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It's such a simple looking word, four letters, but the meaning behind it is so much more profound. It's looks and touches and want and need. It's looking at someone and undressing them with your eyes and licking your lips in anticipation. It's whispering words in their ear when nobody's looking and then smirking when their cheeks flush ever so slightly. It's powerful and consuming and just plain fun when you get the chance to experience it.

When it came to the art of seduction, she was goddamn Van Gogh. And everyone else? Well they were the kind of artists that had their work displayed in hotel rooms. She was an artist. Was she a slut? No, she wasn't. She picked and chose carefully and always had. She was not some plaything to be passed around like some of the divas around here. They would flit between wrestlers, spreading their legs and hoping that having one top wrestler sticking it in them would mean a higher position with the company, it made her sick.

Stephanie McMahon was a master.

His eyes had been the first thing to draw her in, but they were probably the first thing anyone ever noticed about him. They were so piercingly blue they seemed to stare right through you like laser beams. They were enchanting and mysterious at the same time. It helped that he had other gorgeous features as well. He was definitely easy on the eyes, that was for sure. She licked her lips as she thought about his eyes.

The only problem was she hated his personality. If she could get the body without the attitude she'd be asking where to sign up for her own little Chris Irvine copy, but unfortunately the man was as stubborn as he was good-looking. Sure, she'd been the one to bring him back, but it had been under extreme duress. He wanted her to jump through hoops and Stephanie didn't jump through anyone's hoops so they'd been in a stalemate for a long time, neither side budging, that stubborn asshole.

Finally he'd agreed and she was pleased, but then he had to complain about every fucking thing. Maybe it was the fact he was going through a divorce that made him so cantankerous, she didn't know nor did she care. She had her own problems to worry about and didn't need him whining at her all the time. Now he was whining about how he was supposed to be in the big WrestleMania storyline. Usually he'd just go along with whatever plan was good for him, but this one seemed to stick in his craw. She really couldn't blame him too much though, she'd be pissed if she'd had something like that taken away from her, but he still didn't need to come barging into her office to tell her.

"Stephanie, we need to talk," he said as he walked in unannounced. He had a problem with that particular task and she'd have to remind him that doors were made for knocking and he needn't be so rude next time.

"What is it, Chris?" she asked.

"I've been trying to make a meeting with you, but your secretary keeps blowing me off," Chris said. "So I thought I'd just come to you directly."

"That's fine," she said, "what can I do for you?"

He looked great tonight. He wasn't dressed for the show yet so he was just in a t-shirt and jeans, but they hugged him in all the right places. She could imagine crawling towards him on the floor and unzipping his pants with her teeth. He probably wouldn't be too receptive to that just yet. She'd heard he'd been testing the dating waters out, whatever the hell that meant. Giving him a blowjob out of nowhere might be a little too forward for both their tastes. She had to get him to the point where he'd be begging for it.

"I wanted to discuss the radical change in our storyline," he told her. "Because the last time I attended a production meeting, I was told that I'd be feuding with Paul about beating you up. Also, why the hell, if you two are getting divorced, are you acting like you're married on the show?"

Well that was easy, she still had Paul wrapped around her little finger and this was his desperate attempt at keeping her. She let him have it because well, she did feel bad. She had loved him once upon a time, but Stephanie was prone to boredom and she'd more than put in enough time with Paul. She just wasn't in love with him anymore. There was someone better out there for her and she was sure that person was sitting right in front of her.

Did she think Chris was her soulmate? Absolutely not, soulmates were something Hallmark came up with to sell cards to unsuspecting fools. Did she think Chris would be great in bed? Hell yeah she did so fucking sue her if she wanted to get at him. She was pretty damn good herself so it wasn't like there would be no benefits for him. But all in due time, she wasn't the type to just throw herself at men. She left that to the other divas on the roster, especially the ones who had absolutely no shame and those girls knew exactly who they were.

"We want to do what's best for WrestleMania," Stephanie explained to him. "We like the Legacy thing so we wanted to give them a promotion of sorts. It just makes sense I suppose. You're a very cold, calculating heel and Randy's more demonstrative. We wanted demonstrative."

"That's bullshit and you know it," he fumed.

Stephanie raised an eyebrow. "We've got something good lined up for you. I mean, my father is keeping his cards close and won't really disclose who you're going to face, but--"

"Oh come on, Stephanie. What makes you think I want to fucking settle for some idiotic storyline involving the Hall of Famers? This isn't what I was told was going to happen," he told her.

Stephanie stopped and paused for a moment, as if she was thinking, but she was only thinking about how much she lusted after Chris and how she wanted Chris to lust after her, if he didn't already, because face it, she had to be desirable to a lot of people. She lifted her pen up to her mouth and stuck it in her mouth, biting on it a little, pretending to think about why he should settle for this storyline. It truly wasn't her fault things had changed, but he wasn't listening to reason at the moment.

Her tongue swirled around the tip of the pen and her mouth puckered the tiniest bit as she sucked on the pen a moment. Then she pulled it out of her mouth, a thin line of spit clinging to the writing instrument. She looked up at Chris and caught him staring at her mouth and she smirked inwardly. Typical. If she'd had a lollipop right now, she could've teased him even more, but she was pleased she had him staring at her.

"Well things change," Stephanie explained to him calmly, but her ire was rising and she could tell his was too. The swearing had been a big tip-off to that.

"We fucking set it up for months, months between the two of us," Chris told her. "You were going to be a heel and join up with me against your father, I'm just not understanding how that was not a good plan here and how that had to change to me fucking calling out old men!"

"Look, my father has wanted to put me and Paul together for a really long time, of course, the divorce is complicating things," she said blithely, "but Paul went to my father and asked him for it."

"So the asshole gets his way again. Now that he's divorcing you, is he going to marry your father? I mean, seems like they are already since he still gets his fucking way all the time."

"Well what the hell do you want me to do about it, Chris?" Stephanie challenged. "Huh, do you just want me to change what we've already done? Do you just want me to fucking take all the scripts we've written, rip them up and just give you your way? How is that any different from what Paul is doing?"

"Because you fucking told me this was what I'd be doing!" he yelled at her standing up and looking completely irate. "I'm sick and tired of that bastard, Paul, screwing up with my storylines. He's been doing it practically my entire career here and I'm fucking sick of it!"

"Well he's not my fucking responsibility," she told him, standing up as well. She wasn't going to give him the leverage. She did have to admit though, when he got angry like this, his eyes seemed to dance and his jaw set. His head was bowed a little so he could stare right into her eyes and, undaunted, she stared right back, wondering if her own eyes could dance like his were.

"You're the head of creative, of course it's your responsibility or is that just a vanity title while you sit here looking all prim and nice and prissy like the little bitch you are!"

"How dare you call me a bitch!" Stephanie told him. That she didn't stand for. She wasn't a bitch. "I'm just doing my fucking job and yes, I have a job around here, yes, I am head of creative, but does that give me more power than my father, hmm…let me think about that for a second, no! If he wants something, I have no choice but to listen to what he wants, okay?"

"Change it back, make up something, you're really good at coming up with shitty explanations for things."

"That's enough!" Stephanie said, slamming her hands down on the desk in front of her.

"I want my storyline back!" Chris equaled her volume and her pounding on the desk by slamming his own hands on her desk. He leaned forward too until they were inches apart and staring into each other's heated faces, both flushed with anger and their breaths were short and slightly panting from the fury pulsing through their veins.

"You will do what you're told, Jericho," she said derisively, stripping him of his real identity and calling him by his character's name as if that could be seen as something beneath him. "And you will like doing what you're told. I did not control this goddamn storyline and if you even insinuate again that I am a bitch, I will suspend you until WrestleMania and then someone isn't going to get his huge bonus."

"I. Don't. Give. A. Shit. What. You. Say," he told her slowly so she could pick up all the words. "I want my storyline back. I hate this fucking thing with the Hall of Famers."

They stared at each other with more vitriol and neither one said a word and neither one backed down. She wanted to move her eyes to his lips, but she didn't dare break his stare. If she broke his stare, he won and she wasn't about to let him win. So they stared in each other's eyes, blue on blue, and there might as well have been lasers shooting from both because the stares were burning into their psyche. They were both so strong-willed then she wondered what he'd do if she just leaned forward and kissed him. Would he pull back in shock or would he pull her across this desk and rip her shirt open? She was almost tempted to find out.

A knock sounded at the door and broke their moment. They both sat down slowly, their eyes never leaving the other. This visual tug-of-war continued and Stephanie looked straight at Chris while she called, "It's open."

"Stephanie?" Shane said, looking between her and Chris. He could feel the tension in the room.

"I'm busy, Shane, is it urgent?" she asked, still looking at Chris.

"Um, well, Dad wanted a meeting after the show, so if you're free…"

"I'm free, tell him I'll be there," she told him, her eyes still not diverting away from Chris's.

"Everything okay in here?" Shane wondered.

"Chris and I are just discussing his creative direction, that's all," Stephanie responded calmly. Chris was sucking at his teeth, his eyes focused on Stephanie, though every now and then, they'd wandered down again and to her mouth. She could tell he was still fascinated with her lips.

"Okay," Shane said, but he wasn't convinced that was all. He slowly slipped out the door and left the two in silence once again.

"Well, I've said everything there is to say, so you're free to leave," she told him.

"No," he told her. "I'm going to attend that meeting with you and I'm going to discuss this with your father."

"Oh yes, because of all the people who have been trying to get him to decide on things, you're the one who's going to get him to crack, yes, Chris, I believe that," she told him with a scoff. "Believe me, I'm not happy with this storyline either."

Chris leaned forward a little, his voice lowering as he stared at her, "So why don't you change it?"

"Can't, what my father says goes," Stephanie said. "He wants me with Paul, at least for now, I have to go with Paul, that's how it goes I guess."

"I see," Chris said, "and what do you want? Do you want to work with me? I thought we were having a good time setting this up."

"Unlike you, Chris, I do what I'm told to do," Stephanie said. "If you want to think it was a good time, I'm not going to stop you from thinking it."

Of course she'd had a good time. Chris was absolutely divine to look at it, how could she not have a good time? Of course, after all was said and done, the whores who they called divas would be throwing themselves at him, telling him how great he was, begging him to teach them how to cut a promo as well as he did and she would want to vomit everything she'd eaten for the past few days, but when it was just them on-screen, yes, it was definitely fun.

"Okay, well, I did," he told her, smoldering eyes on her skin.

"Let me show you out," Stephanie said, standing up and walking towards the door. Chris got up reluctantly. He was glaring at her the entire time. This man could be so infuriating sometimes, but God, she wanted him. If she wasn't mistaken, it seemed he wanted her too, though he wasn't going to admit it right now. She'd get him to admit it soon enough. No use in rushing.

"I'm still coming to this meeting later on, I want to talk with your dad," Chris told her.

"That's fine, if you want, but I hardly think he's going to change his mind now," Stephanie told him. "He's pretty set on what's going to happen so I think you'd better get used to beating up on old men."

"We'll see."

He stood there for a moment and he seemed to loom over her. She stood up straighter and stared at him again. Their eyes were meeting again and she saw his tongue moving against his lips inside his mouth. She went a little daring and just barely licked her own lips, her tongue just darting out of her mouth at the corner and then retreating back inside. She didn't know if he caught it, but he just continued to stand there.

"Well, are you leaving?" she asked.

"Yeah, I'm leaving, but this isn't over. I'm not going to get screwed over, Stephanie. I'm just not going to get screwed over this time, especially not from the likes of Paul," Chris said, then left, leaving Stephanie to herself again. Instead of being screwed over maybe he'd just liked to be screwed by her.

She'd see.