Christmas Present by Fidomom
Part 3~Heart's Desire

The Set-Up: Chloe has tracked Brady down and confessed her feelings to him. Now she is trying to get a confession of love from him.

Brady souldanced with Chloe for an eternity before answering her.
Brady: I am very much in love with you. I don't even know when it happened. Something so significant you'd think I would know, but I don't. All I know is I can't clearly remember what it feels like not to love you. It has been a torturous hell for me watching you pine away over Uncle Phil, because I couldn't take your hurt away. I suppose there was some jealousy but I tried not to let it rule me. Hearing you say you love me was a huge shock ... here I pride myself on knowing you so well and I had no clue. How long have you known, Chloe?
Chloe smiled up at him through her tears of joy at hearing he loved her too.
Chloe: Well, it depends if you mean really known or merely suspected.
Brady looked at her suspiciously.
Brady: Ok. Suspected.
Chloe: When I got off the plane instead of going with everyone and you were there. My heart started racing and amidst the turmoil of my emotions I was so happy and relieved to see you, I nearly hugged you right then but I stopped myself because we were barely past the arguing stage of our relationship.
Brady raised his eyebrows.
Brady: Seriously? Even before our summer together?
Chloe smiled and blushed a little as she nodded her head yes.
Chloe: You know, Brady, Belle is not exaggerating when she says ALL her friends think you're hot. I get the feeling you thought I was above such superficial notions. Well, I wasn't and I'm not. Brady, even that first night on the pier, I was supremely attracted to you.
Brady chuckled.
Brady: Well, well, well, Diva, it's not like you to feed my ego this way! You're usually so concerned I'll get a swelled head!
Chloe: Oh, God, you're so right! What was I thinking?! I really don't normally gush over anyone like this.
Chloe hides her embarassed face in Brady's shoulder. Brady laughs and embraces her tighter.
Brady: You won't hear me complaining!
Chloe looked up at him and they burst out laughing together.
A brief, tender silence followed.
Brady: So the big L, huh? I want us to promise eachother something.
Chloe: Oh? What's that?
Brady: Well, seeing as we are both very classy individuals who never stick to convention and tradition, let's promise to never make anyone hurl with any of our PDA's!
Choe: I'm sorry Brady but I can't make that promise cuz I know I can't keep it. I'm about to get very sappy with you.
Brady: Meaning?
Chloe: This.
And she kissed his mouth. Brady felt a jolt of something akin to electricity course through his body, as their kiss went from 0 -120kM/h in 6 seconds flat. Brady shoved himself away from Chloe gasping.
Brady: Chloe never give a dehydrated man a full glass of water - he'll choke on it everytime!
Chloe looked puzzled, and hurt.
Brady: Just let me catch my breath and we'll try again, only take it easy on me next time, will ya? He grinned and winked at her. Chloe laughed with relief. Finally breathing almost normally, Brady took Chloe in his arms. He tilted her face up for his kiss. The jolt this time was even stronger somehow, making them both reckless, and breathless with desire. Brady was a little better prepared this time. He groaned with desire and frustration, as his hands reached for Chloe's hair, to find it all pinned up; unavailable and inaccessible. Chloe had long since lost her mind and didn't even seem to notice when he began undoing her 'do. Short moments later her hair was finally loose and free. With a contented sigh Brady tangled his hands in her silken tresses, and deepened their kiss. Chloe clung to him, her hands frantically seeking skin. Brady finally ran out of oxygen and tore his mouth away from hers, breathing raggedly. He couldn't keep his mouth away from her though. He trailed kisses down her neck, making her moan in ecstasy. He nibbled at her ear and whispered a suggestion to her.
Brady: Chloe love, we should go somewhere a little warmer and a lot more private. Mutely she nodded in agreement. Brady wrapped her in a tight hug, and they stood that way for long moments catching their collective breath. Chloe signalled to Brady when she was ready to go. He gave her one more hard squeeze and holding hands they walked back toward the mansion to retrieve Brady's jeep.
The jeep was like a freezer when they climbed into it. Brady put the keys in the ignition and started warming it up. He sat sideways in the drivers seat, facing the passenger seat. He motioned for Chloe to come sit with him.
Brady: C'mere and help me get warmed up, Chloe.
Chloe didn't hesitate. She sat on his lap with her back against his chest. He wrapped his arms around her, and they both shivered a lot.
Brady: Chloe?
Chloe: Ya?
Brady: If you could have one thing what would be your heart's desire?
Chloe leaned back and look up at Brady's face quizzically.
Chloe: My heart's desire? Hmmm. I never thought about it before. Gimme a minute or two I'll think of something.
After a short pause.
Chloe: My heart's desire would be to give you opening tickets to see Chloe Black perform live at the Met! Now I know that's very presumpt....
Brady silenced her disclaimer with a soul searing kiss. Brady pulled away and smiled into her eyes.
Brady: Chloe, we're definitely soulmates because that is exactly what my heart's desire is, too!
Chloe laughed with him.
Chloe: Brady? I think for the first time in a very long while I just might have a Happy Christmas ... I already got the best Christmas present ever ... you! I love you Brady!
Brady: And I love you. Happy Christmas, Diva.
Chloe smiled up at him.
Chloe: Happy Christmas, Brady.
Together they shared the gentlest kiss and in it was the promise of a lifetime of the sweetest tomorrows imaginable.