Heathcliff & Cathy

A newer Romeo and Juliet,

A modern Antony and Cleopatra.

Weren't Cathy and Heathcliff soulmates?

Alright, they were foster brother and sister,

But they were still meant to be.

They knew each other from the age of six.

Grew up together,

Then, that fateful prank on the Lintons',

Which left Cathy hurt.

It changed their lives forever.

Edgar proposed.

Cathy accepted.

Heathcliff ran.

Isabella wanted him.

Cathy and Edgar married.

So did Isabella and Heathcliff.

They were with the wrong people.

Cathy died in childbirth.

Heathcliff was left a haunted man.

Did he blame himself?

Of course he did, he was a man.

Her daughter and his son married,

Cathy and Linton just didn't click.

But Cathy and Hereton, however...

Heathcliff couldn't break them up.

They were soulmates too.

Just like Heathcliff and Cathy.