Avatar the Legend of Aang Book Four: The Avatar

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Chapter 3 – Departing This Side of Reality

Suki's P.O.V.

Reality. So far, I still can't believe which is reality. That the war is over, that things are suddenly going to get better? I'd like to believe it, like everyone else does. That there will no longer be problems, that everything's going to be okay now. I'm going home, back to peaceful times, but why is it that I feel despair, sadness, and depression? like something's not right? or maybe it's just post war feelings, I mean, after practically living my whole life in war, you'd think I don't know how to live a life without it. I guess maybe it is all over…


Suki stared at the fire nation boat that would take her, and some of the other refugees, warriors and captives that were caught in the fire nation during the war, they're all going home now. Back to where they can rest, relax, breathe in hard and smell freedom. She woke up early so that the others won't see her off. She couldn't stand the thought of not seeing them again, let alone not seeing Sokka again. But he did promise he'd visit as soon as he gets things straight in his own home. And...then what…? After getting things straight? Then what? What would they all do then?

She sighed at that thought, and shook her head. No, everything's going to be okay, now. But the thing that bothered her the most was her instincts; something was bugging her, like they forgot something…..but what?


Aang woke up to the sound of birds chirping…..

He sat up, stretched his arms, and let out a long yawn.

He, and the rest of Team Avatar, slept at the fire nation palace. Today was the day that they would depart and go their own ways again. He was planning on going to the air temples, visiting them, and maybe even search for any possible air bender lives. He thought, if the sun warriors were able to live in hiding throughout the war, maybe there were also some air benders that survived. But Sokka kept going against that idea. It was very unlikely, he said. But nothing could ruin his positive mood.

He was going to depart early in the morning, not wanting to be in the way of Katara's catching up with the freedom and everything. But he promised himself he would come back to her when he finds himself.

Only Sokka and Zuko knew of his plans. And they promised not to tell Katara. Not until he left, or after she read the letter he wrote for her. And it's not as if he'll be gone forever. The war is over. So no need to worry. He wasn't sure why this sudden need to find himself came up, but before he could even relax after all this it came up. So he had to follow it, either way.

"Hey Appa," he whispered, patting the air bison on the head. "ready to go, buddy?"

Appa made a grunt.

Momo popped up from behind him. Aang smiled. "Not, you Momo, I need you to stay with Katara while I'm gone. "

And with that the Avatar was once again, flying with his Air bison, just the two of them, like once before when he got trapped in that ice berg.


In the fire nation prisons, the guards heard a loud sound, like an opening large iron gate. Like someone was opening something. In a rush they checked all the prisoners' cells…

"She escaped…"


"Th-that's not possible!"

The guards felt a chill, then a shaking horrible feeling and they felt like they were glued to the spot….


That morning the next shift of gaurds came in, and they were horrified. The gaurds from last night were found, dead, on the spot. and worst was it looked as if they were drained out of blood.

"Th-this cell is empty!" the other guard said.


A guard from the other hall came.

"The princess is gone!" he shouted as he ran towards them. then paused at the sight of the three lifeless, bloodless bodies, and the other empty cell.

"This is bad."

~ Fade to white ~


Note: sorry if this turned out pretty lame. This is my first Avatar fan fiction, so I'm not sure if there are any Out of characterness. And I'm not sure if I got Suki's personality correctly, she's the one I know of least. Hope you like this one.