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Daemonar's Short Adventure

The note Lucivar found on his door made him want to kill someone very, very badly.


We have your son. If you want to see him alive again, you have 24 hours to give us $500,000 in ransom. We will send you information about the exchange point shortly.


Actually, killing didn't sound satisfying enough. He wanted to torture and then kill whoever had taken his son. He crushed the note in his hand so hard that he cut himself on his nails through the paper.

He was just about the go roaring down the mountain—like Hell he was just going to sit around and wait for the next note—when a thought occurred to him. Instead of going on a rampage at the school where Daemonar was supposed to be in class and having a nice chat with the headmaster about the safety of students, he crossed his arms over his broad chest and waited outside his door.

Sure enough, less than ten minutes later, a second note appeared.


Please come pick up your son. We don't want the money. Just take him off our hands. Please.


Below was a map showing the exchange point not too far away.

Lucivar smirked. Perhaps he should take his time getting there, just so the bastards would have to hold on to Daemonar a little while longer. That would teach them a lesson. Besides, the eyrie hadn't been this quiet in the afternoon on a school day in a long time. He had a feeling that Marian would get mad at him for using kidnappers as babysitters though, so he quickly made his way to the meeting place.

When the kidnappers saw him coming, they threw Daemonar at him as a distraction and then fled in the other direction. The poor bastards looked more afraid of his son than of him. He felt kind of sorry for them.

He hunted them down and killed them anyway.

The end.