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Rose Hathaway is a princess in the real world, but she has to marry someone to make her father happy. But when she tries to escape her own little destiny she finds love. All human.

Always my love; Always my Dimitri

Chapter 1: Meeting

"When you're desperate to change your life you do whatever you can to survive"

It was sunset, almost night. The sky was a mix of orange with gray. It was drizzling but not heavily raining. There were black clouds and small rays but not thunder. In the middle of Somewhere was a brown, dirty, and old building that was the prison of the town. Two men where in front of the building. One of the guys had black, spiky hair with metallic black eyes. He was younger than the other honey skinned, light brown haired man with mustard eyes. They were talking with one of the guards, trying to convince him to let her go. Finally, they could enter into a dark and mournful cell where a brown haired girl with bright brown eyes was resting her head on one of the brown dirty walls. She was wearing a wedding dress with a long skirt with lots of cuts through it. Her make up was messed up and made her eyes look more tired.

"Rose?"the younger one asked.

The girl didn't answer or even move her head to see them. The younger one opened the cell and picked her up. With his strong, sailor arms, he took her to a black horse that was outside. They went to the port. There was a big old ship there. Rose was still in shock. Her head was resting on Eddie's chest while they walked inside the ship. Rose raised her face and saw the place where the helm was and she just broke and started to cry. Eddie hugged her tightly to his chest. She couldn't believe it. She couldn't live with this pain and suffer anymore.


It was a beautiful and sunny day in the middle of Somewhere. At the market place, all the people were showing off their merchandise but on one side of the street, a black haired girl with bright brown eyes was dancing. She was wearing a long vine skirt that was long on one side and short on the other side, a short black shirt with lots of golden chains and her hair was decorated with golden powder. While she danced, she watched the sun to recognize the time. It was almost noon so she picked up her stuff from the floor and ran to stop in one of the beautiful and big mansions. She was from a higher class but her passion was to dance. She climbed up the walls to the balcony of her room where a blond haired girl wearing a pink dress from the middle ages was waiting for her with a blue dress in her hands.

"He's waiting Rose and he's really mad," Lissa said while she helped Rose put on the dress faster and wash the golden powder from her hair.

"I know, I know. I'll go with excuses," Rose said and they both went downstairs to a big room made of fine marble which was the dinning room.

There was a big man with black, short hair and dark eyes dressed very elegantly there. Rose and Lissa each sat on either side of him.

"You took more time than you usually do," he said.

"I know. Sorry," Rose apologized.

"Tomorrow night you have to find an elegant dress to wear," he said and Lissa spoke to Rose in sign language to tell her that it was her father's birthday tomorrow night.

"Yeah I know. Its your birthday. You thought that I was going to forget it?" Rose said.

"I was starting to have doubts," Ibrahim said. (I looked for it in the book, and I know it doesn't really say that Ibrahim was Rose's father but since he was a Royal Moroi I put it in)

"Don't worry. I'll dress like a princess," Rose said as she rolled her eyes.

"Yes 'cause you also have to find a husband there tomorrow," Ibrahim said.

"What!? But dad..." Rose started.

"Rose you are 18 and its time that you get married like Vasilissa is with your cousin Christian," Ibrahim explained. (I put Christian and Rose as cousins because they're practicaly the same)

"I know but all your friends are old," Rose said.

"I'm going to invite more of my friends so you could choose but if you don't do it, then I have to find my own heir," Ibrahim said.

"OK. I'll find a husband tomorrow," Rose said.

They started to eat quietly. The next night came and Rose was in her room with Lissa touching up her outfit.

"Rose please do it less reluctantly. Its really good to be married," Lissa said.

"Yeah, when you find your true love. Not when you have to decide on what decrepit old man you have to take care of," Rose said.

"Your father's a decrepit old man," Lissa commented.

"I know but its worse 'cause its like marrying your dad," Rose explained.

They left the room and stood on the stairs.

"Whatever you do, don't make your father mad OK?" Lissa said.

"Yeah sure and really, I don't need a … husband," Rose said when she watched two men with leather clothes entering the saloon dance.

But only one caught her attention. He had brown hair, intense brown eyes and his gaze...his gaze was dark and hot at the same time. Rose ignored Lissa and went downstairs to meet the different guests.

"Hi! Welcome! I'm Ibrahim Hathaway's daughter," Rose said.

"Nice to meet you," Mason said, making a the type of gesture those gave to queens.

Rose laughed and said, "You don't have to do that. I'm not a princess."

The brown haired man rolled his eyes and left without a word.

"Sorry. He's not social with higher class persons," Mason said.

"And you?" Rose asked.

"I just came here for company so I never talk with anyone," he said.

"OK. And you know how to dance?" Rose asked.

"Yes but not that kind of dance," he answered while his hand run free by his messy red hair.

"I'll show you. Come on," Rose offered.

"Maybe you should dance with another guy who knows how to dance," Mason suggested.

"Are you joking? They are so boring," Rose said with a smile while she pulled Mason toward the dance saloon.

Dimitri, the other brown haired guy, was watching from a distance with Ibrahim while Rose was giving Mason instructions on how to dance.

"OK. Put your hand on my waist and then the other one on my other hand," Rose explained.

They were dancing by the saloon. Mason was learning faster than he thought.

"Oh damn it. He's doing it again," Dimitri said.

"What?" Ibrahim asked.

"The Casanova thing," Dimitri said.

"Oh let him have fun and let's go to my office," Ibrahim said.

At the saloon, all the men were feeling envious towards Mason.

"So you know how to town dance," Rose said.

"Yep. I learned how to go faster than this though," Mason explained.

"Cool! I wanna learn!" Rose said, pulling Mason toward the door to take him to the garden.

Dimitri was looking out the window at how Mason was teaching Rose how to dance the town dance. Ibrahim sat on a red sofa in the library. Dimitri went to Ibrahim's desk and started to play with the stuff that was there while he asked Ibrahim questions.

"So. Now you're going to tell me why you called the guy who helped your wife escape from your prison?"

"Well I just wanted to talk with someone who knows my secrets," Ibrahim said while he drank a glass of wine.

"I know your secrets?" Dimitri asked.

"Well my only secret. Everybody knows that my wife died because of a terrible illness except you who know the truth," Ibrahim said.

"Oh so that's the reason why everyone feels so bad for you," Dimitri said.

"I don't want my friends and this town to know that my wife abandoned me and I wished she took her daughter with her," Ibrahim said with melancholy.

"She causes you trouble?" Dimitri asked, now moving again to the window to keep an eye on them.

"Most of the time. But now its the first headache: the husband thing. Geez, she can't be like other girls who get married when their fathers want and marry the husband that their fathers want," Ibrahim said when someone knocked on the door.

A gray haired man with tuxedo entered and gave Ibrahim a hug with lots of hypocrisy.

"Hi Adrian glad you came," Ibrahim said.

"You know that I came on other business," Adrian said.

"Yeah I know. Let's go to the saloon," Ibrahim said and they went to the dance saloon.

Outside, Rose and Mason were now talking.

"So you have to choose a husband tonight," Mason said.

"Yes and I wish that I don't have to do it. I'm so tired of being a stupid high class girl that has to choose a decrepit old man or an empty minded man to marry," Rose said.

"Good," Mason said, putting his head down.

"I wish I could… escape from my destiny," Rose said.

"There's a way. I did it once," Mason said, now facing Rose.

His gaze was deep now when Lissa interrupted them and said to Rose that she had to come inside.


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