Split and Torn: Chapter 10

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Sesshoumaru bounded out the entrance doors and into the parking lot surrounded by bare cherry trees. His shoulders slumped slightly as he saw the retreating form of the sleek black car he tried to follow the other night ease out of its parking area with the girl he had tried to find all this week inside of it. So close but so far.... Sesshoumaru was just about to give up when he saw that the car halted a little near the main street out of the corner of his eye as he slowly turned to walk back in. It looked like she was trying to find something in her purse.

'I'll never do this again in my life.' Sesshoumaru clenched his fist and whirled around.

"Hey, wait!" The silver haired man speed-walked to her car, wrenched open the passenger seat and slid in, slamming the door just as he swiftly tucked in his long legs.

Kagome stared at him with saucer eyes and scrunched up her eyebrows questionably.

"Drive me to my house. My phone's out of battery so I can't call our driver." Sesshoumaru coughed slightly and looked straight at her commandingly.


"Excuse me?" Sesshoumaru noted that this was the first time he ever heard her voice clearly. It didn't match her innocent appearance at all- it was silky and exotic… and a bit husky.

"Drive me to my house- please." Sesshoumaru tried again and hesitated to make out the last word. He avoided eye contact as much as possible.

"What if I say no?" Kagome looked at him with her head tilted in a taunting fashion, threatening him to make up a worthy excuse.

"I understand that it is...very inconsiderate of a gentleman to ask such a favor from an unacquainted person, nevertheless a lady." Sesshoumaru tried hard. He did. His inhumanely handsome face stayed stoic despite the streams of cold, nervous sweat trickling down his back. 'Good Lord, what the hell am I doing?' Sesshoumaru knew very well that this shall go into his long history as "The Most Embarrassing Moment of This Sesshoumaru's Life".

Sesshoumaru patiently waited for an answer.

Kagome furrowed her eyebrows slightly despite the temptation to crudely burst with laughter in his usually stuck-up face. What, did he fall in love with her or something? To make him go to such lengths as to bother her like this. There was an uncomfortable silence and Kagome huffed and turned back to her steering wheel when she noticed no change in Sesshoumaru's facial expression. Kagome suddenly remembered the clutter of tall beer glasses near him when she met up with him in the bar...

Sesshoumaru subconsciously stared at Kagome through the corner of his eye. A small but refined button nose, high cheekbones, shiny and plump pale lips and the bluest doe-like eyes outlined with long black eyelashes that fanned onto her cheeks like feathers whenever she blinked (Sesshoumaru's fingers itched to touch them). She looked harmless. At least that's what Sesshoumaru thought.

"Sooo... Where do you live?" Kagome started the engine and faced Sesshoumaru. Well, the back of his head. He had quickly turned around so that Kagome won't know he was staring at her.

"Clover Avenue." Sesshoumaru replied gruffly, as aloof as always.

"Where on Clover? Please be more specific." Kagome stared into his eyes in the reflection of the dark UV ray-proof windows.

"Anywhere on the whole road."

'...Hunh?' Ah. Now she remembers. That explains why the Toukai's black metal caged gate seemed to go on forever and ever in the distance with only a few reinforced doors here and there to allow easy access in for the habitants. The first time she drove there it took her ten minutes just to find the main entrance in.

With a look of defeat, Kagome averted her eyes forward onto the road and pressed on the gas.

"I think we're here." Kagome braked on the dark road facing the tall buildings of Toukai's lair. From below, the towering western-styled structure really looked like a haunted mansion at midnight.

"... I'm much obliged." Sesshoumaru's head snapped up a little, back from his drunken daydream. His movements were smooth as he clicked open the passenger door and slowly stood up, as if possessed. 'Ask her ask her ask her ask her ASK HER.'

"Excuse me, but do you care of exchanging names with me? And may I also ask where do you live and how old are you? May I also add to ask you, since I need to have an accurate profile of individuals I'm acquainted with ......" Sesshoumaru's face was like a statue, the questions flowed sluggishly out of his mouth as he tried to focus his blurry vision on the young woman.

Kagome stared at the usually alert man in front of her and observed as he groggily spurted out a hundred questions, like a chemical reaction from all the drinks he had at the bar. She smiled gently and reached out of her car to softly pat Sesshoumaru's head as a way of comfort.

"Mister, just go inside and take a rest. You're still drunk."

"Ah. Ah, alright." Sesshoumaru blinked, his eyes still a hazy golden color.

Inside the looming gates, Inuyasha was just about to head out when he spotted his brother's tall slender form beside a sleek black car. 'Miroku's or Kouga's car doesn't look like that.' Inuyasha instinctively leaned closer and peeked over the tall hedges lining the inner garden, trying to hide himself from his brother. He watched as Sesshoumaru leaned down toward the open window of the driver seat, and after a long time, to his astonishment, a long slender hand reached out of the car and patted Sesshoumaru's face. 'THE ASS'S FACE!!It'staboo!' As Inuyasha's eyes widened impossibly to the size of a saucer, Sesshoumaru finally nodded his head briskly and stepped back from the car.

Inuyasha just looked at his brother's retreating form into the main entrance with exploding question marks popping up over his silver haired head.

~~~~~~~The next day at Toukai Estates~~~~~~~~

"Hey, who was that in the black car yesterday?"

"Umm... Can you-please- uh- HEY, SIT DOWN AND DO YOUR WORK!" Kagome hissed under her teeth venomously. She quickly ducked her head after that, risking her identity with her voice. In order to look nothing like the girl who , Kagome had smeared on a thick layer of Gatsby to spike and mess up her shiny silky hair as much as possible, put on an extra protection of dark brown contacts and rubbed dark colored foundation in round portions on her face to mask her white pearly skin. And to finish off, Kagome had put on an extra protection of brown colored contacts underneath her usual 5cm thick glasses.

"Shut up, shit-face." Kagome itched to retort back, but who wouldn't call her 'Shit-Face' with this appearance. Anyways, talking back to him would mean they're on the same level. She didn't like the thought of being compared to a pretty-faced rich brat. Kagome glanced at Sesshoumaru and silently cursed when she found him conveniently staring at her with the usual tinge of boredom.

"What. Is there something on my face?" Kagome snapped instinctively.

"Yes. A lot of gruesome...-"

"- SHUTTAP, forget it!" Kagome blushed a little, ashamed at her stupid remark. Sesshoumaru paid no heed and went back to his book.

"So, hey brother... Was that a woman-"

"Shut it!" Kagome slapped Inuyasha's with a ruler stick and attempted to shove his face into his textbook. He dodged.

"Well some little ugly girl is in a ugly mood---" Inuyasha cringed when Kagome grinned sinisterly at him when she glared at him with a talk-more-and-I-shall-give-MORE-homework look.


"Omigosh! I gotta get that dress!" Kikyo squealed as they passed by a window display.

"Hm? Did anything GOOD happen to you today?" Yura snapped her gum near her.

"...." Kikyo smirked triumphantly. "Inuyasha-the one and only second-in-line heir of the Toukai Corps-invited meto his friend's club tonight!"

"Wow! Are you serious?!" Yura squealed with Kikyo and high-fived Kikyo daintily, careful as always about her weekly blood red manicure.

"Um, he~ey, do you think you can let me join in too? I mean, you're practically in their group anyways now." Yura looked at Kikyo expectantly, using the old flattery trick.

"Well, I dunno." Kikyo rolled her eyes. "Let me check with Toukai-kun." Kikyo snapped open her cell phone as she picked out some clothes to try on in the Channel store.

"'Kay." Her friend smiled sweetly.

"Good afternoon darling! Hey, I was wondering for that party tonight at your friend's club, can I bring along one more lady to liven up your night?..... REALLY? ... No way! I can bring as much friends as I can?! Thanks Toukai-kuuun."

"Whatever. Even three is fine. But that's the limit-'CLICK'-HEY!... Damn, she hung up on me just when I told her not to do something."

"Who was it?" Miroku slouched back on the bean chair, leisurely flipping through his new pile of pornography books.

"Kikyo, this kinda hot girl at our new school. She's supposed to be the cool beauty with all the bed experience."

"Hm… Her boobs and butt okay?" Miroku made a little hourglass gesture.

"Average." Inuyasha snapped his gum.

".... Size?"

"D cup. Dunno about the ass."

"That's a fine chest." Miroku whistled lightly.

"Well, she's the best I can find."

"It must suck to have standards so high. Guess it's a given that you've only gone out celebrities since you're in show biz."


"...Heh. Guess you're a player too, huh kid?" Miroku scoffed at Inuyasha quickly followed by some grumbling: "And you still can me old perv."

"Oh yeah, remember to call Kouga too about our meeting."

"Ah, you keep on grinning on about how you think your bro's seeing a lady these days so tonight we're gonna stalk him?"

"Yeah. Pass the chips." An hour passed by slowly as the two young men sat in silence harmoniously with Miroku and his porno and Inuyasha with his video game.

"Wait. Don't you have a meeting today?" Inuyasha nudged Miroku with his feet, eyes still on the flat screen.

"I settled it. I said I wanted to do a video conference in my room."

"Hide the bras."

~~~~~~~~~~~~At BASE~~~~~~~~~~~~

"How dare you follow me."

"We didn't follow you." Kouga popped a seedless grape into his mouth from a crystal fruit bowl nearby.

"We have as much right as you to be here right now." Inuyasha grinned widely and patted his brother's back wholeheartedly. Sesshoumaru swatted his Inuyasha's hand away.

"Yeah. I even sponsor this place, man." Miroku grinned even wider and nudged Sesshoumaru playfully with his elbow. The latter responded by raising his leg and striking Miroku in the abdomen with an expressionless face.

Kagome sighed and stared at her glass of water in front of her. She had been making her usual round of trips to her favorite bars and clubs these past few days, but it was kind of boring without Sango. Her friend kept on insisting that she should be focusing on studying right now other than sneaking out every night.

Kagome sighed. The beat of the music was starting to give her a headache. 'Headache huh... wonder if Sesshoumaru got a hangover from all those glasses he had the other day...' She smirked softly as she remembered how innocent and adorable he looked when he was drunk, listening to her obediently and letting her pat his godly face (so unlike how she's been seeing him at school). She started when a loud cheer came from one of the private booths. 'Ah, dreamin' off again.'

Inuyasha groaned. His stomach was hurting BADLY. Kikyo and her two friends had a abrupt flashy arrival, all set to party naughtily in their two inch leather skirts and loose spaghetti tops. They were squealing and giggling, pushing one drink after another in front of Inuyasha, Miroku and Kouga. The ladies didn't dare make eye contact with the cold Sesshoumaru (who was contently drinking by himself in solitude) though, even if he was in one of his better moods.

Inuyasha excused himself as he got up, turned into the long corridor and into the male's room. After a few minutes of groaning, grunting and other constipation sounds, the toilet finally flushed and Inuyasha trekked to the white marble sink, satisfied. He wiped his hand dry w/ the dispensable towels and patted down his black blazer.

Inuyasha swayed to the music blaring from the surrounding speakers and swerved into the crowded room again, ready to rejuvenate himself. A guy suddenly got shoved into him unexpectedly, and Inuyasha stumbled backwards and bumped into something soft.

'Huh? A random cushion in the wall?' He swerved around and was about to reach out his to feel for the said 'cushion', but instead, faced two clear sparkling blue eyes staring straight at him. Droplets of what she was drinking in the tall glass had spilled onto her skin and dress when Inuyasha bumped into her. The thin transparent blue trail of alcohol slithered down her milky white neck, running slowly into her V-neck shirt. She stared at him.

He stared right back.

Suddenly, through the loud, deafening beat of the music, Inuyasha imagined he could hear the annoying gawfing laughter of the girl as she abruptly started to laugh uncontrollably, hiccupping here and there and clutching her stomach for life.

Kagome couldn't believe it. How coincidental was this? Last week it was Sesshoumaru, and tonight it's Inuyasha, his own little brother? She smirked and shook her head slightly at Inuyasha's gawking face, her eyes twinkling under the flashing spotlights.

Kagome followed the young man's gaze and raised her hand to touch her wet neck. She glanced at Inuyasha and his Adam's apple rose up and down as he swallowed hard, it seemed- with a scared face.

Kagome raised her hand toward Inuyasha and slipped her hand around his neck like a snake's and tugged his head gently forward until her lips reached by his ears. Inuyasha's face was engulfed in the wafts of lavender and vanilla. He subconsciously leaned closer to the tempting milky soft neck in front of him for a clearer sniff.

"Clean it for me." The soft whisper resounded in Inuyasha's ear, and he stiffened. Inuyasha quickly snapped his head back, as far away from the girl as possible. He cuffed his ear protectively as it twitched uncomfortably.

On the other hand, Kagome who was roughly shoved aside reached up to her shoulder where a fat handprint should be uncovered later under the cloth- and winced painfully.

"OoohHH~~!!!How could you do such a thing?!" Kagome suddenly covered her face with both hands and wailed out. She turned back to the counter and propped up her elbows on it as her shoulders shook uncontrollably. Inuyasha was speechless. 'Holy shit. Is she crying...?'

"Ah... " Inuyasha reached out a hand hesitantly to tap her, as if risking his fingernails to be bitten off the moment he came close to her.

Kagome paused for a moment when she sensed no response from the dumbfounded man behind her. She whipped her head up from her hands and snapped back to her straight posture.

"Che. No fun at all. First I get slammed into by a hooligan, and next he doesn't even apologize and made me cry." Her muttered words dripped with sarcasm as she swung up her left leg and crossed it over her other leg roughly and took one quick gulp from a wine bottle near her. She quickly wiped her mouth with her white fur shawl.

"Oh dear, look at the time- I've gotta run." Kagome glanced at her wrist and then at the statue in front of her with the outstretched hand. Kagome grabbed her purse and stood up, dusting herself off. She patted Inuyasha's shoulder sympathetically as she walked past him.

Sesshoumaru sighed. He had no idea what happened last night. All he could recall was going to BASE before finding himself knocked out in his room. 'Well, what was I to expect- I drank enough alcohol to kill a human.' He seemed to collect bits of blurry images from his mind- a beautiful black haired blue-eyed angel taking him upon her dashing jet black chariot and rode him safely back home. What a dream. I mean, how could he--

"Toukai-kuuun~ Drink some more with uuus~" An annoying piece of flesh clung on to his arm like a parasite as he tried to violently (yet elegantly) shake it off. Sesshoumaru looked down at the drunken girl on his left and glowered with all his might, trying to burn her hands off from his shirt. It didn't work like he thought. Sesshoumaru was about to reach for the cake knife when the bowl head girl suddenly squealed in his oh-so-sensitive ear and leapt towards Inuyasha, who just returned. Only fellow stoic gods can detect the slight gratitude in Sesshoumaru's eyes.

"I'm back." Inuyasha slumped back in the cushioned couch and roughly unbuttoned his shirt. Sweat beads were forming on his tanned chest.

"Hey, can I take your Kikyo up to my VIP room for a sec?" Miroku nudged him a little from beside. The said drunk girl was literally purring and clinging all over Miroku's wrinkled shirt.

"Sure. Do all you want with her. Girls are just toys for satisfying our manly desires anyways. Have a little money and looks and they're all over you." A barely detectable soft mutter came out.

".... That's a darn nice speech you've got there, kid." Both of Miroku's eyebrows rose up as he looked at Inuyasha suspiciously. Kikyo smiled as she winked at Inuyasha and slid her hand into Miroku's unbuttoned shirt as he led her out and upstairs to his private room.

Meanwhile, Kouga (cuddling with another red-haired girl) stared at Inuyasha intently. Inuyasha slumped back on the white leather booth seat and gave Kouga the 'whatcha lookin' at?' face. The dark brown haired man groggily eased closer to his face and poked it curiously.

"Yo dude, are you wearing blush?"

Well, here- hit me will ya for taking so long to do one chap. But hey, I think it's like, 3000 words. Tell me if you think something's missing. I always write in short portions at each time.