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"Come on Angel!" By brother Andrew called. Yes it was true we were blood related, he's my twin. My brother, Drew -as I called him-and I live together. Our biological father Aro's, and our mother Renee, care too much for us to let us stay in Volterra. My father is always getting threats and warnings from other strong, yet foolish vampires. My mother Renee thought it'll be better this way, she comes and visits us once or twice a year, so people wouldn't suspect lot.

I looked at myself in the mirror, I was nothing special, and I don't know why a guy should be interested in me. I had hazel eyes, (I know what you all thought, topaz eyes but no, my half brother also has different color eyes), dark brown hair with red highlights. My highlights are natural, but people think I'm lying sometimes. I don't care though. I was about 5.6", my dad always said, "You're another Renee!" I never told him no, I just went along with it, cause I was too busy plotting pranks to care. My brother and I were always the one that laughed and brought some happiness into the Volterra castle. My mother never laughed, my father would just say ignore us. It was pretty lame but here in our own house we had nothing to be scared of. No rules, No parents, and No restrictions to stop us from killing each other. Just playing'. Everything is just so different now...

"Angel, you ready?" My room was empty except the last few suitcases.

''Yeah, help me get this downstairs." I asked. He came over and helped me.

He was such a gentleman; he had jet black hair, teal eyes, and adoring smile. He was 6.2", were fraternal twins. We both loved sports, pranks, and other stuff like swimming, and almost the same food. (Half human part of us gets hungry)

"Were taking your Mercedes?" I asked as we stopped in front of his black Mercedes. He just nodded. Once we got in the car, he choose turned on the radio, and Just Dance blared down the stereo system that surrounded us.

"So where is Forks?" I asked, he told us we were moving there. To my dismay he laughed.

"Washington, it rains there lot so we should be able to go to high school there." Ugh. I hate school, but what fun about it is that you get to play lot pranks on the cheerleaders, nerds, and some other annoying people. We were living in some part of New York. He stopped his car in front of the airport.

"Did you have drink soon?" He was asking if I hunted earlier.

"Yeah last night." I answered, he just nodded.

"You can get new wardrobe so why bring 6 suitcases with clothes." he asked as he was removing them from his car.

"Because there was nothing else to pack." I continued ''and it's not like I have my cars, you already send them to Forks earlier.'' I ranted. Drew just looked at me as if I were crazy, and then burst out laughing. I stepped on his foot, and kicked him sunny side up. He cried in pain, while I dragged my suitcases.

He soon caught up giving me a dirty look. I just giggled harder. As we boarded the plane some guys were giving me dirty looks. Drew noticed and he put his arm around my waist and pulled me closer, then glared at the guys. They backed down easily. We just laughed about it through the whole plain flight to Seattle.

Once we got off there was my white Audi r8. Waiting for me, I turned to look at Drew, and he just gave me the keys. He loaded all the suitcases in the trunk, and some in the backseat. I got in the drivers sit, me and Drew making small talk. He gave me the direction to our new house. It was away from public eye, but not quite. It was decorated of red toned bricks, and protected by high, high fences. Drew opened the Garage and threw the keys at me. I caught them and mumbled quick thank you before going inside.

The living room was beautiful; I went over to the windows and opened up the curtains. Sure enough the house was clean. It had modern Dark cherry red curvy Sofa, and same color loveseat near it. There was 150" Plasma screen TV I'm pretty sure Drew didn't forget the surround sound system. The carpet was beautiful, static white. The kitchen was just as beautiful the counter were onyx black. And everything fit perfect.

The stairs were in the middle between the kitchen and the Living room; it's like how it is in castles. Our house had 3 floors. 1st floor contained the Kitchen and the living room, the 2nd floor consists of the game room, library, Andrew's room, and guest rooms. And the 3rd floor has my room which is the biggest and biggest guest room. Andrew has almost the same size room. I walked up the elegant stairs; more liked ran at vampire speed.

My room was almost like the one I had for the past 10 years. There was the big balcony, with a roof covering half and the other half is open. Also the balcony had a swing, and hot tub near it. I had 50"Plasma screen in my room across from my bed, which was cherry red with blue comforters. My whole room was painted in certain pattern, and different shade of blue. I had couch on right of my bed. Next to it was door to my huge walk-in closet. My room was twice size of Drew's. I'm probably going to spend my time outside, playing sports, maybe video games there and there, and jog every now and then. Forks is ok, for now. I went down stairs after unpacking my suitcases. I grabbed my purse and keys to my Porsche.

"Andrew going shopping, and for grocery. Want to buy anything?" I asked I knew he can hear me in his room. But I also knew I might have little time getting groceries.

''Nah, thanks, don't forget to bring lots of sweet." Both of us had sweet tooth. We always had to have ice creams, junk food, chocolate, and some healthy food. We don't eat much, but when we do it has to have chocolate in it. I opened the garage and fixed the mirrors. Before living I checked my garage, there was my black vanquish, blue Ferrari, my and Drew's motorcycle, my black Volvo, my Audi, and then the black Mercedes. Drew and I always favored driving fast, and for hobby we raced across states, or pretty much any place we find.

I drove to mall in Seattle; it was about 11:00 am so I had all the time, till 10:00pm. Andrew said I have to be home to discuss school, Shucks!

Mall was pretty full, since it was Saturday. I went to Victoria secrets first, then closest shoe store, for work out shoes, and all kinds of converse. My hands were pretty full from going to 4 stores. So I went back to my car and put them in there. Then I noticed Yellow Porsche being parked next to mine. What coincidence? 2 girls came out but I didn't get to look at their faces, I knew from the moment I looked into other two guys eyes they were all vampire. I didn't care though they were animal drinker. I put the last bag, Closed the doors and left to shop more. All four of them soon left to shop. They went their own ways, and I went my own way. I shopped, and made trips to my car back and forth. I stopped to get a drink; I was on the 2nd floor when something hit me in the back.

"Ow" I whispered, I looked back to see huge person, I mean Vampire smiling apologetically.

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