I realize that this is not something I'm supposed to do - author's notes and whatnot constituting a place given over as a chapter. However, I feel it is my duty as an authoress to update my community (if anyone is still listening.)

This will be a brief message detailing plans for the story in question, where I've been, and where else this can be located in case ffnet cracks down on me...because anyone reading this knows about the lemon flavoring I've injected into most of my work and, if their bots pick me up, 'Pride" (and possibly my others) will be axed off the site. Never fear - I'm in other locations as well that won't do that (and will be detailed below).

First, I apologize to anyone reading these fics on ffnet. I realize that they changed something somewhere along the line, and it stripped part of my formatting...most notably page breaks. There is no division between my author's notes and the story itself. I am making an effort to correct that.

If anyone knows of a good, free word processor that doesn't have formatting half the websites out there won't accept, I'd appreciate suggestions, just PM me. (remember, links don't work on here too unless you add spaces).

That being said...


Firstly, my reason WHY this seeming abandonment of my story has occured:

I have not abandoned this story, I've just had a lot of things happen since I was last able to write or was in much of a writing mood.

I moved house in with my father and his mother, to take care of my grandmother during her final years, and that took a significant portion of my time. When that was finished, I moved again to live with my father. I was helping him out with what little help he needed (he lost a leg due to diabetes and, while fully able to care for himself and functional, there are a few things that having two legs makes easier. Heh.).

Things seemed to be going fairly well, and I added a few chapters and was making the plans I needed to finish this bad boy so I could get started on a sequel. xD Because I'm like that. Then, a couple weeks later, I got word that my little brother had gone missing. He remained so for 24 days before they found him. He had been in a rollover accident (we knew that part) during a terrible blizzard on his way home, and it took them that long to find his body. He didn't even have a jacket. He walked about a mile and a half in his work clothes, no socks, t-shirt...climbed over a couple barbed wire fences and ultimately fell to hypothermia.

That more or less killed my writing groove, as he was my only sibling and I don't have much in the way of family.

So I finally started getting things together so I could start writing again after a long and painful year of getting my head straighter than it was and crap. I began doing a revision, update, and edit to change formatting so it wouldn't be stripped out on this site or others, fixing potential mistakes, minor updates to Sairex's speech patterns in his earlier moments before he was better defined and I realized I'd keep him in Pride...blah blah.

On April 19th, my father died. He was probably the closest person in the world to me, and a lot of my personality and writing mojo and things that I do were directly relatable to him. His death was entirely unexpected and floored me and everyone else. He was only 61. His heart function declined from a healthy 60 percent a year ago to only 10-15. He got pneumonia and an infection and the whole mess of it took him down. I'm still reeling from it.

Sooo. That put me in the position to have to move back into my mother's house, where I started this whole story. And now that I'm here again, back in the land of no-internet-worth-mentioning (we live in farmland and the only options are satellite or dialup. Sat's tolerable for some things but useless for gaming and such)... now that I'm here and can't do half my former hobbies, boredom if nothing else will drive me to start writing again. It's why I started in the first place...boredom and loneliness lol.



The absolute best, number one most reliable place to find my work is on my Dreamwidth page. I check it every day, and it has every fic I've posted recently or in the past, including ALL of Pride and its sidestories. It's all prettified, with cute icon pictures and colors, formatting, etc.

It got a fresh edit, I am in the process of re-editing it again as we speak AND have two beta-readers taking a stab at it as well (I never had anything beta'd before, and if anyone else is interested in also taking a look for specific things, especially if you know this story or my others well, I'd appreciate it!). Anyhow, Dreamwidth is my hotspot where all my absolute most recent edits, posts, stories, information, etc. is listed. You can find me at:

Jezzra . Dreamwidth. Org. ((obviously, remove the spaces, I can't put links in here.))

However, if you either hate Dreamwidth, its not working out for you, or you just plain old prefer something else... I can also be found at Mediaminer. org, Adultfanfiction. net, and (once my latest edit is done and beta'd) Ao3. If you need more detailed information on how to find my work, feel free to send me a PM or even an email. My email is visible in my profile (megami _ no _ remon hotmail. com). Just make sure you put something in the subject line so I know it isn't spam mail...and if I don't respond I apologize. I also check my email every day and it has, in the past, deleted some personal mail that it thought was spam.


On to...THE PLAN! THE FUTURE OF PRIDE (and others)!

Yes. They have one. It may just be the ending. It may have a sequel that will go on for who knows how long. It may have more sidestories. I really cant' imagine myself writing Inuyasha-verse stories and not using my characters as they've grown and become in the course of writing this beast, so...any future work I do in the fandom will likely end up being related in some fashion.

And my other fandoms, notably RK & TRC - will not go un-updated. I intend to finish my WIPs in those regards just as wholly as I intend to for Pride.

They, too, are in their most recent (and another working) edit stage, with live copies on my dreamwidth page if nowhere else.

My goal is to first finish the formatting edit. I will then repost everything to my various posting sites (the live version that I work on is already up on DW - I'm editing off that copy directly as I lost my main copy to a computer crash lol).

After I have everything re-edited and reposted - which shouldn't take too long, depending on how life treats me - I will settle in and start writing again.


So, while I'm sure its not what you hoped for in a new chapter, this is my official apology, my plans, and most importantly, the way to find my works to see the conclusion of various things or for future reading in case the ffnet bots do indeed pick up on my, ah... disregard to the rating limits and my choice to post my works here, unedited and with plenty of lemon filling.

I hope you continue to enjoy my stories, wherever you may find them.

Cheers, all!

~ The Mighty and Incomparable Pharaoh Jezz-Ra