AU: From now on, I won't be using Beatrice's full name. I'll be using "Bea" instead; sort of like using Sam instead of Samuel. I should've done this back in Chap 1, but oh well…can't be helped. Sorry if it does cause any trouble and confusion. Also, I apologize for this delayed update. I've been recording ever since, and when it's breaks, I've been preparing for the nationals. 


Two days after the new term started, Bea received Sam's reply to her most recent email for him. It was a page long, but there was no essential information, only a vague "everything's fine" in the midst of his jabber about Stanford. And I bet Sam's feeling sad and lonely, and has an aching need for his family…especially Dean…Bea sighed to herself after reading his email, knowing her friend is far from "pretty alright".

Going back to her word document as her history teacher Ms Elkerman started talking again, she couldn't help but compare Hitler to Voldemort. Both committed genocide. Both have "purity" ideology. Both are trying to take over the world; muggle for Hitler and magical for Voldie…Both…what the? Did I hear right? Hitler wanted to do arts, but the institute didn't accept him…what if he was accepted? Will there be a World War Two? Will there be an Israel? Will America's population still include great people? Will other invasions happen or was Hitler the fundamental reason to the war? Bea stopped her train of thoughts and focused on the words that were projected to the class. Ms Elkerman continued to speak for the rest of the hour. Only the scratch of pens and paper and clicking of keypads were heard until the end of the lesson.

The minute the lesson ended, her friend Alexandra aka. Alex Yu started ranting about the lesson. And like every time after a history lesson, Bea would nod occasionally during the rant and put in some "hmmms" and "ahhhhs" while she talked. Ten minutes later, Alex finally stopped and took a deep breath. Bea smirked and turning to her, she asked, "You done?"

Alex sheepishly said, "Yeah Bea" and nodded slowly. Dumping their history text books in their lockers, the two walked down to the cafeteria where the other members of their group were already chatting away. Immediately, Alex took the spot next to Clair and started making conversation about her current troubles in her music life. Bea couldn't help but chuckle lightly at Alex's motor mouth. Trust her to fill every second with her talking. Only managing to greet a few "heys" to her friends, Beatrice's concentration got lost after Harry's ongoing cursing of his long time nemesis, Malfoy.

"Ry…Ry…what did Malfoy do this time?" Bea offhandedly sent to her brother.

"Oh hi. He was mocking Cedric and the third task. I got pissed and a fight ensured. Nothing serious, so the professors didn't really do anything about it." Harry replied.

"That was immature of him. God…this rivalry is so petty, and it all started because you rejected his friendship."

"He was an arrogant snob. I wasn't going to befriend someone like that."

"I know. I just find the entire thing so petty. The rivalry you two have is based upon rejected friendship, and this Gryffindor and Slytherin thing; I don't want to even go into that."

Harry couldn't help but laugh at his sister's comment. She always seemed to put some hilarity into everything. Hearing her twin's chuckle though the link, Bea lightly scolded to Harry to go to bed and gradually, she turned her concentration back to her group's current discussion; celebrities. Celebrity stalking is just sooo fun…ha ha ha…

Seeing her friend returning from la la land, Alicia nudged Bea lightly on the ribs and asked softly, "Hey, you alright?"

Beatrice slowly turned her head and tilted her head sideways in question. Alicia explained, "You were doing your out of focus thing again."

So she does notice. I have to try and be more careful…Bea shook her head to dismiss the question while briefing, "It's nothing. I was in deep thought."

The blonde knew her friend was lying but like usual, she left it alone; knowing that no matter the amount of pushing and asking, her friend wouldn't relieve her off her curiosity. She mentally sighed to herself and returned back to the conversation. Bea stayed silent and observed the friends around her. The dazed look in Jayden McKinnon; a shaggy blond who knew more about rock stars than needed caught her attention. She inconspicuously followed his line of sight and bit back a gasp at his object of desire. It was none other than her best mate Alicia Mills. Looking directly at Jayden in the eye, she cocked her head towards Alicia ever so slightly and raised her eyebrow in query. Flushed cheeks and an embarrassed smile answer her. I guess it shouldn't be such a surprise, and I know it's a fact that Leesh likes light-haired men with innate personalities…

The bell rang and Bea took the chance to approach Jayden about his crush. Alicia looked from afar with jealousy, thinking that the two were starting something. I'm being unreasonable. Bea would tell me if she was dating Jayden, and who said Jayden can't date other people. I don't own him… The blonde squished her little green monster back into her mind before stomping to her next class.

Bea saw Alicia's intense look towards them from the corner of her eye, but ignored her friend, focusing on trying to convince Jayden to ask Alicia out."Just do it. What's the worse could happen? Rejection?"

Jayden's shaggy hair formed a curtain around his head with he lowered his head and nodded slightly to answer Bea's question. Deciding to stop being so blunt, Bea took a softer timbre and said, "Hey, getting an answer is better than pining after her without knowing what she feels for you." Please let me be right, about the two…

"I guess you're right…" Jayden softly mumbled out; clearly upset due to imagining Alicia rejecting him.

"Ask her now, before she thinks we're hooking up." Bea gave a playful grin at the distressed blond. Punching him lightly on the arm, she sauntered away to her next class. Jayden stared at her disappearing figure, contemplating her words before hurrying off after Alicia. Maybe Bea's idea is good…she normally gives good advice…

Tapping Alicia lightly on the shoulder to gain her attention, Jayden prepared mentally for the question,; but instead, he stood speechless at the sight of her head turn. Her blonde tresses swayed gracefully over her shoulder and the light cast upon her flawless skin, somehow accentuated her unblemished skin. My god…she's sooo pretty

"Jayden…yo Jayden…" Alicia's gentle voice broke him out of his trance and the first thing that popped out of his mouth was, "You wanna go out with me?"

Am I hearing right? Alicia blinked twice and in a shocked tone said, "Say again?"

No…she doesn't want to… Jayden shook his head dejectedly and turned away to walk away. Immediately, Alicia grabbed his shoulder and turned him around; looking directly at him in the eyes and softly said, "Did you ask me out?"

Unable to lie, Jayden simply nodded; feeling vulnerable under her scrutinizing eyes. His hopes shot up seeing a smile lit upon Alicia's face, and before he could verbalize his thoughts, she excitedly whispered out, "I would love to." And right in the middle of the courtyard, Alicia took Jayden's face into her hands and kissed him. Awww…Jayden's sooo cute… The whistles and cheering around them were all unheard as the two were drowned in their fervor.


"Umbridge is such a COW!!!! Obnoxious hag with zero amount of brain cells and GRRRRR!!!!!" Harry vented angrily to Bea. Bea, who was sitting on the couch watching Law and Order reruns, started giggling non-stop at her brother's anger. She took a deep breath and sent back, "I assume you had your first defense lesson with Fudge's fat bitch."

A huff was heard and then, "You could say that. We had an Umbridge lesson, not a defense lesson."

"So how bad was it? Quirell bad or Snape bad?" Bea sent to her brother while trying to concentrate on Goren's interview with baddie of the week. I love that man…Goren and Eeams should just get together already…

"Let's just say that I got detention tonight for saying the truth…Voldemort is back from seclusion should never be uttered on school grounds. She said I was gibbering nonsense and trying to gain attention." Harry's annoyance could be heard in every one of his words.

Bea winced sympathetically at Harry knowing how much he hated people accusing him of being an attention seeker and a liar. What did Harry ever do to deserve this shit? She sent back, "Just ignore her next time and remain quiet. People like her don't even deserve to converse with. You're higher than her."

Harry puffed out angrily and retorted, "I know, but I can't stand people denying Voldemort's return and furthermore, stating that Cedric died for nothing. Everybody should know the truth."

"Yes, you're right, but most people tend to believe what they want to believe; no matter how convincing or how truthful you are." The young Potter girl replied, while having her moment with Law and Order's theme song…do do do da doooo da…

Harry chuckled when he heard his sister having a Law and Order moment, "Still pining after Bobby Goren?"


"Haha. Anyway, how's things with the Winchesters?" Harry asked, making small conversation.

Bea leaned back into the couch, reduced the volume of the TV and replied lengthily, "Well. Sam's still not talking to his dad, and vice versa. Dean's refusing to ask Sam for help for hunt research and Latin, so he's turned to me for answers; especially the Latin. I mean, it's so frustrating as an outside. I can see clearly that they just want everything to be okay again, but because they're Winchesters and stubbornness are their middle names; they won't reconcile. Why can't they just hug and make up? Is it that hard?"

"Hmmm…they sound like their usual complicated self." Harry concluded.

"Hey, aren't you supposed to be in class now?" Bea chastised lightly.

"History of Magic B."

"Oh. You know, he's been there since the Salem witch trials. Maybe that's why all these Hogwarts headmasters kept him. He knows his shit."

"Wow. That long. Wouldn't he get bored by now? I mean, it's the same walls, same rooms, same environment for the past three hundred years."

"Ask him that. It would probably be the highlight of the class. Tell me about Hogwarts three hundred years ago, when you weren't so see-through."

"I will. Because I'm so friggin bored."

"I want the answer Ry."

Fifteen minutes later, Bea got the answer. "Hey. According to Binns memory, it was much the same. The differences are, the difference between social classes were more palpable. People were more conservative back then and the hostility between houses; it was never this bad. Enmity only really began, or escalated when Voldemort rose again in the nineteen eighties. I could get more information off the sorting hat."

"Naa. Don't worry. Thanks for that though. I was just curious, because I was thinking, magic didn't really have an evolution, like the muggle world. We had the introduction of technology which has been progressing at an alarming rate every since. Magic, it didn't really have any progression. You people are still stuck with quill and ink, and parchment; and owl post. All very old fashioned."

"Yeah. I get you. We can't really introduce technology to the Magical world. They won't accept it. Remember, people hate change. And the pureblood muggle issue. Purebloods would probably look down upon technology because it's something muggle; like racism in the muggle world."

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw her drunk father stumbling into the entertainment room. She gave a shudder and hurriedly said to Harry, "Hey. I have to go now. Dad needs help with some paperwork. I'll talk to you later." And just as abruptly, she closed her side of the telepathy link. Over in Hogwarts, Harry thought, not again…

Bea sat frozenly on the couch, pretending to watch TV while she was trying not to gag at the Jack Daniels odor reeking off her father. James slowly made his way to the couch and crashed ungracefully into the soft leather, giving no indication if he was in the right mind or not. Please don't dad. Do you really see me as mom, relieving your past or is this some kind of punishment for her death. Just as she relaxed against the couch, her father started groping her torso clumsily. Thinking that her father was drunk enough not to put up a fight, she forcefully pushed him away and swiftly made her way out of the room. Unfortunately, she underestimated her father and she was pushed onto the ground abrasively with James sitting heavily on her stomach. He undid his jeans, moved forward so his crotch was right underneath Bea's chin and said huskily, "Suck me now…"

At least it's not penetration…


Bea woke up to dull throbbing pain in her right hand at three o'clock in the morning. Blearily looking at her hand, she saw no markings or abrasions to cause her pain. it must be Harry…wonder what happened this time. At least it's not bone issues. Lockhart and his bone removing…'shudder'…

"Ry, Ry…hey, what happened to your hand?" Bea sent while shutting her eyes again.

"Detention with Umbridge. I had to write 'I must not tell lies' nonstop for the hour using her quill, and her quill, is this inkless one; but it somehow was able to use my blood as ink; thus I have 'I must not tell lies' etched bloodily into my hand. I'm okay, it's just my hand."

Umbridge is officially on my pissed off list. How dare she hurt Harry. Bea immediately became furious, yelling "That BITCH!!!" to Harry.

Harry instantly said, "Hey…I'm okay. Don't worry about it" to calm his sister down. He knows what an un-calm and furious Beatrice can be like. Third year dementors…thank god I'm her brother…

In a much more peaceful tone, Bea sent, "You should talk to Dumbledore about it. I mean, there's detention, and there's torture. Even Snape isn't like this."

"Yeah, but Umbridge wasn't hired by Dumbledore. She was put here by the ministry."

"Stupid politics."



The next morning was a somber affair. The twin towers in New York were just attacked and the Pentagon was also attacked in the same fashion, plane crash. See…George Bush as the president…not good at all… By the time of the first break, Bea was fidgeting all over, worried about Dean and his father. They were handling a case in New York just yesterday and she didn't want to imagine the worst. Taking out her phone, she messaged Dean, "Buzz me if you're alive "

A minute later, she received an SMS, "We're fine. Attack was demonic." Bea stared at the screen in shock. Demon attacks this big, whoa...wonder if Mr. Winchester's going to handle a case this big, because it is going to involve not only the government of the states, but it's going to involve important people from all around the world…and I wonder if Sam rang Dean or not. Does he even know Dean's in New York at the moment…

Slipping her cell back into her pocket, she went over to join her group; only to be met with Madeline aka. Maddie Banks in the corner sniffling harshly. The red-headed remained silent and offered no explanation but most could guess what had happened. Bea turned to Rowena, who was sitting next to her and quietly muttered, "Is it her Aunt?" A subtle nod answered her. Bea winced at that. Damn…Maddie must dying, they were so close…and where is Adam? She needs him here… The urge to go over there and comfort her was sitting strong in Bea's heart, but she knew that Maddie wouldn't appreciate it. It would attract a vast amount of attention, and embarrassment would settle in, creating much un-needed distress for the grieving girl. Finally, ten torturous minutes later, Adam, Maddie's boyfriend of one year, frantically hurried to her and discreetly took her to a secluded area of the caf.

So he's not that bad…I just never liked Adam much, too selfish for his own good. Not that I can say that, he's been nothing but amiable to all of us…if he ever hurts Maddie… Nobody had the desire to talk, the somber affair added with Maddie's pain dampened everyone's spirit. The entire table remained silent. Bea started woolgathering again…the attacks are so far away, yet so close. Maddie's aunt was killed in the crash. Dean and his dad are checking the demon that caused all this shit…every one of us is together in this mammoth web…the link…our blood and water…