This story was written in response to the Fiction Alley 2007 fan-fiction challenge series - March Challenge. It was written by a team of writers called BeST; also known for their Betaing prowess. The team is made up of two writers and two grammarians – one American, the other British and PI accredited, who lives in Germany. The Authors are Les Dowich from Australia and Zarathustra from America. We ask that you read and enjoy!

The Switch-Up

Prompt: Gideon Prewett gave Gregory's Unctuous Unction to Professor Grubbly-Plank

Rating: PG

Gideon Prewett opened his eyes to bright sunlight coming in through the cracks between the deep-red velvet curtains hanging around his four-poster, and smiled. Today was the start of his third year at Hogwarts! He yawned and stretched, then rolled quickly out of bed to start the day.

Downstairs in the common room he ran into his older brother Fabian, a wiry red-headed fourth-year; together, they tumbled out of the Fat Lady's portrait-hole and headed down to breakfast.

"What do you have for first period, little bro?" Fabian asked, as they loaded their plates.

Gideon looked at his timetable that he had just received from his new Head of House, Professor McGonagall. "Ahhh, Care of Magical Creatures with Professor Grubbly-Plank – she's that new one introduced last night at the feast." Gideon smiled, as he remembered the young woman who had stood at the introduction. Very pretty.

"Good luck!" mumbled his brother. Fabian was not fond of magical creatures and had chosen Muggle Studies instead.

Gideon trudged down to the caretaker's cottage where the CoMC class was being held. This was a mixed-house class, so there was a bit of pushing and shoving among the Gryffindors and Slytherins as they gathered around a table. Everyone fell silent when Professor Grubbly-Plank appeared and began the class on Bowtruckles.

Gideon just stared. His head had soared when she had walked over to the table. When she started checking on the pairs of students doing their sketches, he thought he would pass out from his heart beating so fast as she bent over his shoulder. He just knew it; he was in love!

When the class was over, he delayed as much as possible. Every week for a month, he stayed behind to help, just to be close to her. She simply had to see what a good catch he was – wasn't he taller than her already, with muscles built up from a year as a beater? He tried talking to her, but for some reason he always stumbled over his tongue and the words never came out right.


Fabian Prewett glanced at the gargoyle and sighed. During his four years at Hogwarts, Mister Prewett had been a regular visitor to the Headmaster's office. Could he help it if he was interested in everything? How could he know that Mega-morphing Solution became volatile if the fumes were kept enclosed? The Slytherin Quidditch team had certainly jumped when their lockers exploded. He was consoling himself with remembered hilarity when angry voices sounded from behind the gargoyle. The wiry boy faded back behind a suit of armour and peered out curiously.

A tall, well-dressed man swept past his hiding place, then turned to snarl at the Headmaster who was poised on the bottom step. "You will sincerely regret refusing my offer, I promise you!"

"Now, Tom…"

"Enough!" The man turned to stride away, angrily.

Fabian held his breath as the visitor charged past the armour's niche, his colour high, until he almost ran over his cousin Vincent Goyle, lumbering in the other direction. Knowing Goyle, Fabian expected him to bull through, but the bulky seventh-year stopped dead and stammered; then, much to Fabian's shock, dropped to one knee and bowed his head with a strangled "My Lord, forgive me". The bump of curiosity that was often Fabian's downfall began to sting and prod at him insistently. Who the hell was that and what had he to do with Goyle? Was he, as the rumours flying about the wizarding world hinted, the new Grindelwald?

A million questions, answers, schemes and scenarios flashed through Prewett's fertile mind as he stood frozen in the alcove, each discarded until he realised this was the perfect opportunity to test out the potion he had been toying with. If he wanted information, then Gregory's Unctuous Unction held the key. He was really pleased to have a reason to try it.

"Mr Prewett." The Headmaster's voice cut through his ecstatic daydreams and reality bit.


For Gideon, his feelings came to a head when the Quidditch coach, Madam Hooch, came over to the hut after class. Gideon could tell that there was something going on between these two women.

That evening, after a detention with Slughorn for exploding his Shrinking Solution, Gideon slammed his way into the Gryffindor common room, throwing his bag down on the floor and himself onto the couch next to Fabian.

"Bad day?" asked Fabian, brooding over what he had seen at the Headmaster's office.

"You have no idea." He looked over at his brother. "Hey, you're the potions king – can you make a love potion?"

"Yeah, why?" he said, a bit startled.

"Let me tell you about… HER!"


The Room of Requirement was brilliant, the perfect hide-away for Fabian. True, Sluggie was good, but he did not encourage them to experiment. Here in the hidden room, Fabian could make what he liked, including Gregory's Unctuous Unction. He bought a box of Honeydukes Strawberry Crèmes and carefully added the potion. Goyle's sweet tooth was legendary; if Goyle saw him carrying the box he would be unable to resist - then he would be Fabian's instant best friend. It was foolproof!

Beside his box of chocolates was a second box belonging to Gideon who had developed a serious crush on someone, although he wouldn't say who. In a fit of generosity, Fabian had agreed to make a love potion for the squirt and had told him to get some Crème centres, too. Oh well, Gideon's doctored chocolates were on the left, so all was well and good. Fabian closed the door behind him and rubbed his hands together. Roll on, tomorrow!


Gideon entered the Room of Requirement and headed for Fabian's workbench. "Now where did he say… Oh, yeah, on the left…" He stared at the two boxes and shrugging, grabbed the one closest to him – they looked the same.

After class, he waited to escort the professor back up to the castle for lunch, and even led her to her seat at the head table.

"Professor, I thought you might like these chocolates; they're from Honeydukes."

"Why, thank you, Mr Prewett. I'm sure they are lovely – I'll save them for later, shall I?" She set the box next to her place setting, and Gideon went back to his table, feeling as if he was walking on air.


Fabian watched Gideon approach Grubbly-Plank and hand her the chocolates - the idiot had a crush on a teacher! Fabian's box was hidden under a spell that only revealed it to Goyle. He knew the Slytherin had seen them when he almost burned a hole in the box with his stare. So predictable!

Fabian let the rest of Gryffindor house go ahead of him before leaving the Great Hall. As planned, Goyle was waiting for him, a couple of cronies at his back.

"What you got, little cousin?" Goyle rumbled as Monkhouse grabbed his arms from behind. Wrapping a meaty arm around Fabian's neck, Goyle plucked the box from his grasp with the other. "Honeydukes? You shouldn't have!" He laughed, opening the chocolates with one hand. Fabian watched, triumphantly, as three of the sweets were crammed into Goyle's gaping maw.

A triple dose of potion would have knocked anyone else over.

Goyle stiffened, almost choking his cousin, then let out a gasp of horror. "My God! Fabian, love! Have I hurt you? Speak to me, please, honey!"

Monkhouse let go in shock, and Fabian staggered as meaty arms clasped him to a broad, surprisingly muscular chest. Fabian let out a strangled squawk of horror and slithered free, leaving his robe behind as he fled for his life, a lovesick, determined Goyle hard on his heels.

"Gideon, I will kill you!" Fabian vowed as he bolted.


Wilhemina sighed as she set the box of chocolates down on the table and went to answer the knock at her door.

"Rolly! C'mon in," she said as she ushered Hooch into her cottage. Rolanda eyed the chocolates on the table.


Wilhemina waved her hand at them. "Help yourself, they're from Mr Prewett – not fond of them myself."

Rolanda plucked out a couple and popped them in her mouth. "I really came to discuss the Crups," she said as she chewed. She looked over at Wilhemina. "You know, Willy, I was just realising how much we have in common – this business of raising Crups is just the best thing for the two of us to do together, don't you think so?"

Wilhemina looked startled for a moment, then smiled. If she was truthful with herself, she had a definite crush on the older woman and welcomed the chance to go into business with her. It looked like Rolly felt the same way. This day was turning out better than she could have dared imagine!