Summary: Zelda is forced to live with Ganondorf, her abusive and cruel guardian. In order to be free of him, she must find the wielder of the triforce. However, when she moves to a new town she finds it a lot harder when a certain boy gets in the way. Modern day Hyrule – Zelink.

I was inspired to do this story after reading "The Puppet" by Legend of Zelda 4 Life and that is why I named the first chapter after her story! A little bit of advertisement and a little bit of a thank you. I also got Zelda's last name from Canada Cowboy's story "The World's Greatest Uncle 2" because one of the character's name is Milo Sullivan. So all the credit for those two things go to them! Hopefully you like it!

Chapter One – The Puppet

Trees and houses go flying past me as the drizzling rain slams against the window. The car races through puddles, causing water to fly up in all directions. I stare back at my dull and aggravated reflection barely visible in the window. My golden hair cascades around me and onto my black sweatshirt. Boredom shines bright in my light blue eyes and a frown is on my lips. My body is stiff from the long drive and my head is starting to throb from his reckless driving. My legs are crammed in front of me. How much I wish I could stretch them!

I let out an annoyed sigh as the car takes a sharp turn, adding more pain to my head.

"Is there a reason we really need to drive this fast?" I groan, leaning back and attempting to stretch my legs but only managing to jam my knee.

"The faster we go the sooner we'll get out of this car," the driver growls back from next to me. I hold back another groan, knowing that car rides always send him on rampages if provoked.

I turn my head to the left and look at the driver in a blank stare. His red hair is unevenly cut and spikes up all around his head. Worry lines and wrinkles are embedded into his tanned face as his fierce and burning yellow eyes are glued to the road in front of him. I notice how far back his seat is and how much room his long legs and muscular body gets.

I guess I was staring a bit too long because he sends me a threatening glance and snaps at me in a gruff voice, "What?"

I remember how long ago I would have cringed at the harshness in his tone but that was when I was much younger. My life with this cruel man has turned me stronger and, most of the time, I am able to make it seem like I am oblivious to his verbal abuse. Now, I look back at him with the same expressionless face and ask in a calm voice, "Are you sure you know where we are going? This doesn't look anything like the map said it would."

I see his teeth clench together and his eyes flare up with anger. "Are you doubting me?" He growls, and even though I don't show my fear on the outside, it still shines bright on the inside.

I mentally slap myself for speaking the truth. He always has to be right, even if he is wrong. Because when he is wrong it doesn't end well for me, it never ends well for me.

"No, no, of course not!" I reply in an innocent voice, "I was simply wondering how you know where you are going without ever looking at the map."

He sighs in agitation, his patience wearing thin. "I've told you a thousand times: instinct."

"So you are going off of your instinct?" I confirm in a rather suspicious and confused voice.

He leans against the window as one hand is resting on the wheel. I can tell by his firm grip and clenched teeth that he is getting extremely annoyed but I can't help it, I have too many questions.

"Yes," he answers in a huff, taking another sharp turn in a much more wild manner than normal, causing my head to ache more.

I'm silent for a moment as I mentally calm myself down. Getting angry with him will get me nowhere, only make my head hurt more, it was best to remain on his good side.

"Is it your instinct that is making us move as well?" I ask in the same innocent tone.

"Do I sense doubt in your voice?" He snarls at me with narrowed eyes. Crap, looks like I didn't hide it as well as I thought I did.

"Just tell me why we are moving," I insist while taking a risk at ignoring his comment.

"Did you eat something to make you so unwitting?" He growls before relaxing a bit and starting the explanation, not bothering to wait for my response, "I felt the person move and my instinct is telling me that they are moving to Hyrule. That is where we are going to look for them."

"But we don't even know who this person is, we can't always be going off of your hunches! Isn't there another way?" The words burst out of my mouth and I instantly regret them. Bright rage flares up in his eyes as he tightens a grip on the steering wheel. Before I know it, he swings the wheel to the right and sends our car spinning away in random circles. I let out a startled scream as my vision goes blurry with the movement of the car. It feels like I'm sitting in one of those computer chairs as somebody else twirls me around and around. Except, this time, the back of my head slams against the window and my legs bang against the sides of the car.

As soon as the car stops on the side of the road, I don't even get a moment to calm my rapidly beating heart because a large hand suddenly slaps me across the face. Pain sears up my cheek and my head is aching with the worst headache I've ever had. My head hangs limp with my hair hiding my face from his view. The place where he had slapped me still burns and fear is gripping my heart from his torment and the hectic car spin. My breathing is heavy as I blink away the tears that are threatening to form on my eyes. Why did I have to open my big mouth? It always gets me into trouble! Don't I ever learn?

"Look here, Zelda," He hisses, spitting out my name as if it is some disgusting food in his mouth. "I took you in when your parents died and I took care of you ever since! You never doubt my decisions and you never go against me! Do you understand?" He shouts with his voice ringing in my ears like a tiger's roar.

I don't respond, just shudder under his yelling with my hair hiding my cowering face.

"I said…" he growls again before roaring in the loudest voice yet, "Do you understand!"

"Yes," I immediately mumble in a weak voice, "I understand, Ganondorf."

"Now look at me," he orders with his yelling dying down some bit. I don't hesitate one bit as I follow his orders, turning my head to stare into his shining eyes. I watch in fear as he lifts his right hand and shoves the back of it in front of my face.

I am forced to avert my gaze onto the back of his hand. In a faded, golden yellow is the sign of the triforce rooted on to his skin. The symbol sends a wave of anger throughout my body. My whole entire life has been based off of this stupid thing and he never lets me forget! If it wasn't for that thing then maybe things could have been different for me!

"Do you know why my instinct is never wrong?" He asks in his threatening tone. I remain silent, knowing that he will explain it in seconds. Let us just say we've been through this many times. "Because my hunches come from this! And this just so happens to be one of the most powerful beings in the world! You don't doubt this, do you?"

I shake my head, "No, Ganondorf," is my weak reply.

"And, so you don't ask me any more pointless questions, let me clarify why we are moving," he begins to say in an aggressive but calmer tone, "We lived in Kakariko because that is where the triforce had lead us to. In that village, somebody had the triforce of courage or wisdom but it was up to us to find out whom. Unfortunately, the triforces only reveals themselves in life threatening situations. This law remains in play until the wielder turns eighteen where the triforce shall immediately form on the back of his hand. You get that don't you?"

"Yes," I nod my head urgently, "the triforce only reveals itself in extreme situations for the wielder or when the wielder turns eighteen."

"I know this already, there is no need for you to repeat it!" He snaps back in annoyance.

"Sorry, my bad," I apologize frantically as he leans away from me and rests back in his own seat. I hold back a sigh and slowly straighten myself out while inching as far away as possible.

"A month ago the triforce was telling me that the bearer had moved," he continues to clarify in a much safer tone while I squeeze myself against wall. "Because it took us awhile to sell the house, we couldn't move until now, a month into the school year. And that is the basis of it, don't tell me you need me to repeat myself?"

"No, no, Ganondorf," I shake my head and answer in my innocent voice, "that was perfect, thank you."

He only huffs as he leans back in his seat again and grabs onto the steering wheel. We begin to drive off again but, this time, I don't utter one word. Instead my mind drifts away to my past as I stare wistfully out the car window.

Ganondorf is after an ancient power called the triforce. Long ago, however, the triforce split into three parts: Power, Wisdom, and Courage. Ganondorf already has Power but the other two, Wisdom and Courage, are missing. With the help of his triforce, he searches the town for the wielder, ready to capture him at any moment. During this time, I am sent to school where my main purpose isn't to gain an education but to look for the bearer of one of the lost triforce pieces. If I ever get a lead on something, I must always make myself best friends with that person, even if I have to completely change my ways. I have never had to do that, but I know Ganondorf won't hesitate at the opportunity.

I have been with this terrible man for as long as I can remember. My parents died in a car accident and he took me under his wing. I would like to say that he treated me as if I was one of his own, but that would be lying.

Ganondorf only wanted me to help him search for the wielder. I would spend my days only going to school and coming home empty handed. I rarely ever left the house because I was always forced to do my homework and then attend my lessons with Ganondorf. During these sessions, he teaches me how to fight, history of the legends, and strategies to get more information on people.

He doesn't care much about me, only uses me to get what he wants. On the bright side, he tries to limit his beatings on me because he doesn't want other people to get suspicious and scars and bruises can be hard to hide. However, this still doesn't stop him from lashing out whenever he wants, as demonstrated earlier.

Images of my past terrorize my mind constantly. The pain and the blood…it is still remains fresh in my mind.

I remember this one time when I had tried to run away. I was five years old and didn't get very far at all. Memories of wondering aimlessly through the woods flash through my mind. It was then that he jumped out of nowhere, making me absolutely terrified. His cold hand crushed mine in his death like grip as he dragged me back to the house. I remember how his voice sounded as loud as a train and the crash of the whip cracking against my back. The pain tortures my mind everyday and I still have the scars to prove it. He had then locked me in my room with my windows barred for three days: no food, no water. I was sobbing for days after that experience, and when he let me out of my prison, he told me that if I ever disobeyed him again he'd hunt me down and kill me. I could run as far as possible but he'd find me and wouldn't hesitate to destroy me.

I never disobeyed that badly again.

"I'm going to a private school?" I ask in confusion, placing my spoon down and looking closer at the piece of paper in my hand. Ganondorf had given it to me just now to look over, it would tell me everything I needed to know about my new school.

"Is the paper not being clear enough," he sneers as he leafs through his own stack of papers. "It does say that at the top."

I was truly asking about what drove him to send me their but, with yesterday's experience still fresh in my mind, I knew better not to.

Staying silent, I place the paper back down on the table and being in to eat my cereal, reading the paper at the same time.

A few minutes later and I hear Ganondorf say, "You better leave soon," in a voice that isn't threatening for once, "I got you your Porsche, it is in the driveway."

"Maybe I should get a different car, Porsches attract so much attention," I mumble, feeling a bit more confident with myself since I knew he wasn't as angry in the morning.

"That is the point," he replies simply, "I don't care if you have to get pregnant to find the bearer of the triforce, just as long as you do it."

And that is how much he cares for me. If I have to turn emo, wear shorts that show my butt, or kidnap him to get the triforce, then he'll make me do it. I'll admit though, it does have its perks. He gives me money for clothes, cell phones, and other stuff so I can become as popular as possible. That is why I have the dumb Porsche, to attract men.

"What if the bearer of the triforce is a girl? Does it always have to be a boy?" I ask, wondering if maybe I never got any leads because I was always trying to impress guys all of the time.

I suddenly hear a burst of deep laughter coming from Ganondorf. "Ha! That is the funniest thing I ever heard!" he bellows, leaning back in his chair and cracking up. I keep my straight face, staring at him in boredom and annoyance. "The goddesses would never give something so powerful and precious to a girl! The triforce is a man's weapon, not something for an incompetent female!"

"Not going against your believes, but what if a girl did have the triforce! I'm only seventeen but for all you know I could be the wielder," I throw the idea out there, slightly hoping this might change his mind and let me have some friends over for once…or maybe I should just go to their house.

At this, he laughs again, pounding his fist on the table in all of his excitement. "You? Having the triforce? Now that is even better than the first one!"

I sigh in defeat, realizing my failed attempt. Eh, it was worth a shot.

"I'm going to go now, I don't want to be late," I announce in a grumble as I place my bowl and spoon into the dishwasher. Grabbing my papers and sticking them into my bag, I sling it over my shoulder and head out the door. "See you later," I call out behind me but am only replied with his continuous hoots.

Outside the air is still warm with the sun is barely rising over the horizon. I look around my new house, still uneasy with the new habitat. Our giant white mansion is completely surrounded by the tallest of trees and thickest of leaves. I try to peer past the foliage to find out if I could see any other buildings but, little to my surprise, I cannot. We have always lived in isolation due to Ganondorf's needs. He hates neighbors and, this way, he can do whatever he wants without rising suspicion.

I turn my head away from the forest and to the driveway. The sun's rays make the purple paint on my Porsche shine bright and dazzle my eyes. I pull the door open and toss my bag into the passenger seat. Buckling my seatbelt, I start the car and turn on the radio. The song "I'll Believe You When," starts up as I adjust my mirror. I take a quick look in it, making sure there is no sign from yesterday's experience.

Satisfied, I turn my gaze to the road in front of me and start the drive to Harkarian High School.

"You must be Zelda Sullivan," The secretary says in a cheery voice as she looks over her paper. "Welcome to Harkarian High."

"Thank you," I reply in a friendly tone with a sweet smile. My last name truly isn't Sullivan but Ganondorf had changed ours due to some police issues. After switching our name, we immediately had to move. At the time, I was very young and I didn't know why. I am still left in the dark, but I think I have a better clue as to why now and days.

"Have you looked over your schedule that we sent you?" She questions, peering through her glasses and trying to see into my bag.

"Yes, I received everything," I answer calmly while nonchalantly shifting my bag behind me.

As expected, she pulls her eyes away from it and up to my face. "Except for your uniform I presume," she remarks in a bit of a disgusted tone.

"Sorry," I shrug sheepishly, "I never received it in the mail."

"No matter," she waves her hand around as if swatting away a fly, "I have a set right here. You can change in the bathroom if you want, or just wait till tomorrow."

"I think I'll do it now," I inform her with another kind smile.

She nods as she reaches in a box under her desk and pulls out a bundle of clothes wrapped in plastic. "Here you go, honey," she chirps as she passes the package over the desk to me. I take it and head to the bathroom. Once there, I open up the plastic and look over the outfit. I have two sets of daily clothes: a plaid blue and white skirt, black shoes, and a dark blue polo top. Stitched into the left shirt pocket is the school logo of a silver sword standing before the triforce symbol.

I take a moment to just lean back against the wall and close my eyes. School. Noun. An institution where instruction is given to persons under college age. To me, school was a sanctuary. A place where I was free of Ganondorf and able to get lost in the world of English, Math, Science, or History. And even though my main goal was to find the wielder, it was still a nice get away.

Eventually I walk back outside with my old clothes stuffed into my bag and head back to the front desk. This time, however, somebody else is standing in front of it. His blond bangs fall in front of his face and bright cobalt eyes shine from under them. His yellow hair is long and messy, ending right along his jaw line. His lean body is a light, nice tan and I notice the muscles on his arms flexing as he fumbles around with the clock on the desk. He is wearing black pants with a dark blue polo, just like many of the other boys I had seen around here. As I continue to approach him, I can't help but notice how the light makes his eyes shine like stars and his teeth seem especially white as he smiles at me in a greeting.

"Hey, I'm Link," he immediately introduces himself in a relaxed voice that I find strangely comforting. It is so much different than Ganondorf's, another reason why I'm going to like this school. "I'll be your tour guide for the day. I'm guessing your name is Zelda Sullivan, right?"

I nod and smile while I notice that my head is starting to feel a little lightheaded. Not only is he good looking, but he is polite as well. I feel myself becoming slightly flustered upon finally acknowledging these thoughts. I don't have much experience with guys that actually looked good.

"That's me," I smile as I sling my bag over my shoulder. He smiles at me again and starts leading us out the door. His left hand goes up to push the door open when I notice something different about his hand. A white bandage wraps around the back and palm of his hand, and, judging by how many threads have unraveled from it, I'd say that it is rather old and not very durable.

Like most people would do, I blurt out, "What happened to your hand?"

He stops in surprise and turns around to face me. It takes him a moment to realize I'm staring at the bandaged hand and that I'm referring to it.

"Oh, this?" He stammers nervously, shifting his eyes between the bandage and me, "I had gotten surgery on it awhile ago, it's no big deal."

"You had surgery?" I gasp with widening eyes. Curiosity engulfs my mind as I stare back in his mesmerizing blue orbs, "What caused it?"

"I fell out of a car," he replies simply as if it was something that happened everyday. Though something inside of me has doubts about his story. Ganondorf once pushed me out of the car; I had cracked my head open on the pavement and was rushed to the hospital later by a policeman. When they asked me what had happened Ganondorf made me tell them I fell off of my bike, but they didn't believe it because there was no bike evident at the scene.

We had to move.

"You're pretty lucky to have been able to get only that," I comment with suspicion and astonishment thick in my voice, "most people would get a lot worse."

"Yeah, though the car wasn't going that fast," he answers in a jumble of words. I'm silent for a moment, taking notice of his uneasy stance before I let the subject drop and head out the door and into the hallway.

"So they are just letting you miss all of your classes?" I question, changing the subject as we begin our walk down the main hall. For some reason I hadn't been enjoying making this guy feel uncomfortable and I had wanted him to be at ease. Either way, we couldn't be talking about his hand all day; there were still many things we have to do.

He nods with a wide grin on his face, happy to have something else to talk about, "Yep, however we have to attend classes after lunch, but that is only History and Literature for us."

"Do we have the same classes?" I ask while I take notice of the school. The floors are made of entirely white marble with matching stonewalls. At some points, I can't even see the wall due to bulletin boards, artwork by the students, and flyers. I'm happy to see thousands of windows throughout the school; I like being able to see the light of day.

"Yep," he replies with a small nod of his head, "everyone but your electives."

"Right," I mumble, not knowing what else to say.

We're silent for a moment as we come to a stop in the middle of the deserted hallway. "So where did you move from?" He randomly asks me, probably trying to strike up conversation.

I take a deep breath, preparing myself for the long conversation that I know is going to follow. Because there was always a risk of having to leave unexpectedly, Ganondorf has had our story all planned out ever since I could remember. "I used to live in Kakariko but My guardian got a job that he simply couldn't turn down," I merely explain, it isn't that hard of a lie.

"Your guardian?" He echoes with his eyebrows rising, "I'm guessing he isn't a normal parent."

I shake my head with a small smile on my lips, "We aren't related in anyway but he gives me food and shelter so I call him my guardian."

A frown forms on Link's face as he looks at me with sympathy, causing me to be very confused. "You don't sound very happy with him," he remarks in a quiet, sorrowful voice.

I'm completely taken aback by this and my eyes widen in surprise. It takes me a few moments before I'm able to collect myself again and stutter out, "H-how would you know?"

He gives me a small shrug while replying in the same voice, "I'm a foster child, and I've traveled a lot between families. I can tell when somebody doesn't like who they're living with."

I don't say anything; only stare back at him blankly with my mouth hanging open. This is definitely something I hadn't expected to talk about on my first day with a complete stranger!

The silence continues on and I notice his face beginning to turn a deep shade of red. "Sorry," he mumbles with a guilty look on his face, "that was rude of me."

"No, no…" I murmur in reply, still shaken by the truth of his words, "that's okay. Should we begin the tour?"

"Yes," he agrees with a sheepish grin, "that sounds good, let's do that."

I smile at him in agreement and we begin the tour around school. He shows me the main rooms like the gymnasium, auditorium, cafeteria, nurse's office, and more. We only go to the classes that I have while viewing other ones on the way as well. The school is a massive shaped U with a pool, track, and football field. Finishing two hours early, we decided to look around at some other rooms, though the real reason was so that we could skip more of our classes.

Author's Note:

Yes, the ending was very bad, I got lazy. I tried my best to explain everything but that is one of my weaknesses. If you have any questions, advice, or just want to talk, please let me know! I have a very open mind and will gladly take your words of wisdom. I hope to get things clarified by next chapter though we'll have to see if people actually follow along with the story!

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