It was so cold...

It had all happened so fast, he didn't have any time at all to react. Whoever it was, they had had a great advantage since they had used the element of surprise. And he lay there cold, battered and broken. He must have taken quite a few blows to the chest since whenever he breathed in, he could hear a wheezing sound from where his lungs were trying to take in as much air as possible."

His eyes seemed to be bleeding, as he remembered seeing red before he was forced to close them, hoping that it would help to take some of the pain away. If he couldn't see the state his body was in, then it wouldn't hurt as much, right?

He cringed slightly as a sharp pain shot up his back. This person seemed to have ripped out some of his quills, as he remembered seeing them discarded on the floor. It would probably take a while before they would grow back. But until then, he wouldn't be able to bear looking into the mirror at what remained on his back.

The ice-cold rain didn't help ease the pain away. In fact, it made it worse, although a large amount of his body had turned numb. He wasn't even sure if he was still lying on the ground since he couldn't sense his left side anymore. The only way he could tell was his arm sprawled on the ground that still had feeling.

It was quite funny when he thought about it; just about all of his life, he had saved humans from their world being taken over or destroyed. And what did he get in return? This: complete pain and torture. Was that all that humans knew how to create? It was usually their fault that someone wanted to take over their world in the first place.

The rain slackened, as if someone was hovering over him." It could have just been the concussion, but he could have sworn that someone was near him. He couldn't help but let out a small whimper at the thought of being tortured yet again. He suddenly couldn't feel the ground on his arm. Instead, it was something soft and gentle touching him. There seemed to be a sudden gust of wind before he found himself slipping unconsciousness.