was a jonin who fought in some of the largest battles during the war. We fought some tough battles side by side. She can handle a little anger. You overloaded her with killer intent." Minato said. He got up began cleaning the mess she made.

"If you like her so much, why don't you marry her?" Haruhi, rather childishly in fact, stated, clearly annoyed at her husband defending another women against her.

"Don't do that. You know I didn't mean it like that way, but thank you for being jealous," Minato beamed.

"Yeah, yeah," waving him off. "So when are we going to tell the village, Anko-chan, and Kashi-kun?"

"When the baby is born. We'll show them the adoption papers then. The village can wait till you feel better; I'm going to need your help protecting him."

"What makes you think it's a boy?" She asked as she finished the ramen off. "Ugh I hate this stuff." Haruhi scrunched her face, causing Minato to smile.

Minato moved onto the bed, the smile never leaving his face. "You've got a naruto on your face."

"What naruto?" She lifted her hand to her cheek and there was a naruto there, but that was soon forgotten. "NARUTO!! That's it! If it's a boy than he will be Naruto," A look of revelation all over her face.

Minato was taken back by this, but quickly regrouped. He reached over and plucked the ramen topping off her face and ate it.

"Naruto huh. Not exactly what I had in mind, but it's a good name. Let's not tell him you got it from a ramen topping." His grin was from ear to ear.

Haruhi couldn't help but smile back at her husband. She was soon lost in thought for a girl's name, while Minato left to finish his paper work for the day.

"Mind telling me what happened?" A very pissed and irritated voice hissed at Minato.

"My wife gave birth to our son." Minato stated in a matter-of-fact tone. He was also irritated with his sensei for dragging him away from his wife and newborn child.

Jiraiya was leaning against the wall outside the makeshift delivery room. It was clear Haruhi would not have been able to go to the hospital as soon as she went into labor.

"Don't give me that brat! I thought having the baby here was weird, but I figured you had your reasons." Jiraiya did find it odd that she was giving birth in the tower and not the hospital.

Also, a room covered in seals to prevent killer intent from leaving the room had peeked his interest. What really got his attention was the mass of chakra that emanating from the room. The seals were designed for killer intent, not chakra.

"The chakra coming from your wife wasn't normal. Sure, any jonin and under wouldn't have been able to tell the difference, but I've been around way too long not to have noticed. Not to mention the amountof chakra. Not even you have that much. Now tell me, what's going on?" Jiraiya kept a low steady tone through the whole conversation.

During the childbirth, Haruhi had expelled so much chakra she was exhausted, and considering she was a 9-tailed fox, that meant a lot of chakra. Needless to say, it didn't go unnoticed. Every shinobi and some civilians for several miles felt the chakra.

Minato knew Jiraiya was demanding the truth. He honestly had planned to tell him, just… preferably under better conditions. Well, now was as good a time as any.

"She's…" Minato paused. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath in an attempt to calm him self. When he was done he open his eye and look straight into Jiraiya's eyes. "She is a Kyuubi."

That simple statement was not what he was expecting.

"You expect me to bel…" He was cut off when he got a good look at Minato's eyes. There was no hint of a bluff, no backing down as if to say 'I'm pulling your leg.' "You're kidding. No way…." Both were more statements of shock rather than questions.

"No I'm not. She still hasn't told me why she is here; however I don't particularly care. I am married to a 9 tailed fox, and I love her." Minato stated with more force and determination than before.


Minato, in all his years with Jiraiya, had never seen the man like this.

Minato was about to say something when an ANBU appeared and bowed to the men. "Hokage-sama, there is a situation!" Even with a mask on, it was clear the man had hauled ass to get there.

Jiraiya and Minato look at each other and agreed to a truce without saying a word. Turning back to the ANBU, he asked; "What kind of situation?" It comes out harsher than he meant, but he was in the middle of something pretty important.

"A massive creature is moving its way toward Konoha! The outposts in its way have all been destroyed. Survivors say it looked like a giant fox with 9 tails." The ANBU reported without raising his head.

Minato blinked in shock. He quickly collected himself and switch to Hokage mode instantly. "Have all the Genin evacuate the civilians. Anyone with the rank of Chunin and up must set up a perimeter around the creature. Try and lure it away from the village; buy as much time as possible for the civilians."

"Hai Hokage-sama!" With that the ANBU was gone.

"SEE WHAT I MEAN! YOU MAY LOVE HARUHI, BUT THE ONE COMING HERE IS CLEARLY HOSTILE!! YOU JUST CAN'T KILL ONE OF THESE THINGS! WE ARE IN SOME DEEP SHIT!" Jiraiya was back to being pissed. Who could blame him? A massive and powerful demon was attacking his home.

"Yell at me later. We need to figure out a way to stop…"

"You can't." Haruhi was standing at the doorway, leaning on one side of the frame for support. She was still in her gown; her hair was a mess and she was also covered in sweat. In short, she looked like shit. "At your current level of power… He would literally eat you alive."

Both men look at her and digested the words she had just spoken. Minato realized something from what she had said. "'He'? Do you know who the Kyuubi is?"

"Judging from his aura… It's my brother." She informed in a flat tone. "He must have felt the chakra I expelled just then."

Once again both men went silent from her words. Jiraiya was the first to recover this time. "If he is your brother, then why is he attacking us? He knows you're here. Why not take human form? Surely you don't think he believes you're being held captive?"

The serious face he held up until know turned to one of confusion at Haruhi's laughter. He could hear the bitterness behind it. Once she quieted down she explained.

"My brother is coming to kill me. I have something he wants, and I'm not giving it to him." Though Haruhi said this with a smile, her eyes held fear in them. A demonic chakra spike hit them and all three snapped their heads in the direction of the offending Kyuubi. "It's been a little over a year since I ran. I thought I had lost him."

Minato snapped his head back around, quickly putting the pieces together. "That is around the time I found you. You need to tell me what's going on, now." The last word came out harsher than he intended, but given the circumstances… He didn't care.

"I do not have to tell you anything. This information is equivalent to something higher than your S-class secrets." Haruhi's eyes were glowing. She wasn't happy with the tone her husband had just given her, but she knew the reasons why he did.

She took a deep breath and locked eyes with Minato. She stuck her hand out, opening it as if to offer a gift. A gold chakra ball formed. Inside the ball was a swirl of chakra of a darker shade, forming a key. When it was finished she began her story.

"He wants this. It is the key to the doorway that leads to the afterlife." Minato and Jiraiya's eyes widened. "We are short on time, so do not ask any questions. My clan has been the protectors of this key for countless centuries. I honestly don't know how far back it goes. Normally the key gets handed down to the strongest among us.

"My father did something unprecedented though; he gave the second strongest the key, namely, me. He knew that my brother would take the key and open the door, regardless of the consequences. You see if he opened the door, he would become a god. He could destroy and create worlds on a whim."

"However, the reason no one has done so before was because of the second legend. That is, if the doorway was to be opened, this world will end, along with the person who opened it. There have been others who have tried. My brother was the only one that could have succeeded. Even by Kyuubi standards, his power was enormous; he was called the strongest to ever live."

"When he attacked me for the key, my clan tried to intervene. I watched him kill everyone, but 3. If he is here, they are dead as well." Tears were flowing freely from her eyes.

Minato and Jiraiya were made speechless by the news. This had just become bigger than the village, much bigger. Jiraiya swallowed a very stubborn piece of saliva and managed to speak. "If he is so powerful, why hasn't he finished us off yet?"

"Our power is near infinite compared to you. However, while it takes weeks for you to recover chakra from a serious battle, sometimes a month, for us it takes decades to a century. He fought and killed an entire clan of Kyuubis; I don't see him being anywhere close to his normal abilities for a long time."

Minato stepped forward, once again taking the mantle of Hokage. "What do you suggest?"

Haruhi thought it over quickly. "Seal him. We'll need someone young. An inanimate object would be to difficult, and anyone too old would die, so the younger the better."

Minato bit his lip drawing blood. He turned to Jiraiya. The look in the man's eyes told him that he was thinking the same thing. Jiraiya moved past Haruhi. She withdrew her hand, and watched as Jiraiya made his way to Naruto.

Realization then dawned on Haruhi. Right before she could lunge for Naruto, two powerful arms grabbed her from behind.

"NO!!! LET ME GO!! YOU'RE NOT USING NARUTO!!! I SAID LET ME GO!! MINATO, HE'S TAKING NARUTO!!!" She was screaming. Tears were virtually fighting to leave her eyes. She was struggling, but she was drained of chakra. Minato moved Haruhi out of Jiraiya's way as he started to leave.

Jiraiya stopped at the door and without turning around, "I'll get Naruto ready. Make sure you finish the seal in 15 minutes on your end." Regret seethed from his voice and with that he was gone.

Haruhi turned on Minato. "HOW COULD YOU!! HE'S YOUR SON!!"


The tone of her husband quickly shut her up. She had never heard this tone before. Wide eyed she looked up and saw something she would never forget.

It was despair, regret, sadness, and several other emotions that had a similar effect. He was crying more than she was. "It has to be him. His blood will make it easier to seal your brother. He is also the only one I trust for this. I can't ask another family to sacrifice their child. It has to be him. It has to be Naruto."

He was right. She hated it more than anything, but he was right. Haruhi collapsed to her knees, crying. Minato wrapped himself around her. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." They held each for a few minutes crying. When they were done, Minato wiped his tears and left for the front.

Haruhi took longer to gather herself. When she was done, a look of pure determination became her mask for the pain. She slowly made her way to the dresser in the room. She will not just sit back and cry through the whole ordeal. She was going to fight. As she pulled one of the shelves, a large assortment of ninja pills revealed themselves to her. She grabbed every soldier pill she could find and ate them as fast as possible. When she was done, she jumped out the window and rushed to find her husband.

Minato was not having a good time. Sarutobi was a good mile away after taking a hit from one of the Kyuubi's tails. Everyone else was just barely holding out. The death toll was already high. Gamabunta the toad boss was on his last little bit of chakra just from protecting Minato.

Minato was going through the hand seals for the kinjutsu, as fast and carefully as he could. He had no idea if Jiraiya was ready, but he trusted the old pervert.

"How much more time do you need?" Gamabunta yelled to the man on his head.

"Not long! Just 10 more seconds!" Minato answered.


Minato looked up just in time to see the over grown fox swallow a large ball of chakra. The fox looked right at him, those red eyes bearing into his very being. Time seemed to slow down as they stared at each other.

At the same time, Minato slammed his hand onto the toad boss's head, completing the seal, while Kyuubi shot the ball of pure chakra right at him.

"I can't stop that!!" Gamabunta yelled in a panic.

"Doesn't matter…it's done." Minato smirked. He accepted his fate.

Just before the blast hit, everything slowed to a crawl. A blur moved directly between the blast and Minato, a blur with white hair.

"Kitsune no Doryuheki Jutsu." Haruhi stuck her hands out and a wall of red chakra was created.

Minato watched as his wife barely held off the incredibly powerful blast. Somehow, she managed though. As the blast faded, so did her shield. Her brother gave an ear-shattering roar and collapsed, disappearing in a flash of light. Haruhi turned and smiled at her love.

"Minato, please take care of our son." Haruhi didn't hold back the tears. She was fading away like sand being blow in the wind, starting from her feet and moving up.

Minato reach out to her, but he never touched her as the last little bit of her disappeared, a whispered "I love you" could be heard.

Minato dropped to his knees. He was in shock at what just happened. He just stared at the spot Haruhi was last seen. "But… I won't be here either."

Those were his last words as 5 shinigami all drew a blade, and skewered the bewildered man.