The demon not only at over seven feet tall, towered over Xander, it had sharp looking pointy spikey things all over it. "So, puny human. All alone."

"There's only me," Xander replied and then, as Spike stepped into view added, "and my beast."

"What?" Spike asked, turning towards Xander.

"What do you mean, what?" Xander panicked as the demon moved in on him. "Demon about to pummel us?"

"Nah, he's only going to pummel you. P'trenyu beasts don't care to eat vampires. Nice tasty human brains on the other hand..." he trailed off.

"And you're not saving me, why?" Xander shouted, backing away from the demon.

"You called me a beast. Is that how you see me, Xander?" Spike pouted. "Like some wild animal, well that part's all right, but less than human?"

As the demon picked up Xander by the throat, he hoarsely whispered,"Spike? A little help here?"

"I want an apology," Spike said, matter of factly.

"Won't get it if I'm dead," Xander added.

With a sigh Spike grabbed a battle ax from behind a tree and cut off the demon's arm. As Xander fell to the ground, he decapitated the monster.

"An apology," Xander said hoarsely. "You almost get me killed and you want me to apologize to you?" He pulled himself up off the ground and added, "Idiot."

"That didn't sound like an apology. Berk," Spike replied.

"And that might hurt if I knew what it meant. Beast."

"Call me a stallion and I'll kiss it all better," Spike leered.

Xander looked at Spike as if he were insane. "After doing your best to get me killed? Nuh uh, no nookie for you. Bleached wonder."

Spike, being used to that look, from pretty much everybody, and having long ago learned to ignore it, replied, "If I was doing my best, you'd already be dead, wouldn't you? And was that bleached wonder bit supposed to be an insult 'cause I thought it sounded sort of good."

Xander looked at him in wonder. Had Spike never seen Batman? "Too much to explain. Show you later. Blood breath," Xander called from behind him as he started to head home.

Putting his hand in front of his mouth, Spike tried to breathe into it, which, because he had no breath, didn't actually do much more than allow him to say, "I do not have blood on my breath. You bootless reeling-ripe varlot."

"Again with the incomprehensible insult," Xander said, leaving Spike to catch up before adding, with a yell back to the vampire who hadn't actually got in motion yet, "And hey! I am not drunk."

Spike's eyes widened with surprise. "Wait," he said, running after Xander. "How did you understand that?"