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A young teenage girl stands in her room holding a phone and a picture. She has short brown hair and bright blue eyes. Her name is Alice Seno.

Alice held her phone and read the text message on the screen.

"Question… Is there someone you like?"

She tightened her hold on the phone and said, "Yes …" She held up a picture of a handsome young man. She looked at it and frowned. "But… I'll never have the courage to tell him how I feel."




The sun slid up past the horizon, sending the shadows back into the ground.

Alice was sitting in a chair, resting her head on her desk, phone still in hand. Her eyes slowly opened as she lifted her head. She was still wearing her pajamas.

"…MM…" Huh? She quickly sat up. "Huh? It's morning? What time is it?" She quickly turned her head to looked at the clock on her phone.


She sweatdropped and did a jaw-drop and wide-eyed shock.

She ran through the house to her sister's room, knocking things over and falling down along the way.

Clatter! Wham!


She finally made it to her sister, Mayura's room all swirly-eyed and with a Band-Aid on her forehead. She rushed over to the bed and started to shake the sleeping girl.

"Wake up!! It's after 7:00!" She swore under her breath when her sister didn't respond. "Your Archery Club practice starts in half an hour!"

That seemed to work, since Mayura snapped up and squealed in shock.

"Aaaagggh!! It's after 7:00?!"

Downstairs, their parents were having a quiet breakfast, but it really didn't last. Mayura and Alice were being loud enough to be heard from outside the house.

"Alice, you dummy!" screamed Mayura, running out of her room toward the stairs. "Didn't I tell you to wake me up at 6:30?!"

Alice screamed after her, trying to keep up.

"I-I had homework and I-"

"Ahhhhh!" said Mayura, looking slyly at her sister. "You stayed up all night doing e-mail again, didn't you?!" She ran down the stairs and squealed, "Mom! You'd better watch Alice! She's fallen victim to the plague of our time—cell-phone abuse!" She ran through the kitchen as her mother turned around.

"Mayura, what are you wearing?!" asked her mother.

"It's okay," said Mayura, running past her to the bathroom. "I'm gonna shower and change! No breakfast for me, today!" She ran into the bathroom and shut the door.

Alice glared at the bathroom door, clenching her fists. Hmph! If you're going to get mad at me, then why not wake up by yourself for once?! She thought, angrily.

"Mayura has so much energy." Said her mother, bringing a hand to her face and shaking her head. "Seems like she hasn't a care in the world."

That's for damn sure, thought Alice, still glaring at the bathroom door.

"Mmm…uh-huh…" said her father sipping his coffee and reading the newspaper.

Alice snapped out of her angry trance and looked at her father.

"Oh, uh…dad?" She turned and faced the table, clasping her hands behind her. "Remember what we talked about? Have you made a decision?"

Her father put down his coffee and looked up from his paper at her.

"About what…?"

"Remember?" said her mother. "Alice wanted a pet."

"Oh, that," said her father looking back down at his paper. "Out of the question. Your sister's allergic to animals."

"But…" said Alice, frowning with big eyes and tears.

Mayura could be seen in the background running around in circles like a mad woman, screaming, "I'm late! I'm late!" She then rushed past them and out the door, carrying her large bow. "I'M OFF!! SEE YA!! BYE!"

"Have fun, dear." Said her mother, smiling after her.

Alice sweatdropped and stared after her sister in wide-eyed shock.

She did her make up?! Even though she's so late… "Did you see that, Mom?"

"You'd better get dressed, too, Alice." Said her mother, setting a cup of juice and a plate filled with eggs, sausage, zucchini, and rice noodles on the table. "And eat some breakfast."

Alice stopped at the crosswalk and flipped open her cell-phone. She was wearing a school uniform identical to her sister's. She began punching words into the phone.

"My family spoils my big sister rotten."


In seconds, a new message appeared on the screen.

"People think the youngest always gets her way. That's crap."

"Ain't that the truth," said Alice, punching in another message.

"I just saw the cutest rabbit in the pet shop, yesterday. But we mustn't risk making Mayura faint."


The 'walk' sign switched to the 'do-not-walk' sign. Alice looked up and shut her phone, noticing a crowd around her. They were whispering amongst themselves about something in the street. She pushed through the crowd and saw what was causing the commotion.

"A bunny…?!"

A white bunny was sitting in the middle of the intersection, oblivious to the world around it.

It's so cute!! Thought Alice, clasping her hands and smiling brightly.

The rabbit suddenly turned its head and looked at her with its pink eyes.

Hey! Thought Alice, happily. It's looking at me!

Suddenly she heard dozens of voices speak out all at once.

"Oh, Dear."

"Animals are so stupid."

"It's gonna get run over, yuck. And I just ate breakfast."

"I could get killed if I try to save it."

"It's only vermin."

"It's sad, but…"

"Where's its owner, anyway?"

"It's inconveniencing everybody."

"Somebody should help it."

"Just ignore it."

"Ignore it."

"It had no business hopping out there in the first place."

"Pretend you didn't see it. Don't look at it."

Alice brought her hands to her face and widened her eyes in shock and fear for the animal.

Where are all these voices coming from?!

A car came bearing down the street toward it.

"It's in the way."

"Ignore it."

The driver swerved out of the way just in time.


Alice ran from the curb and into the street.

I can't!

A large triangular shaped symbol appeared behind her as she rushed over to the rabbit. The symbol for courage. But nobody seemed to notice it.

I can't… I just can't ignore it.

As she neared the rabbit a bright light began pulsating from the center of the intersection, blinding the drivers and pedestrians.

She shot out her arms and pulled the rabbit to her.

"Come…here!" she screamed, hugging it tight.

A car came bearing down the street toward her. But this time it was going too fast to be able to swerve out of the way.

She turned to look at it. There was fear etched in her gaze.

Next thing she knew there were strong arms quickly wrapped around her and she was quickly rolling out of the way.

The pedestrians gasped and whispered in a commotion of anger as the driver sped off without even stopping to check if she was okay.

Something smells…sweet… thought Alice, slowly opening her eyes.

The person on top of her slowly raised his head and released her.

"Phew," he said, smiling, "That was a close call."

Alice's jaw dropped and she started to sweat nervously.

"Kyō Wakamiya?!" she squealed.

He looked down at her as concern set into his features.

"You're not hurt, are you?" he asked, leaning slightly forward.

She quickly backed up, shaking her head. She staid on her knees as Kyō gathered up his arrows and placed them back in his case.

The 'do-not-walk' changed to 'walk' and the crowd began to thin but they continued to talk.

"What was that flash of light?"

"That driver should get a ticket."

"You kids okay?"

Kyō stood and said, "Can you stand Alice?"

Alice's heart began to beat faster.

"Y-yes," she replied, nervously.

This can't be happening! Thought Alice.

"Thank you, Kyō."

Kyō picked up his bow and they began their walk to the school. Alice held the bunny close in her arms as she walked along side Kyō.

"You're a lucky little bunny, aren't you? "

Kyō watched her for a moment before he spoke; he sounded concerned, "When I saw you dart out into the traffic, I thought you were history. What'll you do with the rabbit?"

Alice beams at him, "I'd like to keep it until I can find its owner."

To self: My first real conversation with Kyō…!!

"Hmm," said Kyō. "A crowd of people and you were the only one that tried to save the rabbit."


"When I heard the terrible things those people were saying," said Alice, frowning. "I knew it was up to me to save the poor thing."

Kyō stopped and looked back at her.

"At the traffic light?" he asked. He sounded confused. "Nobody said a word."

"Really?" said Alice, sounding shocked.

That's really weird, she thought, looking ahead at nothing in particular. I heard them so clearly...

Suddenly the rabbit chomped down on her bottom lip.


"AAAGGGHHH!!! OW!!" Her eyes got really big and she started to cry, but stopped crying almost immediately.

"Ouch," she whined. "I guess you must be hungry?!"

She looked to her right and saw a store that sold vegetables.

"Excuse me." she said to the young lady at the entrance. "Four carrots, please."

The lady smiled and nodded, then went to the back of her store to get the carrots.

Alice looked behind her and was shocked to see that Kyō was still standing there, waiting for her.

"You can go on to school without me." Alice said sweetly.

"That's okay, I'm in no hurry." He replied.

Alice's lips spread into a wide grin.

To self: HOORAY!! …Hey…?!

"Kyō, don't you have archery practice this morning?"

"No, not today."

"AAGH!" squealed Alice. "Mayura! That goof got her days mixed up!" She quickly went from shocked to laughing. "She must be all alone at school."

Mayura was shown in the school hall looking very small and alone and very clueless.


"That's just like her," said Kyō, smiling.

Alice glanced at him, feeling drawn to his gentle smile.


The store lady was back with a bag of carrots.

"Here you are, thanks."

Without warning, the rabbit gabbed one of the carrots and ran off, startling both the lady and Alice.


Alice, forgetting about the carrots and about paying for the one the rabbit had taken, dashed off and chased after it.

"Bunny?! W-wait!!"

And before Kyō or the store lady could stop her, she was already halfway down the next block, flailing her arms like a mad man.

"Come back!"

They both sweatdropped and stared; both embarrassed, but for different reasons.

Kyō started to casually walk away.

"Uh, I'll just be…"

But the store lady forcefully grabbed his shoulder and demanded money.

"MY MONEY!!" she said forcefully.

Some time later after Kyō caught up with Alice…

They are walking side-by-side down the sidewalk. And yes, Kyō is carrying the bag of carrots that he incidentally had to buy.

He looks over at Alice and sees a sadness in her eyes. It bothers him.


"It's gone. …the little bunny…"

Kyō's eyes widened in concern.

Alice opened her eyes and stopped.


There was a beautiful bracelet on the ground about a foot's length in front of her. She bent down and picked it up and examined it closely.

"A…bracelet?" It's very beautiful.

She smiled as she placed it around her wrist.

"This red gem looks just like a rabbit's eye." She said, cheerfully.

With this, she thought, I have a feeling that I might see that bunny again someday. She smiled and blushed slightly. Thanks to the bunny, I got to hang out with Kyō Wakamiya. Don't get discouraged, Alice.

As she entered the school grounds she started to reminisce about when she had first met Kyō.

'Upper-classman Kyō Wakamiya—I first laid eyes on him one month ago. I'd just started school, and I went to see my sister's archery club.'

Her eyes widened when she spotted him.

He's so…beautiful…

'After that, I went to watch the archery club often… Now everyone knows me as Mayura Seno's little sister… But I can't even join the club. I don't have the nerve to…

Her thoughts were interrupted when a birdie hit her in the back of the head.

"Ow!" she exclaimed.

She turned around to see five girls holding rackets laughing at her.

"Oops…" said a girl named Oishi. "Sorry, Alice."

"Would you throw it back?" said headband.

Alice sweatdropped and scowled.

"Oishi…" she said and picked up the birdie, smiling sweetly. I can't stand that Oishi girl. She's such a show-off…and a snob. "Here it comes." She added and threw it back.

"Thanks." Said Oishi, smirking not-so-nicely.

Alice turned and walked away. But, unfortunately, Oishi was a bitch and hit her in the back of the head with another birdie.


"Ow." Said Alice.

She turned around, only to find them laughing at her again. She sweatdropped.

"Oh!" said Oishi. "Did we hit you again? SOR-RY!"

"We're such awful players." Said short-hair.

Alice just smiled sweetly and picked up the birdie. "No problem." You think this is so funny don't you, you ROTTEN SNOB!!! was what she really wanted to say.

Oishi continued to smirk and continued to hit her with birdies. One hit Alice's back, and then her leg, and then her shoulder.

"Uh, maybe we should stop." said short-hair.

"She won't say anything," said Oishi, snidely, clenching her fist and gritting her teeth. "She just smiles like a dork. Anyway, she should suffer for walking to school with Kyō Wakamiya this morning. What nerve! Who does she think she is?!"

"Uh, Oishi?" said Alice sweetly. "I'm getting tired of throwing these back…"

Another birdie was heading straight for her face.

She shut her eyes and could feel something shoot past her face and knock the birdie off course. And then…


The birdie had been pinned to the wall by an arrow.

Alice opened her and eyes and noticed that Kyō was the shooter and he looked rather angry.

"Hey!" he said, glaring at the five girls. "Being mean is so unbecoming…"

The girls blushed and slowly backed away.



Kyō then turned to Alice, smiled and walked over to her.

"Alice!!" exclaimed Mayura, trudging toward them.

"Sis!" said Alice, looking slightly clueless.

"In trouble again?!" said Mayura, scowling.

Alice sweatdropped.

Mayura scowled more severely and glanced at the five obnoxious badminton players.

"They pick on you because you don't stand up for yourself," she said snidely, "Those kind only have claws when they're in a group!"

Oishi clenched her fist and gritted her teeth.

Mayura suddenly lunged forward to attack them and Alice grabbed her arm to restrain her.

No! Don't make a scene! Screamed Alice's mind.

"She's my little sister," screamed Mayura, "So if you pick on her, you'll answer to me! GOT THAT?!"

I really don't mind, thought Alice, Please don't make things worse.

"Kyō!" exclaimed Mayura, "What happened to your hand?!"

Huh? Thought Alice, appearing clueless at first and then she remembered. Oh yeah… he must have hurt it when…

"Look!" exclaimed Mayura, gently taking his hand in hers. "It's all red. You must have whacked it on something. You should see the nurse…"

"It's nothing." Replied Kyō calmly.

His hand was badly scratched and was bleeding.

"You hurt it?!" exclaimed Alice. "I hope it wasn't from this morning…?!"

Mayura looked at her suspiciously. "This morning?"

Kyō put a finger to his lips indicating to Alice that he wanted her to stay quiet about it.

He then quickly turned around and walked away, saying, "It's nothing… So, I hear that you're putting in some extra practice these days…"

"GIVE THAT A REST, ALREADY!!" screamed Mayura. She then turned to Alice with a sweet smile and said, "Alice, go home without me, okay?"

Kyō… thought Alice, sadly.

She watched glumly, wanting to cry, as Kyō and her sister walked side by side down the hall. And it didn't help when the other students started to whisper.

"Those two…"

"Mayura and Kyō are a couple. They're inseparable."

"They take all the same classes."

"At last year's school festival, Mayura Seno was crowned 'Miss Myōdō High' even though she was only a freshman."

Alice walks past them, trying not to feel sorry for herself.

"Darn, so Mayura is Wakamiya's girl?" said an upper-classman boy.

"Hey, look. That girl…" said a freshman girl. "Mayura's little sister. What's her name…?

It's okay, thought Alice, I'm used to it. I'm always 'Mayura Seno's little sister'...

Back at the Seno's residence…

Alice was wearing a light blue dress and long blue socks. She was sitting on her bed with a stuffed rabbit on her lap and she was looking sadly at a picture of Kyō. She then looked at the bracelet around her wrist and smiled.

But thanks to the bunny, I at least got to talk to Kyō Wakamiya.

"Hmmm… It's such a pretty stone."

If only this bracelet could grant wishes.

Suddenly, Mayura barged into Alice's room, and Alice just barely hid the picture in time. She quickly shoved the picture under her pillow.

"Alice! Guess what…" exclaimed Mayura. She's wearing the goofiest hyper-looking smile.

Alice widened her eyes and sweatdropped. She was mentally kicking herself for almost getting caught.

Mayura calmed down when she took notice of Alice's strange behavior.

"Hey," Mayura said, "Were you doing e-mail on your cell phone again?!"


"Oh, never mind… Look!"

She held out two packages for Alice to look at.

"Which of these do you think would make a better birthday present for Kyō?"

"Birthday? Kyō's?" said Alice, pushing the picture further under her pillow.

"Yeah, it's tomorrow!" replied Mayura, sitting beside her sister on the bed. "But I can't make up my mind."

I didn't know. Thought Alice, glumly.

"The wristwatch is nice, but so is this…" said Mayura, seeming slightly desperate. "Which do you think Kyō would like better?"

Alice glanced at her sadly.

"Sis… Do you…like Kyō?"

Mayura's eyes widened and then she nodded and smiled, blushing slightly.

Sis is so pretty… thought Alice, glumly, She's like a flower in bloom.

"Well… If it were up to me…I'd choose this one." said Alice, feeling very small and insignificant.

"This one, really?!" exclaimed Mayura. "Okay, this one it is."

Mayura got up, smiled sweetly at Alice, and quickly exited the room.

Alice scrunched her eyes and clenched her sheets.

I haven't got a chance against Sis.

Next day at school…


Alice turned around to see who had called her and found Kyō heading down the hall towards her.

She sweatdropped and was afraid she would start to panic.

"Got a minute?" he asked.

They walked side-by-side to a more deserted part of the school halls.

"Is something wrong…?" Alice asked.

To self: heart pounding…

"It's that rabbit from yesterday…" said Kyō, holding his chin between his thumb and his forefinger. "I endeavored to ascertain its whereabouts, but to no avail."

Alice looked at him with a mixed expression of irritation and cluelessness.

"Um, could you say that again with half the syllables?" she said.

What a vocabulary.

"I could pass out flyers or use the internet." Replied Kyō. "What do you think?"


His eyes turned into straight lines and he suddenly seemed very serious.

"Yesterday, I searched until it got so dark that I had to give up. I don't think it's around here anymore."

"You searched 'till dark?!" squealed Alice, making a face that looked oddly like a chicken. "Wh-Wh-Why…?"

Kyō smiled sweetly at her.

"You looked so crest-fallen when it ran away." He replied. "I realized how much the rabbit must mean to you."

He turned to leave but stopped and looked at her.

"I'll find it for you, so cheer up. See you around."

He then turned, again, to leave.

Kyō Wakamiya…



She glanced at his hand, which was now wrapped in a bandage.



You're so nice to me.

She clenched her skirt and her bowtie.




What should I do?


She was shocked when he stopped and turned to look at her. He waited, watching her in anticipation.

But…she started to panic.

"Ah… Um… I…"

What should I do?

I want to tell him.

"Huh?" said Kyō, waiting still…patiently.



I'm in love with you.

The stone on her bracelet began to pulsate a soft and barely visible red light.

C'mon! Tell him!

Kyō watched her in greater anticipation as though he knew something important was about to happen.


"Kyō!" came Mayura's voice as she came rushing around the corner. "There you are!"

But Kyō hadn't taken his eyes off Alice.

"Oh, hi Alice…" said Mayura, seeing Alice standing there. "What're you doing here?"

Alice started to shrink away, becoming very nervous; if possible, more nervous than a minute ago.

"Um…" she backed away a little more. "I was…" She stopped and glanced up, smiling sweetly at Kyō, holding back her tears. "I wanted to wish Kyō a happy birthday."

"Thanks…" said Kyō, looking down, sounding oddly disappointed.

She then bowed to them both.

"I'll be going now."

She quickly slipped past her sister and said, "Good luck, Sis…"


Mayura turned to Kyō and held up a wrapped gift to him.

Alice slowed down to an almost complete stop.

"Kyō…" said Mayura, "Happy seventeenth birthday. Please accept this…"

I'm such a liar.

"And…" said Mayura, "I hope you accept my feelings for you as well."

Mayura smiled at him and blushed slightly.

"I… I'm in love with you."

Alice could no longer hold back her tears and ran faster and out of the school.

I'm a coward.

In city…

Alice ran through the city, she couldn't seem to stop her tears.

"I love you" Just three little words.

But I didn't have the courage to say them.

If only I had…

a little more courage.

The jewel on her bracelet, once again, began to glow.

She came to a stop in front of the Tokyo Tower. She buried her face in her hands and continued to cry.

Courage is what I need…

'Fool…' said a soft, but irritated voice in her head.

She lowered her hands.

'You already… have it.'

"Huh?" She quickly looked up and was surprised to see a bright light at the top of the tower.

'You have all the courage you need.'

It's the rabbit!

It jumped down and shot toward her in a giant ball of light.

Alice looked at it in fear and brought her hand up protectively.


A cloud of smoke and dust settled around her.

Alice slowly opened one eye and hesitantly lowered her hands. Floating before her was a small smiling girl who had rabbit feet and rabbit ears, pink eyes and reddish/pink hair. She was wearing strange clothes and a strange but pretty necklace was hanging around her neck. She continued to smile sweetly and then said in a voice that sounded older than she looked, "I knew it. I knew that you would come to me."

Alice was shocked that this rabbit girl just spoke…even more so than by the fact that the girl was hovering in the air before her. The girl ignored her shock and said in triumph, "At last…I've found you."

Alice leaned back a little and brought her slightly clenched hands to her mouth.