Final Post:

Thanks to a few dickheads, i am now refusing to continue this story.

some people have said some stuff that really hurt me, the latest of which said, and i quote.

" U really have to fucking stop puttin in author quotes. I only read stories with more that 19 chapters and ur fucking "sorry" notes r really annoying. NOONES forgiving you fuck we just wanna read the story not why u aren't writing them"

This person, also had the Audacity to say all this in an anonymous review. If your gonna say shit like that, at least have the guts to sign in and do it.

I apologize if they seem to annoy people, but fuck, i have had a shit year, and i thought you as readers would like to know what is taking me so long to do updates.

i'm sorry if you don't like the fact that my dad died, and so i have had to take time off from it, but here is the result.

i'm sorry to those people who actually enjoyed the story and supported me as a writer, but i just don't need to put up with the shit anymore.

SO thanks to this person, and a small amount of others, i'm officially abandoning this story, and maybe even the other one i am working on.

and to that person,

Fuck you, you have no idea what people want, you are only one person.

Sorry again guys