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Chapter 9 – The choice

Chapter 9: The choice

Ren looked at her. Tamao seriously regretted what she had done. But was this enough to destroy their enemy?

"Can you kill him?"

"I couldn't kill! And besides, I think I lost my power over him"


"But nothing. I can't risk your lives in this one. I'll just…go with him and that's it"

"How about your life?"

"It won't be a problem. My life will be the last thing you should worry about."


"Because you're a rival for him, and…he eliminates rivals. So you should worry about your life"

"I want you to be safe"

He embraced her. Lyserg was watching this from the distance full of nerves. How did Ren dare to embrace her? He approached to them, trying not to look jealous, although you had to be blind not to see it.

Just to tense thing up more, Hao appeared with his Spirit of Fire.

"So, are you ready, Tamao?"

"Murderer!" Lyserg shouted. "You killed the X-laws!"

"And they killed my teammates, so we're even. Come, Tamao!"



"You heard her, she's not coming with you!" Ren said

"She doesn't love you" Lyserg added.

"The question is who does she love?" Hao asked, and then they all threw her an impatient look. Tamao lowered her head.

"I-I'm sorry, but I don't know"

"Oh well, then we should simplify your choice" Hao stated with a calm voice. "Spirit of Fire, kill them!"


Tamao ran in front of Ren and the Spirit of Fire stopped his attack inches away from her face.

"So, he is your choice?" Hao asked sadly.

"I heard you thinking that you'll kill him first" she said calmly


"I seem to have this power…I guess you transferred some of your powers to me without knowing it. So, I'm curious…"

"About what?"

"Exactly how much of your power I posses…" she answered slowly

"And how are you going to know that?"

"Like this" she said, creating a fire ball. "Spirit of Fire…"

Hao's eyes widened in shock as he felt that the spirit he had never loved or respected changing masters so quickly; this couldn't happen; he was the Omnyojy…he was afraid for his life…

Tamao lowered her head and closed her eyes.

"…kill Hao"

Surprisingly to the other two, the Spirit of Fire obeyed. Hao disappeared in a giant fire ball forever, while Tamao ran away crying; she knew she had to do it, she knew he was evil, she knew he would have killed the others, but she also knew that this crime will haunt her forever; she knew she had lost a part of her heart and her human condition. What human could do such a terrible thing? And who was she to deny his right to live? But he had denied so many people's right to live…

An hour later, Anna and Yoh received an important call from Mikihisa that called them back urgently. Everyone started packing, obviously disturbed. Without Anna and Yoh, Horo and Ren didn't want to stay. Tamao wouldn't speak, but she also packed, thinking that she had to return and take the punishment for her stupidity; she had also sent the Spirit of Fire away, telling him never to return again…

"So, it's goodbye then" Lyserg said smiling sadly.

"Yes, it is. We're sorry that our staying here wasn't happy, and for the Hao part" Anna said "but you were a wonderful host, Lyserg"

"Thank you. You're welcome to visit me anytime"

"Ok, bye!"

"Bye!" they all waved at each other.

Lyserg sighed and returned to his room, removing the manuscripts of his stories and thinking of what he'd write next. Tamao was leaving…leaving with Ren.

"Tamao, can I have a word with you?" Yoh asked her. "What's troubling you?"

"I killed him, Yoh! I killed Hao!"

"So did I…"

She looked into his brown eyes.

"I felt like killing myself the first days…I realized I somehow missed him. I killed him knowing that he was my brother...did that make me better?"

"You weren't exactly close…and you had so many reasons to kill him…I only had one"

"Protect Ren and Lyserg?"


"You know…in the forest…when he was hurt…he looked so much like you…" she whispered, blushing and feeling tears in her eyes

"You thought about me?"

"In the first moments, yes. But then, it was Hao. A troubled and fearful Hao. I think I felt attracted to him, seeing him so weak and all. I think I still have feeling for you, Yoh"

"I consider it normal; people say you never forget your first love…but I love Anna. The way she is, the way she talks to me…I wouldn't like it otherwise"

"You don't hate me?"

"No! We'll always be friends, Tamao. No matter what, we're friends for life!" Yoh laughed.

"Thanks, Yoh. You're very good to me" she said.

"But…there's one more thing you have to do"


"Your choice has simplified. Without me and Hao on your list, there are two more boys"

"Ren or Lyserg? It's hard to choose…"

"Listen to your heart, Tamao. This time you have to listen to your heart"

"It's too hard…"

"Then let's make it simple. Which one of them makes you feel beautiful and special? Which one of them admitted his feelings willingly? Which one of them makes you feel the butterflies in your stomach?"

Tamao stopped in her tracks. They were in front of the plane and Ren looked at her triumphant as she looked at him smiling happily. She knew the answer now. She finally knew what her home was.

"Thank you, Yoh-kun"

Lyserg stayed at his table, unable to focus. He dropped the pencil and took it back up, wrote down on sheets of paper and threw them with the garbage.

Suddenly, the door burst open.

"T-Tamao? What are you still doing here?"

She dropped her luggage on the floor.

"Lyserg…you never read to me your detective stories!" she said.

He jumped over his desk and ran to her. She ran to him too and hugged him tightly. Words were no longer needed.

A plane was seen taking off to the sky.

"Are you sure?" he asked still holding her. "Are you sure you want me and not Ren?"

"I've never been surer of anything in my whole life"

She bent down and kissed him.

"I love you, Lyserg. I love you and only you" she whispered between kisses.

"I…I'm the happiest man alive" Lyserg whispered back. He spun her into the air and then they both walked up to his desk.


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