A/N: A teaser.

Gad, I love Cliffjumper.

Food for thought: We don't know where he is or the current status of Blurr. Last we saw of him, Longarm was ordering Cliffjumper to dispose of "this sensitive material." So truly, Cliffjumper is the key character here. He's the only true Autobot to see the body and who shall willingly tell others where it got to.

Then again, when Longarm's true identity is unveiled, how will the Autobots perceive him?

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Guilt (-noun)
1. the fact of having committed an offense
2. a feeling that one is to blame


Cliffjumper didn't care for the curses Optimus's crew brought back from Earth. But that was the perfect way to describe his current predicament.

He hardly listened as Alpha Trion read out the charges, too wound up in a state of pure disbelief. This was one of those times when he wished he was a Deception. Megatron would've just blasted him. But they wanted to make him suffer. Autobots wanted the so-called guilty to be tortured, their spirits broken.

'...collaborating with the enemy...first degree murder...'

He would never consider him to be his arch-nemesis. (Not in his case. That place was easily filled by a certain Rodimus Prime – the humanity – who now glared down at him.) Anyone who'd attended the academy with him knew that, and though the courtroom was filled up with the majority of his ex-classmates, none of them openly protested the accusations. His lawyer was incompetent and a fool. He was on his own.

Cliffjumper clenched his fists. He had touched the body. It was all his doing that he was gone. But there was a chance, a faint one, that he was there. He might be in stasis. It was the only thing keeping him from going completely mad and slaughtering everyone present. No one else believed him, and no one would pause to consider the possibility. He wouldn't give up until the best engineer on Cybertron either said the "o" word or repaired him.

If Longarm – no, Shockwave – were still alive, he'd have a certain score to settle with him. But someone else had dealt with the traitor. For Cliffjumper, there was only one reason to live now.

'...How do you plead?'

Only one slagging answer for that.

'Not guilty.'

I'll make this up to you, Blurr.