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Ginny stood on the lanai of the little cottage she and Draco were sharing on this job. It was wonderful to be here, on the island of Molokai, where it was never much below 72 degrees and never much above 88 degrees. Bill and his family were just down the beach, too and it felt very much like the paradise that Hawaii was touted to be.

Generally, non-residents weren't allowed on this island, but an ancient ruin was discovered recently, and after several mysterious deaths to the scientists trying to investigate, the matter was turned over to America's semi-secret Department of Magical Affairs. In conjunction with the Ministry of Magic, a team of American and British wizards and witches were assigned to discover what kind of magic was being used and break the spells. Bill's team had been chosen and were pulled from the Japanese underwater site of Yonaguni, to come to this beautiful island.

They'd gone to work for Gringott's only four months after the end of the war, had been to South America, Japan, and now, Hawaii. Ginny thought back over the last three years. She and Draco had worked hard and saved money, but it hadn't been all roses. Because of their different backgrounds and upbringings, they had fought over almost every major decision. While she knew Draco loved and respected her, he'd been brought up that the man made all the decisions, period. It had taken a long time for Draco to learn to compromise without a pitched battle.

Ginny, on the other hand, was used to bossing her brothers around, or trying to, and found that the same tactic on Draco was completely ineffective. It had taken a couple of years, but they'd both grown and learned how to work with the other for a common solution. And Ginny knew that they would probably, like most married couples, find something to argue about, but the arguments never passed a certain limit. When things looked like getting out of hand, Draco would usually stop and put his arms around her. He would take several deep breaths, then release her. After that, they would begin again, more calmly. Sometimes she was the one to 'call the time out', but either way, it worked.

Draco was on the site right now, helping Bill and the Americans write their reports to date. Ginny was grateful, since she had been wretchedly ill that morning. They weren't going into the ruins today, so they hadn't needed her there, leaving her time to recover from the horrid nausea she'd felt. She was perfectly fine now, though. But she'd done a few tests while Draco was gone, and she had a wonderful surprise for him. Ginny took a last look at the view of blue ocean, white sand and lush vegetation before turning back to start dinner. She just entered the cottage when the door opened.

"Virginia? How are you feeling, love," Draco called.

Ginny ran to greet him, once again admiring what the tropical sun did with his skin and hair. His normally pale skin was bronzed, and his silver hair was now streaked with even lighter highlights. Ginny threw her arms around his neck and gave him a quick kiss, wanting to pass on her good news. Draco held her waist and returned the kiss, deepening it.

Ginny shivered in excitement. She didn't know if all couples still felt this excited after three years, but she hoped she would feel this way for the next thirty years! But she was getting side tracked. She had some things to tell him! Pushing at his chest, Ginny backed away. Draco gave her a smoldering look that made her feel shivery inside.

"Honestly, Draco," Ginny said with a shaky laugh. "I'm trying to tell you something!"

"Tell me later," he growled, gripping her hips and pulling her hard against him.

Ginny tried one more time. "But it's important!" she whispered, but knew she was losing the battle. Her knees grew weak as he crushed her mouth beneath his in a deep searching kiss.

With a soft moan, he lifted her off the ground, still kissing her, and carried her into their bedroom. They fell onto the bed and Ginny laughed as Draco tried to attack the intricate knot that tied her beach wrap around her neck.

"Damned thing!" he muttered as the knot refused to come untied.

She laughed again and pushed his hands away, taking advantage of his momentary distraction. She sat up and crossed her legs, causing the wrap to push enticingly up her tanned thighs.

"I've got some something to tell you!" she said, grasping the hand he was running up her inner leg.

"Really?" he asked, lifting an eyebrow, but watching as his hands moved to the split in the wrap and started parting it.

"Really! Draco, you're not paying attention!"

He finally pulled his hands away and crossed his arms, an annoyed expression on his face.

"I thought I was paying quite a lot of attention!" he protested. "You seem to be feeling better than you were this morning."

Ginny ignored the petulance in his reply. "I am. AND I wanted to tell you—"

Draco took her hands and pulled her closer. "Yes, love, but is it a boy or a girl?"

Ginny pulled away with a gasp. "How on earth did you know?"

"I didn't until right now," he whispered. He pushed her back onto the bed, covering her body with his and pressing a knee between her legs. He looked at her wonderingly as he brought a hand down to caress her still-flat belly.

"You're having my baby," he breathed.

Ginny smiled up into her husband's eyes.

"I'm having OUR baby," she corrected. "I love you, Draco."

"Our baby," he repeated.