Undeserving - A GALS! / Super Gals fanfic.

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Aya opened the door to her room and tossed her bag carelessly on her study table. She let herself fall on the bed and hugged a pillow to her side. She had spent hours with the siblings out in the city, aimlessly walking about the bustling area. She had fun. Lots of fun! Like any only-child, she had always wanted siblings. Kai was like a big brother to him and the twins were just like irresistible younger siblings she'd always dreamed to dote on. Tired was an understatement, but so was fun.


Aya jerked awake, unaware that she had almost fallen asleep in her dirty clothes. She groaned and decided her phone can wait until she got a quick, hot shower. However, when she glanced at the lit-up screen, she froze and felt her stomach drop.

It was from Rei.

She sat back down on her bouncy bed and carefully reached for her phone. Why would he be texting her? It was always her that initiated the conversations, never the other way around.

'You got a minute? I want to talk to you about something. Can you meet me now?'

Shocked, and a little bit suspicious, Aya almost replied an agreement before she realised this wasn't going to help her get over Rei. Taking a deep breath and putting on a determined face, as if he was in front of her and not her phone, she replied him.

'Actually, I just got home so I can't. I'm sure we can talk about it over text?'

Whatever Rei wanted, Aya was determined not to falter in her decision. She was gonna move on and the only way to do it was to minimise any face-to-face meetings with him. Text messaging was still fine in her book.

'What? Were you out all day with that guy, Kai or something?'

Aya just stared at her phone's screen. How did he know about him? Also, was it just her or did he sound—dare she say it, jealous?

'You saw us? So what about it? I have other friends besides you, Number 2, and the girls.'

Aya was confused. What was with Rei? She knows she shouldn't assume because you really couldn't tell a person's emotions through text, but still! Maybe this conversation called for them meeting up, after all. But what was this conversation even about?

'No. Ran and Miyu told me when we ran into them today. That's what I want to talk to you about. It really isn't something we can discuss over here.'

Aya bit her lip in irritation. This wasn't how things should be going. She shouldn't be curious why he wanted to talk about Kai. She shouldn't be feeling slightly excited and even just a tiny bit hopeful. Most of all, he shouldn't be acting like this. What was going on? She thought she could do this without harming their friendship but this wasn't working. She has to put a stop to everything if she wants to see this decision through. Even if she has to put on a mask.

'Fine. Let's meet at the park in 20 mins.'

A/N: Wow. It's been 3 years since I updated this. I am really really REALLY sorry. I guess I grew out of this story and my fanfiction writing. I've been writing a lot nowadays though, albeit short drabble-like fics but it's a start. Okay, so I wrote this story originally with an intention to bring my OCs to like but, honestly, after 3 years I've forgotten their personalities and stuff. Heck, I even forgot what I was going for with this story. That's why this was so short, and also because I'm used to short fics. I'll be revising this story and changing the original plot I had in mind if I have to. I'd like to say my writing has changed or improved but I really don't know. I don't even know if I have a writing style. Anyway, I'm gonna try to get this finished. Really. To everyone who've had this on alert, I really don't know how I can make it up to you. I just hope you enjoy this update.