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Role Reversal - The Edge

Sam pulled his jacket around him tighter as the cold shimmied up his spine. He had already wanted to move to a different motel room...within the first five minutes of entering the dark dilapidated, sorry ass excuse of one, but both he and Dean had been too tired to drive on.

"You want the shower or should I go?" Dean asked as he fought the onslaught of sleep while standing up. Sam shook his head as Dean snapped his own back up from another doze off.

"Go," Sam said as he watched Dean slowly shuffle into the bathroom after taking off his jacket. He sat down on the bed, wincing in pain as he arched his back. He was growing old before his time. His bones could practically be ancient or porous, the way he treated himself, little to no calcium…hardly any vitamin D.

"Hello Sam."

Sam turned around staring wearily at the angel. He sighed but stood up ignoring the pain poking at his lower back. "Hi," he greeted as he moved closer towards the blue eyed angel who was looking around the room.

"This is bad…even for you." Castiel's eyes quickly flicked back to Sam who was struggling to keep his eyes open.

"What d'ya wants?"Sam was running low on energy, his last meal being a day or so ago. He slurred his words as if he was drunk but Castiel didn't notice.

"You have to stop."


"Your powers," Castiel said as he listened to see if Dean might be coming out.

"I did!" Sam whined. It was too late to be doing this.


"Fine m'going to stop," he said stifling a yawn.

Castiel shook his head. "You won't. You and I both know that." Castiel sighed before closing the gap before Sam and himself, gently tapping the young man's head…

Sam woke up in the middle of a desolate place. He felt a bit better but not by much, the sleepiness was gone. His hands and feet were tied loosely. After undoing the bonds he stood up. The sky was a murky green colour where infinity looked like it was it really could go on forever. The ground was red, different shades, drying up in some places and wet and bright in others. The smell reminded Sam faintly of blood. He gulped. In the distance he saw a shadow approach. It was Castiel.

"Where are we?" Sam croaked, his voice was hoarse and felt like it was on fire.

"Don't talk Sam. It will hurt more," Castiel responded ignoring Sam's question. "You are here to watch, to listen, and to understand that if you continue down your current path…" He paused. He wasn't sure if Sam had to know all this. There were easier ways to deal with the problems that were being caused. The elders had unanimously voted, no matter how harsh, how much truth Sam was going to witness; it was the only way to get the message across.

"…Dean would have been better off in Hell." Castiel suddenly walked forward, leaving Sam the option as to whether to join him or not. Sam ran after Castiel in short brisk strides before slowing down to a walk. "Sam…I am, how do you say? Fond? Of your kind…especially you and Dean…" Sam looked at him blankly before turning his head to survey the land around him. There were shrieks, loud wailing, sounds of people or beings screaming in pain and agony. Hills surrounded the edges and the wind was chillier then he could've ever imagined. This reminded him of stories, people intricately describing…Hell?! Sam whipped around putting a palm to Castiel's chest, stopping him in mid stride. Castiel looked surprised at first but slowly come to the realisation that Sam knew where he was.

Feeling a pang of sympathy for Sam he admitted that the place was in fact how Hell looked like. Sam's hazel eyes widened in fear as he gripped Castiel's shirt forcing him upwards, "Sorry," Castiel said weakly as Sam slowly let him go. "I didn't want to, but you must know the truth." Sam considered this but he still looked in worry. "You cannot be harmed," The angel assured. It didn't matter, safe or not Sam stayed closer to Castiel's side.

They continued to walk suddenly stopping in front of large iron gates. Sam went to open it but Castiel grabbed his wrist. "Do not touch anything here," he warned. Sam gulped again but used his eyes to express his query. "Touch anything here…your life will seise to exist. You will be a claim to Hell and there will be no way out. Especially for you." Castiel moved forward an invisible force spreading the gates open as he continued walk through it. Sam followed.

They reached the centre of someplace; the cliffs fell to dead drops, straight down to where red liquid oozed through the crevasses and ravines, releasing a pungent odour that smelled like death. Sam looked down, the liquid gushing over the rocks and bottom of the river, the wailing around him became louder. He could faintly make out words as Castiel stepped beside him.

"Forgive us! Save us! We ask for forgiveness!" The chorus was like a mass of waves crashing to the shore, it only grew louder. It blended into incoherent babble, but the volume, it pierced Sam's ears and suffocated him in a never ending pit of sound. Castiel pushed Sam back but not before Sam saw the thousands of faces that lined the cliff, each wailing in their agony. Some of their faces had decayed, leaving bone and flesh grotesquely displayed. Others were turning into stone, slightly crumbling away into the deep abyss of nothingness, their lips were sealed only allowing their eyes to speak of the torture they endured and how they ended up in the place of the unspeakable.

Sam stumbled back as a fanfare was called further back the way they came. "We must go now!" Castiel yelled over the din. Sam clutching his head nodded as they ran back away from the noise only stopping when they could run no further. 'C'mon,' Castiel said as he tapped Sam's forehead again.

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