Bella's Child

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Chapter 1: How it became


I was walking home from the store with the groceries Reene told me to get. I was surprised she asked me to go this late it was almost 9:30 but she desperatly needed peanut butter so I told her I would go. It was already dark out to so I decided I would take a shortcut through the ally to save some time and get home faster.

About halfway in the ally I heard a noise and walk a little bit faster. But then I swear I heard footsteps so I quickly turned around just to see if I was being paranoid. But I wasn't about 2 feet away from me a guy was standing, smiling.

I tried to turn and run but I stumbled and almost fell. Luckily I didn't but the guy caught up with me. Then I felt somthing hard band againt the back of my head.

The world goes black...


I woke up to find myself in a bright room. At first I didn't know where I was then I realized I was in a hospital. I felt a small squeeze on my hand and turned my head-it hurt to move I realized-to see my mother there. The look on her face and the puffy red eyes told me she had been crying alot.

"Mom,"I croaked. It hurt to talk so. "Mom what happened?" I asked her. Just then a doctor came in. He was tall with brown hair and brown eyes.

"Isabella, good to see you are finally awake. My name is Dr. Bennett. Unfrotanatly I have some bad news. You were kidnapped for about 6 weeks. And you are pregnant." I froze ther was a living being inside me. What? No that couldn't be possible.

"Sweetie it's ok there are options if you don't want the baby. You could get an abortion if you like, or give it up for adoption," My mother told me. Wait did she just say an abortion?! No I couldn't do that it dosn't seem fair and neither does adoption.

"No mom that seems wrong it's not the baby's fault I think I would like to keep the baby if that's ok?" I knew she would help me and I reaaly feel like I can do this.

"Well that's ok but let me tell you taking care of a baby is a big responsibility and the father will not be able to help you so I guess your stuck with me," Reene smiled as she said this she loved babies so she would help me. I could always count on her to be there for me.

"Thanks mom, I know I can do this" Then I gave her a hug ignoring the pain I felt. For some reason I felt really happy like this is the begining of some life long journey. But somehow through it all I would manage to turn out ok.


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