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As the sleeps grip released him, giving him back to the real world, the pale eye lids rose. As Axel's sleepy head rose slightly, he sighed at the uncomfortable cushion seat on which he sat. He then slowly leaned back and began to rub his emerald jewels.

When his bony hand fell to his side, he finally gazed at the small blonde that laid in the bed before him. The spikes were glued to his forehead with sweat, and his chest went up and down in a fast steady beat. Axel then found the memories of the night before flowing into his mind and play like a bad movie.

He sighed heavily once more and ran a hand through his spikes.

"Oh, look whose up and about." Zexion sneered as he came up behind the redhead.

The fiery teen only gazed down at the ground. He didn't answer the blunette, let alone look at him.

"Would you mind moving, Axe, so I can examine him?"

"Huh, Sure." Eight mumbled before he rose from the unstable chair and stepped back. The Cloaked Schemer stepped closer to the bed and placed his hand upon the youngest member's chest. His words didn't reach the Flurry's ears when he whispered them.

When the older member's hand fell back against his side as a sigh escaped from him, causing the fiery teen to look up.

"Well, he's doing alright, but for some reason he has a high temperature. I'll now need to get Vexen and…."

"Don't bother." Axel mumbled so softly that it was a miracle that the midnight haired nobody heard him.

"Excuse me?"

"I said don't bother. His temperature is only high because of my blood that is running through him, that's all." He added yet his gaze stayed fixed on the floor.

"What do you mean?" Six asked, curious, for some reason, to actually know the answer.

"My blood. It's hotter since my element is fire. So it's just him getting use to the heat. I bet with the amount we had to give him, he'll be fine tomorrow morning."

"Well, that makes sense but…." Zexion hesitated as the blonde suddenly began to toss and turn. Axel stepped closer to him and Zexion did the same.

"Axel?" Was all the keybearer stuttered as his body then somewhat settled again. The sixth member looked up at the younger nobody, who was still staring down at the figure in the bed.

Axel knew what was going on. The look upon Roxas's face explained it all. The thirteenth member was dreaming, but this look wasn't caused by peaceful imaginations. This expression was the affect of a nightmare and one of the Flurry for that matter.

"AXEL?!" The blonde's upper body suddenly and without warning shot up from the pillow and screamed. Zex quickly took him by the shoulders before he began to fall back against the sheets. He set the blonde back down and sighed once more.

"It seems he was having a nightmare about you." He explained, yet he knew he didn't need to bother wasting breathe.

"Well, you did probably scare with that monster form of yours and…….."

"SHUT UP!! Just SHUT Up. I don't need to hear it from you, Six. I'm fully aware that I lost control and could have killed him. So Shut up." Axel roared after his fist left a half inch deep hole in the wall. Zexion was about to say something about anger issues or something like that, but the slightest mumble from the patient made him drop it.

"Axe… Axel, is that you?" The blonde chocked to get the words out through his trembling teeth.

"I'm here. I'm right here." The fiery teen replied softly as he watched the higher rank member help the weak nobody up onto the fluffed pillows.

"Roxas, it's me, Zexion, how do you feel?" Six then asked calmly before he removed some spikes from the sticky, soaking, wet forehead. The keybearer groaned only slightly. The memories from the night before suddenly played like a bad horror movie in his eyes.

He remembered everything, the monster, the dream, and Axel…Axel changing…into….

"Axel, what are you?" What happened to you?" The smallest blonde suddenly turned to the redhead with worry woven into the deep pools of sapphire. Eight quickly looked away, not daring to dive into those circles of color.

Even though he looked away, he could still feel those delicate eyes burning holes into his back, threatening to even think twice of avoiding the question.

"I…I…" Was all that pyro managed to stutter before he bolted out of the room and out of the two's line of sight.


"Roxas, you need to rest." Zexion ordered as he pushed the blonde's body back against the foam mattress. Ignoring the low growl from the keybearer, once the Schemer knew that Roxas wasn't going to move, he sighed and pushed back a loose misplaced strain of hair.

"Now look, Thirteen, I have to take Axel to my lab, anyway, and examine his arm. You and him can talk later as soon as you get some rest, and I finish with him. So stop making your body any weaker and just lay there like a good boy." The bookworm requested yet it came out more as a threat. He smiled as Roxas scooted more under his covers and folded his arms. Cursing under his breath.

Zexion then disappeared through the marble door that led to the hall, leaving the young keybearer to so call 'rest', which wasn't going to happen in oblivion. Roxas just leaned back against the pillow and starred up at the ceiling, fully and completely going over the memories of last night and the afternoon before.

"Axel, would you stop bloody running?" Zexion screamed as the two nobodies ran throughout the long mazes of halls, the midnight haired one not far from behind the redhead.

Eight didn't know where he was going. His eyes weren't really reliable as they were stinging with tears. 'Why did Roxas have to see him? Why did he have to know that he was a demon?' This only made the Flurry's pace quicken, causing Six to growl.

"Axel! Axel. I'm gonna kill you, if I catch up with you." The schemer roared and echoed through some of the castle.

"What's gonna on?" A weak sheepish voice asked after his whole front body stepped out of Xemnas's office to investigate the ruckus.

"DEMYX, GRAB AXEL. Grab him!" Zexion shouted and finally smiled as he watched the obedient Number Nine jumped out, just in time to tackle the higher member to the floor.

Axel screamed in aggravation and tried to raise his arms, hoping to have them land square in the Nocturn's jaw. It all proved effortless, though. Axel might be a rank above him, but Demyx had a stronger body build and weighed more than the pyro could lift.

"Thank you Demyx." Zexion wheezed as he then tried to get his breathing back to normal. The poor nobody had never needed to run in his life and that lesson was a little too much for him.

"Would someone care to explain this situation?" Xemnas suddenly interrupted as he too stepped out of the office and into the hall.

"I'm awfully sorry, sir. It was I and Axel's fault. We promise to be quite next time." The Sixth nobody said reassuringly and smiled to his Superior, respecting who was a higher rank above him.

"Get the hell off of me, Demyx!" Axel screamed as he did all he could to crawl out from under the ninth member.

Zexion nodded and the dirty blonde rose from the steamed nobody, but still made sure to take a hold of his arm. Six then took a hold of Axel and dragged him into his lab and locked the door.

"Now, where were we?" The Schemer pondered as he turned to the redhead, who summoned his Wasp and held it out to the member.

"You stay the hell away from me!" Axel sneered as he tightened his grip on his weapon.

In the blink of an eye, though, Zexion had moved behind him and placed a hand on the back of his neck. Before Axel could even lift his leg to turn around, Six had murmured the spell and the pyro fell to his knees. His weapons then disappearing in a blast of warm flames.

"Sorry Axel but I'm going to look at that arm of yours wither you are conscious or not." Zexion stated as he then helped the flamer upon his examination table.

Axel sighed as the midnight haired member took his arm. His legs gave out because of the spell but also knew if he resisted again, Zex would probably knock him out completely. Zexion poked and ran his fingers over the arm every way he knew how.

Axel suddenly yelped in pain and flinched his arm out of Six's grip.

"That hurts!" He growled but Zexion glared at him.

"Okay then, now hold still so I can see what else the hell hurts." Zex sneered as he grabbed the arm again before running his fingers over random veins.

"And what were you going to tell Roxas?" He added as he pressed down on another spot but got no reaction.

"I…I…can't tell him I'm a freak, so what am I suppose to tell him?" Axel questioned himself before staring down at the floor. Dammit, one time of losing control and Roxas had to see his form, his killing form. Roxas was now going to think that Axel was just a killing machine and wouldn't ever want to talk to him again, most likely.

The flamer then screamed bloody murder as Zexion touched a really hurting spot.

"I said pay attention!" The cloaked Schemer snarled as he let go of the arm and glared at the flurry.

"What?" Axel sneered as he again took his arm in his grip and glared down at the floor.

"I was saying that we would have to cut off your arm." Zexion smirked as he saw the pyro literally jump out of his skin. The blunette then let out a small chuckle.

"If you do that again, then I'll personally cut off that arm. I'm not going to bother with the lecture stuff because we both know where you'll be going and I'm sure Superior can handle it." He added and eyed the redhead, who only sighed.

The flurry hated the thought of going to Xemnas. This wasn't the first time he used the power but after the first time, Xemnas found out about it and made it a forbidden move to use within the castle. And now showing it to the youngest member and the possibility that Axel could have easily killed the blonde in that form was another thing that Superior was obviously going to be angry about.

He then lowered his head and sighed again, yet his head rose when Zexion called his name.

"You're arm is going to be hurting for some few days, cause of the overflow of energy going through it. I suggest you take this every morning and before bed for about the rest of the week. It'll help the pain and after the week, you'll be good as new." Zex explained as he passed the redhead a small potion that was a red color, like his hair.

"It'll refill itself after you drink it, so don't worry about it." He added as he pulled another bottle of a bluish green liquid off the shelf.

"Now, if you'll excuse me. I have a small blonde to look after." Axel sighed as he disappeared into the darkness and was gone from the room.

The redhead sat in the room for only moments before looking the bottle and sliding off the table. He clutched onto his arm as he opened the door and headed down the hall, only one destination in mind.

Roxas looked up as Zexion appeared before him. The midnight haired being smiled as he moved closer to the bed and set the bottle on the nightstand. He reached for to help lift Roxas up but the blonde slapped his hands away.

"What? I'm helping you sit…"

"Tell me what Axel is!?" The thirteenth member ordered as he now glared at the higher ranking nobody.

Axel sighed one last time before sliding the bottle into his coat pocket and took a hold of the golden door knob. He gulped as Xemnas was staring right at him when he had poked his head in the doorway.

"Number Eight. I was wondering when you would come and see me, please sit." Superior smirked as he gestured the chair in front of his desk. Axel took in a heavy breath before coming through the door all the way and taking a seat.

"Well, Axel, I assume you know why you are here." The silver haired leader stated as he moved closer to his desk and propped his chin upon the back of his hands. The flurry only sighed as he looked down at the floor and nodded.

"Well then, before I tell your punishment, I want to know why you decided to disobey me."

Axel looked down at the floor for a moment before closing his eyes, trying to wrack his mind and find the best possible answer. He then sighed as he realized that nothing to do but tell him the true reason.

"It's because I'm bloody weak with out the demon trapped within me. I wasn't able to protect him without the explosion. It was all I had to save him. If I didn't use the power then Roxas would have died."

"He would have died if you gave into your power for a second longer." Xemnas stated flatly, yet it struck through the redhead like a lighting bolt, making his head sink all the more.

"Well, what is done is done, and there is nothing we can change now. For your punishment, I have thought long and hard but have finally come to a decision. You are forbidden from leaving the castle, or in simpler terms, you're grounded…."

"But…" Axe hesitated though and looked back down at the ground as Xemnas glared at him.

"This way I can keep my eye on you and I realized that this way, you can not hide from Number Thirteen. You'll have to talk to him and tell him what happen."

Axel's face paled as if he had just seen the devil himself. This was not going to be good. What the hell was he suppose to tell Roxas?

"Also, you are to report to Practice Room 17 and train with Saix everyday, until the end of your punishment, so you can learn how to control that power of yours. Any questions?" Xemnas finished and leaned back in his chair with a small grin forming upon his lips. He really loved his job, especially giving out punishments.

Axel sighed and continued looking down at the ground. He clutched his arm a little tighter but soon realized that Xemnas had not mentioned something.

"When does my punishment end?" He muttered, not bringing his eyes up to meet the shimmering ambers.

"Until I say so." Figures. He sighed again and then he shook his head. All the misery he was going have to go through now fully sank in and all he could still do was sigh.


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