I do not own the characters of Harry Potter, these belong to that wonderful author JK Rowling and the various publishing companies used to publish her works. I am however borrowing them, no not to make money but for fun and fun only.


Severus Snape has escaped Voldemort in a spectacular fashion after being found out by Voldemort to not really being on his side. It's up to one old Auror to protect and take care of him. Heaven help us all.

Now I am continuing the "A New Professor" series with this. Mary Jane Taylor my character will have a part in this but not a major part. Nope this fiction deals with Alastor Moody doing his level best to take care of one hero Severus Snape. It's going to be a bit humorous as these two have to learn to work with each other and of course they have so much in common. Yet Moody and Snape will not admit that ever! So anyway on with the story.


Chapter One: The Rescue:

United States Summer 1998:

Taylor had listened to the tale of how Voldemort had been defeated and she had one question on her mind. How was Severus Snape still alive and here when he had been found out to be a true spy against Voldemort? How had he managed to blow up Riddle manor for that matter? She looked over at the tall lean potions master clad as always in his fine black woolen robes his long black hair as always hanging on each side of his pale face dominated by his large hooked nose and black eyes. The boy Harry Potter next to him was a contrast, his black hair was very messy and his eyes were a sharp emerald green. He had round glasses and under his hair a thin lightening shaped scar and he was tanned and had filled out into a strong young man. He was clad in robes of green that went well with his eyes and though not tall he was not short either standing around five feet ten inches tall.

"So how did you managed to get away from snake face? 'Taylor asked Severus.

"That was Moody's doing." Harry said.

"Shut it brat!" Severus growled, "it's your fault you know."

"How is that?" Harry asked.

"You made me like you, you started to show me you are so very like your mother and you ar a horrible boy!"

"I know I love you to." Harry grinned, "you are brilliant and I love and respect you Severus."

"Hnn." Severus replied.

"Well I can tell how he was rescued and saved, he very nearly died…"

"My near death was over exaggerated!" Severus snapped. "But do tell the tale as you want to brat."

"Yes sir, well it begins at the end of my sixth year, school had let out and Voldemort was weakened badly. Severus was brought before Voldemort."…

So began the tale of how Severus Snape managed to blow up Riddle manor and escape with his life. He got help in his ability to escape, his wits and one cranky old Auror helped out. Taylor was surprised Moody had helped as Severus loved to rile him up and see how far he could push the old Auror. The tale that came out was incredible and exciting. It is in full below what happed long, long ago.


Riddle Manor 1996:

Severus Snape wanted to groan in pain as he was hit again by Lucius' cane. He knew Lucius was not enjoying this but his life and the life of his family was on the line if he did not punish the traitor. Voldemort looked down at his prisoner anger on his pale bald face, his head was covered by the hood of his cloak and he had his wand held in his long skeletal fingers. He ordered Lucius back and cast the Cruciatus on Severus causing him to howl in pain. Severus clutched at the one thing that reminded him why he had come to fight Voldemort. Something he had been given recently by Minerva, a small silver lily. Finally the curse was lifted and he got to his knees knowing the next part of this game, he would be stripped, tied up whipped and by the baser of the death eaters humiliated in the worst possible way. Unless he could get to his wand he kept hidden in his inner robes, the wand that the death eaters thought was his had been taken and that was what Voldemort had tortured him with.

"Why would you betray me Severus?" Voldemort asked, "I will get the truth from you no matter what at least you can save yourself some pain."

"You wish to know why my lord?" Severus snarled getting to his feet feeling rage build up in him and a magical force behind it that was nearly too strong for him to bear. "You promised to protect our world to bring us to a new age of enlightenment but all you brought us was death and pain."

"Severus I spoke for you!" Lucius said playing his part well. "How could you do this!"

"Peace Lucius let the traitor have his say, he will soon feel my wrath." Voldemort said coldly.

"I doubt that my lord." Severus spat knowing that nothing he said or did mattered now, it had not the moment he had come here and tried to beg and plead he was loyal. He knew a lost cause when he saw it.

"So you wish to die now is that it child?" Voldemort hissed.

"Yes but not by your hand!" Severus snarled aiming the hidden wand down to the floor. "This is for Lily and revenge for Harry Potter!"

"Oh as if you can avenge anyone, you cannot kill me." Voldemort taunted.

"I can try! Incendio!" Severus shouted then as his power created the most powerful blast of magic he had ever cast in a single spell, he closed his hand over the charm and said thinking these were his last words, "I am sorry Harry, I never told you I love you."

As the spell tore through the house he looked up at Voldemort who was starting at him in shock. Then there was a jerk and Severus was gone in a rush of wind. He landed with a thud and tried to get up but found he could not get up he was too weak and sick to do anything but curl up in a ball shivering as his death eater robes had been taken (not a great loss) leaving him his high collared black buttoned inner robes. He found it hard to breath and he heard hoofs on the ground as he lay helpless on the ground. He looked up and saw to his horror several Centaurs walking up to him and he had no way to get away. He saw that several were female and he hoped his death would at least be quick, but he was not to die, at least not today.

"Easy human we will not harm you." Lady Celia said as two of her maidens picked up Severus and put him against a tree.

"Just kill me quickly." Severus gasped his breathing getting more labored.

"You will not die today, sisters ready him." Lady Celia said.

Severus wanted to know what she meant and would have protested if he had the strength to as his robes and shirt were unbuttoned for a purpose. Severus saw one of the maidens take what looked like a leaf out of her satchel and put it on his chest. At once he felt a warming sensation and he could breathe again, next a vial was pressed to his lips and he drank the potion knowing that the centaurs were going to heal not kill him. He was let go and he slumped to his knees and remained there wondering what was to happen to him now. He got his answer as a man clad in brown robes and cloak walking up using a carved staff to help him walk. He removed the hood of his cloak and shook his grizzled gray hair out of his horribly scarred face. He had one normal beady eye and one vivid blue eye that right now was fixed on Severus Snape who did his level best to glare at the man before him.

"All right then, yer coming wi' me boy." Moody growled to Snape who was trying to get away from him. "I kin have him right?"

"Yes, of course, he is yours." Lady Celia said, "you have no fear to honor our agreement of any servant of yours Auror Moody."

"Aye he is mine." Moody said slumping over and helping Severus to his feet feeling the younger man going stiff in his grip. "Easy lad there is no time fer ye fighting me."

"Take him quickly, our lords grow impatient for him to be at the refuge." Lady Celia said.

"Of course my lady." Moody said.

He drug Severus to the edge of a high mountain lake and into a small flat bottomed boat. Severus curled up in the boat cold and though the potion was fast giving him strength he was still so sick and now worried. He looked up at Moody who was pushing a pole into the water and off the ground of the shallow lake. They went by several male centaurs clad for war and to an island in the middle of the lake. Here Moody helped Severus from the boat and to what looked like a cave. He put a key into a lock and opened a door and ushered Severus into the entry way of a house. The house had on this level a kitchen, dining room, parlor and sitting room. Upstairs there were three bedrooms and a bathroom. Severus would find out all this later, at the moment he was led into the sitting room that had only one couch and a chair.

"Alastor what happened?" Came the voice of a short fat balding man with a large walrus mustache and velvet robes of deep green. His watery green eyes widened in surprise at the state of Severus. "Severus my boy what happened?"

"I think I blew up Riddle manor sir but I am not sure." Severus said weakly.

"Blew up Riddle manor?" Horace Slughorn said.

Severus crumpled to the floor on his knees just as the fireplace flared green and a tall thin man with silver hair and beard that hung to his waist stepped through. He brushed off the ash from his bright blue robes and peered at the young man on his knees over his glasses concern in his blue eyes. Moody crouched down by Severus worry on his face as he did care about the young man before him. Sure he was rough with Severus and that probably would not change. However he respected Severus and would do all he could to protect this young man as he was going to need that now. This house was very safe as Slughorn had been able to hide here in safety away from those who wanted him dead for what he knew. Severus got to his feet and turned to face Dumbledore.

"Severus did you blow up Riddle Manor and Azkaban?" Dumbledore asked calmly with a twinkle in his eyes.

"I did not blow up Azkaban headmaster." Severus said testily.

"Oh, just Riddle manor, the muggles think it was a gas explosion and at least fifty dead were found." Dumbledore said.

"Oh, Lucius among them?"

"No, he let me know he is alive, as is Voldemort. Voldemort shielded himself and five others, Lucius Malfoy was among them."

"Damn and I hoped I could kill Voldemort." Severus said.

"Well that slave mark keeps you from doing that." Moody said, "damn shame, you have the right t' kill him more than most."

"Well there are going to be quite a few people wanting your head Severus, including the ministry." Dumbledore said, "however if you stay here you should be safe."

"Here, you want me to stay here." Severus said looking over at Moody, "he be here too?"

"Aye that I will boy." Moody replied.

"I will too Severus, you will be well cared for." Slughorn said.

"I am needed at the school, Alastor be nice to Severus." Dumbledore said.

Before Severus could protest the headmaster threw floo powder on the fire, called out his office and was gone. Severus turned to face Moody wondering what was to happen now. He really did not want to stay anywhere around Moody, true Moody had never tortured him but Severus still feared him. He stepped away from Moody and nearly backed into Slughorn. He was trapped and he was not happy about that at all as he knew he was going to be in for a rough time of it he just knew it!


So that is chapter one and why Severus is weak and sick will be explained. It is not due to what Voldemort did at all. Moody is trying to be nice, he really is and he cares in his own way. He is gruff as an older warrior normally is but Severus could have done no better than him as a protector now.