Swapping Spouses

Chapter 1

"So…." Emmett said, slowly dragging out the word. "Carlisle, are we going to… you know… SWAP this year?"

"Emmett, we only did that twice before. In 1960, and 1985. And in 1985 it was faulty. How do you know it will work this time?"

"Hey, I'm up for anything." Jasper called from the TV room. "What about you Allie?"
"Wait... I didn't decide anything yet…" Carlisle muttered.

"Works for me! What about you Bella?" Alice yelled.

"I'm not sure what exactly we are going to do… but sure? What do you think Rose?" said Bella.

"I guess so! You, Eddie?"

"Wait a second… nothing is decided yet...Ok?" Carlisle raised his voice above everyone's excited murmuring.

"DON'T CALL ME EDDIE! And yeah, as long as Bella's in I'm in!"

"What if Mrs. Cope's in?" Emmett snickered.

"Oh god, shut up." Edward groaned, his head in his hands. "I had to burn my favorite blazer."

Everyone snickered.

"Well, I guess that's it then." Carlisle groaned, defeated. "1 year with another wife."

Everyone cheered except Edward.

"I'll get out the hat out for you kids." Carlisle said.

"YAY!" Everyone but Eddie cheered.

5 minutes later

"I FOUND IT!" yelled Carlisle, "Come in the dining room."

Everyone shuffled in, at vampire speed.

"I call going first!" yelled Alice.

She stuck her hand in the hat and pulled out a name.


Alice groaned and then giggled. "I got you Eddie."

Eddie, oops I mean Edward groaned. "Agh! Fine."

They stood together in the back of the room.

Jasper stuck his hand in next.

"Well, Rosalie, I got you." He said, surprised.

"Well, Its better than who ALICE GOT." Rosalie snickered.

Alice stuck out her toungue.

"Hey Eddie, too bad Mrs. Cope's not a name in there. " Rosalie snickered again.

Emmett pulled out a name next.

"BELLA!" He squealed and tackled her.

"EMMETT BE CAREFUL!", yelled Edward, as he tried to get out of Rosalie's snickering grip.

"Relax Eddie, I'll be good with your girl." Emmett dismissed his cautions.

Emmett wrapped his arm around Bella and paraded out.

"Ciao folks, I am taking Bella to Italy on a private tour." Emmett sung in an Italian accent.

"Fun!" Bella laughed.

"Alice and I are coming too!" Edward growled at Emmett.

"We are?" Alice asked.

"Hey, we don't want to miss out!" Jasper chipped in.

"Well then." Emmett said, undisturbed. "I guess we are all going to Italy!"