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Role Reversal – The Uprising

Previously: Sam could watch no more. Involuntarily he threw up, hearing the screams ringing in his ears Hearing Sam, himself being torn apart by a pack of dogs as his big brother, his hero, watched in merriment. Him, being the one who actually gave the order.

Ignoring the sensations welling up in his chest, he found his voice rasping out, 'Why?'

'Because…' Castiel struggled to find the right words. 'This is exactly what you did to him.'

Castiel tapped Sam's forehead again. Once again he opened his eyes. He saw a different king on the throne, Ruby sitting beside the throne, wearing a smirk on her face. A new prisoner was kneeling in front of the throne. Sam rushed forward. The short cropped hair, bright green expressive eyes. Everything screamed out Dean, the whole hearted big brother, the man that didn't have an intentional evil bone in his body. Again Castiel chased after Sam taking him to the ground. 'Sam! You can't!' He screamed at the already terrified brother.

'No! Dean, please no! I'm sorry.' Sam screamed as he saw himself stand over Dean. He watched himself raise a knife and plunge it into his brother's shoulder. Sam screamed as tears flowed freely from his eyes.

'He can't hear you!' Castiel yelled into Sam's ear as he struggled to stop the young hunter from rushing to Dean's side. Sam was still sobbing uncontrollably as Castiel hushed him.

'I put him here, but you can bring him back?! Can't you?!' His hazel eyes scanned the angel. 'Bring him back!' He pleaded.

'I can't, he is too far gone.'

'Too far gone?'

'Watch his eyes.'

Sam sat there in Castiel's arms watching Dean's eyes. After cursing and hissing, facing the ground, Dean looked up; his expressive green eyes were gone. Left with black hollow pits, like King Dean had.

'So Sammy, how are you and your bitch?' The snark remarks were still there but bared no weight on the little brother who kicked Dean's abdomen. Dean grunted in pain. 'Hope you like the eyes?' He laughed a bit until Sam plunged the knife into Dean's stomach.

'Eyes are great. Dean. How's Alistair?' Sam asked in between punches.

'Perfect, seeing you and you ugly duckling, well that's making my day.' Dean said snidely coughing up blood. Ruby rose, snapping her fingers. Sam stepped back allowing the hellhounds to drag Dean around the courtyard. Chewing into Dean's muscle ripping him apart, limb from limb. Sam sat back in his throne clasping his queen's hand, brushing his bangs away from his eyes as if to see a clearer spectacle. His eyes were yellow, like the yellow eyed demons. The blood had raised itself to the surface.

Castiel's arms were still protectively encased around Sam's body. Sam followed Dean as he was dragged around the ground, gagging as his limbs became separated. 'Don't want to be here.' He whispered into the crook of Castiel's neck. Castiel nodded his head in understanding as for the last time, he tapped Sam's head.

When Sam woke up he found himself in his bed in the crappy motel room. Dean was in the bed next to him, his breathing was hitching here and there and he was moving around a lot. Castiel sat on the corner of Sam's bed. With their voices hushed they spoke. Sam asking questions and Castiel answering them as well as he could.

'Why did you take me there?'

'You needed to see the truth.'

'What happened?'

'Uprising, the demons and hell spawn didn't like how you ruled, the power you used, the things you did. They started whispers, which sent you to have Dean ripped apart, he turned, realising that he couldn't fight to save you. He succumbed to the calling, and you were pitted against each other. You lost and Dean won. Things changed, as people say…an eye for an eye?' Sam nodded his head mutely

'What truth?' Sam asked as he moved his hands pulling his knees close to his chest.

'You can't do what you are doing?' Castiel took a deep breathe in. 'You aren't…exactly…the main problem.'

'Dean,' Sam said astonished. 'No, ha that's funny Cas, try pulling the other one.' He continued to shake his head. Castiel talking trying to explain the situation.' Sam kept muttering Dean's name over and over again. Castiel tried to break through the barrier, tell Sam that Dean was brought up from Hell because he was the person who could turn the world upside down. Sam's Dean. Sam's big brother would be the death of him and the rest of the world. Sam had to stop this, he had to stop this. Random images flashed through his mind. His heart beat faster, breathing became quick and laboured.

'Dean!' Sam screamed. In an instant Dean sat up, blinking his eyes tiredly.

'Sammy?' Dean questioned as he heard Sam gasping for breath. He ran out of his bed , kneeling at Sam's bed, 'Sammy, wake up dude.' Dean asked. He moved his hand out to connect with Sam but he shrank back. Dean's green eyes grew wide. 'Sam. Tell me what's wrong?' Sam shook his head, Dean seeing Castiel in the corner for the first time.

'I'm sorry Dean.'

'What did you do?' Dean hissed angrily as he attempted to reach out to Sam. Castiel vanished.

'Dean, I'm sorry!' Sam said quieting down.

'Nothing to be sorry bout.' Dean mumbled as he finally held Sam's arm. Sam turned his head, his brown eyes shining with tears against the moonlight. Dean nodded silently sitting on top the bed, leaning against the headboard as he took his brother into his arms and let Sam relax against him. 'It's okay. Shhh…'

'Dean you have to save, me. Don't let me do it...' Sam's eye lids grew heavy as he whispered, 'Don't wanna hurt you, can't go evil...'

Dean stared at the back of Sam's head as he gently stroked his baby brothers, brown mop hair. He didn't know what he was talking about but he promise. 'K, Sammy, I'll save you, even if I have to go to Hell and back.'

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