The Truth Hurts More

By: Light-Eco-Sage

Rated M: Violence, language, and romance/sexuality. (GhVd, Gucci, VgB)

Summary: Sometimes the truth hurts more than lies. Gohan wonders if he should expose the truth of the Cell Games to the world, and all the while, coping with the throes of a budding relationship with the daughter of the man who stole his credit. Post Buu.

Disclaimer: I do not own the worlds of Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, or Dragon Ball GT. All settings and characters are owned by Akira Toriyama. I make no money from fanfiction. (Though it would be nice if I did, LOL!)

LES: This was written mainly because I HATE the fact that Satan somehow managed to get away with claiming that he defeated Cell the entire series. I just don't like the man that much. Sure, I'll freely admit that he did help Goku defeat EVIL Majin Buu. But in the end, Goku was the one who defeated him, and Gohan was the one who defeated Cell. I don't really know where this is going or how long it will be, but we'll see. First ever DBZ fic!

Chapter I: The Beginning

(Miles out from the Son residence)

It was a beautiful, quiet day in the mountains. In fact, it was hard to believe that only a few weeks ago, the entire population had been whittled down to a single individual and the Earth had been completely destroyed.

Gohan could hardly believe it, and he had grown up with the knowledge of Dragon Balls, magic, Ki, and powers beyond normal human understanding.

Suddenly, a familiar voice called out to him, pulling him out of his thoughts. "Gohan! Slow down!" He pulled himself out of his thoughts and glanced back at the human girl trying desperately to keep up with him. He was currently trying to teach Videl the endurance to fly at high speed for a long amount of time, but so far, she could only manage a couple of miles. Her arms were up, shielding her face and eyes against the strong wind. "The wind hurts my eyes!"

"That's the point!" He called back, but never-the-less, he stopped dead in his tracks to hover in mid-air.

Videl, who was nearly blinded, and not expecting Gohan's sudden stop, nearly crashed into him. Or she would have if the demi-Saiyan were not prepared for it.

Instead of crashing into the young man, he caught her, much to Videl's surprise. "Whoa!" Gohan laughed. "See, that's the point. You have to learn to keep your eyes open when you fly or you'll fly into a cliff. Believe me, it hurts."

"And when have you ever flown into a cliff?" Videl asked, curious.

Gohan blushed red. "Uh… I was just learning how to fly. I wasn't perfect at controlling my Ki. I lost control and flew straight into a cliff."

Videl laughed at the thought. So Gohan, her great flying sensei, had once flown into a cliff? She had to admit it: the idea was pretty funny.

Gohan frowned when she started laughing at him. There go those Saiyan instincts again. Gohan thought. Any Saiyan hated to be mocked. Even Goku, his eternally laid-back father, had a limit when it came to mockery. "Oh, sure. Laugh. I'll have you know that I was four years old when I did it."

Videl glared at him, not quite used to his sudden and swift personality changes. But, instead of telling him off for his rudeness, she spoke. "You can put me down now, Tarzan."

Gohan realized with a jolt that he had been holding her the whole time. He instantly released her, and she moved a slight distance away from him.

"Um… let's take a break." Gohan suggested to kill the awkward silence. Videl nodded in agreement and they descended towards the ground together. When they landed, Gohan glanced around. "Hmm… this isn't too far from Father's old training spot. We're probably about seven miles away from home."

"Gohan… I've been meaning to ask you…" Videl began.


"Those beams of light that you and your friends can produce… are they real?" Videl asked.

"Of course they're real." Gohan said. "Our Ki blasts are made out of the same energy that we use to fly… just in a different, more destructive form."

"It's just… my father…" Videl began.

Gohan resisted the urge to growl. He knew all about Videl's father: Mr. Satan, the current World Martial Arts Champion. If that man had a power level to match his ego, he would easily be the most powerful being in the universe. But he wasn't. He was great at Martial Arts. (You can't become the World Champion without being good at it.) But his lack of understanding Ki would always ensure that he would never reach his full potential as a Martial Artist. His own daughter was much stronger than him now, simply because she had mastered herself and her internal power.

"I know what your father thinks about our fighting style." Gohan said. "But what about you? You know now that flying isn't a trick or illusion. There is no trick here. Humans can learn how to do this stuff… it just comes naturally to Saiyans."

Videl sat down on the grass, gazing up at her companion. "Could you tell me more about the Saiyans?"

"Huh? The Saiyans?" Gohan repeated.

"Yes. I want to… learn more about you…" She trailed off, blushing.

"Oh… well… um… if you want to study a Saiyan, study Vegeta for a while." Gohan suggested.

"But isn't your father a Saiyan too?"

"My Father grew up here on Earth." Gohan said. "He has Saiyan instincts and a Saiyan's love for war and battle, but he doesn't have Saiyan arrogance."

"Still, I'd like to know." Videl said.

"Very well… Saiyans…" Gohan paused, sitting down next to her. "Well, Saiyans are an alien race from the planet of Vegeta, which was destroyed about thirty years ago when my father was sent to Earth. Almost every Saiyan, including my Saiyan grandfather, died in the explosion. At the time, it was thought that only four survived, and two are still alive, as far as we know. My father and Vegeta."

"How terrible." Videl said.

"Well, most of the universe won't agree with you. The Saiyans were a brutal and warmongering race. Saiyans were like planet mercenary-pirates. They were hired by other alien races to conquer planets for them. They did this three ways: a low-level planet would just get delivered a single Saiyan baby. That's how my Father ended up on Earth. A mid-level planet would be conquered the normal way, through invasion. And for a high-level planet, they would wait for the full moon."

"Why? What happens on the full moon?" Videl asked.

"Any Saiyan that still has his tail…"

"Wait a second… A tail?!? You have a tail?" Videl gasped.

"Not now." Gohan said. "But I was born with a tail. It grows back every so often. But I can never tell when. Sometimes it takes months to grow back, and sometimes years. Vegeta hasn't had his tail grow back in years, as far as I know. Goten and Trunks were born without tails. And my Father had his removed by Earth's Guardian when he was fifteen. That way it will never grow back."

"Why did your dad have it removed?" Videl asked.

"A Saiyan's tail is both his strength and his weakness." Gohan explained. "As I was saying… when a Saiyan with a tail looks at the full moon, they turn into giant unstoppable ape monsters. A Saiyan is nearly indestructible in this form. Bulma once let it slip to me that the first time she saw my Father transform, he took a missile to the face, and it only stunned him for a few minutes."

"Oh wow!"

"But a tail is also a weakness. Our tails are extremely sensitive to touch, so any enemy of a Saiyan has quickly learned that the quickest way to bring a Saiyan down is to grab his tail. When someone squeezes our tails, it causes a terrible paralyzing pain to shoot through our bodies. We can't move, can't breathe, and can't think. I've seen many Saiyans brought to their knees that way."

"Wow. Saiyans sounded like a powerful race." Videl commented.

"And they kept getting stronger." Gohan said. "Have you ever heard the saying 'Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger'?"


"That is literally true for Saiyans." Gohan said. "Every time we survive a battle, we grow stronger. We also learn attacks very quickly in the heat of battle. Have you ever heard of the Kamehameha Wave?"

"Yes. It's a Martial Arts legend. It is the hardest blow to master. I heard that it took Master Roshi, the Turtle Hermit, fifty years to develop it."

"My father did it the first time when he was twelve years old, after seeing it only one time." Gohan said. "I was a little slow at learning it. It took me about two weeks."

"Wow!" Videl gasped. "You and your father really know how to do the legendary Kamehameha Wave?" Gohan nodded. "Ok, then I have another question. How do you make your hair turn blonde?"

"That actually has to do with a Saiyan legend. Vegeta knows it better than anyone. Apparently, thousands of years ago, a Saiyan Warrior was born with powers far greater than his fellows. He had so much power that he could only unleash it all when he was transformed. His power was so great that it ended up destroying him. He was called a Super Saiyan." Gohan explained. "My Father became the first new Super Saiyan. Boy, that pissed Vegeta off!"

"Why?" Videl asked. "Saiyan arrogance?"

"More like Royal arrogance." Gohan said. "Vegeta is actually the Saiyan Prince. I guess he grew up believing that becoming a Super Saiyan was his birthright. When Father became a Super Saiyan, it came naturally. But Vegeta had to work himself half-to-death for a year before he could… the same for me. Goten's like Father. He became a Super Saiyan so effortlessly. And he did it when he was only six. I was the youngest Super Saiyan ever when I first did it at eleven. Now Goten and Trunks can do it. I remember when Vegeta found out that Goten and Trunks were Super Saiyans. He started talking about a 'Super Saiyan Bargain Bin'."

"Can I see again?" Videl asked.

"It's… complicated." Gohan said. "See, it's dangerous for me to become a Super Saiyan carelessly."


"Because I am particularly power." Gohan explained. "People have been in awe of my power since I was a newborn. Normally, I was a regular kid. But when I was upset, angry, or backed into a corner, I became capable of unleashing an unstoppable force, a power that lay dormant inside me. While I was gone during the Majin Buu incident, I was undergoing a ritual to unlock my hidden powers."

"So… what? You have the power to accidentally destroy yourself like that first Super Saiyan?"

"Me? Unlikely. But I could probably destroy the Solar System." Gohan said lightly. He missed the look of horror on Videl's face. Mainly to the fact that at that moment, he was attacked by a certain six-year old demi-Saiyan.

Gohan's little brother, Goten, flew straight into the older demi-Saiyan's chest and knocked him flat on his back. It took Gohan a split second to realize that he wasn't under attack, at least not from an actual threat instead of his kid brother who practically hero-worshipped him.

While Videl screamed in shock, Gohan had all ready recognized what was going on. "Goten, what are you doing?"

He had left the boy home earlier that morning with his parents. He had done this mainly for his Father's sake. Goku had died over seven years ago when Gohan was eleven and Goten barely conceived, so Goku never had a chance to know his son and Goten never knew his father. Now that Goku was alive again, thanks to the life of the Old Supreme Kai, he and Goten were now given the chance to get to know each other.

Goten sat on Gohan's chest, giving his older brother the classic 'Son grin' which made him look like his father in miniature. "Mommy told me to find you. She said that she's too busy to train me today. She said you would."

Gohan resisted the urge to roll his eyes. It seemed that as much as Goku wanted to connect with his youngest son, he wanted to reconnect with his wife more.

It was really hard to hide a sexual relationship from a Saiyan or demi-Saiyan child. Gohan's nose and ears, while not as sharp as his father's, were still many times stronger than a human's sense. And Saiyan pheromones practically screamed to be noticed because they were so strong. He had known of the true nature of his parent's relationship since he was a child, when most human children were still swallowing the stork story. Sending Goten out of the house probably meant that they were feeling adventurous and unable to keep it sorely in their room.

"Umm… I was just telling Videl about Super Saiyans." Gohan said. "Why don't you change into a Super Saiyan for us?"

"But… you told me never to go blonde-hair-super-strong when Videl is here." Goten said.

"She knows what we are now." Gohan reminded his sometimes absent-minded little brother.

"Oh, okay!" Goten laughed. A second later, he was a Super Saiyan.

Gohan was very proud of his younger brother. He himself had not achieved the level of Super Saiyan until he was eleven, and it had taken him over a minute to gather the necessary power. But Goten, at age six, could transform effortlessly.

"Very good." Gohan said. "How long can you maintain the transformation?"

"Um… Trunks told me that it was about an hour." Goten answered.

"That's a good time for someone without training." Gohan commented. "But did you know that, with practice, you'll be able to stay in that form all the time?"

"No way!" Goten gasped.

"Yes." Gohan affirmed. "Father and I learned it when we were training to fight…" He trailed off for a second, glancing at Videl. She and the rest of the world believed that her father had defeated Cell, not Gohan. "Uh… training to fight." He repeated, and left it at that. "Learning how to do this will give you a large advantage in battle because transforming takes a lot of energy. When you don't have to transform, all the energy that you would have lost can be freely used. Got me?"

Goten nodded. "Transforming makes you tired. Got it."

Gohan turned to Videl. "You can go home now, if you want. I've got to work with Goten now."

"I don't mind." Videl said, sitting down in the shade of a tree. "I like watching you fight."

Gohan blushed and turned away quickly. "Okay." He faced Goten and shifted his center of gravity so that he could react to any of Goten's movements at a moment's notice. "Come at me, then."

"Gohan, aren't you going to turn blonde-hair-super-strong too?" Goten asked, sounding a little concerned.

"Don't worry about me, kid." Gohan said, smirking in an utterly arrogant Saiyan way.

To Videl's eyes, the two demi-Saiyans suddenly phased out of existence and disappeared to thin air. But she knew that they were really moving too fast for the human eye to follow.

Videl sighed and leaned back against the bark of a tree. Cell was the same way. He moved too quickly for the camera to follow or capture the action. How could my Father have beaten him?

LES: Ye-ha! Long chapter! Yes, this is post-Buu, but not 'Gohan gives up Martial Arts in favor of his studies'. To me, Gohan is the character who never really reached his full potential. He has the highest power level out of all the characters, and yet when he was supposed to become the protagonist, it was decided that he wasn't cut out for the roll, and Goku was brought back to life for the second time. Which is against the rules. LOL! Oh, and sorry for all the hand-holding for DBZ vets. It's just that, I don't think Gohan ever explained to Videl exactly what a Saiyan is. She asked several times, but no one ever answered her.